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The legal manouverings of the Islamic Defenders Front become even more bizarre as famous singer Krisdayanti is reported to the police for appearing in an advertisment in the third edition of Playboy.

Krisdayanti’s person appeared in the magazine in the form of an advertisement for Bonia watches, on page 5. She, along with various companies that had placed adverts in the magazine, were reported to the police yesterday by members of the Front Pembela Islam under article 169 of the criminal code dealing with involvement in criminal activities.


M Alawi, from the FPI said:

As a popular singer she can’t do things like that, she has to be careful.
(Sebagai diva dia tidak bisa berbuat seperti itu, Harus menjaga diri.)

Reports have it that Krisdayanti’s husband, Anang, when told about the news, was unconcerned:

Just relax, don’t need to make a big deal of it.
(Ya santai aja. Nggak perlu dibesar-besarkan.)

Previously, on 19th July, the pop group ‘Samsons’ were also reported to the police by the FPI, because the group had placed an ad in Playboy.

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  1. Yasha says:

    I think the more they try to mess with popular celebs, the faster that this type of organizations will lose following. Unless they’re currently just trying to maintain their presence in the media until Ramadhan comes, when they start conducting busts on night clubs

  2. Molisan Tono says:

    you know what… FPI is still FPI, they used to Front Pembela Islam… now it turns to For Playboy Indonesia…

    if they were so determine to chase this playboy things… i thing they better work for erwin ardana instead of bugging him. they can be successful sales person though….

  3. Rockstar says:

    but I thought FPI was Front Porn Indonesia.. no?

  4. Zapata says:

    It doesnt worry me at all. For western eyes, this kind of militia-type group sounds very worrying, particularly regarding their raids on cafes and others hang-out places in Jakarta and demonstrations in front of embassy offices.

    What need more attention is the game on the other level which is in parliaments at local level. Local elites in some regions use Islam to appeal to the masses following the local election.

  5. Rockstar says:

    I does sound very worrying and IT IS very worrying.
    Any kind of violent behaviour -regardless the outcome- can not be tolerated.

    Beside it’s not from the western eyes. If you look at other forums you’ll see a lot of Indonesian people are concerned regarding their actions.

  6. ak says:

    If they want to sue, sue the advertiser not the model. Picking on the model is just bizzare. Yes, FPI is worrying, these kinds of actions makes me think Suharto indeed was a nice guy.

  7. Ana says:

    Actually, if FPI keep on doing this, they may be just creating the public to begin to hate them more. no fanatics of any religion is going to last long in the present society. there is more and more news everyday on Muslims creating havoc across the world and it is not just the media playing it up. Pretty soon, people in general is just going to say,”Enough is enough!!”

    From my personal opinion, there is a serious flaw in the religion. how can it be that so many problems created around the world is created by Muslims fanatics. people may say that it is the people that misinterpret the teaching and begin their own “sub religion”, but I still say it is the religion itself. how come other religion does not have this much problem with misinterpretation?? something must be wrong somewhere.

  8. HumblePie says:

    There must be something wrong with FPI. Even Gus Dur (former president of Indonesia) believes that FPI is just a paid puppet (from Tempo magazine).

    From what FPI say and do, it’s likely that FPI is a puppet. As a paid puppet of course FPI just follows given orders. So forget about their slogans and promises. If you have money to pay them, they will do anything you want even a ridiculous (nonsense) one. They creates mess, riot, and wants us to believe that they do it for a good cause based on religion’s law. That’s disgusting.

    I have many Moslem friends and they do not act like that, they don’t like violence. I’m wondering why still so many people believe that FPI exists for a good reason. Nothing’s good I heard about FPI, never.

    For me FPI is an idiot with loaded gun in his hand. Dangerous because you’ll never know what he’s gonna do with it.

  9. Rockstar says:

    thats why I said more than 90% of fpi, love pRon

  10. Molisan Tono says:

    you can see clearly why those FPI is such a #ick head…
    they got a wrong address to sue Krisdayanti…

    here i quote:
    M Alawi, from the FPI said:
    “As a popular singer she can’t do things like that, she has to be careful.”

    note what is the real fact…

    it is the comercial page… KrisdayantI was paid to pose for that company who owned the product. it is not Krisdayanti who posed for Playboy… so actually FPI has a big issue to deal with the product owner, not Krisdayanti. it’s true KrisdayantI was on behalf of that company, but not even close directed to it.

    so the explaination is:
    even Mr. Alawi is such a idiot. why? because he doesn’t know the procedure of commenting such issue. and still want to become leader?

    yo mr. alawi… you need to get real education dude. stop being a hypocrit.

