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The Miss Universe contestant from Indonesia, Nadine Chandrawinata, has strutted about in a bikini, to the displeasure of some.

Nadine Chandra Winata, the reigning Miss Indonesia, who was born in Germany but has some Indonesian parentage, appeared in a bikini at a Miss Universe 2006 photo shoot for their annual calendar, despite the fact that she could have chosen to wear a one-piece swimsuit.

Nadine Chandrawinata
Nadine Chandrawinata.

Latifah Iskandar, a parliamentarian from the PAN party was one who let it be known that Indonesian girls should not engage in such activity:

I’m sad that there are still Indonesians like that, at this time wer’e concerned about the issue of pornography. It’s very inappropriate.

The Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI, also complained, and went even further, saying that Indonesia should not participate in the contest at all.

The MUI rejects (Miss Universe) primarily because it emphasises beauty and the body. This can be seen in the appearance of the contestants. Secondly, the MUI rejects the clothes they wear.

said one Amidhan of the MUI in Jakarta and he added that a new fatwa was not in the offing because a previous one condemning public indecency and pornography was already sufficient. He advised that a new contest should be set up:

Why not have a contest that doesn’t emphasise beauty but instead ability, intelligence, and spirit as human beings who are moral and religiously observant?

Nadine however was not alone in her choice of the two-piece outfit. Miss Malaysia, Melissa Ann Tan, a girl of Chinese descent, also sported one. Of the 86 finalists who appeared in the swimsuit session only three chose to cover their belly buttons – Misses Serbia, Turks & Caicos and Kazakstan.

Update July 21st

The womens’ wing of the Islamic Defenders Front, the Mujahidah FPI, have reported Nadine Chandrawinata to the police for indecency. FPI lawyer Adnan Assegaf, who accompanied Mujahidah Secretary Noni Supriyanti Budiani, gave the following explanation:

We have reported Nadine Chandrawinata as she has harassed Indonesian women by appearing in vulgar poses at the Miss Universe 2006 contest on behalf of Indonesia.

He added that Nadine’s participation in the event, which is being held in another country, the United States, was against Indonesian culture which, he claims, does not permit women to wear bikinis in public.

Besides Nadine, the FPI, who have been on a recent reporting-to-the-police-spree (see Krisdayanti & Playboy, Playboy the Third, Joanna Alexandra & Fla Priscilla, Andara Early), also reported some people connected with the Miss Indonesia contest and thought to be active supporters of Nadine, namely Mooryati Sudibyo, Wardiman Djojonegoro , Mega Angkasa , Kusuma Dewi and Artika Sari Devi, who the FPI says:

…have supported and financed the departure of Nadine. So they can be charged with engaging and participating in activities forbidden by the law.

The law in question is edict number 02/U/1984 which apparently forbids the holding of beauty contests where they conflict with the moral and religious standards of the people.

Noni Supryanti Budiani explained further:

We didn’t only report Nadine, it’s not fair if we just report her. Don’t allow Nadine to be used anymore.

About 100 Mujahidah loudly demonstrated outside the Jakarta police station where the complaint was filed.


Nadine says, to Antara, that she is unconcerned about the actions of the FPI back home in Indonesia.

It’s their right if they want to report me to the police. But one thing is for sure – my participation in the Miss Universe contest is to make Indonesia known in the international arena.

She says she is not at all depressed about the matter.

I don’t feel down at all after hearing about it. It just makes me want to advance to the next round even more.

Alas, however, Nadine did not make the cut for the next round of twenty contestants, the news of which caused the dismay and almost visible pain of many in Indonesia, a country where the Miss Universe competition is taken rather seriously indeed and where the performance of the nation’s representative is viewed as a not insignificant matter of national pride.

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134 Comments on “Nadine Chandrawinata”

  1. Andrew says:

    To hell with them and their comments, what do they expect – a Miss Universe contest in a burkha? LOL

  2. Rockstar says:

    i support this contest wholeheartedly!

  3. Aji says:

    nadine I am support your contes miss universe 2006,good luck NADINE

  4. Oskar Syahbana says:

    @Andrew: so you prefer a brainless beauty?

  5. arthur says:

    NADINE to the wolrd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oskar Syahbana says:

    @Molisan Tono: Which holy book? There are none in mine.

