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The Miss Universe contestant from Indonesia, Nadine Chandrawinata, has strutted about in a bikini, to the displeasure of some.

Nadine Chandra Winata, the reigning Miss Indonesia, who was born in Germany but has some Indonesian parentage, appeared in a bikini at a Miss Universe 2006 photo shoot for their annual calendar, despite the fact that she could have chosen to wear a one-piece swimsuit.

Nadine Chandrawinata
Nadine Chandrawinata.

Latifah Iskandar, a parliamentarian from the PAN party was one who let it be known that Indonesian girls should not engage in such activity:

I’m sad that there are still Indonesians like that, at this time wer’e concerned about the issue of pornography. It’s very inappropriate.

The Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI, also complained, and went even further, saying that Indonesia should not participate in the contest at all.

The MUI rejects (Miss Universe) primarily because it emphasises beauty and the body. This can be seen in the appearance of the contestants. Secondly, the MUI rejects the clothes they wear.

said one Amidhan of the MUI in Jakarta and he added that a new fatwa was not in the offing because a previous one condemning public indecency and pornography was already sufficient. He advised that a new contest should be set up:

Why not have a contest that doesn’t emphasise beauty but instead ability, intelligence, and spirit as human beings who are moral and religiously observant?

Nadine however was not alone in her choice of the two-piece outfit. Miss Malaysia, Melissa Ann Tan, a girl of Chinese descent, also sported one. Of the 86 finalists who appeared in the swimsuit session only three chose to cover their belly buttons – Misses Serbia, Turks & Caicos and Kazakstan.

Update July 21st

The womens’ wing of the Islamic Defenders Front, the Mujahidah FPI, have reported Nadine Chandrawinata to the police for indecency. FPI lawyer Adnan Assegaf, who accompanied Mujahidah Secretary Noni Supriyanti Budiani, gave the following explanation:

We have reported Nadine Chandrawinata as she has harassed Indonesian women by appearing in vulgar poses at the Miss Universe 2006 contest on behalf of Indonesia.

He added that Nadine’s participation in the event, which is being held in another country, the United States, was against Indonesian culture which, he claims, does not permit women to wear bikinis in public.

Besides Nadine, the FPI, who have been on a recent reporting-to-the-police-spree (see Krisdayanti & Playboy, Playboy the Third, Joanna Alexandra & Fla Priscilla, Andara Early), also reported some people connected with the Miss Indonesia contest and thought to be active supporters of Nadine, namely Mooryati Sudibyo, Wardiman Djojonegoro , Mega Angkasa , Kusuma Dewi and Artika Sari Devi, who the FPI says:

…have supported and financed the departure of Nadine. So they can be charged with engaging and participating in activities forbidden by the law.

The law in question is edict number 02/U/1984 which apparently forbids the holding of beauty contests where they conflict with the moral and religious standards of the people.

Noni Supryanti Budiani explained further:

We didn’t only report Nadine, it’s not fair if we just report her. Don’t allow Nadine to be used anymore.

About 100 Mujahidah loudly demonstrated outside the Jakarta police station where the complaint was filed.


Nadine says, to Antara, that she is unconcerned about the actions of the FPI back home in Indonesia.

It’s their right if they want to report me to the police. But one thing is for sure – my participation in the Miss Universe contest is to make Indonesia known in the international arena.

She says she is not at all depressed about the matter.

I don’t feel down at all after hearing about it. It just makes me want to advance to the next round even more.

Alas, however, Nadine did not make the cut for the next round of twenty contestants, the news of which caused the dismay and almost visible pain of many in Indonesia, a country where the Miss Universe competition is taken rather seriously indeed and where the performance of the nation’s representative is viewed as a not insignificant matter of national pride.

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134 Comments on “Nadine Chandrawinata”

  1. Hassan says:

    i hate to say this but: I TOLD YOU SO!

    the thing is, it’s not just her poor english, she’s also not smart enough.
    proof: she didn’t even get to the top 20. Asty Ananta, last year’s miss Indonesia got to the top 20 effortlessly. now, with all the hype, what happened to poor nadine.

    so, they gotta pick a better miss Indonesia, don’t send someone just because she got a beautiful ‘indo’ face. she better have a smart brain to match. Capiche?

