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Muslim political groups are taking a keen interest in events in Israel and Lebanon.

On Sunday the 16th of July thousands of activists from various Muslim political groups, such as Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS), Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN), Persatuan Umat Islam (PUI), and Hizbut Tahrir, marched in Jakarta, gathering around the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, to demonstrate against Israel’s attack on Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. Also in attendance was the leader of the FPI, Islamic Defenders Front, Ustad Jafar Sidik. The Palestinian cause has aroused similar outpourings of Islamic solidarity in recent months.

Rally for Palestine
Rally for Palestine.

While the supporters of the PKS were seen to be dominant in numbers terms, Patrialis Akbar, of the PAN, was one of the orators. He demanded that the government take a firm line against Israel, a country with which Indonesia has no diplomatic relations. Ahmad Heriawan, from the PKS, chimed in with:

In the name of the Indonesian nation, Muslim society is hurt by these disproportional acts.
(Atas nama bangsa Indonesia, masyarakat Muslim terluka melihat aksi yang tidak proporsional itu.)

The president of the PKS, Tifatul Sembiring, a regular attendee at events such as this, urged the Indonesian government to lobby the United States government to seek an end to the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, and called for an international boycott of American and Israeli goods.

During the demonstration organisers succeeded in raising about 600 million rupiah, about $65,000, to be handed over to the Komite Nasional untuk Rakyat Palestina (KNRP), the Commission for the Palestinian People. 130 PKS activists were delegated the responsibility of gathering the money.

It’s already a routine, every time there is a demonstration we collect funds for Palestine.
(Ini sudah agenda rutin, setiap kali menggelar unjuk rasa kami selalu menggalang dana untuk Palestina.)

said Caca Cahayaningrat of the KNRP. Not only Muslims but people of other faiths were expected to contribute.

We target not just Muslims but also those of other religions. Palestine is not just an issue for the Islamic community but it is a national issue.
(Target penggalangan dana tidak hanya dari umat Islam saja, tapi juga yang beragama lain. Palestina bukan persoalan umat Islam saja, tapi ini persoalan negara.)

The money collected from marchers was expected to be added to by businessmen and others over the next few days. A bank account opened by the KNRP has so far received 1.5 billion rupiah, about 160,000 dollars, said Caca.

Muhammadiyah contributed 50 million rupiah, about $5500, not to the fund, but directly to the Palestinian mission in Jakarta. The leader of Muhammadiyah, Prof Dr Din Syamsuddin, said:

This is not just about trampling on a nation’s sovereignty, it’s also a matter of human rights, breaking human rights agreements, breaking United Nations conventions, and other forms of terrorism.
(Ini bukan saja menginjak-injak kedaulatan negara, tetapi juga melanggar Hak Asasi Manusia (HAM), melanggar perikemanusiaan, melanggar konvensi-konvensi PBB, dan sebagai bentuk terorisme.)

said Din, who is usually silent on the matter of Arab breaches of human rights laws. He also implored the Muslim nations of the world to unite against Israel.

Antara says that tomorrow, July 18th, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is scheduled to meet with Arab ambassadors to discuss the “brutal attacks”. Another report states that it is expected, by some, that officials from the United States embassy will engage in dialogue with Muslim leaders in Indonesia over the Israeli issue. Intelligence observer Wawan Purwanto said:

The US embassy should actively compose Indonesian Muslim`s mass organizations by holding constructive dialogs with their leaders, as well as central figures of Defence Ministry, Indonesian Defence Forces (TNI) and National Police chief.

in order to calm the feelings of Muslims in the country, who he said were easily moved to offence over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He made dire warnings in the event that his advice were not followed:

Therefore, religious elements and the US embassy should be jointly active in taking preventive measures because if they failed to do so, a chaotic situation and religious sentiment in Indonesia would be inevitable.

Meanwhile the Kontras, the Komisi Untuk Orang Hilang dan Korban Tindak Kekerasan, a human rights body, has also condemned the Israeli attacks. Usman Hamid, from Kontras, urged Indonesia to lobby the United Nations to take action against Israel.


Someone who passes for an academic, Hariyadi Wirawan, an international relations expert at the University of Indonesia, says that Israel has a grand strategy to invade and occupy Syria and Iran.

Starting from Palestinian problem, Israel’s agenda now is to enter Syria and Iran. Releasing her kidnapped soldiers is important, but her actual agenda has been clearly uncovered as civilians have become victims.

