Amrozi, Imam Samudra, Ali Gufron

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Those convicted of the 2002 Bali bombings are scheduled to be executed on 22nd August. Last minute appeals may however delay this.

The office of the Attorney General, Abdul Rahman Saleh, said that the three men, Imam Samudra, Amrozi bin Nurhasyim and Ali Gufron, alias Mukhlas convicted of the 2002 Bali bombings in which over 200 people died, would be executed at the island jail of Nusakambangan, off the south coast of Central Java, on the 22nd August. The men are currently housed there.


Attorney General Abdul Rahman Saleh also said that it would take a formal request for the review to postpone the scheduled execution. He added that the execution date had been set by the Denpasar Prosecutor’s Office in Bali. As at time of writing no such request had been received although it appears that lawyers for one of the men, Amrozi, are attempting to have any review of their client’s case moved from Bali to Jakarta.

While the Jakarta Post reports that lawyers for three jihadist militants do now say that they will file a final appeal with the Supreme Court. Lawyers for the men said they planned to file the final appeal, known as a case review, with the Supreme Court.

Wiranan, a lawyer from the Muslim Defence Team, did not reveal the basis of the appeal, but other lawyers defending the men have said they plan to challenge the verdict on the grounds they were convicted of violating a law passed after the Bali attacks.

They argued that Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra could not be executed because the retroactive principle in the 2003 Anti-Terror Law used to charge them had been annulled by the Constitutional Court, said Fahmi Bachmid.

Therefore, the executions cannot be carried out and the plan is legally questionable.

He confirmed that the three men would soon file a request for the Supreme Court to review the case.

The three have said they have no fear of death and want the punishment to be carried out. They also said they would not seek clemency from the President, a process that can take several years. The families of the three men are also entitled to file an appeal but have long indicated they have no intention of doing so (No Clemency Sought for Bali Bombers, 2006-04-12.).

A Mother’s Love – 28th July

The mother of Imam Samudra, Embay Badriyah, has asked to join her son in front of the firing squad on 22nd August. Samudra’s lawyer, Agus Setyawan, explained:

A few days ago she asked whether she could be shot like her son.
(Beberapa hari lalu, Embay yang biasa dipanggil Ummi menyampaikan permintaan, apa bisa dia ditembak mati juga seperti putranya.)

Agus says that Samudra’s mother feels that her son has not received justice in that he was convicted under a retro-actively acting law.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Mahendradata, the head of the Muslim Defence Team, the group of lawyers representing the three condemned men, says that the Attorney General’s office is trying to hurry the carrying out of the executions. Mahendradata says he has already filed a case review request on his clients’ behalf. This will likely see the postponing of the executions.

23 Comments on “Amrozi, Imam Samudra, Ali Gufron”

  1. O. Bule says:

    The sooner these scum are killed, the better. I volunteer to be the hangman.

    O. Bule

  2. Fanglong says:

    Paradoxes : the three want to be “freed” (into Firdaus) at the quickest, but the guys who manipulate them would like screwing our ears some more. Death sentence is violence. Bombing is violence. Everyone knows what a vicious circle is, but apparently no-one cares. Mr O. Bule, I’d like to be the banana skin on which you’ll slip when approaching the scumballs to hang’em ! No violence, never, under no condition at all ! It’s so clear ! So simple !
    As-salaam ‘alaykum !

  3. Andrew says:

    They have a place ready in hell, regardless of they way they die.

  4. Lee says:

    No, I don’t believe in the death penalty. Jail him for the term of his natural life – much better punishment. He will have time to think about his crime.

  5. zalech says:

    I just wonder about the mother of the imam, who wants to face a dead squad with here son, saying he is innocent and no justice being done to him. Hey mama, how about the other mothers of over 200 people who have been murdered by your son? Are you saying that is okay if your son murders other people, and that is just? No prayer to your god for those people? Why terrorizing others is so important in Muslim countries? There never was a single religion on the earth, and it will never be a single religion. I feel sad, that Islam is keeping Muslim people still in the stone age mentality and barbaric culture of spilling innocent blood to appease their ill ambition.

