North Jakarta Prostitution

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The north Jakarta branch of the Nahdlatul Ulama has issued an ultimatum to places which provide access to prostitutes and gambling.

At a meeting of the north Jakarta branches of both NU and the MUI the owners of cafes/bars and restaurants in the area were ordered to stop allowing prostitutes to meet up with potential customers on their premises. Thus spake one Syaekhun, the head of the north Jakarta NU, in a meeting with the ponderous title of “Diskusi Masalah Keagamaan antara MUI Jakut dengan NU Jakut,” Discussion of Religious Problems between the MUI and NU in north Jakarta. The talkfest was especially convened to discuss the pressing problems of prostitution and gambling that apparently go on in many bars and restaurants in the northern suburbs of Jakarta.

North Jakarta is awash with prostitutes said Syaekhun, and he noted the “irony” of the fact that behind the Islamic Center building in the Koja area is to be found much illicit sexual activity.

It’s very ironic. The red light district at Kramat Tunggak which was transformed into the Islamic Center should already be free of prostitution.
(Itu hal sangat ironis. Seharusnya lokalisasi di Kramat Tunggak yang telah disulap menjadi Islamic Center sudah harus bersih dari prostitusi.)

Syaekhun said that at a later date the owners of suspect establishments would be called in for “dialogue” with the NU and then told what is expected of them, but, he added, no “anarchic” tactics would be employed by the NU. Prior to this meeting data would be collected so that the owners would have no way to plead innocent after being faced with evidence.

4 Comments on “North Jakarta Prostitution”

  1. O. Bule says:

    Good luck suppressing prostitution. No one else has ever been able to do it without suppressing everyone else’s freedom as well (as in Saudi).

    O. Bule

  2. Ulf says:

    I am into supressing ugly prostitutes. Force them home. The pretty ones, uhhh, send them over here. He, he, he!

  3. taxpayer says:

    Didn’t the government create the “booming” industry of prostitution?


  4. A Malaysian Indian Man says:

    Prostitution has been around since the begining of time. No one has been able to curb it in the past, not now or even in the future.

    As long as there is sexual demand by men prostitution will exist. Actually, prostitution assists married couples to stay in their relationships. Without prostitution, due to the element of sexual tension, there’ll be an increase in divorce cases worldwide.

    Thus, I strongly feel prostitution should be a legalized profession. Wouldn’t you agree?

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