Another analyst, Smith Alhadar from the Jakarta-based Indonesian Society for Middle East Studies, says that the attack on Lebanon is a diversionary measure that enables Israel to obscure the fact that Hamas has “implicitly” recognised the Jewish state. Hamas, he says, recognises Israel implicitly because it has agreed to abide by agreements with Israel that had been signed by Fatah, previously.

Meanwhile a succession of government figures ploughed into the issue, with varying levels of credibility. Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Hassan Wirajuda said:

We renew our call on the U.N. Security Council which is responsible for restoring international peace and security, to take concrete measures to stop Israeli air and sea strikes.

without apparently making a similar call for Hizbullah to cease its own attacks. His boss, president Yudhoyono, called for a ceasefire, after having met with a gaggle of Arab ambassadors to Indonesia.

A ceasefire should be declared immediately.

he said boldly and added that a UN peace-keeping force should be assembled for duties in the conflict areas in the Middle East. The meeting was attended by a motley bunch of representatives of despots and desperados, that is, by the ambassadors of Morocco, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, Palestine and Iran, and the charges d’affaires of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The president also offered the services of an Indonesian military battalion to take part in any UN-sponsored peace-keeping force. And made monetary offers:

Indonesia is ready to provide one million US dollars as humanitarian aid for the victims of the conflict in the Middle East.

Yudhoyono also said that in the coming days he would name a special envoy to convey Indonesia’s position to the international community.

Never one to be left out, vice president Jusuf Kalla also chimed in with his two cents on the thorny middle eastern issue. Indonesia, which has no formal relations with Israel, could be a mediator between the disputing parties, he said. This offer was conveyed to the public by Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) deputy chairman Din Syamsuddin who claimed that Kalla had said something along those lines in a meeting with MUI leaders. Din said that the vice president had concretely proposed that Indonesia act as mediator provided Israel and Palestine really wanted to make peace with each other.

In related news the head of the ASEAN Muslim Youth Secretary (AMSEC), Suaib Didu, said in Jakarta today that 72 Indonesian citizens had already signed up for the “Pasukan Bom Jihad Palestina”, the Palestinian Jihad Bomb Squad. These 72 men join 57 Phillipinos, 36 Malaysians, 43 Thais, 5 Bruneians, 1 Singaporean, and 3 Bangladeshis, all aged between 30-45.

22 of the total, including 7 of the Indonesian contigent, have experience in Afghanistan and Palestine, and these men would form the leadership of the Squad. Suaib Didu claims that three of his men are not Muslims, but men who believe they are fighting for a humanitarian cause, and, Suaib Didu added, Jerusalem is a holy city not just for Muslims.

The Squad is meant to go into action by attacking the vital interests of Israel or of nations that are allied with it. They would not directly go to the middle east however, but would be sent to a number of different countries to carry out their works. Indonesia, he hastened to add, was safe from their attacks:

But I asked them not to operate in Indonesia because the situation in Indonesia is now a sad one, what with all the natural disasters that have happened. They promised they would not operate in Indonesia.
(Namun saya meminta mereka agar tidak beroperasi di Indonesia karena keadaan Indonesia sendiri kini sudah menderita dengan adanya sejumlah bencana yang terjadi. Mereka berjanji tidak akan beroperasi di Indonesia.)

Other countries, however, those which aid Israel in its war, will not be so safe:

They intend to attack anyone connected with Israel or Israelis.
(Awalnya mereka berniat menyerang siapa saja asal terkait Israel atau orang Israel.)

Update 21st July

About 2000 people in Ambon, Maluku, today demonstrated against Israel. Mainly comprised of university students the protestors came from various groups such as: Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam (HMI), Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah (IMM), Ikatan Remaja Muhammadiyah (IRM), KAMMI, Pelajar Islam Indonesia (PII), Angkatan Muda Ka’bah, dan Lembaga Dakwah Kampus.

Speeches were given, songs were sung, prayers were said, Palestinian flags were waved, and Israeli flags were burned. Some participants in the rally carried with them fake guns, rocket launchers, and bombs, and these people tended to have their faces painted in the martial “ninja” style.

Local Muslim residents were reported to have responded enthusiastically to the procession, despite the traffic chaos it caused, and many people provided drinks and food to the marchers. The reaction of Christian residents is not reported. Tomorrow, 22nd July, there is planned another pro-Palestinian rally in Ambon city, this time held under the auspices of Islamic political parties such as Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS), Partai Bulan Bintang (PBB), and Partai Persatuan Pembangunan (PPP).

