Contractual Romance in Puncak

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Rich Arab men seeking quickie “marriages”, and then quickie divorces, in the resort town of Puncak, near Jakarta, may no longer be welcome.

Vice president Jusuf Kalla famously that Puncak, in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, should be promoted as a destination for Arab men seeking the company of young women willing, for a fee, to marry the men, and then divorce, in a certain Islamic fashion, once the men were ready to return home:

The marketing [of tourism to Indonesia] needs a better campaign based on the visitor’s appetite and position. If there are a lot of Middle East tourists traveling to Puncak to seek widows and divorcees, I think that it’s okay.

He said such Arab visitors, and their amorous liasons, would bring numerous benefits to the women and any resultant children, as well as the country’s entertainment community, long dominated by attractive persons of mixed race.

If the women get modest homes even if the tourists later leave them, then it’s okay. The children resulting from these relationships will have good genes. There will be more television actors and actresses from these pretty boys and girls.

said Kalla, a man small of stature but big of mouth.

The proposition that Indonesian women should be encouraged to, more or less, prostitute themselves Kalla later vigorously denied having made:

I never said that Indonesian women should be used as a tourist drawcard. I was shocked at the report in the Jakarta Post, I knew there would be a reaction.

But, he also offered a little defence of what he had apparently said:

Don’t let it just be westerners who marry our women, why can’t Arabs marry Indonesian girls.

The practice of short term marrying in Puncak is an established one. Apparently women who engage in such activity expect to be paid between 5 and 10 million rupiah a month, half for themselves and half for their pimps.

In terms of the marriage law however the practice is illegal, as five Saudi Arabian tourists have just found out. Five men with very long names were yesterday deported from Indonesia after having been caught in the company of young women in Puncak. One of the men, Faleh bin Nghaimesh bin Mahana Al Harbi, is a policemen in Medinah, it is said. The women were also arrested but one of them was released after the police found no proof she had been involved in such a marriage.

By marrying local women on contract basis, they have disrupted public order and have no respect for the laws in the country.

said one Suharyanto of the Bogor Immigration Office. They were deported because they had breached Law no 1/1974 on marriage and Law No.9 /1992 on immigration, he said. Suharyanto vowed to keep up the pressure on lustful foreigners:

Twice a day, or if necessary three times a day, we will launch such raids, specially at villas in Puncak and environs, some 30 kilometers south of here, as well as at the houses where expatriates are staying.

42 Comments on “Contractual Romance in Puncak”

  1. Bradlymail says:

    Legally ‘halal’ for sex favour created by Islam.

  2. Andrew says:

    Great, I’m proud to have him as my mr vice president, he’s brilliant!

  3. Cokorda Raka Angga Jananuraga says:

    Isn’t he “el chaparito feo maldito y corrupto” that said Indonesia is already out of (economic) crisis?

  4. catuy says:

    Crazy vice president

  5. Indcoup says:

    I saw on the news last night that 9 Arab men had been arrested for “marrying” the girls.

    It seems the authorities are not listening to what YK is saying!!!

  6. Oskar Syahbana says:

    Bradlymail: And on what facts are you based that on? Do you find any reference to contractual marriage in Koran? If you can’t find the facts right, you better shut your mouth up. Geez, so much hostility towards Islam on this site.

    Well anyway, yeah, a “great” vice president we have here. 😉

  7. TOAR says:

    Get rid of the Arab’s deport them all, I never get a smile if I go to these Arab’s shops.
    The Chinese, whether we hate them or not, at least they give you a smile when you go to their shops.

  8. Bradlymail says:

    Whatever Arabs did is ‘all halal’, they can drink alcohol, womanize, and all type of sins, they can become criminals, for them for Allah’s sake! Allah will curse them forever.

  9. Miss Indo 07 says:

    Kalla, a man small of stature but big of mouth

    I only can say I agree.

  10. Hassan says:

    Bradlymail, your ignorance is appalling. Contractual marriages were only followed by shiah Muslim, mostly from Iran. Indonesia and most of the Arab world is on the contrary, sunni Muslims. So the difference is like Catholics and Protestants, in your religion. What you just did is like blaming the Catholics for what the Protestants did, which are two different things.

    I praise you for your righteousness and free-of-sin behaviour, or it seems.

    MISS INDO 07, a small man with small stature, but maybe underneath that he had a big…mouth, hehe!

  11. Bradlymail says:

    To Mr. Hassan, maybe you misunderstood me, sorry for everything. Maybe we can follow their (Arab) religion but we cannot follow their behavior. When they visit to Indonesia, they are thinking about sex only! They try to make ‘halal’ everything in sex, whether it’s sin or not, for them, they can do it. For me there is no ‘contractual marriage’ or ‘short marriage’. I watched tv and most of the Arab been caught at Puncak were from Saudi – that means they are sunni. For me in Islam there is no sunni or sh*te – it were created by people.

