Sexual Crimes & Adult Magazines

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Police in Depok are carrying out a sweep of adult magazines and tabloids which they claim contribute to sexual violence against women.

On 21st July Depok public order officials descended on kiosks at various train stations and seized dozens of racy magazines, publications which usually contain pictures of scantily clad women as well as sexually titillating stories. Police deliberately targeted kiosks because, as Dasuki Herlambang of the Depok police explained, these are the direct contact points between the magazines and the public.

Dasuki Herlambang added that the operation was of a routine nature and was done because the number of sex crimes against women in Depok was on the rise.

Almost every month there are cases [of sexual attacks].
(Setiap bulan hampir dikatakan ada kasus.)

One of the contributing factors in the prevalence of sex attacks against women, he said, was the availabilty of soft porn publications. The contents of adult magazines, he said, led to more attacks on women.

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  1. Magy says:

    Most sexual crimes is commited at home, between husband and wife. Studies show that sexual crimes are most frequent in poor countries. One of the worst places on earth for sexual crimes is Africa – also the worlds poorest continent. Therefore as with almost everything else for poor countries economic prosperity is key to everything, also reducing sexual crimes. So, what is wrong with religious police and by-laws? Because, it is reducing economic prosperity. People cannot interact without feer, freely and feel welcome as they are. With religous police, it is certian that people of other ethnic backgrounds would feel less welcome and thus less inclined to work and prosper in that society. If my daughter have to cover herself up in school, why would I want to live in such a society? If I cannot walk alone on the street in the evenings, why do I want to stay there? If I cannot dress as I want. If the society I live in is so possesed with a certian religious manner, I don’t feel welcome – perhaps this place is not for me? Why should I settle down and start a new business in a society that don’t tolerate me when there are hundreds that do? This means less prosperity and thus more sexual crimes. Intolerant teachings, religous by-laws and religous police most certainly therfore increase sexual crimes. Tolerant laws and wise religous leaders is what Indonesia needs to reduce sexual crimes, not militant religous police.

  2. Ana says:

    Sexual crimes happens not becos of sexual items being easily available you morons, if not countries like United States that is the biggest producers of porn will be having sexual crimes like every second. and dun give me statistics that it is that bad in USA cos you just can;t compare the size and total population, it is not an apeoplee to apeoplee comparison.

    the problem is with education, the lack of it, in Indonesia. the system itself is flawed. The system allow the people to feel that they are allowed to do as they like and they won;t get prosecuted out of it. most comments of demonstrators are not intelligent comments. they are spoken out of just rumours and innuendos, religion beliefs, economic references and not whether question why it is the way it is, do we play a part in it. how can WE help to make it better and not just look for someone to blame. Indonesian people needs to learn accountability.

  3. Rockstar says:

    very well said

  4. Molisan Tono says:

    all Indonesian chief officers is void brain. especially those who claim intelligent… sucha moron…

    i won’t say much… but this moron country is such a pity to international society… gladly there’s still bunch of educated person…

    say no to “NO BRAIN”… say yes to “Education”

  5. Hassan says:

    “moron country”? I don’t think insulting your own country is a smart thing to do. in fact, by stereotyping a country with 220 million people into one word “moron” shows your lack of intelligence, prejudice, and ignorance, Molisan Tono. What have you done for your country? I can’t help it, I just hate smart alexes who does nothing to help out, except yap yap and yap. you know we have enough commentators, analysts, whatever. we need people who acts!

  6. Molisan Tono says:

    you know what, if you’re Indonesian u’ll understand what am i saying. and if you are Indonesian who lived in Indonesia… u’ll really know what we have been through.

    infact… u’re right….yes, I’m not smart enough to fool some other people by using their weakness, their stupidity, and their ignorances… like you.

    you’re asking me what have i done? let me tell you… by not making any worse comment, Indonesia is not Islam country, it is majority of Moslem but not Islamic country.

    your name sound so Moslem too me. I’m not insulting you dude… but if you thing ur relegion value can turn Indonesia to become a better home. so be it… if not, please shut the hell up.

    do you study the raped case in Indonesia? it’s ur stupid fellow and moron Moslem who did the most case. that’s what I call sexual crime. don’t blame adult magazine… please don’t. it’s your own judgement that cause that magazine take the fault.

    you said you need people who act? act like what? like you who stand against other people rights by stating your religion is the most righteous? no thanks…
    I think u’re FPI crocs…