  2. QueenVelveeta says:

    Praise Buddah I don’t live in such a place where wearing a swimsuit could land one in jail. Egads, I’m counting my blessings as I type……………………Hope this helps.

  3. BrianX says:

    I can understand where the cultural differences come into play but if you are a Muslim or Christian etc. and believe in a certain way to do things then you should go about doing them instead of trying to force others to conform….oh and Matt from Ohio State….I am also from the US and I do not agree with you on the ME but thats a discussion best left somewhere else…this is about Nadine not the war.

  4. David says:

    Nadine Chandrawinata’s appearance for the Miss Universe reveals a remarkable lack of diversity as seen from numerous posting on this thread.
    Nadine is not participating in anything resembling pornography. Read the definition of the word please!

    Nadine is being judged by arbitrary standards, and without anyone posting comments who know her personally. Many of the posting that oppose Nadine’s appearance are full of hate speech and veiled threats.

    I wonder what a modern Muslim nation like Malaysia is descending into. Will your nation become yet another Taliban state where women lose all their rights and become property of their families?

  5. nico namara says:

    Nadine is for me the best Miss Univers 2006

  6. Dan says:

    I think she’s hot.

  7. Satir Kepelintir says:

    Hassan, please get your facts straight. Last year’s Miss Indonesia si Artika Sari Devi. Give her some respect and don’t make up any name as you like.

    I don’t want to undermine her achievement but it was sort of a known fact among the pageant observer that she got to the TOP 15..not Top 20 as you said, because of many other reasons:

    1. Contrary to what you said, Nadine didn’t have the hype until the pageant is over. Of course she had it in her own country but not overseas. Artika on the other hand was the big news last year in many international newspaper due to the swimsuit controversy. The issue is becoming stale by the time Nadine join the competition.

    2. Even though Indonesia has participated in the Miss Universe 9 times before the year 2005, Artika’s entrance was the first official Indonesian entrant who was sent with the knowledge of the whole nation. Miss Universe Organization is known to have the tendency to let the delegates of the newly participating country through the semifinal to give them some sort of hope and expectation for the coming year. The same case with China’s first delegate in the Miss Universe who got through the first time China took part in MU.

    3. Miss Universe Organization and Donald Trump have the right to pick 5 candidates who get through to the semifinal regardless of their scores in the preliminaries. Artika was said to be one. She definitely didn’t do well on the swimsuit and evening gown session due to bad packaging by the YPI but they needed her to spice up the pageant and encourage Indonesia to send another delegate the following year. After all, it’s show business.

    4. Alya Rohali (considered an articulate and ambitious woman) and the multi-linguist Susanty Manuhutu (who can speak 5 different languages including English & French) had worse performance compared to Nadine in the Miss Universe pageant. They were ranked 10th–FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST. People have been saying that these women are the more intelligent Puteri Indonesia. However, do you know that their interview scores for the MU were really bad you wouldn’t want to know? So, there are some other kind of intelligence and attitude that are needed to be a Miss Universe.

    Again, the crowned Miss Universe 2006 doesn’t speak English well. She could be as bad as Nadine for all you know. She used interpreter the whole time.

  8. Abdullah Muhamad says:

    Nadine. Nadine. Wow! How beautiful and sexy you are!

  9. Spikeplot says:

    man, this Hassan guy is so full of himself. he is throwing out facts that he created himself. which only proves 1 thing. he is even dumber that nadine hahahhahaha

  10. Hassan says:

    spikeplot, if anything it shows that I’m not an avid follower of the miss universe pageants that’s all, that’s why i got the names and facts a little screwed up.

    “dumber than nadine” well, at least we agree on something, nadine is, as you said “dumb”. (well i kinda disagree on the I’m dumber thing, hehe!).

