Ariel Sharon’s Punishment

Aug 9th, 2006, in News, by

Ariel Sharon is getting his just desserts, says one Indonesian blogger.

The anonymous writer at reports that the body of Ariel Sharon, the former prime minister of Israel who has been at death’s door for some time now, is rotting, and that doctors have been striving to prevent the damage from spreading to other parts of his body. This, says the writer in a post filed under the category of “Learning Islam”, is the reward from Allah for an enemy of Islam, one who spilled the blood of many Muslims.

So we can see the condition of an enemy of Allah and enemy of Islam, of someone who delighted in spilling blood.
(Demikianlah kita saksikan keadaan musuh Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala dan musuh islam yang gemar menumpahkan darah.)

The writer lists, with some glee it seems, the other ailments that currently afflict Sharon. Blood clogging in his brain has caused problems all over his body.

This is because of his oppression of Muslims.
(Ini sebagai akibat penindasannya terhadap umat Muhammad.)

But there’s more in Sharon’s tale of woe. He is paralysed and cannot move. This is happening, we are told, to the man who led the Israeli army into Syria and Lebanon and massacred captured Egyptian soldiers.

Finally, doctors plan to amputate the affected areas of Sharon’s body, one by one, in an attempt to prolong his life. Allah has shown us the fate of one such as Sharon.

One wonders what sort of death Allah has in store for the person responsible for

August 10th. Correction – it appears that the article first appeared in a magazine called “Qiblati“, published in Saudi Arabia, and was first published online at by Ummu Raihanah.

29 Comments on “Ariel Sharon’s Punishment”

  1. Miss Indo 07 says:

    So we can see the condition of an enemy of Allah and enemy of Islam, of someone who delighted in spilling blood.
    (Demikianlah kita saksikan keadaan musuh Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala dan musuh Islam yang gemar menumpahkan darah.)

    This is because of his oppression of Muslims.
    (Ini sebagai akibat penindasannya terhadap umat Muhammad.)

    yep, that’s how u fanatic Moslem think! u always think that u’r the best n everybody else are sinful people!
    wake up man! look at urself b4 u judge others!
    maybe people like u should gather in one place n i’d love to put the big bomb with my own hands!

    for other Moslems,peace man,because frankly speakin,I have a lot of Moslem friends,not the fanatic idiot hypocrites type of course..n trust me my friends are much extremely different with u guys! go to hell fpi! go jihadis! go n die for ur god! so it will reduce a bunch of hypocrite morons in my country

  2. Andrew says:

    The text suggests that Moslems don’t get sick and die.
    What a moron, a fanatic hypocrit.

  3. Abdulah Muhamad says:

    Ha ha ha ha…. who’s on earth taught he/she such a shallow teaching…. it’s definitely his/her own words and thinking… not based on the Words of God. Embarassing!!!!!

  4. Mohammed Khafi says:

    They are not only stupid, narrow minded and bigoted, they are also not open to critisism. I posted comments on the article and the comments have never appeared, makes me wonder if they are frightened of the truth?

  5. Tony says:

    Brain frozen to the 7th Century. Ethic and morality changed since then.

  6. Andrew says:

    That blog owner is making a big assumption here: that all the readers are idiots.

  7. Andrew says:

    Maybe he/she needs to look closer – natural disasters in Indonesia.

    Think of tsunami in Aceh, earthquake in Jogja, and yet another tsunami in Pangandaran.

    Then, apply the same logic.

  8. Hassan says:

    let’s just put it this way: sharon got what he deserved, for ordering the death of yasser arafat through poisoning. at least arafat’s death was quick, sharon had to rot before he eventually dies. that’s karma, quite simple. what goes around comes around.

  9. Hassan says:

    how about bush’s death? he had more blood in his hands than what osama can even dream about?

  10. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Well at least Bush dont act as if he’s holy. Dont act as if he behaves on behalf of God or pretend to be a holy person in front of people to show to the world that he’s a good person that always do God’s commands. That’s what you and your people do, hey Hassan,
    KILLING to defend GOD?
    Hey trust me, GOD doesnt need your help or defence!! Just mind you own business, because God can do whatever He wants if He wants to.
    World’s gonna be more beautiful if fanatics like you just disappear from this world.

  11. Andrew says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Bush can die, too, but exactly as Miss Indo said, at least he’s not acting on behalf of God.

    It is sickening to hear and see a lot of people who kill others and still claim that God endorses their actions.

  12. Andrew says:

    Oh, and one more thing: Bush/Sharon and Osama don’t belong to the same league. Bush/Sharon don’t kill civilians – not intentionally – whereas Osama is a cowardly mother f**in’ bastard who targets civilians, yet hides all the time from the real world.

    I would be so ashamed to be associated with the latter.