  11. Hassan says:

    oh, another top rate comment by the smart Molisan Tono. judging from his comments i started to think that mr. tono believed that everyone except himself are (quoting from his statements): “morons, uneducated and idiots”. bravo mr. tono!

  12. Molisan Tono says:

    yo Mr. Hassan,
    it’s seems that u’re really iritated by my statement.
    I’m not bright or smart like you claimed
    I only act what i suppose to… people like you got a small capacity to understand what is the real value of this country.


    tell me how actually Krisdayanti involved to Playboy???

    answer that, I’ll tell you how wrong am i to state my mind like above statement. and maybe, I will also send an apological letter to Mr. Alawi my self.

  13. Hassan says:

    nah, I don’t think KD is involved in playboy other than indirectly funding them via her commercials.

    I just hated your insultive comments both here and on other threads while using those words “morons, uneducated and idiots” on other people. In “sexual crimes & adult magazines” you said “this moron country is such a pity to international society”, now I’m not a big fan of that, insulting your own country is not a smart thing to do.

  14. Spikeplot says:

    well, i don;t see that as insulting your own coutry, that is just stating a fact, our country is filled with uneducated, morons and idiots like yourself Hassan. it have been proven from your inaccurate ranting on facts. you have proved yourself to be the one with half a brain. well… maybe only a quarter, half would be to liberal a judgement for someone as ignorant as you.

  15. Molisan Tono says:

    yo… spike. that’s man.

    this is what a call liberation of mind statement.

  16. Hassan says:

    well spikeplot, stereotyping people with a stern oppinion on things like me, calling them ignorant and all shows that you’re the ignorant one.

    let me see, all the “inacurate rantings” I’ve made was regarding my opposition on sending nadine to the MU 2006 pageant, and that’s because I’m not such a big follower of such events.
    you’re must be such a badass smart psycho-logist to be able to determine other people’s intelligence based on scruffy things like that, mr. shrinky man.

    btw, where did you got your education, anyway? let me guess, Australia?smart alexes…

  17. Hassan says:

    you know why I don’t like smart alecs like you two, Molisan Tono and spikeplot? because you use a tone that seemed so proud and arrogant, insulting other people like you’re much better than the rest of us Indonesian people. there are too many people in our country who thinks they are the smart ones, and the rest of our people are stupid morons.

    but let me ask you, what have those so called smart people like you two ever do? nothing! some of that kind of people became commentators, analysts, and so forth, but we all know that they are useless. all they do is talk in front of TV about this and that, but hardly ever do anything for this country.

    so stop your yappings and insults, just try and do whatever you can to help this country and its poor people. don’t be just another no-action-talk-only smart alecs.

    btw, spikeplot dude, insulting other people doesn’t show your intelligence at all, it only showed your lack of morality and respect for others, also seemed like an effort to compensate for your own shortcomings.

  18. sineater says:

    Hassan, from wat I read, the one with the most talk are you, so maybe you are the ignorant one 🙂 wow, how do you know that these people have done nothing?? you must be psychic man. you admit that you dun follow the MU pageants that much cos you are not into these events, then why are you the one that condemns it the most, tsk tsk tsk, so easy to find excuses when you are proven wrong on so many things. Sounds exactly like an idiot talking, and not action too.

  19. Molisan Tono says:

    that’s what I meant. hypocrit!!! done something wrong but pretend nothing is wrong.

    they think Islam religion is the most up right value for this country. stating some issue about pornography, sue a role model actress for things she even never done before.

    I’m sorry to say, those hypocrit Moslem that iritate me. I lived almost all of my childhood next to a major mosque in my hometown, and I never inflicted with their existance. you know what Hassan… my father even share 300m square of my family land with them for parking lot. note that!!! my family property…

    it’s never bother me… it’s start iritating me when i met some “Moslem”, or so called them self as Moslem like you. what a loser… you think you done something good? try to share a family land for church parking lot. what a freak.

  20. Hassan says:

    it’s not me who said Indonesia as a “moron country”,it’s that tono dude.

