Non-Muslims Support Sharia

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The mayor of Bulukumba in south Sulawesi says non-Muslims support the imposition of sharia law in his regency.

Andi Partabai Pobokori, the mayor, said in Jakarta on Monday:

The non-Muslim community supports the application of local laws with an Islamic basis in Bulukumba. At the Islamic Community Congress in Bulukumba they also put up banners in support of it.
(Umat non Muslim juga mendukung penerapan Perda-perda bernuansa syariah di Bulukumba. Ketika ada Kongres Umat Islam di sana, mereka ikut membentangkan spanduk dukungan.)

The sharia-like laws in Bulukumba consist of regulations against the sale of alcohol, the obligation of paying zakat, or charity tax, requirements for Muslim women who work for the government to cover their hair and dress in an Islamic fashion, and ability to read the Qur’an for students and budding newlyweds. One village in Bulukumba has also instituted caning punishments for transgressions of some of the above laws. (see Preparatory Committee for the Application of Islamic Laws.)

It is claimed that since these laws began to be implemented in 2001 crime rates have dropped by 85%, there are no longer street stalls that dare to sell alcohol, school students no longer get into brawls.

The rates of murder and rape used to be high, now they’ve fallen drastically. We have formed a team to go around to villages and let local thugs/criminals know about the situation and they are instructed to attend religious services, so now there aren’t any more thugs.
(Angka pembunuhan dan pemerkosaan yang dulu tinggi, sekarang menurun drastis. Kami memang membentuk tim yang tugasnya datang ke desa-desa untuk menyadarkan para preman, mereka diarahkan ke pengajian, maka sekarang tidak ada lagi preman.)

The mayor, who is a member of the supposedly secular Golkar party (see Islamist vs Secular Parties), added that he had always strived to reassure non-Muslims that there was nothing to be feared from sharia and that non-Muslims were welcome to live in the area.

He went on to say that that there had never been any force used in the efforts to have female public servants wear muslimah attire. Those women who were found to not be abiding by the regulations were given free kerudung or in other cases given money to buy the same.

We use persuasion, at first my wife set an example [of dressing Islamically], then my staff. Just think that in the past my female staff would always go to the salon before any special occasion, even though their salary wasn’t enough.
(Cara-cara kami adalah cara-cara persuasif, pertama-tama yang melakukan adalah Ibu Bupati lebih dulu, lalu para pegawai saya mencontoh. Bayangkan kalau para pegawai saya seperti dulu setiap ada acara ke salon dulu, padahal gajinya tak cukup sebulan.)

On the question of hudud punishments such as the cutting off of hands and stoning to death of women he said that these had not been considered.

That is not on the agenda, the important thing is to have an area where levels of faith/religious observance are high, where crime rates are low, and people feel safe, no more than that.
(Jauhlah itu dari niat kami, yang penting untuk daerah kami adalah bagaimana meningkatkan keimanan, menurunkan angka kriminalitas dan membuat masyarakat tentram, tidak lebih.)

11 Comments on “Non-Muslims Support Sharia”

  1. Anonymous_aloy says:

    Dhimmitude is here. What. A. Shame.

    We don’t need dhimmitude. What we need is liberal Islam.

    “[The liberal Muslims] believe that the freedom of worship does not only mean an endorsement for minorities to exercise their religious rights, but it also requires the conviction that non-Muslims have equal status in mission, creed, and goal……. The future of liberal democracy in the Muslim countries lies on the future of liberal Islam…”

    From Assyaukanie’s blog.

  2. Hassan says:

    What is liberal Islam Anonymous_Aloy? Does that mean Muslims should not live according to the way of life that Allah SWT wants us to live? To disregard the way of conduct (sharia) that Allah SWT had given us? To use our mind to determine what we should do instead what our God had told us to do? You know, if liberal Islam had existed in prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) lifetime, it would probably be called the way of the “munafiqiin””¦ wallahu alam.

  3. Anonymous_aloy says:

    Probably not, Hassan, probably not. It may only be true in your mind. If you and I both lived during the Prophet’s (pbuh) lifetime, he would probably think you are narrow-minded.

    The truth is, neither of use would know what the Prophet (pbuh) would think, would we? Or are you claiming to hold the monopoly rights to imagine what he would think just like you are claiming to hold the monopoly rights to interpret sharia? WAllahu alam.

    By the way, nice try setting up a strawman argument there ( i.e. a weak or imaginary opposition as an argument or adversary set up only to be easily confuted). But it’s soooo yesterday.