  13. Philly Mcfadden says:

    Hassan, President Bush is a Man of Faith, so, when he die, he will go to heaven. I know you will not agree, but, that’s the truth!

    God bless you, brother.

  14. Hassan says:

    MISS INDO 07: “me and my people”? are you a racist dude? and you dare to say that “me and my people” kill others to defend God? have you seen me killing anyone? and who are “my people”? how about if I said : why didn’t you and your people go back to mainland China you little ungrateful immigrant. hey, I was just returning the favor. excuse my language, people.

    Andrew: there’s no such thing as unintentionally killing tens of thousands of people. killing one person maybe unintentinal, but not thousands! making decisions that will definitely kill others (like war) is as bad as if you kill those people yourself. how about if you send someone to burn the house of your enemy that can kill everyone inside (thus making you unintentionally kill them) is as bad as if you killed all of them with your own hand.

    Bush’s friend: a man of faith doesn’t condone the killing of others, ordering the death of others, allowing Israeli to kill civilians, liked to wage wars, etc. is that how your faith is?

  15. Andrew says:

    Yo Hassan – of course there is a difference between Bush and Osama (unless you’re morally blind and ethically deaf, that is).

    This has nothing to do with religion. You blatantly defend that Osama dude because he’s Moslem. I don’t defend Hitler because he’s Christian. Osama and Hitler – they’re all the same – they belong to hell, not earth.

    Mohamed Khafi, someone needs your enlightenment here.

  16. Hassan says:

    i did not defend osama, I was just saying that bush is in the same league as osama, bush is as bad as osama. so, read my lips, osama = bad and bush = bad, not osama = good. how in the world could you come to the conclusion that i defend osama? plus, osama is bush’s friend prior to 9/11, everyone knows that.

    you know what andrew, I think it is you who were blatantly defending bush because he’s is a ‘good man of faith’. both of them are the same, osama and bush. osama is a terrorist for the western world, and bush is a terrorist for the Muslim world. the word ‘terrorist’ depends on what side you are on.

    btw, do you think that Mohamed khafi is some kind of a ‘watchdog’ around here andrew?

  17. Molisan Tono says:

    Hassan, my beloved commentator… OMG
    u gotta study malay history more dude… Indonesia ancestor came from Yunan… China mainland dude… so u’re actually visitor, not native people. wake up dude. me and my people immigrant??? what a idiot. ur blood still has China ancestor blood mate.

    so, it’s about punishment now? look at tsunami Aceh… i remember my neighbour (now he moved next to my door), while he was in aceh besar, Christian are not allowed to celebrate Christmas. so they go up to the mountain right several hours before earthquake strike and then tsunami… sounds like punishment…

  18. Andrew says:

    Hassan, fanaticism turns you blind — that’s all I can say.

  19. Hassan says:

    > andrew: it’s more of a religius bias than fanaticism. you blatantly defended bush because he’s Christian and you’re Christian, and i blatantly attacked bush because I’m Muslim.

    once again, it seems to me that the fact that bush is your fellow ‘man of the same faith’ had made YOU blind to his crimes.
    Molisan Tono: first and foremost, I wasn’t talking to you. so the offense was intended toward Miss Indo 07 who i thought had said something that sounded like racism, so I was just giving that dude a taste of his/her own medicine. the point is no one likes racism, and if I said something bad in return, how would you feel?

    i did not start the whole thing.

    > Molisan Tono: natural disasters are not punishment in the way you put it. America had their tornadoes and hurricanes each year, Japan had more earthquakes then Indonesia per annum, and China got struck with flash floods and typhoons regularly. was that punishment too?? don’t be so shallow minded my friend.

  20. Molisan Tono says:

    i found that u’r not completely quilty mate, but ur comment was so annoying. u said something about… “sharon got what he deserved, for ordering the death of yasser arafat through poisoning”

    sounds like u keep repeating about karma… punishment, so i used ur term… returning favor?

    now who is shallow mate?

  21. Hassan says:

    “sharon got what he deserved, for ordering the death of yasser arafat through poisoning” that is something that even tel aviv did not deny.

    btw, how was that offensive for a Christian like you? you know, sharon being a Jew and not Christian and all.

  22. Molisan Tono says:

    I don’t mind about sharon at all.
    you’re right he deserve to die, but emphasizing his death as karma for being poisoning arafat is absolutely absurd and stupid. both of them have their own divine reason to die… so I better not put “karma” or punishment…

    sharon should die… the same way arafat die. that’s it. period… nothing else for reason. no karma, no punishment. just dead.. plain dead.

