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How Indonesia fares in the failed states index of 2009, still thought to be at risk of disintegration.

The 2009 Failed States Index rankings (via Fund for Peace and Foreign Policy) show Indonesia at 62nd most dysfunctional and unstable country in the world, with a score of 84.1 (Somalia is worst with a score of 114, and Norway the best, 18.3).

Countries are categorised into four groups, with Indonesia at the second worst “Warning” level.

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The overall ratings are based on 12 factors, with Indonesia scoring worst on “Uneven Development”, at 8.2, while at the happier end of things the “Group Grievance” level doesn’t seem to be too high in the country, at 6.2.

Year by year shows some modest improvement in recent times. foreignpolicy

  • 2005 – score 87, 47th worst
  • 2006 – 89.2, 32nd
  • 2007 – 84.4, 55th
  • 2008 – 83.3, 60th
  • 2009 – 84.1, 62nd

9 Comments on “Weak & Failed States Index”

  1. Odinius says:

    A bit silly. Indonesia has many problems, but potential disintegration is not one of them. If it were ‘going Yugo’ on us, it would have happened several years ago, when state capacity was at a low, violence at a high, and international norms were geared more towards ‘self-determination’ than ‘state sovereignty.’

    But the FSI is a bit problematic on a general level (questionable changes to scoring enacted in recent years, research conducted by non-specialists using ‘international security’ type information to code, etc). On FP’s website, there’s a very prescient critique of the FSI methodology, which I recommend reading.

  2. sputjam says:

    Another silly index, just like the times higher education supplement university ranking.
    But they are correct on unevern development. Too much power and money end up in Jakarta. For a country like Indonesia (population 200 mil), there should be at least another 5 Jakartas.

  3. Sam says:

    Whatever index, indonesia is probably the most discriminating, racist country on the face of this planet. It’s inhabitants are dumb, stupid, uneducated,extreme right fanatic nationalists that have no respect for marrige or for anyone that looks or sounds differently fom the way they do. Moslem they most certainly are not, hypocites all the more so. Hopefully the 1000 genome project will come up with the answer. I’m all for genetic weapons. The world would be so much more beautiful without indonesians in it.

  4. refi says:

    Those people says Indonesia is in danger of separation, but put USA in ‘sustainable’? Unbelievable, its the way around. One country is charging to war against other 4 countries (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea), being under economic worst depression, has sky high of debt, has its factories and business in bankrupt, and under oppression of foreign country (Israel). And you call it sustainable?
    The other country has the real wealth (natural resources, man power) its only weakness is not properly managed, and you put it on warning.
    The issuer of this index is truly delusional or stupid, or both at the same time.

  5. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Those people says Indonesia is in danger of separation, but put USA in ’sustainable’?

    Refi – can you find USA on the world map?

  6. Suryo Perkoso says:

    TheWrathOfGrapes Says:

    July 22nd, 2009 at 12:22 pm
    Those people says Indonesia is in danger of separation, but put USA in ’sustainable’?

    Refi – can you find USA on the world map?

    Probably not, and neither can I. Along with the UK and half of europe, the USA is economically stuffed.

  7. Andy says:

    refi, USA is a world super power with a relatively high standard of living while Indonesia is a joke of a country without adequate water, safety, clean air, education and at least half the population living on less than 2 dollars a day. I know where i’d put my money.

  8. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Suryo & Andy – Refi mistook Canada for USA with his reference to “Sustainable”. Or, maybe he is colour blind – confusing yellow with green.

  9. Astrida says:

    I think it is too early to either judge Indonesia as either unstable or dysfunctional. There is a dangerous leaning towards that side of the argument, but the culture uniqueness, combined with an unpredictable adaptability, would somehow balance the situation. Or so we hope.

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