  11. Fanglong says:

    Incredible discussion about… about what ? To me, one must be ill not to appreciate the beauty of the femimine body. It’s meaningless & mean to pretend that the pleasure of a woman is a smile of the Devil. Prosecutors are just jealous of sexual promises they’ll never afford. Jealousy & ugliness steer the wheel of harsh words & invocation of sacred books. Honestly, what can our poor burpy words against the radiance of youth & beauty ? If we aren’t pure geniuses, let’s admit we just share Nadine’s stupidity/intelligence — average, ragingly mediocre ! But that’s not the point : the jealous threat the admirers. So let’s admire in secret, admire what we want amongst what appears to us : and the better if it appears a seducive fairy with skinny legs & big tits ! As for myself, I’m a sinologist, & I really appreciate the beauty of Chinese characters, be they calligraphic or not : I feel the same visual pleasure with beautiful women, or beautifully pictured women, as I also enjoy the same kind of delight when listening to a guitar solo by Jimi Hendrix : what can be wrong with that ? Let’s appreciate & enjoy freely what we’d like to ! It’s a pity that councils of old cripeoplee-minded weirdos decide for the esthetically correct of the people ! The Blessed Rimba Raya will win, and the peaceful Bianglala ! (This is a remarkable website !)

  12. Susan says:

    *reading the comments* ……WOW!

  13. Romi IRama says:

    Go to hell with their comments and hyprocrites. Which one is better? Nadine or Amrozi ? Go on Nadine, I support you .

  14. armani x says:

    my gosh! FPI, u the one who are embarassing to ur country. what, u wanna take Indonesian civilization to go back to the prehistoric century?? so embarassing!!

  15. sparky says:

    Hassan, to me your inability to get the facts straight only demonstrates that you are not really aware of what is happening in Indonesia at present (do you read newspaper, listen to the radio or even watch TV? The news is all over..I am surprise you don’t even know!).

    And to claim that Nadine is dumb while you clearly didn’t show a sound knowledge and understanding about the issue is preposterous! Did you just hear it from your gossipy neighbours and believe them straight off? If so, you need to be more critical of any information that comes to you and assess the situation better before making any statement like that.

    Arguments do not sound credible when all the facts are skewed.

  16. marcie2x says:

    It’s really hot here ! What happen ?
    There’s no need 2 get all worked out over this Nadine, or even over the potatoes too, mind U guys; Indonesian people grew up with the tradition of “bobot bibit bebet”, so…..?!
    Whatever lah…….
    I suggest to all the people of Indonesia : read the Jean Sasson’s books : Princess, The Rape of Kuwait, Sultana’s Daughters, Mayada the Daughter of Iraq…..(it’s a must reading book for the Indonesian !!!!)
    U wont regret it…….!!!!
    Go Nadine….!

  17. Hassan says:

    abdullah Muhammad, shussshh!!! don’t talk when horny, haha, gotcha!

  18. djm says:

    Yeah, well it’s a good thing she isn’t living under Taliban rule, they’d take her out to a stadium and shoot her or cut off her head…

    By the way this was a beauty contest. Not an intelligence contest. Can’t we all just appreciate her beauty… Should her beauty be something that should be hidden? Can’t the people of Indonesia be proud that they have a beautiful young lady so full of life representing something that can be deeply appreciated, i.e., beauty for beauty’s sake.

  19. abdullah Muhammad says:

    ha ha ha ha…. that’s a good one…. glad to know that you are a fun person, dude!!!!!

  20. ettay sugiarti says:

    winning or not, I salluted U, really, B4 I eatched the show on TV, evn d commercial a bout d show, I was soooo exited. Ive ben looking you all around the camera goes, Iam so proud with your chearfull, warm n friendly personality U had.

  21. Rockstar says:

    i love susan bachtiar

  22. chacha says:

    you go girl I’M 100% with you. you just show us that is ok to be proud to our beauty that god has bless us. those Muslim nut are acting like they have never seen one. I bet they also enjoy that to.that the reason they acting nut ,because they felt guilty from enjoyig it.


    ~ I just dont get why they make it so big deal about wearing bikini, as long as cover our vulgar part then it cant count as pornography.

    ~ Indonesia is such a lowest trash country, popular as the most corruption country, the highest rate for the criminal.

    ~ last time rhoma irama complained about pornography and inul darastista dance. he even has affair with a few woman and has more than one wife secretly. so disgusting !!!

    ~ you keep talking about pornography, how come everyday there is still a lot news about father rape his own daughter, brother rape his own sister, grandpa with grandchilren, neighbour and even happened in some street !!! is that a moral !!! that is worse than animal !!! even animal has a brain !!!

    ~ when those people get caught, you all police just give a few years punishment. is it equal/fair enough with what they did to us !!! also, is people lifes is that cheap which can exchange with a few years in prison !!! even for some cases you cant solve it and let it pass !!! is that what you called justice !!!

