Paroxysms of Outrage

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Indonesian intellectuals work themselves into paroxysms of outrage over Israel’s invasion of Lebanon.

Effendi Ghazali, a lecturer at the University of Indonesia, says Israel’s works in Lebanon, above all the attack on the town of Qana on 30th July, constitute genocide in a “qualitative”, rather than a “quantative”, way. An explanation for Effendi Ghazali’s attempt to make the word “genocide” totally meaningless is offered:

I mean that so many people have suffered psychological wounds from that attack [Qana], above all the children who will grow up to be adults and eventually the leaders of the nation, they will carry those wounds and trauma and they are difficult to heal.
(Maksudnya adalah begitu banyak manusia yang mengalami luka secara psikologis akibat serangan itu, terutama anak-anak yang ketika tumbuh dewasa dan akhirnya menjadi pemimpin negara yang bersangkutan akan menyimpan banyak luka dan trauma secara psikologis yang sulit disembuhkan.)

He added that this would create an unquenchable thirst for revenge among the victims.

The chairman of Muhammadyah, Din Syamsuddin, says that Israel’s aggression constitutes acts of terrorism and is a clear violation of human rights.

Israel’s behaviour is a form of terrorism and such aggression has to be stopped.
(Tindakan Israel itu adalah bentuk terorisme yang nyata dan agresi ini harus dihentikan.)

He said this at a press conference regarding the upcoming meeting of the World Peace Forum in Jakarta. Also speaking at the conference was Dr Rizal Sukma of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS Jakarta) who ploughed in with the claim that Israel’s acts were worse than terrorism.

What is being done by Israel is a crime against humanity so it’s worse than terrorism.
(Yang dilakukan Israel adalah crime against humanity. Jadi lebih buruk dari aksi terorisme.)

Both men warned that the war could spread to other parts of the middle east and Rizal, who is also head of the foreign affairs desk at Muhammadyah, went further in claiming that a third world war might arise if the Muslim nations of the world decided to unite against Israel.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Why didn’t they say anything about suicide bombers who had killed hundreds of civilians? Not a single word, when the victims are non-Muslims. It’s OK to kill people, as long as they’re not Muslim.

    Biased statement and opinion is as good as a piece of s**t.

  2. O. Bule says:

    So called “intellectuals” often work themselves into a froth over things simply to generate an audience for their ideas so they can advance themselves and their partisan agendas. So it seems to be in this case.

    O. Bule

  3. Rockstar says:

    I agree it’s just too biased.
    how about the Israeli’s soldiers that was kidnapped at least one everyday?

    i mean both have victims, you just can’t blame everything on Israel

  4. Hassan says:

    Rockstar: there are only 3 Israeli soldiers kidnaped before the aggression by Israel, one by Palestinian resistance and two by hezbollah. compare that to about 10.000 Palestinians currently held in Israeli prisons as ‘hostages’. and all that hamas and hezbollah ever wanted was to exchange the 3 Israeli soldiers with Palestinian prisoners. Israel’s answer? bombing Lebanon back to the stone ages and killing more than 1.000 lebanese civilians, both Muslims and Christians (Lebanon has 49% Muslim and 51% Christian population, as Kompas put it). so get your facts straight my friend.

    both parties are wrong, but Israel’s reaction is unproportional and violent. do you agree that to release 3 soldiers, Israel had to kill more than 1.000 civilians? soldiers are combatants, they are legitimate targets in a war, civilians are not.

    btw, please don’t support Israel blindly just because the bible said that the Jews were the chosen people. does the chosen people suppose to kill innocent civilians mercilessly like what the Israeli did? chosen people are suppose to upheld God’s laws, not break them (thou shall not kill other humans).

  5. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Well,I think this is not a new thing at all,
    this kind of thing has been existing in indo since forever,
    everything’s “halal” as long as not hurting the Muslims,
    it’s allowed to burn the churches,but dont ever try to break a single window of a mosque, it’s ok to kill thousands people,burn so many houses,rape soo many girls and saying “ALLAHU AKBAR” proudly and loudly before raping the girls,steal the things,bombs Bali n kill 200 more people,but dont ever try to kill an Islam,because u will get executed (for example,Tibo case,even if they cant prove if Tibo is guilty or not!)
    Man,this people are soo sick!!

  6. Andrew says:

    Hassan, the Israelis do not kill innocent people mercilessly. They do NOT target innocent people, but deaths cannot be avoided in a war. The Hezbollah hides among innocent people, making them living shields.

    What are the Israelis supposed to do, go knock on their doors?

  7. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Exactly!! Use the innocent people’s place to hide?
    COWARD!! such a fat big LOSER!

  8. d-nial says:

    War never prove who’s right, but who’s left.

    And I think is ridicilous to kill a mosquito with a bomb. Israel has MOSSAD, they can use hitman, spies, diplomacy, not bombs.

    The victims are human, for cry out loud.