    I wonder, if same procedure of Indonesian government of helping of attaining presidential clemency was also directed toward Mr Tibo and other people. I believe that taking life of human being for any cause or reason is wrong. Executing of the BalI killers is wrong. Killing people on BalI was also wrong. It is a paradox which need to be solved not by suicide bombings or executing these criminals. I do not know how to solve these problems. I believe that an institution, including a religion which promote killing in its own interest shall not be considered as a religious organization. It is just in simple terms an organized criminal organization. If they kill in the name of this or that, which could be the name of some higher power like god, or to kill in the name of selling some cocaine, opium, hashish, etc, there is not difference of the cause. All what counts here is the end result, kill another person. Another criminal act of murdering people. How this can be called a religion in whosoever name. If we all will embrace same ideology as the Islamist terrorist, we will have to kill each other to the last standing person. There will be no other outcome. What is the logic behind it?

  6. Hassan says:

    andrew: have you contacted God to confirm their reservation in hell? are you talking in behalf of God now? I’m not defending Amrozi and co. but they must have a fair trial in the face of God, don’t you think?

  7. AJS says:

    Hi Hassan,
    For sure, I believe Amrozi, like the rest of us, will receive a fair judgement at the hands of the Almighty when the time comes.

    I was very angered at the actions of the Bali bombers. For 2 reasons….
    1. They committed a horrible criminal act. Many innocent people died. Including several friends and aquaintences of mine.
    2. I was angered that they used the name of Almighty God to commit such terrible acts. I am not a Muslim, but after all there is only one God, so I felt offended by it too. Maybe the act was revenge for what the injustices they see in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere. I cannot condone or support that, but I do understand that humans feel anger and hate. I too felt similar emotions after the Bali bombs and the London bombs and the others…… but I believe that anger and thirst for revenge are human defects, not an instruction from the Almighty. What do you think?
    I am also mystified why there was no public outpouring of condemnation from the good Muslims of the world for such horrible violence. These people are damaging the name of a Holy Faith followed by hundreds of millions of people across the world.
    I remember a couple of years ago a newspaper in Denmark foolishly published some rather tasteless and childish cartoons. THere were demonstrations all over the place calling for a terrible things to happen to them as punishment. But when other people like Amrozi commit mass murder in the name of God, there is a strange and eerie silence….I don’t understand. I really dont. If anyone can help me undrstand more, I would be very grateful.

  8. foolosophy says:

    It’s amazing to see how he dared to kill many, and proud of it openly @_@ He’s a psycho, his followers probably got brainwashed to follow such a morally broken person.

  9. Andy says:

    Even more amazing is why not execute them at any time including Ramadan. Are they suggesting to us that average moderate muslims would be outraged if that happened. If so then they cannot call themselves moderates can they. It is a fitting time to kill them I believe as it shows the world that good muslims don’t condone terrorism and that Allah would be happy to know they are down in hell away from innocent people. Especially at a time when muslims are supposed to make the moral decisions in their lives. As it is, I still doubt thay will be executed at any time and wonder if the justice system simply doesn’t want it to happen. They were only too happy to kill those three christians in Poso. I promise to all here on IM that I will be immensely proud of the Indonesian people if the Bali bombers are blown away once and for all.

  10. Rob says:


    It is a question that has been posed many times. It would seem that the Indonesian law enforcement regime is dragging the chain on these executions. I am anti-death penalty and I am not for their execution. I would rather see them die in jail. I would rather that the Indonesia government ensured that prison was a lot tougher for them.

    However, I can safely hide behind the same claim that the Australian government does and that is the law in Indonesia allows for them to be sentenced to death, and they have been so sentenced. It is time to step up to the plate and see the sentence carried out.