    @Gambit: Showing the world that Indonesian people can’t speak English? For god’s sake, she even use an interpreter for an interview. So much for brain, beauty and behaviour…. still this show is all about brainless beauty.

    @Andrew: I hate to admit it but nonetheless it’s true 😛

  7. hanin says:

    Well, I’m kinda waiting Miss Playboy contest 🙂

  8. Andrew says:

    Oskar: brainless or not, no burkha is better than w/ burkha 😀

  9. Molisan Tono says:

    yo oskar…
    pornography is about mind isn’t it? even holy book still contain nudity issue. why don’t you just ban those holy books you creep hypocrit?

  10. fozzan says:

    goooo!!! for it nadine, don’t thinking about the roumors and a gossip about u, just keep step forward. Corruption in Indonesia (gouvernment) is more the worst than just a bikini swimsuite (remember that). But don’t forget to keep reading and studying to up-date u’re brain nadine.

  11. Gambit says:

    You go girl. Show the world n to Indonesian people that you can do it. Don’t think about what people say, just do your best. hope that you will be the first Miss Universe from Indonesia.

  12. Oskar Syahbana says:

    @Hassan: very well said and yet very simple. I agree with you that Miss Universe is demeaning for women. Wonder why does people still wanted to be one.

    @Cokorda: I think English and Knowledge is two different subjects. English is used as the meaning of communication and knowledge is well… knowledge. Nadine lacks both as you can see from the interview video.

    She’s an embarassment for this country.

  13. Wisely says:

    Bravo Nadine, u deserve for it. Be number one and hold the world.

  14. Philly McFadden says:

    No doubt that she’s beautiful, but I agree with Oskar that she’s a brainless beauty. Why should Indonesia sent her to this International Event. It’s really embarassing! I believe there are more beautiful with high IQ girls in Indonesia that not a comparisson at all to Nadine.

  15. Hassan says:

    I can’t imagine why women would want to win a contest where they are sized like potatoes or something. beautiful maybe but potatoes none the less. and in nadine’s case, a potato with a pea sized brain. what a waste of God-given beauty.

    she’s an embarassment for Indonesia..

  16. Cokorda Raka Angga Jananuraga says:

    nadine is embarassment to Indonesia not because she posed herself in swimsuit, but because she didn’t speak english well enough.
    my god, nadine, why didn’t you prepare yourself better? you don’t have to know world politics, but you must speak english well in order to compete in such event. duh.

    and what the f! is wrong with mooryati sudibyo (answer: everything?), couldn’t she find a better representative for miss universe???

    anyway, I don’t take miss universe seriously (I don’t even watch tv).

  17. Ryan Crontshaw says:

    I support for Nadine.

    English is not the only language in the world (although it is the most widely used) and intelligence (or knowledge) cannot be judged only by having fluent in English. She can speak fluently in 2 different languages (Deutsche or German and Indonesian) and not so many people can do that. They’re also part of her intelligence. Therefore, Nadine may not be fluent in English but it doesn’t mean that she’s dumb. She has something and we have to appreciate that.

    I think Indonesian people should be more appreciative like our neighbore, Malaysia. They have similar cultures like ours, and they’re also majority Moslems, but they rarely complain about something like this. The reason is because they all realize that this event is educative and some Indonesians don’t realize that.

  18. Satir Kepelintir says:

    I heard FPI also complained about Nadine showing friendliness towards Miss Israel during the pre-pageant activities. She was accused of being insensitive to the Muslim community in Indonesia who disagree with Israel on the matter of their confrontation with the Palestinians.

    Such a shame really that FPI can’t see that Miss Israel has nothing to do with the war and that Miss Universe–as shallow and trite as it may sounds–is an advocate of world peace.

    I agree with Ryan about people having different kinds of intelligence. Similar to beauty, intelligence is also in the eye & mind of the beholder. However, it’s considered ironic how some people are complaining that YPI is not sending an intelligent. modern women who can speak English fluently while on the other side we have this radical Muslims who are trying to hinder the advancement Indonesian women in the name of religion.

    Seriously, she’s not even a Muslim!

  19. Ryan Crontshaw says:

    yay! go SATIR! go NADINE!

    FPI? you suck!!! hahahaha..