  7. Hassan says:

    tono: I’m not FPI nor do I have any affiliations with them, I’m just the common regular everyday Muslim. but once again, you proved me right, that you can not post a comment without profanities and insults in them.

    first of all, I believe Islam can turn Indonesia for the better, but your folks had always try to stop us from applying the sharia, ever since the Jakarta charter (piagam Jakarta) a long time ago. give Islam a chance to rule this country, and you’ll see the progress. if not, simply revert to this secularism of ours. ever since we achive independence we had practiced secularism and look where it took us now? from a country with a rich natural resources into a third world country.

    tono, use your intelligence that God have given you, stop your prejudice towards other people. your sentiments and accusation doesn’t make sense and plain stupid: “do you study the raped case in Indonesia? it’s ur stupid fellow and moron Moslem who did the most case”, that my friend is called the majority syndrome. everywhere in the world it’s always the majority who commited more crimes. in the US, where the majority are Christians, it’s the Christians who had commited more crimes and rapes. in india where the majority are the Buddhists, it’s the Buddhists who commited more crimes and rapes. get the picture? so think before you talk, think even deeper before you make accusations. I’m starting to wonder who the ‘moron’ really is, me or you tono?

  8. Hassan says:

    appologies, i should say the majority of indians are Hindus, not Buddhists. my mistake.

  9. Molisan Tono says:

    I’m sorry Hassan, I just can’t believe Islam can be the right value to this country. it’s true that the majority takes the fault. but I’m not talking about the majority now. I’m talking about the fact…. the real fact is sexual crime has occured on may’98. and the victim is my people; my kind of people. the minority Indonesian people.

    and you know what the most paintful? it’s your people who yell “Allahu Akbar” who did the rape. now, it’s sexual crime against who then? women or your God? rape and yet yelling that tone “Allahu-Akbar”? this is not my story, this is a story from many young woman who turn lunatic now… they lost their mind because of your men.

    this case never been solved, why? it’s the majority issue… your religion issue… if these cases continue, government was concern this will raise more conflict area. and who take the lost? my people… again… the minority.

    so, my opinion… sorry, Islam is not the answer for this country. you and your party trying so hard to apply this sharia law… do you think eyes for eyes will really work here? then what about if i rape someone you love as the exchange what we lost since 98?

    nah… i won’t do that… thank God I’m not Moslem.

  10. Ana says:

    Guys, Islam can never be the answer to running a country, any idea of a single ideology will never succeed. The core of a country for improvement is economics and will always be. look at China, why does it improve now? because it open itself up. it tried to run the place based on just the idea of communism. will never work. north korea, works just one 1 single idea from a nut job, will never work. it have to be a combination if things. that is why we have to look to countries that have multiculturalism being the key point. you can have shades of an authoratarianism in it, but controlled, dun let it run wild. and don;t let just 1 religion run the country, not just Islam, but Hindu, Christianity, all of them will never work. we are human beings, we have the ability to choose and think of what we want and don;t want. it will never work if the ideas are forced on us rather than letting us accept it willingly. right now, the radical Muslims are rioting cos they think that they are the neglected ones. but wat if they are running the country, who will riot next? the Catholics? the Buddhist? the Chinese? when will it end? when will we learn that we have to have a common religion, humanity. learn to live with others different and similar alike. throw out the extremists out of the country or even better, wipe them out clean. we have to look at our neighbours that manage to get multiculturalism work, why they are ahead of some of the western countries, when they are not run my Islamic ideology? this proves that a country does not need Islam or any other religion to be its savious, humanity have to be its own saviour.

  11. Hassan says:

    Molisan Tono: you rape someone i love? well actually I never rape anyone, ever. that’s not exactly an eye for an eye there, dude.

    I have empathy for what happened to your people back then, but those rapists who yells ‘Allahu akbar’ are NOT Islam, that’s just several people who claims to be a follower of a certain religion, not the religion itself. several hundreds or even thousands lunatics like that does not represent Islam, a religion of 1,4 billion people. there are no such thing as “rape whoever you want and yell Allahu akbar” in the Quran or anywhere in Islam, they are lunatics who wanted to take advantage of the situation back then and NOT true Muslims. just because they chanted ‘Allahu akbar’ doesn’t meant they can claim to be Muslims.

    you know what Molisan Tono and ANA, whether you like it or not, when this country, the 80% Muslims in this country had came back to it’s senses, and then they decided that they want to apply the sharia, there’s nothing you can do about it.

  12. Spikeplot says:

    Gee, Muslims coming to their sense, that’s a new one.