    The argument that the system has to afford them every opportunity to appeal before the sentence is carried out is a convenient excuse to prolong this. The idea that the firing squad is cruel and inhuman has been tossed. Even if they want to be beheaded I am sure that there would be people willing to step up and swing the blade. They might have to postpone a little longer though in order to train up a sword wielding executioner (or they could just import one from Saudi Arabia). If I am not mistaken stoning is also an acceptable punishment.

    The delays are particularly interesting in terms of the Poso Three as there were claims before their executions that there was “evidence” that would bring some doubt onto the roles the three played in terms of being instigators of the whole thing. This though did not get an airing as the executions were pushed through.

    I will be posting on my blog developments on the progress towards execution immediately after the Eid celebrations. The Minister of Justice is on the record as saying that they were waiting for letters and things to change hands (bureaucracy) and that he expected that the executions would take place almost immediately after Eid.

  11. Andy says:

    Yes Rob, I also don’t support the death penalty in my own country and in any where I can trust the judicial system. Indonesia though supports it so therefore wish it upon them as they cruelly took away the lives of innocent people including their own (Indonesian muslims). I guess their people haven’t yet realised this fact. I remember when the terrorists blew up our embassy and saw people out the front 2 days later smiling and thinking it was all quite amusing. Of course many Indonesians died and only one Australian. Could explain why they haven’t blown up as many in the last few years. When collateral damage outnumbers their enemy 50 – 1 they must realise they did something wrong.

    I don’t want to see the bombers get life as we know what would happen next. They would get 6 month remissions every Lebaran and at some point get off on a technicality. A mysterious bundle of cash would arrive on the minister of justice’s door and a change of heart would then occur.

  12. Sylvester says:

    Capital punishment is not good. Better to see them rotten in jail

  13. Andy says:

    I agree Sylvester but just worry they won’t rot in jail if in case a loophole, Ramadan remission or large bundle of cash gets in the way of justice. This is Indonesia let’s not forget, can you trust their justice system to deliver true punishment?

  14. Sylvester says:

    Yes Andy,
    I should say rotten in Guantanamo or at least Australian prison.

  15. Andy says:

    An Australian prison sounds ok to me…The facilities would be better but at least you know they play the role of pillow biter for whoever their cell mate may be. Preferably a 130 kg bikie or gang member.

  16. czeslaw says:

    Good morning everyone down in Indonesia!

    We can talk and talk, but as us here in Poland, we don’t believe in capital punishment. As a Catholic nation, we believe that a person can’t take another person’s life for any reason.

    Yes, these Amrozi and that Imam are primitive criminals, murderers and killers. No question about.

    But the Judgement and Juctice shall belong to God Almighty alone.

    Yes, I agree they shall spend the rest of their misery lives in the high security prison without any possibility of being free for any reason. Just burry their carcasses to rot behind the prison walls after Almighty surmounts them for the Judgement according to God’s will. And that would be the ideal way to settle the case.

    People should stop playing God.

  17. czeslaw says:

    To AJS

    You brought very interesting point in your comment of Jul 20, 07 about the Danish paper posting the caricature of Mr. Mohammed some time ago, and then some hooplas of Muslims around the world running and stirring the ferments. I don’t care one way or another about what some papers print.

    But I do respect their (the papers’s) freedom of press and expressions, as I do respect the protest of Muslim communities around the world. But not the ferment, murders and manipualtions done by the muslims.

    But if the Muslims went as that far so to get involved in associations, murders, kidnaps and all that, that is not related to some cartoons or similar matters. Look at the murder of Theo Van Gogh. There was a tag on the fellow’s head who wrote the “Satanic Verses” as referring to Koran and who escaped Islamic country.

    I read Koran several times in few years, because I was doing serious studies of the religions of the world. I didn’t find anything supernatural in this writing. Also, I believe that if more people who live under Islam rule be literate and could read it for them selves that might put more light on their thinking. If we are talking abut the average Ibrahim from near east: Syria, Palestine etc., huge populous is still illiterate. So, they do whatever some power hungry (imam/ayatollah etc) person will push to them in the name of some allah, which under such scenario has no value or authority.

