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The chairman of the Ulema Council, the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), has asked the government to ban Playboy magazine.

Din Syamsuddin, of the MUI, said:

If need be the president himself should take firm action.
(Kalau perlu Presiden sendiri yang bertindak tegas.)

Din said Playboy had violated the law in that it was obscene. What’s more it was distributed in an unrestricted manner, freely available on the streets to anyone, including children, and it was not enclosed in plastic.

He said he supported the actions of the Islamic Defenders Front, Front Pembela Islam (FPI), in reporting to the police the editor of Playboy and various models who have appeared in the three editions of the magazine (see Krisdayanti & Playboy, Playboy the Third, Joanna Alexandra & Fla Priscilla, Andara Early).

The authorities should not doubt that they can be charged with spreading pornography.
(Aparat jangan ragu-ragu mereka bisa dijerat dengan pasal menyebarkan pornografi.)

What was behind the publication of Playboy in Indonesia, he said, was that certain forces sought to destroy the morality of the country.

Meanwhile the issue of Playboy in Indonesia has been occupying the attention of the world’s press. In a syndicated article Nathaniel Myers discusses Playboy magazine or mullahs? Indonesia decides, and in the New York Times the case of editor Erwin Arnada is dealt with in Playboy Indonesia: Modest Flesh Meets Muslim Faith.

21 Comments on “Ban Playboy”

  1. Rockstar says:

    What a joke..

    “He said he supported the actions of the Islamic Defenders Front, Front Pembela Islam (FPI)”
    is he joking? he supported the ACTION of fpi? you gotta be kidding me.. apparently anarchy is okay to achieve the goal. great.

    “he said, was that certain forces sought to destroy the morality of the country.”
    yea right.. like they have a good morality now . not even close buddy!

    what a joke

  2. Marco says:

    I just read that the FPI has filed a police report against Indonesia’s Miss Universe candidate Nadine Chandrawinata for wearing a bikini at the contest. It really makes me laugh thinking of those idiot Muslim radicals sitting in front of their computers and rubbing one out while watching a photo of her and then running to police and filing a complaint… Afterwards they go home and beat up their wives since they have no respect for women whatsoever. What a bunch of hypocrite wankers.

  3. Hassan says:

    “beat up their wives since they have no respect for women whatsoever” you’re gonna generalize 1,4 billion Muslims in one single category. wow, some character you are. and you’ll go home and hump a few hoe, right?
    and you’re not a hypocrit bigot? tell me marco, are you a religious person?

  4. BrianX says:

    Hassan…I believe he said “Muslim radicals”….I do not see where he is condemning all Muslims.

  5. chacha says:

    hi guys I’m a girl and I’m not agree with this playboy ban I think it very redicoule, it so sad woman can even express them self in this country. I have been live here whole my life ,you have no idea how hard it is to be women in here. can’t even expres our self.

  6. Hassan says:

    posing for playboy is a way for women to express themselves. what a pity. why not go naked in Citos or Plaza Senayan for example, to “express” yourself to a LOT of people. i can agree to that, hehe! (i won’t watch you though, chacha. no offense!).

  7. chacha says:

    hi Hassan for your FYI you seem very shallow man in case you miss undertood posing for playboy is not the only way to express ourself in women , is alot of thing. that what I meant by saying express our self.. you know what I actualy don’t believe what you had said that you won’t wacth me if I ever pose in it. you have no idea how beautiful I’M, not trying to brag my self but that the true. I’M longerie modal for very famous designer in the country next door . also religion to me is to believe in god nothing to do with how women dress, god the one who bless all this in women, way not express it. that how we said to god thanks for your beautiful blessing.

    ps: have you ever seen the original playboy magazine? I have, trust me content in Indonesia playboy not even close to the original. it will knock your sock of.

  8. psykz says:

    u rock chacha!

  9. Hassan says:

    nah, I still won’t watch you chacha, whether you believe it or not. I have better things to do than watch cheap porn, hehe, no offense!

    about what you said: “also religion to me is to believe in god nothing to do with how women dress, god the one who bless all this in women, way not express it. that how we said to god thanks for your beautiful blessing”.
    well that depends on how you perceive God. if you perceive God as The Supreme Being that demands decency from it’s creations than how we dress matters a lot. How about if He told us not to expose ourself rampantly? how about if the beauty He created within each one of us was supposed to be exposed to certain people only, like our spouses maybe?

    so you see, I agree that God had created beauty so we can appreciate it, but it should be appreciated in a respectable manner and should not be expressed publicly, then it would be cheap and distasteful. you know, some humans who have a good taste doesn’t like porn or public “expression” of sexuality, so you’re not saying that God have a bad taste, right?