Meanwhile the Indonesian military (TNI) is reported to be preparing troops, consisting of one marine batallion, three infantry companies and one marine company, to be sent to Lebanon, for an as yet uncertain peace-keeping operation. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono apparently ordered TNI commander Marshal Djoko Suyanto to prepare the troops for the possibility that Indonesia would be called upon for duties in the area.

Agung Laksono, the House speaker, today condemned Israel. He said that the parliament urged the Indonesian government to take a proactive stance and to intensify its diplomacy to prevent an open war in the Middle East region.

Also in Jakarta a gathering was held, with the title “Indonesian Muslims are United to Oppose Zionist Israel and Its Allies”, by various radical Islamic groups among whom can be counted the Indonesian Mujahidin Council (MMI) whose leader, Fauzan Al Anshori said that the event was intended to unite all Indonesian Muslims in their support of Palestinian Muslims by sending funds, food, medicine and even weapons and mujahidin, to fight against Israeli armies. The government was requested to assist in the departure of Indonesian mujahidin for the Middle East to help the Palestinians in their struggle against Israel.

On this topic however the Foreign Affairs Ministry said today that it had no knowledge of any Indonesian national having left for Palestine or Lebanon as volunteer. A ministry spokesman, Desra Percaya, said he understood why Indonesians might want to go to Palestine and Lebanon to fight but that it would be better for them to help in purely humanitarian ways.

Update 27th July

Hundreds of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) cadres from Kediri in East Java are ready to leave for Lebanon to help Hizbullah troops in their struggle against Israel, says Antara. Local party spokesman M. Tsalis said that the volunteers would be sent to help distribute financial and logistical assistance to the Lebanese people. The men were ready to leave for Lebabon at any time while waiting for the go-ahead from the party’s central executive board.

Islamic intellectual Azyumardi Azra says any sending of jihadist forces to Lebanon from Indonesia would only disturb the people there. Speaking at the Al Azhar Indonesia on Tuesday 25th July he said the idea of sending fighters to Lebanon should just be forgotten as it would not help the situation.

If you want to struggle/jihad it’s better you do it by collecting food, blood, and aid to send there. That would be more useful than gathering a force to send there. It wouldn’t help, it would just trouble the people there.
(Kalau mau berjihad, lebih baik berjihad dalam bentuk mengumpulkan bahan makanan, darah dan dana untuk dikirim ke sana. Itu lebih bermanfaat daripada mengerahkan orang-orang ke sana. Bukan membantu, tapi malah akan menyusahkan warga di sana.)

Azyumardi Azra however said the intention of the government to send troops for a peace-keeping mission was a good one. He added that the United Nations was not able to organise such a force at present and so it should be done via the agency of the Organisasi Konferensi Islam (OKI), the Islamic Conference, or the Gerakan Non Blok (GNB), the non-aligned movement.

On this matter Defence Minister Juwono Sudarsono said one battalion of the Indonesian armed forces, the TNI, was ready to be sent to southern Lebanon. But it would only go if Indonesia were asked by the United Nations to assist.

A force has been prepared consisting of three companies from the Strategic Reserve and one company from the Marines, totalling 594 men.
(Pasukan yang disiapkan 1 batalyon, terdiri dari 3 kompi pasukan dari Kostrad dan 1 kompi pasukan Marinir. Jumlahnya 594 orang.)

This is despite the fact that no mention has been made of Indonesia in any discussions about sending a peace-keeping force to Lebanon, internationally. Indonesia is nevertheless eager to participate even though, what’s more, it has no diplomatic relations with one party to the dispute, Israel.

The Ulema Council, the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), has been vocal in its urging of the Indonesian government to take some sort of action. Chalid Mawardi of the MUI condemned the “brutal” attacks by Israel, its bombing of civilians in Lebanon and Palestine and its destruction of public infrastructure in Lebanon. He implored the government to take any diplomatic measures necessary to help prevent any Israeli attack on Syria and Iran.

Din Syamsudin, the chairman of the MUI and also the leader of Muhammadiyah advised the use of “high diplomacy” to prod the Muslim nations of the world to unite against Israel.

If the conflict were not resolved, Din said, a rise in Islamic radicalism could be expected from those with little patience. One form of Islamic radicalism common in Indonesia, and especially in the city of Makasssar in South Sulawesi, is “sweeping“. Yesterday about fifty university students grouped in the Makasssar Muslim Student Association (HMI) mounted a sweeping operation against American and Israeli nationals in a number of hotels in protest against the Israeli attacks on Palestine and Lebanon, says Antara.

