Gated Muslim Communities & Halal Cities

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MadaniMuslim only housing estates and gated communities in Jakarta and surrounds, and Halal Bogor.

Perumahan Muslim

In Jakarta and its satellite cities of Depok, Tangerang, and Bogor there is said to be a growing trend towards Muslims choosing to live in Islamic themed housing estates, with names often prefaced with the term “Perumahan Muslim”, such as:

  • Permata Darussalam
  • Pesona Madani
  • Mawar Residence
  • Islamic Village (Villa Ilhami)
  • Griya Islami (Griya Citra Permai)
  • Telaga Sakinah
  • Puri Insani
  • Ar-Royan

The phenomenon is not new, – nor of course confined to Jakarta, – with some of the above listed estates dating back to 1995 (Griya Islami in Tangerang) and 1996 (Telaga Sakinah in Bekasi and Villa Ilhami in Tangerang).

A resident of one of these communities, Permata Darussalam in Depok, Fithri Mayasari, 24, says she finds it relaxing and enjoyable in a Muslim only environment, and prefers that her baby daughter grow up in an Islamic atmosphere.

Filani Dzikri, marketing manager for Permata Darussalam Group, says only Muslim buyers are welcome, and before house purchases are made potential owners must agree to later only sell or rent their property to other Muslims.

He says each sub-division of the community has its own mosque, and that toilets are especially constructed so as not to face to kiblat, or the direction of Mecca, but instead be parallel to it.

Although the houses are in the moderately expensive range of 250-500 million rupiah Filani says demand is strong, particularly from young couples, and about 20 units are sold each month. jakartapost

Halal Bogor

Meanwhile in Bogor as long ago as March 2008 M. Nadratuzzaman Hosen of the Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics (Pengkajian Pangan Obat-Obatan dan Kosmetika Majelis Ulama Indonesia (LPPOM-MUI)), said the MUI had decided to make Bogor an example city, the first truly halal city in Indonesia.

Bogor had been chosen, he said while speaking at an event called “Pelatihan Da’i Ekonomi Syariah” at the Pusat Pengembangan Islam Bogor (PPIB), because there were so many food stalls and restaurants in the city, with new ones popping up every day, and many people came from Jakarta to eat in Bogor, like along Jalan Pajajaran, and it was important that Muslim consumers be protected from eating non-halal food.

Nadratuzzaman Hosen said he hoped that the city council would get behind the “halal city” idea, while glancing in the direction of Bogor mayor H. Diani Budiarto, who was in attendance. pkesinteraktif

Mayor Diani Budiarto
Mayor Diani Budiarto

Mayor Diani Budiarto, elected in 2008 with 64.6% supported by a coalition of Justice Party (PKS), Golkar, and PDI-P, apparently took notice and by mid 2009 had begun to put the Halal City program into practice, by banning the processing of pigs at the Bogor slaughterhouse, and banning pig farming generally.

The old slaughterhouse in Kebon Pedes can still be used for pig processing, however it appears the city government intends to later ban pigs entirely from the city, if not their meat, the consumption of which is still permitted. jakartapost

37 Comments on “Gated Muslim Communities & Halal Cities”

  1. Odinius says:

    I don’t mind if a housing estate advertises itself as one built on ‘Muslim values,’ whatever those are. This would be a housing estate unlikely to appeal to anyone who doesn’t share that orientation.

    But if they deliberately will not rent to someone based on religion or other SARA criteria, it’s straight up discrimination and surely is a violation of Indonesian civil law.

  2. Listiani Lestari says:

    No Indonesian can rely on any one for protection. IT MUST BE INDONESIA MATTERS.

    Congratulations, to our President. SBY Susilo Ban-Bang. He is our President for the rest of the thirty years to come.

    My name is Listiani Lestari id:530971312. Nowadays, I am living in Switzerland and have no intentions what so ever in returning back to Jakarta.

    I cry, to watch Indonesia from a distance. How innocent are Indonesian people to be taken for a ride.

    Another impression of diplomatic alienation to the nation. Giving a dramatic animation
    Noordin Top running after Susilo Ban-Bang like Tom and Jerry for what it he says Noordin is after revenge for the Bali execution of the Islam-Martyrs. The biggest fabrication ever issued live on the media.

    Government failure to sort out poverty crime and work. Lack of consideration to Indonesian social problems. No future for young leaving schools. The sheer inability to queue up for anything at anytime. Human respect, honesty and pride do not apply for Indonesia. When we travel we feel ashamed answering we are from Indonesia

    Government officials….raping, pillaging crazy and no one seems to stop them. No Indonesian citizen who votes cannot rely upon the Indonesian Police or Government to protect for you your rights. Every Indonesian must work his own way to seek protection

    This is Indonesia today August 2009. Tyrant after Tyrant. Dictator after another.


  3. Dragonwall says:

    Very creative. Big barins. Very innovative.
    So that the whole Indonesian community could be like Iran or Iraq of the East.

    I have a name if any developers are prepared to capitalize and use it FOC.

    Perumahan SAW very Islamic, very holy. And one thing is that they should build them on pulau seribu in order to be influence with gambling or pulau komodo that will make it more interesting being eaten alive.

  4. BrotherMouzone says:

    Listiani Lestari id:530971312

    Excellent. Now could I just get your date of birth and PIN number, please.

  5. Afandi says:

    I really want to live there …I just want to live simple life… life in peace… no argue…where my neighbour are my brothers no bothering others… i believe everybody is equal. Non Moslem has the right to farm and eat pork there. It’s totally different with apartheid. do you know that first Muazin .. Bilal is a Black man (it’s 1.300 years ago ) . Qoran teach me to respect each other no mater black brown or white.. It’s not your mistake if you think Islam is teroris because yes.. there is a view moslem did stupid thing that also make me angry….Muslim Communities can teach them the real Islam ( love,..peace ). beside…most of the resident must have good income and well educated because the price of the house itself is expensive, this way we can organise zakat and shadaqah ( charity )..better. I think there is nothing to worry about..I love Indonesia, I love Bhinneka tunggal ika..half of my friends are non moslem..and we live in harmony… peace.

  6. NICE says:

    assalammu’alaikum. I want to live in moslem society because islam delivers secure and privacy. I am grateful to be a moslem because I find peacefulness in my soul although i have many difficulties in life. People outside moslem world often see moslem in negative eyes. who cares? . We as a moslem never looks non moslem in bad ways. Look, non moslem in moslem world, they live secure but if you are a moslem in non moslem, they will treat you unhuman. many examples.

  7. Oigal says:

    Hi Nice,

    “non-Moslem living secure in Moslem world”. I assume you mean like the Ahmadiyah being burnt out of their homes, hacked to death by savages or having their Mosques stolen from them? Perhaps you meant the way Shiites are feeling so secure in Indonesia?

    Oh sorry you meant actual secure non Moslems? Like say…Christians being banned from Worshipping and having bags of urine thrown at them despite a Supreme Court ruling their right to the church and to worship or were you referring to the earlier cases of secure life where three Christian girls where beheaded and another had her arm hacked off?

    Are you Indonesian as I am curious where you get your news or are you just visiting our world?

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