    When will this,”You kill my brother, then I kill yours” come to end?
    Why don’t they break this neverending circle with three words,”I’m sorry” and three words response “I forgive you”

    Hassan: Exactly the bible also stated that Jewish is cursed because they guilty (took the blame to be exact) for crucifying Jesus. And attack on Jerusalem on year 70 prove that, and so begin the diaspora.

  9. Spikeplot says:

    Comment deleted.

    Spikeplot, please read the comments policy.


  10. Mohammed Khafi says:

    Unfortunately there is not a religion on the face of the planet which can claim to be innocent of violent acts, all of them are guilty to some degree or another.
    All three Abrahamic religions have departed from the original source of their teachings, the Jews who were given Torah, but most follow Talmud, the Christians who were given Injeel but most prefer to follow the New Testament and the Muslim sects who were given Al Quran seem mostly to prefer to follow Hadith and Sunnah.

    They have all complicated the very simple rules given by Allah for how we should live our lives, and all for the sake of power over the people. These complications have driven wedges between the People of the Book, whose egotistical leaders, instead of trying to bring the religions closer together seem to have stiven to drive them apart for their own gain.

    Isn’t it about time that we all made an effort to come closer together, don’t we all, after all, believe in the same God? Don’t we all want what is best for our children and our childrens children.

    It is time to take religion out of politics, take away the tool that the bullies have used for too many years to control our lives for their benefit. Religion is for the people, for the individual, it should be something personal between you and your God.

  11. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Hmm,I agree with Mohammed Khafi,
    religion is only between u n God,
    even if u look soo filia to God,nobody knows what’s really inside ur heart,n even if u look so sinful,nobody knows if actually u’re a very good son of God,
    God’s the one who can judge someone wrong or not,

  12. Hassan says:

    andrew, MISS INDO 07: that’s the thing isn’t it? the IsraelI said that hezbollah is using civilians as human shield. we never knew the truth of that statement. for all we know that could be lies used by the Israeli as a justification for their attacks. it could be the truth, but the fact is in most cases the lebanese people who knew who-lived-where, said that most of the victims were civilians, no hezbollah member lived in the buildings destroyed. now it’s a question of who you believe, the local lebanese, or the Jews warmongers?

    note that that Jews are well known for their lies and deceits, since the biblical era until modern days. remember how cunning they were in the early 20th century, butchering both the Arab population in Palestine and the british rulers back then?

    lastly, I’m afraid you guys had fallen for the usual Jew rhetorics and spins, as frequently trumpeted by the Jew-dominated western media. their usual term was “collateral damage” or “Israel had the right to defend itself”. yeah, and the Palestinians and lebanese didn’t have the right to defend themselves? they must thought the whole world were full of idiots, you can’t actually believe that 1.000 plus civilians died as “collateral damage” or unintentional deaths? one, two or even fifty people died unintentionally, that still make sense. but a thousand? no! the only reason a thousand plus civilians died from bombing raids and airstrikes is that the Israeli soldiers DID NOT CARE for lebanese civilian casualties. when they were blamed, they simply reverted back to their usual lies, “hezbollah member were using the building as bases”. yeah right!

    yes, the Israeli DO target innocent people, to give the lebanese a ‘lesson’ not to support hezbollah.

  13. Hassan says:

    did too…

  14. Hassan says:


  15. Ulf says:

    I am not Christian, nor Jewish, nor Muslim. I do not live in a Muslim country, but in the Western World, in continental America.

    I say the black ants bit the elefant and this one, in revenge, killed the red ants.

    When germans invaded Poland, they used the almighty Luftwaffe power to pound and destroy whomever was in their way, Jewish or not. If we are bound to excuse IDF by its inability to contain civilian casualties, then we should also do with germans. If the matter is that Hezbollah shielded behind civilians, and for that we have to call them “coward”, then Jews were quite coward in Poland, using non-Jewish to shield from prosecution by the german military.

    Israelis kidnap and kill Palestinians on a daily basis, but nobody seems to care. It seems that killing Palestinians is about the same as killing roaches.

    Numerous cases of Israelis planting bombs in Palestinian primary school toilets in the West Bank have been denounced with overwhelming proofs and yet there is to have the first of this Jewish terrorists convicted.

    Furthermore, most Lebanese civilian deaths could indeed be avoided. Hezbollah used low-level technology unguided rocket technology. Israel, in contrast, is known to have the cream of the USA weaponry and they are able to castrate a fly in middle flight without the fly knowing it till it is too late…

    Israel could have avoided most of the deaths if they had been at least interested in avoiding them. They did not want.

    Israel killed UN personnel just because they wanted. There is no other possible explanation to this. It was a message to the UN establishing that Israel does whatever it wants and will kill whomever it wants for they feel owners of the Middle East.

    I more than understand that if someone kills my family, that one is marked for termination, together with anyone else in between. I do not care who the enemy is, but the fact that it is the enemy, yet I shall not go into killing the neighbor living at my left if it was the neighbor at my right who killed my family.

    Israel is a genocidal country and less people in the world believe it a “victimized state” after we all were able to see in this last conflict. Every day Jews look more like nazis.

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