Islamic Defenders Front

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The Islamic Defenders Front plan to help guard churches at Christmas.

In a bizarre move the notorious FPI, or Islamic Defenders Front, long known as tormentors of restaurant, pub, brothel, and disco owners, staff, and patrons, has announced they will help the Jakarta police in guarding churches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Islamic Defenders Front

The police had assigned about 17000 officers for the patrolling of the 700 odd churches, as well as two helicopters, 500 mobile brigade members, four tactical vehicles and five investigative dogs in the capital city of Indonesia, scene of a number of church bombings on Christmas Eve, 2000. These numbers will it seems now be swelled by the normally belligerent Muslim radicals of the FPI.

Said the Front’s media pointman, Alawi Usman,:

We will be involved in the deployment of our members to show that inter-religious relations in the city are good.

We have instructed our members to take off all their FPI insignias during the security deployment. But we ask them not to be totally involved to avoid a perception that FPI members are join in the Christmas celebration.

Alawi added that the FPI members would keep their distance from churches in order that police officers would not suspect them of mischief. He also said:

We urge the police to give more attention to small places of worship as for the big ones many officers will have been stationed there. Don’t miscalculate security there.

The Front Pembela Islam, to use the Indonesian name, has suffered a number of setbacks recently with arrests of their members for carrying weapons as well as, it seems, coming off second best in brawls with residents of Jakarta’s red light district, and this may be an attempt to restore their image and get back on better terms with the police.

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  1. Ben says:

    of course they want to guard the churches. so that they could infiltrate their man to detonate a bomb there. never trust SATAN

  2. ahmad fauzi says:

    wow..what’s wrong with your heart, I believe you have misunderstanding about FPI or Islam in general..if you think that guarding churches to show tolerance is wrong then what is your solution..I believe that doing something is far better than doing nothing…

  3. anax says:

    Ben, haha..look who’s satan now..

  4. Boeboe says:

    Just LEAVE US ALONE. How’s that??? one day you bombed our church, another you said “Guard” it, err, from WHAT?? YOUR KIND???? This is bloody unbelieveble.

  5. Ramster says:

    There wasn’t enough evidence that the bombing on Dec 2000 was performed by the FPI, thus there is a GREAT DEAL of evidence that it was done by an anti-Christian group.
    Since the Islamic Defenders Front dislikes the Christians a lot…well the conclusion? think for yourself.

  6. The Islamic Defenders Front has shown great Islamic pride with the civil rights of Islamic people. This pride has distrubed many non-Islamic people, and put fear into the minds of some civil liberty defenders. I think there sever outlook on public welfare with strong Islamic morals can also be used againts other persons and nations in South East Asia. As per my consultations to the US Pacific Command, the Association for South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has a localized economy and cultural basis that is considered separate from the rest of East Asia. This could be good in a sense for faithfull Islamic ethical and moral persons seeking protection from groups such as the Islamic Defenders Front, but it does not promote kindness to foreigners who may mis-understand Islam or liberal trade beyond the proximal barriers of (ASEAN).

  7. Naeem Asgary says:

    I want to go to Gaza. To fight and die in Gaza.

  8. Cengiz says:

    Christians should leave muslim countries and muslims should stop to support Christian causes. We can not join. This is the fact.
    If Christians leave us alone, we will leave them alone.
    As Muslims, we should have a good character and never retalliate excesively. Bombing innocent is not a solution. We should correct ourself and get together.
    If they want to fight agianst us, we will fight them back. If they want the 3 world war, We will fight back and die till the last person.
    In front of the creator of the universe, we will be victorious, If we are just.
    So I say to those who do not like Islam.. If you do not like us, Leave Iraq, Afghanistan. Stop employing puppet rulers over other countries. Leave us alone. We will fix ourselves.. We do not want your help…
    I would like to tell Muslims that, be just and fair. have strong faith. Be brave. Do not fall in love in worldly. Support peace. But do not be silent to Israel. Get together. Do not look for excuses and close your eyes to mistakes of your fellow man.
    If we can not wake up, we will lose both worlds. Here and hereafter…
    Be peace upon those who fear the creator of the universe and nothing else…

  9. ET says:

    @ Naeem Asgary

    I want to go to Gaza. To fight and die in Gaza.

    Please, do it. ASAP

  10. Ajay says:

    The idea, the cause is good. I wish various religious groups could sincerely help each other. And they should, because the concept of helping others is at the core of all good faith.

    FPI, however, is a joke.

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