Classic Love Songs

May 21st, 2009, in Society, by

A top ten of classic soppy Indonesian love songs by female pop singers.

More or less in order of personal preference, soppy and romantic songs mainly, or just songs with female vocals, or mixed, some old some new.

‘Cinta Ini’ by Eka Deli


‘Lembayung Bali’ by Saras Dewi

Saras Dewi


‘Bila Kuingat’ by Lingua


‘Janji Diatas Ingkar’ by Audy


‘Aku Sayang Padamu’ by Atiek CB


‘Satu Jam Saja’ by Asti Asmodiwati


‘Jangan Berhenti Mencintaiku’ by Titi DJ


‘Aku Makin Cinta’ by Vina Panduwinata


‘Kaulah Segalanya’ by Ruth Sahanaya


‘Yang Kumau’ by Krisdayanti


And honorary 11th from Malaysia:

‘Bukan Cinta Biasa’ by Siti Nurhaliza


34 Comments on “Classic Love Songs”

  1. Lairedion says:

    Trims, P. My wife will very much enjoy them. I will gracefully skip them, terlalu manis, atuh!

  2. Rob Baiton says:

    I don’t know that it would be my top ten, but an interesting list all the same. trims!

  3. fullmoonflower says:

    🙁 No Harvey Malaiholo there…. I love “Dara”

  4. Jefta says:

    I Like this song…so sweet…thanks

  5. Goddess_in_paradise says:

    Nostalgia! 🙂 It feels good to listen to some of these songs when one is far away from home. Thanks, Patung.

  6. novia says:

    “Yang Kumau”…love that song much!
    well, thumbs up for the list..

  7. maman says:

    maaan i have not listen to those songs for like, a decade. nice charts

  8. Maseddi says:

    Beautiful classic pop-songs.

    Dutch people who already went on holidays in Indonesia are fond of Indonesian music. Alas for most people in the the Netherlands Indonesian music is classical music like gamelan, angklung.

    Fortunately there are organizations like bugis radio and the surinam siaran pop jawa who are broadcasting more modern music.
    And there is is even a startpage with Indonesian music for those who are interested in it.
    With your permission I place a link here, because you wil find many interesting things on it which I’ve never known before

    Me, I’m frequently consulting it before going to Indonesia.


  9. Qinoy says:

    My list would add:
    Rindu Yang Terlarang (Dewi Yull & Broery), Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan (Hetty Koes Endang), Menghitung Hari (Kris Dayanti), Memori (Ruth Sahanaya), Bukit Berbunga and Surat Bersampul Biru (Uci Bing Slamet), Masihkah Ada (Mayang Sari), Matahari (Nike Ardila), Tiada Lagi (Mayang Sari)

    +from Malaysia: Antara Anyar dan Jakarta (Sheila Majid)

  10. Qinoy says:

    Oh ya, one more: Percayalah (Ruth Sahanaya)

  11. Suryo Perkoso says:

    How can this list be complete without a chorus of Nang Balio Sri?

    I mean there can be few songs that have so deep a meaning as these lyrics……

    sri, kapan kowe bali
    kowe lungo ora pamit aku
    jarene neng pasar pamit tuku trasi
    nganti saiki kowe ora bali
    sri, opo kowe lali
    janjine sehidup semati
    aku ora nyono kowe arep lungo
    loro atiku atiku loro
    ndang balio sri, ndang balio
    aku loro mikir kowe ono ngendi
    tego temen kowe minggat niggal aku
    yen pancene sri, kowe eleng aku
    ndang balio aku kangen setengah mati
    sri, kapan kowe bali

  12. hanna says:

    Jangan Berhenti Mencintaiku…love this song very2 much…touching!!

  13. hanna says:

    add in more lovely songs..thnx patung…

  14. Farahani says:

    Humm.I love the song like my mother too! 😀

  15. diego says:


    When are you going to post an entry about… mbah surip?

  16. Suryo Perkoso says:

    You may have to let the story develop a bit, seems like the poor old bugger ended up without a pot to piss in. Even the house was on tick –

  17. dyosa maldita says:

    i just simply love to hear those classic love songs of indonesian artist..very smooth to listen with especially the love songs

  18. leanneNG says:

    I have been crazy about Indonesia songs since i was a little child. After visiting Indonesia 6 years ago, I became more and more crazy about them.

  19. Maseddi says:

    Dear folks

    I have have taken over the page mentioned above.
    The new URL now is

    Now it has a forum and a video section.

    Later I will add video’s mentioned by Qinoy 😉

    Thank you

  20. madrotter says:

    I love Darso’s music:

    And I’m always hunting for records by the great A. Kadir and his Sinar Kemala Orchestra…

    Here’s a few real jewels:

    Titim Fatimah – Tina djandela

    I just can’t understand, ask any Indonesian, specially the younger generation and they have no clue as to who Titim Fatimah was, even lots of the older generation don’t know, yet this woman was as big as it gets in her day, she, and Upit Sarimanah were responsible for the female singer in Wayang plays to become the prominent fixture of the group, not a small feat in male dominated Indonesia of the 50’s, 60’s…
    I’ve got a pretty big collection of her work, beautiful traditional Sundanese music, her singing is just out of this world…

    And lately I’ve been getting into Gambus and Qasidah music from the 50’s and 60’s, Arab music played by Indonesians often with a very Indonesian twist to it….
    Here’s a nice example from Haji Nur Asiah Jamil:

    And how about ORKES KELANA RIA? These guys, from around Padang were banned under Sukarno because of the Western/Indian influences in their music:

    Another musician that i really, really like is “The Mus”, Mus Mulyadi, “The King Of Keroncong”:

    Really, since I started blogging about Indonesian music I’ve discovered how incredibly diverse and deep music is here. from Hip Hop to Jaipong to Prog Rock (Giant Step is incredible) to Gondang to Gending etc. From the amazing Sawung Jabo to Iwan Fals to Neneng Fitri to Euis Komariah etc.