  20. Budi Hartono says:

    Nadine very very very beautiful

  21. DaVeEtO says:

    Go Nadine!!!!!!!
    Make Indonesia proud to you!!

  22. Rockstar says:

    lol most Indonesian peeps dont speak english, it doesnt take nadine for the world to know this well-known fact.


    you can’t blame nadine for using an interpreter / translator.. if you want to blame on something/someone.. blame it on our government who was too proud with their own language, they had banned other languages in the past. The result.. is people like me and nadine (and maybe you)


    even though you’ve prepared yourslef well enough, at the end it’s hard to make peace with your own fear and nervousness. we’re talking about a world scale event here.. not just a daily routine interview. But hey I was nervous during the job interview I had a few weeks ago.. trust me I prepared myself well enough.


    what can I say.. FPI (Fans of Porn Indonesia) is full of weird individuals.

  23. rahma says:

    guys…you’re so mean…
    what’s wrong about being brainless, dumbest,low IQ…. ??
    what’s wrong about being miss universe pageant ??
    What’s wronggggggggggg………….. ??

    You’re smart people sound very arrogant……
    You want all beautiful n sexy girls good at match, physic and chemistry…
    and halal competition is such as math olimpiade and its brothers….
    You guys too much formulae in your head and forgot about sense of humour…
    Nadine is a gem for us.. watching this event is entertaining albert eisntein if he ‘s still alive
    Go Nadine

  24. Hassan says:

    i completely disagree with Satir Kepelintir’s comment: “we have this radical Muslims who are trying to hinder the advancement Indonesian women in the name of religion”.

    See, to me sending a beautiful women with a low IQ to the pageant is not an advancement of Indonesian women. It’s disgracing the Indonesian education system (for turning up brainless women like nadine), and degrading Indonesian women (maybe YPI must ask via a survey or something how Indonesian women feel about this matter before competing in the pageant).

    Furthermore, advancement of women in Indonesia perhaps can be judged via parameters like: the involvement of women in politics, the number of educated women per capita, etc. but NOT, by the fact that the country is sending a pea brain gorgeous female to some stupid beauty pageant. Capiche?

  25. Rockstar says:

    is she really that bad?

  26. eddy says:

    Oskar, Hassan, Cokorda….

    Anyone who think that Nadine is just embarrasment to Indonesia should think twice. Corruption, manipulation, discrimination, HYPOCRISY are embarassment to Indonesia, yet ones who critizes Nadine – I believe – won’t even speak up about those issues. These people only critize and threaten other people without doing anything to make Indonesia better.

    I bet, when these people met the Indonesian corruptors and manipulators (anyone with power), they would kiss their ass. They step on powerless persons and kiss powerful persons’ butts. YOU ARE the embarassment.

    So Nadine, keep on going……

    It’s 2006, be free to follow your heart….

  27. Ryan Crontshaw says:

    Hey Hassan, do you know what IQ Nadine has?
    I wanna know if you really know the exact number of her IQ. ‘coz if you don’t, then you shouldn’t say that her IQ is low at all. Her IQ maybe greater than yours.

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge that she’s dumb just because she’s not fluent in English.

    Regarding that stupid bastard FPI (and their followers), they should know that Indonesia is not an Islamic country at all, although most of them are Moslems. She has 5 legitimate religions and many other beliefs. And they should know that they also have to appreciate other people and not judge everything by Islam law only.

    Catholics, Christians, Buddhisms, Hindusms, and many others also have rules and laws, but they never complain about anything right? It’s simply because they appreciate what other people think or do..

  28. Satir Kepelintir says:

    Quoting Hasan:
    Furthermore, advancement of women in Indonesia perhaps can be judged via parameters like: the involvement of women in politics, the number of educated women per capita, etc. but NOT, by the fact that the country is sending a pea brain gorgeous female to some stupid beauty pageant. Capiche?

    Now, I say that advancement of women as an individual can also be judge in terms of her career, her achievement and financial independence.
    First of all, Hasan, do you know how the “dumbest” of women are probably making more money than you could possibly earn in your entire working life? Just look at Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. They can be called an embarrassment to women everywhere but who can deny that they are very successful celebrities & businesswomen?