  12. Hassan says:

    Actually it was created by the enemy of Islam. A divide and conquer approach, like what we can see in Iraq.

  13. Andrew says:

    And are you telling me that the divide-and-conquer approach worked?

  14. Bradlymail says:

    Thanks Mr Hassan for replying to my comments. My question is ‘what you meant it was created by the enemy of Islam”? For me, I won’t blame others. As a ‘real’ Muslim (Arab) they must show us very good examples to another Muslim from all over the world. So how can I become a very good Muslim?

  15. Hassan says:

    Bradlymail: by following the Quran and hadith, and not by simply following what the Arabs or other people do (taqlid). Bu the way the Arabs are not ‘real Muslims’, they were just the ethnic group through which the Quran were passed by Allah SWT to humanity. Real Muslims are judged by their behaviour, not by their ethnicity.

    What I meant by it was created by the enemy of Islam was that it was the strategy of our enemies the keep us divided, to make us feel that sunni Muslim and shiite Muslim are different, we shouldn’t help each other. They want us to hit on each other instead of uniting to fight our enemies. Iraq is a good example of that strategy, Iraq is now in a verge of a civil war, when what they should do was to unite and oust the Americans out of their country.

    Peter: divide and conquer always worked to a certain level, until the victim realize that they should unite. The Americans were the victim of the divide and conquer politics of their british rulers until they unite.

  16. Ram says:

    A marrige is amalgamation of two hearts, mind and body. A divorce is seperation of two hearts, minds and body.
    Where from time span jumps into it?
    Does any one have idea?

  17. mr.right says:

    salam. It is not just about Arabs. All tourists that visiting your country to have sex with girls. You can say every about Arabs, but what about your self? Why you aren’t the man to keep your girls away from visitors. Why the girl in your country are so stupid and cheap? Yes all visitors looking for young girl to have sex with, but what about you Indonesians? You are also looking for the money. If you didn’t loved Arabs money, they couldn’t have sex in your country.

  18. Chas Caldwell says:

    “Actually it was created by the enemy of Islam. A divide and conquer approach, like what we can see in Iraq”

    Looks like CIA is to be blamed for this. Dammit it’s not enough for them to ruin Iraq but Indonesia? OMG. This is terrible. Maybe MOSSAD is involved as well. Must let FPI into this little secret.

  19. Tuan says:

    Actually there is contractual marriage in the Sunni branch (actually wahabis) but this seems more of a modern innovation. Its called misyar and does not offer a lot of rights to a women compared to the shias’ mutah.

  20. malik 80 says:

    actualy arabs are thinking that they can do everything bcz they own a lot of money and that is what why they are so rude and stupid their behaviour is like they are the boss of everyone and everything is what they desire is their property.
    May Allah GUIDE them

  21. Mr.wrong says:

    Salam to all muslims.
    I think,a lot of you are angry on Arabs. it isn’t only Arabs ,that useing indonesia for sex. 99% of Arabs that visiting your country are Wahabee group. they are not sunni or shiia. they are from saudi. what about the girl from indonesia,that work in UAE, saudi, Qater. they are also useing them for sex there.but you don’t know that. they rich arabs used UK and france for sex before indonesia.
    the arab mujahedeen in Afghanistan also use Afghan girl just for sex.
    but why you from indonesia and thailand don’t say no to them. isn’t that good to be poor and proude???
    I know,that people from Turky, saudi,pakistan,UAE, USA and Europe visiting your countries just for sex. but you are happy for call them mester and boss.
    this year I was in bandung for 3hours. I visited a Toilet,there was a girl inside.I com out and asked a person out side about that.he said she is prostitue. ohhh my god. A prostitute in islamic country?????
    I hope,that you change your self first, then you can stop the other. I have to say the truth.I didn’t see a real man in your country. the women had all the power in indonesia.the man was nothing in my eyes.
    hope you becom more man,then you can stop arabs,turks and American

  22. malik 80 says:

    regarding the coments of Mr Wrong yes they should correct themselfs first and its true that the power is in the womens hand in indonesia they should think about that and also should try to solve the problem and that is 100% correct that its better to be poor and proud then being a prostituts.

  23. Mr.wrong says:

    salam mr. malik80. I think you know the indonesian women better then me,maybe you lived there. you know me,if you had lived in Surabaya. I knew a sudent by the name of malik(American soldier.