    ~ you say your religion teach this and that, why married because of accident always happened with you all people. even some of them rape and kill the girl or kill the baby coz dont want to take responsible of what you did !!! you all people are so ” munafik ” fakers, the most lowest class people on earth, even animal is more valuable !!!

    ~ there is still a lot people who is very poor outside, but you all keep do corruption with you power and money you make those police shut their mouth. you keep saying willing to help them but in fact you didnt. you all just try to make a good image for public !!!

    ~i hope there is more natural disaster coming, to clean all this dirty and useless people !!! or the next bomb accident to clean those lowest class animal !!!

    ~ that’s why Indonesia country is still poor and can’t growing better until now. even Singapore which is a very small country is 10 times better in everything. shame on you !!!

  24. sonic says:

    You all are just either jealous that you don’t have a hot girl friend or wife or may be none of the above (probably gay) or don’t study your religion scripture detail enough or just being hypocrite. Low IQ or High IQ, I don’t see you make the pagent at all. May be your IQ is lower then her.

    I think some of you are just jealous because:
    1. She ain’t true Indonesian (mix of Chinese and german)
    2. She ain’t a Muslim like you all
    3. You all don’t get to where she is cause you all have lower IQ and have not look like her 🙂

    I agree with foozan! Fix the stinkin’ coruption in both your believe, religion and government before you come and talk about bikini. I do not see Indonesian law saying “Thou shalt not wear bikini if you are Indonesian”


  25. salto says:

    good luck nadine (r u miss puerto rico)

  26. tamm says:

    I’m disagree with this author: SHAME ON INDONESIA.

    I’m of course not agree with those Muslim law about the bikini & also other government thing happened but please note that we’ve got more than 212 million people, so maybe 10% who are government & 5 % corrupts maybe/used to (I guess), those other people are innocence & WISHING A NATURAL DISASTERS & OTHERS ABOUT MY COUNTRY is not exceptable.
    I think you just to be carefull with that words, did you know that GOD do not except a person swear/wish for a bad thing to happen to others? Because it would be a bad thing for you too & perhaps you will get them not those people you swore to.

    While in the other side I just wish that there will be no law for wearing bikini or even skirt because remember the sins come from yoursself.
    FOR EXAMPLE: a woman wearing a skirt/mini skirt than a man feels **** to her, well that’s another type of sin according to the Christian bible the 10 commannments “DO NOT FEELS/ADORE YOUR NEIGHBOURS/THEIR WIFE” in this stage about feeling horny. So, you could walk in the street & you may not feel anything to a lady who wearing a normal clothes/sexy clothes rather than feeling ****.
    We’re all born to be a person who had a brain not like animals & we’re all also have to decide between bad & good, while bad is sin & good is what God want. I also understand that there are many people who don’t belive in God & also against him from many ways even know he gave you BIBLE for you to learn bad & good, well you’re the one who decide not other people.
    We’re all know there are bad & good people in this world also you can’t judge & point them because like HE SAID” there are many sins & bad thing happend by humans, if the earth laws can’t fix it than I will. He’ll certenly will & has already begun….. Because I believe on the bible than I can see so many thing has happened.

    NOONE KNOWS WHEN IS THE END OF THE WOLRD NOT EVEN JESUS & ONLY GOD KNOWS. But he had explained so many ways to think & know a bout that. EXAMPLE: The beginning of the explanation according to the bible: only a few of them I will type here.
    1. Please note oneday that there will be one CURRANCY will took over this world.
    2. There will be 2 country/kingdom will ruled this world without using GOD & bible (comunisme).
    3. When the Jerusalem on earth took over by ISMAIL generations/followers (MUSLIM) & Jerusalem for ISHAK generation (Christian& Chatolic) are in HEAVEN with HIM. (At the moment there are fights over there still).
    4. When all of those people/religion who believe on him are become together (Christians & Chatolic). A the moment the Christian are defenetely saparates even knows they’re belive on the same Bible.
    5. more…. please read the bible those who have bible.
    6. ALSO those who will be choosen/ those who belive & do the right thing (don’t know who?) Will be saparate for those don’t belive on him (antiChrist) & against him in many ways.
    For those who will be choosen are going to be part on 1000 HAPPINES KINGDOM & the king will be JESUS.