  4. O. Bule says:

    The only reason that non-Moslems say that they support Sharia is that they are afraid not to. If they come out publicly as opposing it, they fear that they will be attacked by radical, extremist Moslems.

    O. Bule

  5. Hassan says:

    Strawman what? You think you’re so smart, eh? Now let me ask you a real simple question: how do you really interpret sharia, if you Utankayu lackeys always opposes its sanction? Sharia is something you practice and actually do, not something you think or talk about. Islam is not a no-action-talk-only religion. So how did you liberals interpret the sharia? It’s a law to govern us humans, instated by Allah SWT Himself, and you oppose it?

    You know, why didn’t you interpret this: why did the shubuh prayer had only 2 rakaats, not four. How come the ashar had four rakaats, why four? Why not five? Yeah, use your rational minds to figure that out with your Utankayu buddies. Remember, some things were just meant to be done, not figured out.


    Anonymous_aloy, what you forgot is the fact that Muslims must live in accordance with the laws of Allah, which is sharia. The very meaning of the word “Muslim” is “a person who surrenders to the will of Allah”, if a Muslim disagree to sharia then he is not one who surrenders to the will of his God, does he? We are after all, just a creation, created by the Almighty, who are we to object His laws? To be a true Muslim we MUST live according to the laws the Almighty had set upon us, if we follow any other then we had taken His right as the undisputed ruler of the universe.

    What happened in Indonesia was that the vast majority, 80% of them, was forced to not follow the rules that their God had set for His creations. Now I ask you, what is the purpose of life if not to please Him, to do what He told us to do and to stay away from what he don’t want us to do? the mission that Adam had failed once in the past. And how can we complete the mission? the answers can be found on His laws, the sharia (way of conduct).

  6. Hassan says:

    Anonymous_aloy, honestly I’m quite dissapointed. I’m looking forward to your strawman arguments. Was it my argument or yours that was the “strawman argument” you mentioned anyway? Well, I guess that some arguments are the kind of arguments you liberal fraud just have no answer to.

    Btw, I guess not even your cohort patron Ulil Abshar Abdalla can argue that you got your funding from the US, that shows a lot of your motives.

  7. psykz says:

    Curious question, if you want to apply the regulation, why you call it sharia Islam? Why don’t call it something else? Like pre-punishment law or physical law enforcement or what? And broadwise it to other perspective as well.

    Like in Singapore, they have that kind of law, where physical punishment is applied on certain broken laws, but they don’t call it that term. So, a different approach maybe? But for the better of country?

    Try to find out what is it first, and try to perspective it to your condition, then you will see if it’s necessary or not.
    One thing for sure, if you wear all dressed up from top to bottom, you will get smelly and itchy, plus other kinds of germs or anything that can get sweeped of as you walk. God knows what else. *sigh*

    People will understand if its for the better of all. Regulations are made for the goodness of its people, not to pressurize its people.

  8. Hassan says:

    Sharia is actually the whole package, the way of live and the code of conduct sanctioned by God for Muslims everywhere for all the ages, and as such must be practiced by Muslims in their lifetime. It’s not just about physical punishments.

  9. Dragonwall says:

    Jauhlah itu dari niat kami, yang penting untuk daerah kami adalah bagaimana meningkatkan keimanan, menurunkan angka kriminalitas dan membuat masyarakat tentram, tidak lebih

    At least someone manage to come to their sense, this time.

  10. jon says:

    Non muslim only support sharia because in any fascist state if your not in line well then your out of line and if your out of line especialy if its gods law then your f. In indonesia people have been living very nicely together for centurys, now since sharia is at the door many see there future as a glom one. Accepting sharia is trying to teach muslim to accept them and there faith. Unfortunatly that is imposible because the islamic faith is a perfect dictatorship system using god as the ultimate ruler but the decision made by people like you and me (dictator). Sharia is wrong because muslim dont apply it only to muslims but everybody witch is unfair because mohamad mhyt be the messanger of god for you but he isnt for me and that should be oke but it isnt for the muslims and that is the downfall of islam. What you fear the most usseally becomes real and it looks that muslim are so afraid for islam to lose power that it will, islam is to primitive and wont stop human dynamics and developpement. It will perisch trying to do so mhyt take a while but islam as no future in the world. Unfortunatly they will stay during my live time but for god whats is 200 or 300 years.

  11. muslim says:

    if the public were scared of muslim attacks then they could have easily made a (mind my spelling) petition and sent it off and then no muslim would have found out and this wouldnt have been done. but by the will of allah non-muslims tried this and accepted this to find a better more safer community.

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