  24. Polson says:

    Sex tourism under the guise of religion, how disgusting. At least when the Korean , Singaporean and Chinese men come looking for brides they intend keep them as married respectable women on their own countries soil due to a shortage of marriageable women in their own countries. This is acceptable honorable behaviour whereas using the women for short term sex is not.

    The gentleman who suggested that the poor children of these prostitute liasons would find work as film stars should be ashamed of himself for such an ignorant comment. The children of prostitutes generally end up as prostitutes themselves.

    The Arabs it would seem, are using the insincere marriage laws of Islam to disguise their perverted sexual frustration and hypocrisy to use these poor Indonesian women as cheap short time prostitutes. Shame on Indonesia for allowing this degrading behaviour by the Arab slave masters.

    Shame on Indonesians who worship the Arab scum who exploit their sons and daughters, are not Indonesians a unique wonderful and independent people?

    Yes and it’s well known that the Arab sex tourists are more interested in little boys. Mass numbers of these sick Arabs in the male prostitution bars of Bangkok is evidence of this perverted preference. I can’t believe that any moral Mohammedan would bless such horrid arrangements which degrade women and show how poorly developed the Indonesian society is that allows such moral poverty.

    Mr. Canada

  25. Dragonwall says:

    Before JK start saying that, it has been a practice ever since. I am quite sure he was one of those before he became a VP is of no surprise.

    My question is that why are those arabs not doing this performance in their country and have to come this far to do that. I am puzzle whether if they were short of donkeys or camels.

  26. Mr. Right says:

    All this prostitution isn’t allowed in the Islam. You can find bad people in all countries and members of every religion. That don’t mean, that Islam allow all that.
    Mr. Polson from Canada: I am sure you are christian and you call your self A christian too as all your country men do. I am living in very open christian country(denmark). the women in my country will have about 100 diffrent boyfriends in their life time. only 100. Mr. Polson do you call this the right way of christian life? do you call them good christian when your christians brother share their wife with other men?
    don’t jamp to religion or prophet Mohammad or Jesus. the thing is wrong with people living in this world(I mean non believer).
    if you visit Thailand a lot of older men in their 60 from USA and Europe, visiting thailand to have sex with 10-12years girls.
    We real muslims are allowed to may up to 4 women. but we will never have sex without marriage.

    Mr. Dragonwall you have a very good question. why are those arabs not doing this performance in their country ? because no one will accept this kind of things in their country. why thailand and indonesian citizen why they allow their women to be prostitutes?
    as you know all the bad people doing bad things in others country.
    we can’t say ohhh we are better then other,we may not be allowed to say that.
    look a American that killing mio. iraqi and Afghans out side of USA. my question to you: why those American not doing this in USA?

  27. bayi says:

    I am shocked that people of such adverse quality as Jusuf Kalla can be a national leader of Indonesia. This man is deviod of ethics!

  28. Jojo says:

    Yes in koran the men are giving right to do this and their claimed prophet giving more he can deforce women from her huspand and take her to himself. He did so in koran but they embarraced to admit it and go violent if you discuss it.

  29. Mr. right says:

    I am shocked,that stupid people also give their comments. people have to read about Islam as religion and not what people from Islamics countries doing.
    yes. In Quran you have the right to marry 4 wives, but this is what quran saying:::: not my words:
    “Marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one.” [Al-Qur’an 4:3]

    If you can’t deal justly, marry only oneeeeee.

    To Jojo: Prophet Mohammad (s) was married with old ladies,only one of his wife was young.can you do like him??? will you ever marry and old lady, if you were very young? as Prophet Mohammad did???

    it is not about religion or islam.
    look in my country Denmark, one femal(lady) sleep with more then 100 diffrent men in her life time!! what is your comment about this.
    in usa some people marry more then 4 very young girl age 17 by a man age more then 50.
    non muslims from europe age more then 60 years visiting thailand to have sex with girl age under 15 years. even seen with 12 years thai girl and boys.

    Mr. Jojo saying that muslims geting voilent.. that isn’t true,if you tell the truth from our holly book Quran,not from what some stupids doing. every one will get angry,if you lie like you did in your comment.

    open your eyes,before you giving your comment.

  30. Odinius says:

    in usa some people marry more then 4 very young girl age 17 by a man age more then 50.

    Polygamy is illegal in the US, Mr. Right.

    non muslims from europe age more then 60 years visiting thailand to have sex with girl age under 15 years. even seen with 12 years thai girl and boys.

    Ever been to Thailand, Mr. Right? Loads of Muslims (from Malaysia, South Asia, Arab countries, etc) visiting the underage as well. This kind of bad behavior knows no national, ethnic nor religious bounds.

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