  23. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Wow, after not visiting this place for a while, turns out that my name has been mentioned several times by the holy Hassan. Hey Hassan I think I’ve mentioned once before, YOU AND YOUR MAN has nothing to do with religion and racism!
    For example, YOU AND YOUR MAN —> not including Moh KhafI because as far as I can see, he’s much more tolerant than you and I guess he’s a better Moslem than you, (that’s my opinion Hassan, sorry if I’m wrong, I didn’t mean to say that your’e not a good Moslem or something, it’s just like what’s mentioned above, you blatantly defend everyone as long as he’s Moslem, no matter what).
    Immigrant? Well I guess, I was born in Indonesia mate, I sing Indonesia Raya every Monday when I was in school, I speak Indonesian, so???

  24. Mix World says:

    Hi All

    I read this website with interest and although not from part of any of this countries but got the following to comment”¦..

    BUSH :
    An I D I O T !!! Everybody knows that !!! Can’t talk, eat, what more, behave properly in public & etc”¦. I mean”¦. most Americans have no respect against this clown (ie. lots & lots of jokes invented by Americans & etc. about him are being circulating around the globe)”¦.. what about GOD??”¦. if u ask me”¦.. he’s acting like Ramzy of Egypt”¦.. acting like he owns this world and can ordain this and that”¦.. but he’s just a mere “Man” like u & I”¦.. he got choked every now & then, like everyone else,”¦. needs to go to the toilet to relief himself every now & then & etc. & etc”¦”¦ how dare he acted as if he’s in-charge”¦.. & sure not a good representative for Christians.

    OSAMA :
    Sama2 (similarly), An Equally Big Idiot !!! Holy guy don’t go telling others that what he did, is for GOD; it’s between Holy guy and GOD directly. I guess, he and all of us will only know whether or not he’s acting for GOD when the time comes when we meet our LORD”¦”¦ & surely not & not a good representative of the Muslims world.

    SHARON :
    The worst Idiot; the kind of creature existed on earth specialised to create HAVOC since BC & AC, what’s new !!! Research & Read up about them”¦. but save your breath”¦. it’s universally known; its because that most of these human beings of the same kind are “smart” and “rich”, the world simply shut one eye”¦.oh”¦oh”¦.sometimes both eyes”¦. Obviously, not a very good representative for Jews around the world.

    ARAFAT :
    No Comment for a Dead Guy; do have lots of comment if he is still around; not my style talking about a dead guy.


    PEACE cannot be achieved by bombings and other military mights”¦”¦ but of course, defending oneself, I believe, is an UNIVERSAL right, not exclusive to certain nations and/or countries. These unnecessary predicaments that all these people of the war zones made to suffer are currently being lead by irresponsible LEADERS as mentioned above.

    So people of the world, please don’t waste your breath defending and/or talking about all these decisions made by all these so called “leaders””¦. or even argue what’s right & wrong caused for all you know your arguments will not contribute a better world caused we yet to find a true leader with true credentials to secure the future of mankind…. and forget Kofi Anan.

    How I wish people can treat the other as what they are and not what they want them to be ???……In a different world and culture but still connect as 1… as HUMAN BEINGS with common interests….. that respect each other and can talk to one another…… seems like it’s gonna be a long and rough journey for people leaving in these war zone & suffering areas (ie. Middle East, India, North Korea, Africa & etc) to find this simple happiness under some crazy leaderships that would rather see sufferings than solving matter in civilise way.

    With no more respect to offer.

  25. Molisan Tono says:

    wow… great negotiator

  26. Hassan says:

    yeah, must’ve taken a long time to type and figure all of that out.

  27. Peter says:

    lol, you guys can’t seem to have much of a civil debate without erupting into childish temper tantrums, smug sarcasm, and the like. Why can’t people talk about religion without becoming hateful toward each other? You are so suspicous and spiteful toward one another…this is really embarrassing.

    We don’t have to agree on everything, but we can still be friendly.

    —Wait I know….the next post will be someone pointing fingers at the other person saying: “well, they started it!”

    If we all think we know everything already, then we will never learn anything new. We should open our minds to new ideas and different perspectives. We should really step outside of ourselves and try to imagine what it is like to be the other person, and why they might say the things they say.

    Do people just come onto this site to practice the arguments they’ve already memorized, thinking that repeating a rehearsed opinion makes them look so smart and witty..?

    Maybe we should listen for a change and try to learn a thing or two about each other. We should be civilized enough to be able to cast our biases and emotions aside for a few moments.

  28. For Miss Indo says:

    Some people on this forum seem soul mates of Ariel Sharon. I have no objection, in fact they can share his bed too. However, whatever goes around does come around. So let us be optimistic about bush getting a nuke tumor up his backside. However, it is a fact that Ariel Sharon makes Hitler look like an angel when compared to misdeeds.

  29. Oigal says:

    However, it is a fact that Ariel Sharon makes Hitler look like an angel when compared to misdeeds.

    I have told you a million, trillion times not to exaggerate

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