The students from several Islamic universities in Makassar descended upon star-rated hotels such as the Sahid and the Imperial Arya Duta to look for any US and Israeli citizens that might be staying there. Tension occurred when police personnel tried to stop the students from entering the Sahid Jaya Hotel, which is owned by the family of vice president Jusuf Kalla. Students and police officers scuffled for five minutes until some student representatives were finally received by a hotel manager, one Hasrianto. Hasrianto appeased the protesters by promising that the hotel would not accept guests from the US and Israel in a gesture of solidarity for the Palestinian and Lebanese people.

Meanwhile it appears that one Indonesian citizen has been killed in Lebanon. Siti Maemunah, a housemaid for a Kuwaiti family holidaying in Lebanon and who hails from Sukabumi in West Java, was killed in an Israeli missile strike.

25 Comments on “Israel & Lebanon”

  1. Rockstar says:

    This is why Indonesia will never move forward. Always going backward, as if they love doing that.

    Why do we always have to be involved in other’s business? It’s not like this country is problem-free. Why not saving your money and sending it to your own brothers and sisters who are suffering because of the Tsunami?

  2. Andrew says:

    Let the jihadist (or whatever they want to call it) go; soon we have fewer dumb asses on the face of the earth.

    Please remind mr. devil in hell to stock up on virgins!

  3. R. Patterson says:

    I noticed that there have not been any demonstrations of Moslem atrocities anywhere anytime. Doesn’t any and every nation have a right to defend it’s territory and citizens? Notice where most of this world’s attrocities are occurring and just who is committing these barbaric uncivilised acts of murder and mayhem..

  4. Hassan says:

    yeah, now I’m convinced that R. Patterson, or R. Patterstein (really dude!) is a hard liner Jew. yeah i noticed:

    1. killing thousands of civilians in Afghanistan trying to find a man named OBL, culprit: USA.

    2. killing hundreds of civilians in Palestine trying to rescue a private, culprit: Israel.

    3. killing hundreds of civilians in Lebanon trying to rescue 2 soldiers, culprit: Israel.

    4. invading a country under false pretences, creating a lawless society in Iraq, resulting major uprise in violence that had killed tens of thousands in Iraq, culprit : USA.

    5. destroying WTC as a reason to invade Afghanistan and blamed others instead, culprit: Mossad.

    c’mon we’re not stupid! your Jewish dominated media can spin the facts all they want but we won’t buy it, we can see through it.

    Israel had a right to defend itself and Lebanon plus Palestine don’t?
    bush said those classic line: Israel had the right to blah blah.. and if a known chain liar like bush started uttering rubbish we know it’s a lie and bs.

    yes, the world is watching and we know.

  5. R. Patterson says:

    Hassan: I do not really care what or who you think I am.
    The following cowardly attacks were not made by Methodists, Catholics, Buddhists, or even Baptists. This is not a full list but as Hassan likes lists please read the following acts of uncivilised savage barbarism by craven Moslem terrorists.
    Iran Embassy hostages 1979
    Beirut, Lebanon Embassy 1983
    Beirut, Lebanon Marine barracks 1983
    Lockerbie, Scotland Pan-Am flight to New York 1988
    First New York World Trade Centre attack 1993
    Dharan, Saudi Arabia Khobar Towers military complex 1996
    Nairobi, Kenya US Embassy 1998
    Dares Salaam, Tanzania US Embassy 1998
    Aden, Yemen USS Cole 2000
    New York World Trade Centre & Pentagon 2001
    Then London, Spain, India etc,etc.
    All committed by the followers of Islam – the religion of peace?

  6. Ryan Crontshaw says:

    hey don’t forget the Bali bombings.. our own Indonesian Moslems bombed our own beautiful island.. twice.. geezz.. how pathetic??!!

    and then after they know that those Islamic terrorists did it, they’re all like pretend that those terrorists are not part of them.. they’re like.. “oh no no no, they don’t represent Islam at all..” and we’re like “ya ya ya.. another B*LLSH*T coming..”

  7. Hassan says:

    Patterstein, yet all those attacks were aimed at western interests, the interests of countries that were directly or indirectly were meddling with and oppressing the Muslim world. you can’t expect to mess with other people and not get any response from them, for every ACTION there’s an opposite equal REACTION.
    Note that the actions triggered the reactions.