    It’s so sad that Bandung has become what is has become, there used to be such incredible concerts here all the time, one weekend I would be jumping at a huge punk festival the next week I would see GengGong the incredible Indonesian/Australian band from Sawung Jabo etc.

    As for contemporary music, lots of incredible bands too, Jody In The Morning Glory Parade from Bandung are REALLY good!

    I’ll post some more stuff later got some pretty interesting stuff…

  21. madrotter says:

    Here you go:

    Jodi In The Glory Morning Parade – Good Morning

    Mukti Mukti – Kemudian Aku Mati Sebagai Anjing

    mukti Mukti is a troubadour from Bandung, or call him a protest singer if you want to, on the scene for many years, seen him play with Sawung Jabo a few years ago in Dago Teahouse…

    GengGong – Bonustrack (from their cd “Not Just Music”)

  22. madrotter says:

    Hey Maseddi that’s a very nice website you’ve got there!

    Here’s a few more tunes:

    Harry Roesli – Peackok Dog (from his first album The Philosophy Gang)

    (This Roesli album will set you back a couple of million rp)

    Pattie Sisters & Enteng And His Comets – Aku Lupa

    This is what they call the first psych album from Indonesia, came out in 68 or 69, got a couple of copies but all damaged, still hunting for a mint condition…

    H. Idjah Hadidjah – Daurag

    H. Idjah Hadijah was one of the most popular Jaipong singers in the 80’s performing with Gugum Gumbira’s Jugala group, internationally known, and incredible singer….

    Aan Darwati – Dar Der Dor

    Aan Darwati is another singer from Bandung who was popular in the 80’s, Jaipong, Calung with Darso, all sorts of stuff….

    And why not, some shameless self-promotion, I’ve been making loads of music with people here in Indonesia. Here’s one I did with two students from ISTI the University for Art and Dance here in Bandung, it’s called Gararetek which means itch in Sundanese, the words are very, very naughty, Efen playing the suling and Iqbal playing the Kacapi, me doing the rest…

    There’s more here:

  23. layla says:

    ONE thing I Would like to say its so great and really is Romantic Song That JANGAN BERHENTI MENCINTAI KU! i like it as well Thank you

  24. madrotter says:

    And just to prove that A. Kadir was one of the best singers/orchestra leaders of the 60’s in Indonesia:

    One of the more important folks in what was to become dangdut…

  25. Odinius says:


    Thanks for the links! Some really great stuff in there

  26. madrotter says:

    You’re very welcome Odinius! This is what I do, collect (almost) forgotten Indonesian music. If only there weren’t so many foreigners coming here, buying these records for ridiculous prices (dara puspita records go for a thousand dollars now, the rollies will set you back anywhere between 150 to 500 dollars) all this music is disappearing fast into personal collections that are not being shared…

    Here’s a couple of nice songs again:

    Here’s Ucok Harahap, also knows as Ucok AKA’s old band AKA, after he left the band they became knows as SAS…

    AKA – Shake Me

    Ofcourse, Ucok AKA was also known for his work with the great Achmad Albar, they used to put out albums under the name Duo Kribo:

    This Shake Me song (the whole album actually) was banned under Suharto because he’s asking, “do you like sex? YEAAAAAHHH!!!!” in the song…

    No, this is not Lurch from the old Adams Family singing. This is Bing Slamet together with the incredible band Eka Sapta playing an incredibly stoned rendition of I’ll Be Home For Christmas, and I really wonder what it is they were smoking when they recorded this one:

    And here you go, a Gombloh song. Gombloh was from Surabaya, very, very much loved over there, when he passed away people were openly weeping in the streets of Surabaya (or so I’ve been told). He even has a statue there. He made some beautiful music and sadly passed away when he was 39….

    Gombloh – Cita-Cita

    And for the Jaipong lovers. Jaipong is incredibly versatile, there are many, many forms and combinations with other types of music… In the late 80’s for a short while in Bandung musicians were experimenting with incorporating Breakdance moves into the Jaipong Dance. This led to experimenting with the music as well. Impossible to find this stuff. In the 8 years or so that I’ve been hunting for this I’ve only found one cassette…

    Here’s a song from that cassette:


  27. madrotter says:

    and this one is so cool:

  28. madrotter says:

    Another song that was banned under the old mass-murderer was the beautiful song Genjer Genjer from Lilis Suryani, banned because Gerwani used to play it when they had gatherings…

    Here’s Bing Slamet singing it, if anybody want an mp3 from Lilis’ version lemme know…


  29. cinbeng says:

    greattt…how about some stuffs from Broery M…?

  30. madrotter says:

    broery m, broery m, i think i’ve seen that name somewhere will search for it, i bought 1200 records from an old radiostation close to cirebon it takes ages to go through it all, stacks of records from adi bing slamet, ade manuhutu all sorts of stuff, stacks of orkes melayu records, unfortunately their collection was already plundered, the stuff that brings in money was already gone, stuff like aka, dara puspita, harkmove, giant step, harry roesli, fantastique group, duo kribo…but it’ll take some time, i’m playing in a club in bandung this week so the last few weeks i’ve been more focused on this kinda stuff:

    gives me goosebumps this one:) most of ya’ll probably will get grey hairs from it;)

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