Radicalising of Indonesian Muslims

Jul 27th, 2006, in News, by

Various commentators say that the war in Israel and Lebanon could send young Muslims into the arms of radical groups.

Ken Conboy, an expert on terrorism and international conflict, based in Jakarta, says:

It is highly likely that the bombs in Beirut will push some local youngsters towards above-ground radical Islamic groups who, in turn, could make life uncomfortable for westerners living in Indonesia.

Mohammed Najib Azca, deputy director of the Centre for Security and Peace Studies at Gadjah Mada university in Yogyakarta, Central Java, describes the protest actions by young Indonesians as a reaction to what they see as:

blatantly unjust US foreign policy against Muslims in the Middle East

While Najib Azca, an expert on regional and religious conflicts, says he fears the situation will worsen.

There is a lot of talk about local militants traveling to Lebanon to fight, but this is unlikely as only a few have the funds for the journey. What is more likely is that radicals will decide to fight their Jihad here, in Indonesia, and attack targets that symbolise the West.

He said he feared that young men would be drawn to JI, Jemaah Islamiyah.

The anger bubbling up could make the recruitment easier.

However Ken Conboy, who is the author of “The Second Front: Inside Asia’s most dangerous terrorist network“, played down the likely numbers that would be involved:

I do not believe that the current events will lead to a massive JI recruitment. JI only recruits a few at the time. If they did differently, it would attract too much attention from the authorities.

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  1. O. Bule says:

    I am concerned as always of the current attempts by extremist to hi-jack Indonesian Islam and steer it to the same crazy course as Arab Islam. You can bet your last Rupiah that the evil extremist Islamic nut-jobs hiding out in the countryside are wasting no time in trying to use the present situation as a talking point in their attempts to recruit more murderers.

    O. Bule

  2. Cokorda Raka Angga Jananuraga says:

    Again, again, I have to say…

    We have to work hard to drop / steer clear from those semitic belief systems (I mean Judaism and Islamism. As for Christianism — although Jesus is a Jew — I don’t consider it as a semit thing anymore, it has transformed into north european things, that is better) from the mind of Indonesian people.

    So this kind of sh*t that has been happening between Jews and Arabs will not affect Indonesian people…. atheism / Hinduism / budhism / shintoism / agnoticism is better for Indonesian people.

    Let thos tribes fight and kill each other for affirmation of being “the chosen people”, for “the promised land”, for the “last prophet”, for the “messiah”, and all that kind of sh*ts. Why should we care, believe, and be involved???

  3. Hassan says:

    “As for Christianism “” although Jesus is a Jew “” I don’t consider it as a semit thing anymore, it has transformed into north european things, that is better.”
    why was it better because it transformed itself into a north european thing? so a good religion is based on the geography these days? I don’t think so. that’s just shallow.

    btw, I don’t think Christianity is a non semitic belief as you mentioned cokorda, how could it become non semitic if Jesus, one of the gods, is a Jew (semit)? and it is well known that judaism, Christianity and Islam are three religions that stem from one root, the Abrahamic root.

    lastly, atheism or agnoticism is not a religion.

  4. Fanglong says:

    All religions preach love, less preach unconditional love, none respects deep individual freedom — with no preach. Think global, act local !

  5. Molisan Tono says:

    Hassan, there’s no “one of the gods”. He is God… just like your private person… there’s mindful Hassan, Hassan on the move and Hassan dying (excuse me). there’s 3 personal in each of human being. there’s Mind, Body and Soul.

    Jesus is “The Body”, Yehuwa is “The Mind”, Holy Spirit is “The Spirit”. there of them consist in one personal we all Christian knows well… Jesus Christ. which mean “The Savior” or Messiah.

    you can’t take Jesus as God, it’s up to you mate. but don’t blaspheme, for your sake buddy.

  6. Hassan says:

    then god has no body now, since Jesus ‘died’ on the cross? and how come the mind (yehuwa) and the spirit (holy spirit) be different? does Molisan Tono’s mind and spirit be in two different places (or be two different individuals)?

    and tono, God is supposed to be almighty, self sufficient, and independent of anything. Jesus eats (as shown in the last supper). eating means he needs food. God need food? He is dependent on food? dependency shows weakness, God is almighty. He doesn’t need anything from His creations, and food are his creations.
    you know, faith can take you a long way…

    btw, are you a jehovan witness (saksi yehuwa) tono? because you said yehuwa instead of bapa as Christians usually do. I had a friend with that faith once.

  7. Molisan Tono says:

    Dear Hassan (OMG what a polite greeting…)
    I’m not a jehova witness mate… I’m a Christian. see, you make it mixed up wrong dude. we all Christian can call our ABBA Father what ever we like as long it’s pleases Him.

    we can call him Yehuwa, Elohim, Jesus, Daddy, Mate, Dude… what ever. God Almighty is God without boundary, He is so powerfull yet wonderful, you can call him even you are whispering… and for your reference only… even in pain, and (so God forgive me) even when you had your nature call, you can talk to him just like the way you talk to your best friend.

    the things that not work here is the way you bound God inside your head. you think God can be that stupid stay away above the heaven while He can be your partner in misterious walk. what you all Moslem don’t understand Hassan is the key of mercy… because there no mercy in you religion. no wonder why it’s so hard for AA Gym minister to you guys through his Qolbu Management…

    why is it so hard? there is incredible hulk in each of Moslem people. mercy is lame… mercy is pityful… mercy is sissy…

    that’s why you don’t understand why Jesus let Him self Hang on the cross for you, died and rose on the third day and the lifted up to heaven…. you don’t understand that do you Hassan? He had to become a human to recover human from their sins.

    let say, if you’re busted for drugs abuse, i won’t get your dog arested in the jail mate, I’ll surely get you or your related person… the same way Jesus did that for you.

    but what the heck… you don’t even know what the meaning of mercy… blind and stupid.

    this is why so many Moslem become so radical, they think they did something right… which part that justify your action mate?