    Even though beauty pageant is just a modern spectacle, half of the world adore beauty queens and gorgeous women (it’s been proven scientifically and statistically that attractive people are more successful than the less attractive ones). How many winners of Miss Universe and Puteri Indonesia ended up being active in politics? I can tell you some: Irene Saez, Oxana Fedorova and even our own Angelina Sondakh. How many more of them ended up being successful as their own woman (from all walks of life, including the entertainment industry)? A LOT. So really, no matter how low or stupid you see these beauty queens for celebrating their beauty–just by taking part in the media spectacle there they are jump-starting their career. I think you could consider it progress.

    What about Nadine?
    I think the more controversial she becomes, the more she can gain from the pageant, the more fanatical her supporter will be, and the more famous she becomes. Some people will call that genius marketing–even when she did not plan it herself.

    Regarding whether she is an embarrassment to her country. You know, only the pageant fanatics who have nothing better to do will remember this small detail about Miss Indonesia not being able to speak English. We should not be bothered this kind of crowd, don’t you think? The rest of the world (who cares about beauty pageant) will forget her by the time the new Miss Universe is chosen (tomorrow). If Nadine gets the crown, wow–that’s hardly an embarrassment I think. Unless if you feel that being beautiful and having a pea-sized brain (I’m just quoting you here–personally I don’t agree with your harsh comment) is a sin. Both are given by God, am I right?

  29. N00N says:

    I don’t agree with the harsh comments made against her, she speaks Indonesian, English and German fluently…Saying one thing wrong in English, doesn’t mean she can’t speak it well, she could be nervous. It’s not like the foreigners always speak perfect grammars and vocabularies in their daily life, gosh, sometimes they can’t even spell properly! All I’m saying is that in real life, people do or say wrong things, it’s part of life…During the interview, it was more of a spontaneous answer, not rehearsed, and not memorised. Let’s just forgive and forget, it was not a big deal…I mean, how many Indonesians actually speak with correct grammars and vocabularies in their daily life?? or when you’re doing a speech in front of the class, wouldn’t you be nervous and wrong words would slip out of your mouth?? She was watched by everyone around the world…and it’s natural if she was nervous, do you think you can do better than her??

    And about her two piece swimsuit, she wasn’t the only one wearing a bikini, was she?? If she was the only one wearing a bikini and the others didn’t, probably we could say that it was an embarrassement, and plus, her bikinI wasn’t even revealing in any sort of ways…It was actually one of the most conservative bikini I’ve ever seen, I mean, have you ever seen the bikinis worn by Hollywood actresses??? Pornography is what you think in your head, if someone wear a bikini at a beach, would you call it pornography? My Pakistani friend told me that at her country, men stare at women even when the women were fully covered (with baggy kind of dress, veil, gloves) and all you could only see their eyes…this actually shows that the pornography is not what you see, but it’s how you interpret it in your head.

    Nobody is perfect and neither do we, why can’t we just forgive and forget, and just move along?? Talking bad about other people doesn’t gain you anything but shows your jealousy…


    God bless you!

  30. Rahma says:

    Hasan, do you expect all beautiful and sexy women like Marrie Curry ??

    Or in your point of view, the sexy , fashionable and gorgeous girls are brainless and I can smell from your tone, you’re such a person who anti- these things…

    this pageant is pointless…? I’d want to be one of them if Im born with great figure,beautiful long legs.. please stop this hypocrisy…
    It’s just entertainment…. business…. and some people like to watch it…

    YOU SAID :’ the idea of women being placed in the eyes of millions of lusty men sounds cheap and degrading to me’

    Maybe you’re such person who judge women like that….
    Pffhhh, eastern cultural values…. and moral…?? I dont agree with this culture..from the bottom of my heart as a woman.. i dont see fairness ..Im sick with this statement about woman and her clothes, ‘to raise a woman dignity’….. theres’ no connection at all between woman + bikini = bad moral…
    you say that porn coz cultural values in your mind ,if that so, you dont know how to respect women .. You just judge women from what they wear… not from their heart.. (to me thats very unfair and narrow…)

    And You think speak english would make you look more brilliant and high IQ person….
    It’s just language… it’s not fair you judge someone based on her english…
    brainless or brainy, high IQ or low IQ…why is this sooo important ??
    a mistake will not ruin someone’s life,ryte…
    ‘forgive and forget…’ its nothing to lose,isnt it….. and peace…

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