  10. chacha says:

    Hassan you are a men with two faces, I don’t believe to what you said you,.. said you have better things to do than wacth me, I know what type of men you are, dick men that you think know all. if you said you don’t wacth cheap PORN and where did you got all this knowledge from this play boy issue have you ever honest to your self? AND by the way abiously you don’t know what is porn and what not. ALSO did you born with clothes on? I’M sure God know what wrong and what not, but I’M sure god will say HASSAN YOU ARE WRONG HAHAHAHA. yeahh Hassan I’M a head STRONG WOMEN WHO DON’T WANT MEN LIKE YOU THINK THAT WOMEN ARE WEAK.and I WILL STAND UP TO WOMEN’S RIGHT.

  11. Andrew says:

    Hassan oh Hassan, what a lousy hypocrit you are.

  12. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Hassan makes me speechless..

  13. Hassan says:

    chacha: errr, from the local newspaper which i subscribed? or any newspaper for that matter? chacha, I don’t think God needs a public relations officer, and the last time I checked, I don’t think you are.

    yeah, I also stand up to womens right, their right to a proper education, the right not to be discriminated, the right to be respected, but NOT the right to expose their flesh in public, which is degrading both for the women and the men.

    btw, did you know that animals don’t wear any clothes?
    if that’s how you perceive women’s rights is (the right to expose their bodies in public) then you can learn a lot from those beasties.

  14. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Yes,animals are naked..
    And so are humans when they were born,
    But the thing is,God grants human with brain n heart,
    so Hassan,if u n ur people just cant hold ur “thing” to stand up whenever u see sexy girls or women with bikini (even if u havent met that woman in ur life),so,who behave like animal more? ANSWER THAT URSELF!
    n also,even animals wont ever kill or rape his own daughter,
    but see what happened here,even human cant stand to rape his own sist/daughter?

  15. Edith Abigail says:

    Oi Hassan how shallow you are…I’m sure you have no wide experience and knowledge….just like the other FPI members… you ever know?how sophisticated the playboy magazine in Indonesia? It’s so artistic and I know that most of UNEDUCATED people don’t have sense of art and never appreciate the art of photography…Actually I’m a graphic designer and I really appreciate what is ART!!! and plz plz plz Hassan just try to never mixed what is art and what is religion…Btw, not all Indonesians are Moslem and they have rights also to enjoy playboy magazine because Indo is a democratic country and NOT an ISLAMIC country!!!!!!! (Whether it’s a sin or not, YOU’re not a GOD!!! and I believe that you are not a holy one!!!!!!!!!!)

  16. Andrew says:

    Just for the sake of discussion: how does Playboy compare to pork?

    Muslims are forbidden to eat pork. Pork is available to everyone, virtually everywhere – it’s just a matter of whether or not you buy it. As far as I know, my Muslim friends never have any problem controlling themselves.

    Oh crap, don’t tell this gives you an idea to ban pork.

  17. Hassan says:

    Miss Indo 07: you’re a racist, aren’t you? another ‘you and your people’ comment. how about this: you and your people are cheapskates, corrupt manipulators and had such small eyes it surprised me you didn’t hit anything when you walk. how about that for a taste of your own medicine?

    Edith Abigail : I’m not an FPI member. I just don’t like what porn had done to my society and country. playboy is a porn icon, you have to admit.

  18. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Hi again Hassan, small eyes? Who said I’m a Chinese? Haha, FYI— U N UR PEOPLE — has nothing to do with race or religion. And your people mean everyone who is as narrow minded as you are!!
    Get it man? Besides I think those corruptors arent all Chinese, I think maybe even if you have a chance you also will do the same, I won’t say that corruption is correct and tolerable, but at least it’s still better than those terrorists who kill and bomb and even be PROUD of it. (you’re not saying that’s tolerable right HASSAN THE SAINT???)

  19. Hassan says:

    nope, I just like to give racists a taste of their own medicine. apparently i got the prescription wrong. still, you shouldn’t use “you and you’re people”, that’s stereotypical. who said I’m narrow minded? strong in your convictions is not the same as narrow minded.

  20. Otosh says:

    I don’t like this idea, Playboy must be banned, but.. RUU APP is not the way!!!!!
    I’m not saying that wearing bikini/something sensual aren’t allowed, but IMO, YPU HAVE TO KNOW YOUR PLACE TO WEAR THOSE. You can wear bikini at BEACH, to swim. You can wear “U CAN SEE” at your home, or in a non-formal places like DISCOTHEQUE, and you can even naked at your home (OF COURSE, WHY NOT? THAT IS YOUR HOUSE, NO ONE MAY DISTURB YOUR PRIVACY [except you have children/husband, or you having a guest, i mean..])!!!! so, I think, that wearing anything is FINE, but, KNOW YOUR PLACE~

  21. Andy says:

    The Playboy models wear more clothes than in many Indonesian mags which seem to go unnoticed by most people when sitting on newstands. I even remember FPI’s rally (I was taking a bus to Pondok Indah at the time) in Blok M thinking ‘I guess the blue movie sellers and hookers are safe though’.

    No this is simply another case of western bashing from a jealous public who are blind and led by the equally blind. The thought of Hugh Hefner in his dressing gown at the mansion with several beautiful women makes most Indonesian muslim males green with envy.

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