    Iran Embassy hostages 1979 – Americans were supporting the Shah and were trying to stop the Iranian Revolution.
    Lockerbie, Scotland Pan-Am flight to New York 1988 – Thank you for keeping us under embargo for so long and leaving the people leave under poverty, said the hijackers.
    First New York World Trade Centre attack 1993 – As a protest for American capitalism that had dominated the world, enriching the capitalists and sending millions to live in poverty.
    Nairobi, Kenya US Embassy 1998 – For America’s double standards in dealing with the Palestine issue.
    Dares Salaam, Tanzania US Embassy 1998 – same as above.
    Aden, Yemen USS Cole 2000 – same as above.
    ew York World Trade Centre & Pentagon 2001 – Let me ask you, who received the most benefit from this? The US had took control of a vast number of oil resources in Afghanistan and Iraq after it happened. and experts had argued that plane crashes couldn’t have caused the towers to implode the way it had, only perfectly placed detonations could.
    London and Spain – for participating in the Iraq war
    India were political in nature. India and Pakistan had been on each other’s throat for a long time.

    Now, in no way i condone these acts in any way, i were just pointing out that behind these REACTIONS there were ACTIONS taken by the West to mess with the Islamic World. Plus, the REACTIONS were not random ones, i.e. there were no Swiss embassy bombed or anything because Switzerland were not voilent towards the Muslim World.

    Let me remind you that the western Christians were responsible for more than 80% of violence in this world in the last century. Starting from the Catholic inquisition, the witch hunts, the crusades, the hundred year war between britain and the french, the imperalism era, the two world wars, korean and vietnam wars.
    All commited by followers of Christianity – the religion of peace??
    Now dude, you must stop blaming the religion for the acts of the followers.

    Ryan Crotchshow, the culprit of the Bali bombings were extremists who took a wrong approach to the meaning of jihad. should the vast majority be responsible for the acts of the so few, while the majority had no knowledge of the acts nor do we condone it?? trust me, all the B*LLSH*Ts were coming from the white house.

  8. Rockstar says:

    hmm well I think I agree with you to some extent. Religion has to be seperated from politics. Christianity should be a personal intimate relationship between one and Christ, and the same goes to other religions.

    However I think you should also take a look at the events that had happened in our own soil. Like churches were burnt and all that kind of stuff. I’m not saying that this is the act of Moslems. NO, they are the extremists, unfortunately enough they act in the name of religion. BUT this is happening in our own country. Discrimination against Chinese and Christians are two things that really concern minors like me.

    I don’t like to get involved in others business. Let alone Israel and Lebanon, I seriously don’t care. We already have enough problems in our own soil. Enough to make me worry about the safety of my family who still lives there. As long as our gov can’t take a drastic measure against these extremists, I will always be worried.

  9. Ryan Crontshaw says:

    Quote: “the culprit of the Bali bombings were extremists who took a wrong approach to the meaning of jihad. should the vast majority be responsible for the acts of the so few, while the majority had no knowledge of the acts nor do we condone it?? trust me, all the B*LLSH*Ts were coming from the white house.”

    see this everybody?

    another B*LLSH*T…

    haiyah.. they just never learn..

  10. R. Patterson says:

    Hassan: You are a sad sick person, of “course you don’t condone?” these acts of uncivilised barbarism – of course?
    We have Moslems marching in Australia re the Israeli actions in Lebanon and Gaza – their right of course. But strange I did not see any “moderate?” Moslems marching against the cowardly butchery of innocent, unarmed, unaware Israeli-British-American-Indian-Australian- Spanish- French – etc men, women, children and babies NOT ONE. Sorry sport you “moderate?” Moslems are as bad or even worse than the bloodthirsty insane psychopaths of the religion of peace. Now please crawl back under your rock.
    By the way we do not have to oppress the poor bloody Moslems. Their leaders? are doing a fine job.

  11. salam says:

    Dear Friends,
    Can we forget about religion for a moment. Let us look to the issue politically. Jews had been subjected to sufferings on the hands of Europeans and had been compensated by a state (colony) on the cost of another non European people. So Israel came to be and the Palestinians made to pay and still paying. Is there a case here which deserves sympathy.

    Palestinians are enjoying this sympathy from so many peace loving peoples in the world including from Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas and even from many decent Israelis. People with historical experiences of living under occupation like the Indonesians can understand the plight of the Palestinian people for freedom and Independence more than others like Mr. Patterson, I sincerely feel sorry for him but I hope that he will try to find the rational human inside his mind and heart.

    May God bless him whatever his opinion.