  8. Hassan says:

    Molisan Tono: offcourse we know what mercy means. everytime we start doing something we said: bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim. which means: in the name of Allah most gracious most mercifull.
    in term of the word mercy, we have spoken mercy to God, before you guys start that in the name of the father, son, and holy ghost thing. we just don’t overdramatize the words mercy and love.

    if humans were all sinfull, why must God become humans, a weak being that he had created. He is almighty. and the creator is different than the creations, right? if we were sinfull, He could just forgive us with His mercy. and if you said that the crusifiction is necessary for the salvation of mankind, are you sure that after that (crusifiction) humans won’t commit any more sin? history and fact had proven, human beings had commit more crimes and violence AFTER Jesus’ crusifiction.

  9. Molisan Tono says:


    all you understand mercy is when you say that magic word.. bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim…

    you think after you said that magic word, you are eligible to do such think even crime and do not get punishment from God after that?

    Mercy is part of regret, when you regret you have done something wrong, you ask for forgiveness and mercy. not before you know you will commit sins that you say that magic word first.

    the key point is… you sinned… mercy come; not mercy came and you may sinning.

    you and your religion came 500 years after Christ… how come you know “……illah…..” is the same God that i worship now? again, Illah is adaptation from aramic word from Eli… which is God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob… which mean Jesus.

    the concept of crusifiction is connecting God with human, human and human. Vertical-Horizontal… of course after crusifiction human will surely no doubt sinning against God… but the times has change at that time. When Jesus died, He carry out the message from God. there’s no more limitation and border between human and God since Adam fall into sin. that single sin trigger much more sins after that.

    before Jesus died, God is “absolute dictator”… (so God forgive me)
    every sinner deserve to experience instant death. after the crisifiction.. human are given more time to recover from sinning against God.

    and that’s why you and me still here Hassan, both of us deserve to die if there’s no mercy. God knows human will sin, but the sin will never enough reason anymore to vanquish all humans from the face of this earth.

    that’s the real meaning of mercy mate. hope you understand that one now.

  10. Hassan says:

    Molisan Tono: all right my friend, now I know what mercy means according to Christians.

    but your words “you think after you said that magic word, you are eligible to do such think even crime and do not get punishment from God after that?”
    off course not, saying bismillah doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want to do, including crimes. it meant that every good deeds we do, we do it in the name of Allah SWT. if we sinned, there’s another word. we say: astagfirullah, which roughly translate: we repent to Allah.

    and your statement “there’s no more limitation and border between human and God since Adam fall into sin. that single sin trigger much more sins after that.”
    how come God have to wait till Jesus to save humanity from the original sin? why not earlier? at the time of abraham or moses maybe?

    another of your statement “Illah is adaptation from aramic word from Eli”¦ which is God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”¦ which mean Jesus.”
    well, that’s what you believed, but both the Jews and Muslims doesn’t think that Jesus is that “elia”. considering that judaism, Christianity, and Islam shared their roots in abrahamic lineage. why was it that way, do you think?

    and “every sinner deserve to experience instant death.”
    maybe not, because we lived because He wanted us to live. if he wanted to take our lives, He can take it whenever he wants, whether we sinned or not.

    Christianity is indeed full of jargons and assumptions regarding God.

  11. Molisan Tono says:

    you’re corret, Jesus is not Elia, why? because you take it wrong, I never type elia or refer to it. i wrote “Eli”…

    btw, do you know that Jews rejected Christ because He was not from nobel or Royal Family? they assumed Messiah should born from Royal Kingdom Family…

    Elia or Elijah is totally different person, Elijah is one of two witness on the apocalypse event.

    now, why God wait so long until the time of Christ you ask? why not the time of prophet? let me give you a short example…

    there’s prophet Nathan on David’s time, before David, it was Saul that reign. before saul, there’r no king. Israel demand King as their leader, they don’t want Prophet, so nathan annointed Saul as king, wht? because Prophet direct people to God, if Israel had mistaken or sinning, at least they have king to blame first. so, basicaaly, Israel is rejecting Prophet and asking for King… once they have Kings… they are no longer fear to God.

    to bear that, God finally sent His Son, King of kings. which Christ. and as i mentioned before, they though Messiah born from Royal Family. that’s why they don’t recognize Him.

    do you follow that Hassan? don’t play dumb with me here… pay good attention.

    it’s not God take too long time, it’s because God pay lot more patient to deal with human. let’s figure out how much longer time God require to save you soul before he decide to strike you with lightning bolt? you never know that don’t cha?… it’s simple that God is put patient of human.

    from what i get in your reply is sounding that you have faith failure to launch. do you have problem to accept grace of God Hassan? you’re excelent person, bright and educative, but your smart ass sometimes blind you eyes from real truth.

    in my bible, it say something that amazed me of God, He does not enjoy when people win struggle with satan nor rejoice when you conquer your fear. He and His angels, will shout out loud for only one silly spot on His shoe… your soul, mine and other else. that spot is much more important than whole golden and diamond dust in His house. I hope you became one of that spot Hassan.

    i’t up to you Hassan, what you wanna believe. God Bless You

  12. fatima says:

    HI I have done some thing wrong in my live wich make me go crazy what should i do to ask god to forgive me can some one help please

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