  21. sineater says:

    Hassan, you are the worst type of hypocrite there is, you refuse to look at yourself first before criticising others. you are the one that in the beginning who condemn everyone that have a different thinking than you. and now yu have the cheek to call others arrogant, dude, throwing others down in the mud and trying to make yourself look like an angel is the most arrogant act of all.

  22. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Hassan,are u jobless?
    so far i can see u give so many useless comments about porn? haha not sure if u’re holy urself!
    hey,just go to Lebanon,go do ur jihad with all those hypocrites who are just as moron as u,wish u all died by the bombs put by ur own friends!!
    fyi,I’m a Christian,but i wont ever support Israel bomb the innocent people, because I have brain,n I have heart! n once again fyi,I have a lot of Moslem friends,but they’re not stupid like u! fanatic is not good for ur brain u know!!

  23. Hassan says:

    sineater: I don’t remember saying anything arrogant, quote me then.

    Miss Indo 07: do you know me at all? it’s amazing how people stereotype others based on nothing but assumptions. “hypocrit”, “fanatic”, “stupid”, hey I don’t even condone suicide bombings! one thing for sure, you are ignorant to easily judge other people before you even know them.

  24. Effy says:

    There is a difference between a religion and its fanatics. Do not generalize things too much. Without the sufficient knowledge on certain issues there is no reason why harsh statements should be made about them. What we are watching on the tele are just a glimpse of the truth but not the real truth. Jihad is a word which carries many meanings. I can do Jihad but that doesn’t mean I’m going to commit suicide. I believe those people who went on suicide rampage have their own reasons that most of us would not understand but can relate to. I believe they have experienced so much pain which resorted them to act blindly. When people feel like they are being cornered they do not give consequences a second thought. Same goes if something angered them so much or saddened them. It is reaction but I wouldn’t call it normal reaction. Inflicting pain to others is definitely wrong but instead of taking it as it is, one should remember there is always a reason behind it. If we try to understand those reasons and maybe from there we can tackle the problem.

  25. IaN says:

    First of all.. who caught that “Playboy ad” anyway? What in the freakin’ world were you doing in “noticing” the ad? Were you looking at other pictures? Second of all, she’s just modelling for an ad.. not playboy… she’s not even naked. I think Hassan IS ranting… She’s absolutely innocent! Since when modelling for an ad (without showing private parts) is illegal?

  26. Molisan Tono says:

    first of all… those crazy FPI guy who started…. those hypocrits say want to ban playboy… before they ban the playboy…. they look into it and enjoy the contents. soon after they found nothing special and no naked contents, they start bugging people with all their nonsense bullsh*ts and yap all the way.

    including bugging Kris Dayanti will the ad. wonder if Kris Dayanti surely naked in the playboy… maybe they rather ask for bedtime than to address their protest. what a crazy yapper and blowjob maniacs. what a twisted sick person.

  27. Vict says:

    Ok first of all, the FPI is making too much fuss here about this kind of thing. I’m not trying to offend anyone here, but, from my point of view, Indonesia with or without the Playboy mag, doesnt really make a huge different, because, most of the Indos, like any other men, are horny people.

    So why make a big fuss of it? Really doesn’t make sense. And to control only one group (the celebrity group), doesnt mean you are controlling the whole populations’s image and rationality to think and behave.

    From my perspective, there’s no need to maintain that Indonesia is a really holy and very conservative Muslim country. Because time has changed, and if Indonesia is still stuck with their conservative minds, it would be kind of difficult to progress well.

  28. Westphal says:

    Why anyway FPI so busy with da things like that? Get a life! Krisdayanti is a grown woman, she can decide what she wants to do. I don’t understand with this kind of people, they always ‘wash their hands’ in someone’s bussiness. Pathetic!

  29. achmad says:

    Achmad says :

    FPI is the organization that only deals in Porn stuff same as the abbreviation For Porn International —– poor Krisdayanti —— it is not a shame to show her body !!!

  30. Dragonwall says:

    Know what is sour grapes? When they can’t get hold of them they are always like that. But when they were their wife then the story is different.

    How could they (the FPI) face the world with their face covered up? They won’t even notice a beautiful girl with a nice girl covered with the tudung.

    Playboy should offer some shares to FPI goons to be protected..ha..ha..ha..

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