  12. Hassan says:

    Well, there weren’t any single rally or protests by westerners when two third of the world population were under western imperialism, that lasted several centuries. westerners were not saints. and yes, I had heard several “not in our name” protests by Muslims in britain and some other countries. surprise, surprise, your Jewish dominated media didn’t mention any.

    Sorry Crotchshow, I don’t speak Chinese. I really don’t get your point. i doubt if anyone did.

  13. Rockstar says:

    hehe it’s funny when people start to say about how injustice this and that but forgot about how bad they’ve treated their own brothers 🙂

  14. Allah says:

    I command for this 2 countries to be just simply wiped out of this world. Both are filled with idiots anyway.

  15. Hassan says:

    tsk, tsk, if those supposed “God chosen people” continues to behave like murderous nazis then I’m glad I’m not chosen. I don’t think God blesses murderous nazis Abdullah Muhammad, He loves all humanity, we are His unique creation.

    the guy who wrote the above comment (above mine) is an idiot, impostering The Ruler of the Universe is a sin.

  16. salam says:

    Claiming God to be on one’s side is a foolish argument which had been casually used by racists and lunatics through history, let us talk about values of equality, justice and other human values. May be this approach is difficult or impossible for Rockstar and the likes; so it is a waste of time to engage them with any rational discussion.

  17. Rockstar says:

    “Claiming God to be on one’s side is a foolish argument which had been casually used by racists and lunatics through history”
    “May be this approach is difficult or impossible for Rockstar and the likes ; so it is a waste of time to engage them with any rational discussion”

    Salam, I’m so deeply curious and please tell me where in my post did I claim whatever you said in your post?

    but again since you’ve mentioned it.. I do believe that God IS always on my side and you should have the same faith too in your God. I don’t think this is wrong Salam. Tell me how can that be so foolish?

    Accusing me lunatic just because one did not read my post carefully nor did not know what I was talking about.. is very insulting.

  18. Hassan says:

    chill bro’s, I think that salam was referring to Abdullah Muhammad’s comment “ISRAEL IS GOD CHOSEN PEOPLE!!!!!”. he got it wrong. it’s just a simple misunderstanding.

  19. Rockstar says:

    hehehhe I’m chill 🙂

  20. salam says:

    Dear Friends

    I have to apologize for Rockstar for the mistake and misunderstanding that I had just realized as he was quoting from some body else contribution… The point I was trying to make is a bout the Almighty God who is fair, Justice and merciful to all humans, God who does not encourage aggression, who had promised us all equal treatment… This is my God that I am proud to worship and to him alone I surrender… but those who justify their bad intentions , aggression and selfish agenda under the banner of being promised or chosen by God are the ones I have no intention to discuss or debate ..

    Please be kind to accept this clarification…

  21. Rockstar says:

    no worries salam 🙂

    I do agree with you.. I keep telling to my friends that religion can’t be mixed with politics.. it’s your personal relationship with God.

  22. salam says:

    The Israeli full scale offensive against Lebanon continues for the forth week ,while the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian civilian population never stoped .. despite all calls from the Arab Leauge, the OIC , the NAM , European Union and almost every other country for an immediate cease-fire ;the Security Council of the UN had been un able to adopt a resolution for a cease-fire .. How &Why Israel can be allowed (by the US) to continue this flagrent violation of the International Law .. What should be done to protect the Lebanease & Palestinian people from this ongoing Israel aggression ?!!!

  23. TOAR says:

    The Jew’s should know better, let us go back in 1920, when the Jew’s were treated as second class citizens in Europe (Germany) they migrate to Palestine and with all their expertise, and their high education in Europe as trader they con the ordinary Palestinian’s on selling their land, then instead of working together with the Palestinian’s they take over the land and they tread the Palestinian’s as second class citizen and discriminate them on their own land. Then they create a government without inviting the Palestinian’s and ignoring the Palestinian’s people and not only that, the Jew’s tread the Palestinian’s like dirt. I like to know who are the terrorist here, the Jew’s or the Palestinian’s?

  24. profesional teacher says:

    i suggest for Indonesian people to be ‘mature’ and think more globally. don’t simply see anything from religion view. it is too stupid!! religional matter is pesonal business with the God. i see that most of Indonesian has become more radical; judge and view anything in the world based on one word “Islam” come on…… the world is not as wide as a piece of note!!!!

  25. Hassan says:

    no it isn’t, religional matter is not just a personal business with God. that’s why Christians and Muslims thinks differently. it is not just a personal relationship with God in Islam.

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