    I know this is going to be hard for me to say but I have try & it’s up to you all to agree & disagree as this is all come from the Christian bible.

    PS: There are lots of earthquake in Indonesia specially Java but according them… there are more than 360 earthquake in NORTH SULAWESI/MANADO since JANUARY 2006.
    Please let me know why thereno one die. North Sulawesi has more than 80% Christian & Catholic, however GOD already said in the bible even know all the people are sins in a city but if there only 1 who are holy & belive on him the city will be save.

    Oh, no I can’t say nomore….
    Please love each other

  27. tamm says:

    I forgot to say that while the Muslim QURAN teaching about the Old statement/most of them similar Christian bible but they don’t have NEW STATEMENT about Jesus.
    Of course the old statement some king & other have many wifes but when it turn to the new statement than it teach about marriage & divorce. Men should love their wife & not to have affairs with others. Well that’s when we are all know 2 BECOME ONE after marriage.

    The important thing is why that we’re all not talk about GAY & LESBIAN, do they exist in the bible? Is that what God want? Do they really in love? Do they really know what they’re doing? I don’t know exactly but God want man to marry a woman, that’s all.
    If a person ask me what am I think about GAY & LESBIAN than I will say well they’re probably in love but . I have to say SHOULD THEY KNOW WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? I MEAN DO THEY COME FROM 2 MEN 0r 2 WOMEN? The answer is not, THEY’RE CAME FROM 1 MAN & 1 WOMAN. They’re never going to be on this earth without their parents (a man & a woman). How can they have a baby?

  28. chacha says:

    Hi Hassan remember my name we have desegreement on the other subject too dont you have someone to ***************you seem desperatly need one , you need to loosen up, wake up and taste the p************it taste like heaven. are you a fag or what.seem that you against beauty and look down in women. isn’t your mother women too? if you so religious why don’t you try to to seek peace of mind like your god told you.

  29. ZITA FARIDA says:

    i love nadine.shes just too young from all the candidate s so its normal for her to be shicking in that kind competition,I might not good as the way shes look if put me in the same condition…. .m u i….. dont judge other people like u r the most agood one from the others. i saw there s so many people out there no religion but respeckting other people very well more than what Moslem people do.
    dont f*ck about….if u r Moslem just to be who u r with what u r believed .lets respeck other else ,triying to be good in front the religion that u believe withaut blame push or yell… yell…. the others.

    theres so many colours in this life. Nadine is apart of it

    (banyak lonte berjilbab,banyak terroris membunuh demi tuhan.banyakMoslem ngaku suci.tapi dalam perilaku nihil.kupikir lebih baik tak beragama tapi menjadi manusia yg baik.jujur tak menyakiti yg lain atau munafik hanya krn agama.jangan mengatas namakan agama atau forum Islam jika moral sendirI bejat.dan suka kritik yg baik lebih menghormati perbedaan dan menghargai org.

    love u nadine .keep going sweet heart!!!

  30. kimi says:

    oh c’mon man Indonesia prohibites their candidates to wear a skin showing swimsuit? that’s bulsh*t MF! its like u either cold or u hot that’s all that matter. u aint be selected miss universe if the judges wont be able to see your body! i mean how many others wears belly covering swinsuit?

    This is miss universe we’re talking about – beauty that’s all matters and i can tell you that many other candidates talks bulsh*t when they get interviewed. yeah damn rite they talked fluent english but in the eyes of many people and television who cares if they got IQ einstein like. damn Indonesia got to move on man… Nadine could have won this competition!!!! she only needs 1 semester of English lesson that’s all.

    dun ever give up nadine and make sure to try harder next year !!!

    and c’mon people of Muslim and Christian ….so what gitu lohh if we got different races??? that’s our beauty and people should start to respect that!
    if u want to know who the real Indonesian?? its dayak and the Arabs guys! majapahit is Hindu!!! they are the one who got to indo first before Chinese and malayans and couple of bules stepped in.
    and after the independce day we are one which means we are INDONESIAN! i dunno why the f..k people are still fighting over races damn man i pity them because they got no education!
    and i hate Walpres for inviting Arab people to come to indo to f..k?? damnn that’s discrimination man and he gotta to step down! he want to start a war against women of indo? f..k that sh*tt

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