  13. Molisan Tono says:

    you’re right Hassan, I can’t do anything if sharia is applied to this country. at least i can do this… not partaken of this great nation falldown.

    Indonesian Moslem lifestyle is fanatic and full of craps, I prefer live with moderate Moslem, because they open their mind better then those who strongly believe Islam is better rule for this nation.

    this type of Moslem is friend indeed, rather than a person like you Hassan.
    sorry mate, u’re not the type of Moslem I wanted to live with. you make me sick dude.

  14. Hassan says:

    Molisan Tono : you’re not exactly my ideal neighbor too, dude.

  15. THIO BHUK KHI says:

    Halo guys! it’s about “Sexual Crimes & Adult Magazines” and not who is running the country……????

  16. Ulf says:

    Porn might not help general moral, but it is unlikely it will sensibly affect the rate of sex crime.

    Many sexual criminals are your everyday Joe, who look neat, well groomed, seemingly educated, and even pious. The number of rapes performed by religious personnel is on the rise everywhere. It might not still be of consequence in some deeply religious countries where dissent with the local religious leaders is plainly a death-sentence or, even worse, a life of harassment by the local community.

    Sexual criminals do not need porn whatsoever to feel the need of performing heinous, lewd acts on other people. They will do it in order to satisfy their very desire for power. When they rape, they feel powerful and like the reaction of helplessnes the victim shows as the forceful act is being performed.

    Soft or hardcore porn does not stimulate people to rape, but only to look for other people as willing as they are to meet and perform their desires and fantasies.

  17. Vivien says:

    Hassan – this is a popular argument, but an empty one.

    just because they chanted ‘Allahu akbar’ doesn’t meant they can claim to be Muslims.

    Tell us, who else says ‘Allahu akbar’?

  18. Suhada says:

    Assalamualaikum. I think the argument that sexual publications have a significant correlation with the rise of sexual violence — including rape — is so lame. There is no statistical evidence that support that statement. It appears to to be mere expression of irresponsibility. It was driven by the common passion to get a scapegoat every time something wrong happens.

    In German and many European countries we we can easily get our hands on a copy of Playboy of Penthouse. We can find it almost everywhere. In a gas stations, subways, malls, etc. But the people seem to take those publication rather coldly. Goenawan Mohammad said — in a certain talk show — that the selling point of sexual publication decreasing drastically. The people are not taking them with such an enthusiasm. And there is also no sign of rising sexual violence rate due to that publication.

    I’m not in the position to state that the publication doesn’t have any correlation at all. But to call it significant will never be more erroneous.

    Yes, we are culturally different to our European counterpart. But I think the real culprit is not the publications. They might serve as a mild — very mild I think — catalyst to some sexual deviation. But the main reagent, the significant issues is our sexual education.

    Our society still consider sexual aspects of a person as a taboo. We hide them. We seal them. We veil them under religious jargon and attributes.

    Our society can’t deal sexual issue in a proper manner. We become a bunch of immature adolescence every time we address to sexual matters. We are afraid yet anxious to get our balls on it. We become neurotic. Unable to respond properly.

    Let us leave the “Totem & Taboo” behind. Let us engage on this matter more seriously. Let us put our faith and ratio hand in hand to deal with this intricate matter. Then, just then, we might find the solution for this matter. A proper solution. A logical one, hopefully.

  19. Abdul Khalid al Jumhuri says:

    This time TEMPO is accurate. The one who did the sweeping is the Indonesian Police. They need to do it more often and more targeted, not only for pornographic magazine but also to those: [1] selling liquor ilegally and sell it to the under age; [2] those who trash around making the city dirty. If the police is more pro-active like this, the FPI has no reason for existence and has to be disbanded.

    Even in the US you cannot simply purchase Play Boy magazine or alcoholic beverage on the street. You have to be go to liquor store and purchase it, but not consume it. One cannot consume alcohol in public. To consume it you have to go to a certain establishment (bars or restaurants), but even then, when you ask for alcoholic drinks you have to show your ID to let the bartender or waitress know that you are an adult. As an adult, you could do whatever you wish as long as it does not violate public order.

    This time I applaud the Indonesian police. Please do more to keep the public order. But don’t let the thugs like FPI, MMI, or Jundullah doing it. They do not have the right for law enforcement as they are just regular citizens like others.

  20. Dragonwall says:

    Tell us, who else says ‘Allahu akbar’?

    Provocators I suppose!

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