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Eggy Sudjana goes on trial for insulting president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Eggi Sudjana is accused of having insulted the president when making comments in connection with his criticism of the giving of Jaguar cars to the president and some of his staff by a wealthy businessmen, one Haritanoe.

Eggi is charged under law 139 which carries a maximum punishment of six years in prison.

The accused said things which besmirched the good name, reputation, and standing of the president…
(Terdakwa mengeluarkan kata-kata yang menyerang nama baik, martabat, dan keagungan presiden…)

said hukumonline S. Luthfie in court on 20th July, and he added that Eggi knew that what he had said would later be known by the president because he had made the offending remarks in front of media.

Eggi said in front of chief judge Andriani Nurdin:

I don’t know what the substance of the charges are, I don’t know why I have been brought here.
(Saya tidak mengerti isi dakwaan kenapa saya dibawa ke sini.)

His lawyer Firman Wijaya said that Eggi had already openly apologised for the comments and that he could not understand why the prosecution was continuing with the case. The trial proper is due to begin on August 3rd.


February 22nd 2007.

Eggi Sudjana was sentenced to three months prison, and six months further good behaviour. The prosecution had requested a six month sentence. antara

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  1. Ana says:

    People need to learn that democracy does not mean you can just start to insult and send remarks that are one sided, and could ruin a man’s reputation. Especially if that man is the president. I am with the president on this one. That man carries with him the burden of the nation and instead of backing him up, you tried to make him look bad. Democracy means majority chooses , and once that choice is made, you support him regardless of who you choses in the beginning. only through this way that a nation can grow. Too many cooks spoil the broth, if the president have to do listen to every requests or problems given his way, and everyone is trying to be the leader instead of a follower, we might as well just sink Indonesia to the sea now.

  2. Rockstar says:

    I agree with you.
    however from my point of view this decision is quite selfish. if he could do that to someone that insulted him than he should have done the same thing to individuals and/or groups such as FPI that can do nothing but insult the human rights.

  3. Anton (from Austria) says:

    Democracy means much more than majority chooses and people have to shut up. Democracy includes the right of free speech and to critisice politicians.
    Only if there was no good reason for Sudjana to believe his allegations were true, i. e. he deliberately or negigently lied, he should be prosecuted for libel. (Regardless of what one thinks of Sudjana apart from the matter in question.)

  4. Ana says:

    Rockstar have a point, totally forgotten about the blody FPI. the president should definitely do something about the FPI, dun let these bastards get more and more powerful. We as a country should just nip it in the butt and demolish people like these.

  5. Hassan says:

    if the current government does something like that ANA, what’s the difference between them and Soeharto’s government? I think that ORBA loved “demolishing” other people, just like you suggested. just because they’re democraticly elected doesn’t meant that they can do whatever they want.

  6. Ana says:

    That is exactly my point, I like the Soeharto’s era, I think the Soekarno and Megawati era is just so full of sh*t. they are focusing on all the wrong things. At least the country were better of during the Soeharto’s era, now… it is just sh*t. SO many people have been telling me that they wish they could turn back time and change their mind and not join in the crowd to topeoplee the Soeharto administration.

    And the current government is not doing anything they want. they are just defending their name, is that wrong too? or the president should just listen to you?? or the FPI? or maybe the government should do something about your existence as well.

  7. Tree Grower says:


    Here’s a thought: is Eggi Sujana going on trial for insulting the President or for a full-frontal and below the belt political attack. I don’t think Eggi’s being hauled over the coals for being critical of SBY; thousands of earthquake and tsunami victims have been pretty insulting as well.

    It seems that they’re making an example of Eggi as a warning to the rest of the political elite to stick to the loose rules of engagement. The message seems to be: If you’re going to launch a corruption allegation, you better do your homework, as in enough to persuade parliament to launch an inquiry. Otherwise everyone in politics would go down. Look how much work it took to get the rice corruption inquiry off the ground.

    SBY, unlike Megawati or Suharto, isn’t adverse to criticism, and isn’t about to give the green light to using a colonial era law to shut up a critic. (For anyone new to Indonesia, the law against “insulting the President,” came from a Dutch colonial law that banned insulting the Queen).

    Eggi is, after all, little more than a cheap thug and Mandor (foreman) to preman, no matter how many Islamic and labor rights banners he hides behind. It’s so obvious to Indonesians that it’s hardly mentioned in Jakarta, just assumed. It’s only dumb bules like me who need to point it out.

  8. Hassan says:

    well, maybe you liked living under a dictatorship ANA, but I don’t. say, maybe you’ll do really well in myanmar and north korea, I think there are dictatorships there even now.

  9. Ana says:

    Tell me this, we have democracy now, after the soeharto era, so how come the country is in worse case than before. dictatorship may not be a bad thing when controlled properly and the leader is not power crazy. north korea and myanmar is a bad example, they basically have a nut as leader in north korea and myanmar is just military controlled, and when you have a bunch of war crazy bastards always looking into going to war, what can you expect. Singapore is a very good example of dictatorship. they won;t let you get away so easily if you want to start a riot or even a “peaceful” demonstration. but look at where Singapore is right now.

  10. Anonymous_aloy says:

    ANA, ANA, ANA. I really pity you and your friends who want to go back to Soeharto era. I’d rather live in a struggling democracy than in any dictatorship, good or bad. You can choose to live in Myanmar, North Korea, or Saudi Arabia for that matter. Or go ahead, move to Singapore. I’d rather be in a democracy even if it means I have to debate people like Hassan (whom I disagree a lot), but at least he and I are free to express our opinion in Indonesia. There are more things to strive for than political stability or economic well being. Freedom is one of them.

  11. O. Bule says:

    Freedom of speech is essential in a free society. As long as the whatever is said is not a lie, and therefore not slander or libel, then it is OK to say, whether or not some people find it insulting, and it does not matter who it is said about.

    O. Bule

  12. Hassan says:

    I guess this is the first time we agree on something, aloy.

    hey ANA, i heard there’s the great Singapore sale on right now. don’t forget your tickets and passport, dear. then you can countinue your trip to China, to visit the great wall and pay homage to the despots there.

  13. Ana says:

    Maybe I will 🙂

  14. Ana says:

    Let;s see freedom put food on the table.

  15. chacha says:

    hey where is what so cal freedom of speech in this poor country? if what he said about taking the car was true why don’t you just sit back and think twice, next time. as the president sould focus on his peoples sake and try to make better economi so the peoples can put some food on the tables again. rather than focus on one men honest opinion. THE point is you the government need to start to think what better for this very poor country. give better education better housing create more job so the peoples dont have to beg on the street to eat ect…….. way to many inocent homeless. and put only guilty verdict in prison. AND THAT IS WHAT THE PURPOSE OF GOVERMENT.

  16. Hassan says:

    I agree with chacha this time.

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