Beware Foreign Compradors

Jul 18th, 2006, in News, by

The work and activities of foreign non-government organisations (NGO’s), such as charities, in the country is arousing the fears of some.

Some Muslim leaders are describing those who work for foreign NGO’s as “compradors”. It appears that a comprador is

  • An intermediary; a go-between
  • A native-born agent in China and certain other Asian countries formerly employed by a foreign business to serve as a collaborator or intermediary in commercial transactions.

and according to the Care for Islamic Law Leaders Forum (Fortops), the Indonesian Mosques Council (DMI) and the Indonesian Hizbut Tahrir (HTI) there are many of them at work in Indonesia.

The presence of foreign NGO-related compradors on behalf of human rights and democracy will cause suffering to the people, and provoke and risk the country’s unity.

said DMI Secretary General Fathuri Zen. He added that the real guiding force of the foreign “compradors” were Western countries because they provided the funds to NGOs in Indonesia. The NGOs often drew public attention by raising universal issues facing the nation, because of their easy acceptance, but behind this facade lay a darker agenda.

Fathuri also warned that the NGOs tended to recruit Indonesian children and this led the kids to become agents and supporters of western thoughts and culture. By this method NGO’s plot to destroy Indonesia:

They (NGOs) believe this nation can destroyed by its own youngsters more easily than by weapons.

Muhammad Ichsan Salam of Hizbut Tahrir also said that the NGOs of foreign “compradors” should be carefully watched by the government and the people. He stressed the need for Muslim clerics to be at the forefront of the battle against foreign influence.

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