    I think it is just a power game of power hungry people who created or are using Mr. Mohammed, as a vehicle to push their agendas. There is too long distance in time between the death of Mr. Mohammed and the first written koran. about 256 years is just to long to make any bridge between Mr. Mohammed and the writing. Also, if you read bio of Mr. Mohammed, you will learn that he was illiterate person with some criminal history in his native Mecca. That’s why he was banned from Mecca because judicial system convicted him of some criminal activities.

    Islam will never be centralized like other religions are. There are too many off shoots of Islam. Thus the chaos with Islam will continue for many generations, centuries or whatever other measure stick you would use.

    But whom am I to tell someone if she or he shall believe in this or that?

    Faith shall be of personal and free will act. Islam is enforced on others, as such it is oppression, rather than free from of believe system. Saying that, whatever other non muslim will do not to liking of some muslim(s), it is twisted, blown out of proportion by some imam, ayatollah or other power hungry person who is using religion as a net to rake the power by using disorganized uneducated masses, and occasionally some educated people who lost their own meaning.

    AJS, I hope that I put some light on your questions. And it is your own personal freedom of will to consider it or not. In either case, yes or no, I will not change my respect for another human being regardless of his or her believes.

    It was nice to exchange values and opinions with you.

    Peace be with you…

  18. Danny says:

    I was in Bali the night that bomb wend off and saw innocent burnt teenagers lying dead on the floor.
    These people are not muslims. They are scum.

    The sooner they face their god the better because then they will find out that Islam doesnt want them.

  19. czeslaw says:

    I do a lot of business and travel in Germany. I live just next to to Germany, in Poland. Today there is no boarder between Germany and Poland, we are all European Union of free people.

    However, as German them selves are saying on many occasions, that it will take several generations of couple of hundreds years that Germany may lose some of the “nazism” stigma after the WWII. They are telling that this nazi s….t of WWII do more damage to the Germany than the actual bombardments they took from allies.

    Nazi was in power for about a decade, or so and created so much damage to its creators. Children are paying their parents screw ups now.

    Something to think about.

    Now look at the Islam on the other hand.
    Are all muslims killers and murders like Amrozi, Bin Laden, Zawahri and all the criminal syndication?

    In 1915 to 1920 or so the Young Turks did incredible damage to the Islam by committing the Ormian Genocide of 1915. Al-Quida and Taleban further destroyed the face of Islam.

    Look at today’s imams and ayatollah who force and preach hate, revenge and murder of non muslims. Danny, please show me one religion today except Islam, who is officially kidnaping, raping, and murdering people and are invoking the name of their god while committing this criminal activities.

    How this all is adding up against Islam?

    If it all mention above will stop today, and change for good, how long it will take to rebuild Islam positive and good image?

    A 10 years?
    A 100 years?
    A 1,000 years?

    Is it possible, Yes?/No?

    Something to compare between nazim lessons in Germany, and what Islam forced it self into counting at least only from 1915 till today.

    Germany ban nazims movements from Germany. If you would found a German nazi organization and you will be discovered by German authorities with with, you will get at lest 7 years in German prison to start with.

    How me, a Polish man shall know which Muslim means peace, and which one is about to swing his knife at my troat?

    Why don’t we see any muslims anywhere in protests against of these criminal activities?

  20. Seno says:

    Good bye Syuhada…,
    see you in heaven…..,

  21. Purba Negoro says:

    One batch of mosquito dead.
    Now the swatter is warmed up- more Islamics to follow.

  22. zildjian says:

    O Allah.. let me be part of them.. i really missed you then want to see u like amrozi, mukhlas, and all the believers..

    guide me to die as syuhada.. amin ya Allah.. now i cried how i really missed u..

  23. AJS says:

    Hi Czeslaw. Peace be with you too. I agree with your comments. There is a basic blasphemous contradiction about using the name of Almighty God and commiting acts of barbarous mass murder. The 2 should never, EVER go together. Please God they never will again.

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