Playboy the Third & FPI Case

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As the third edition of Indonesian Playboy comes out two men from the Islamic Defenders Front, FPI, go on trial for an instance of their earlier battle with the magazine.

Two of the men from the Front Pembela Islam (FPI), Zainal alias Ali Zaenal, and Agus Irawan alias Ustaz Agus (picture), arrested for taking part in a violent attack on the offices of Playboy on 12th April, while it was located in Jakarta, went on trial last week. Faced with five years imprisonment the men were part of a 500 strong group of Islamic radicals that were violently protesting the publication of the first edition of Indonesian Playboy.

Third Edition

Despite the ongoing prosecutions of its editor and a number of models, such as Andara Early, who had appeared in the first edition, and the reporting to police of models who graced the pages of the second edition, Playboy Indonesia has apparently published a third edition. Detik says the new edition is hard to come by. Magazine sellers are reported to be afraid to carry Playboy, at least openly, for fear of sweeping operations by Islamic radicals.

Playboy Third Edition
Playboy third edition picture.

The third edition, with one Visensa Nyssa Yuliani on its cover, is said to be of a more racy nature than the first two.

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  1. Zacky says:

    I used to date one of them!! Damn, she’s so fine!!

  2. Molisan Tono says:

    which one? Hassan?

  3. extreme_ghost says:

    hey let just keeps out of religion thing ok? let us believe in our own religion and not judge others only by religion..

    The thing here is pornography (playboy) i cant believe that some of u adults support pornography withour worrying its effects to childrens, Indonesia have more than 200 million people and still have weak system so that the control for pornography are very-very week, a boy at 7year old can possess porn book or cd without control and in many true cases there are rapes that being done by underages, I just read in newspaper a few day ago that a 10 y old boy raped his 9 y old neighbor just because he wants to practice what he seen in porn movies, and another case 13 y old boy raped an 7 y old cousin because he just watched porn..

    At this rate of system, the preventive actions that can be taken is to prevent porn materials (rejecti to enter the country until there are stricter rules that can be enforced to society

  4. Molisan Tono says:

    pornography is sound bad, sex art is other else. I don’t support pornography, but sex art is important for a marriage couple. and why are you conclude that we are not worrying our children sake?

    ghost, we as parent should control what a must and must not to see for our children, you don’t put adult magazine in ordinary bookshelf. your evaluation of 7 years old boy and 10 years old boy is common case that already happen, why? their parent don’t put much attention, and most of sex education is mislead. beside that, don’t you think we as mature person should really realize what measure must taken before it happen?

    playboy is adult issue, not a child issue. unless you’re crazy, you must not show that material to your children. we are talking about mature mind, not only a big body shape and childish smart ass brain.

  5. Andrew says:

    Molisan Tono said:

    who are you reply to andrew? to me?

    If it was to me, andrew I assume you are Moslem then. If you’re Christian, you should know better that Jesus is the righteous Judge on the judgement day. How could He be possible deny His divine position as Judge for us in the judgement day.

    Hi Molisan Tono – I was responding to Cik Hassan’s post, not yours.
    And yes, Jesus is.

  6. Molisan Tono says:

    well noted andrew… sorry I was reacting quite harsh… funny though.

    I just couldn’t believe Hassan was emphasizing that Jesus refuse His deity call as Judge and mohammed take that lead, contrary with what it’s really written in their Quran… well, at least that’s what i heard from new converted friend exposing secrets of Quran…

    hope he is wrong… and I was wrong… but Jesus still a Righteous Judge on that judgement throne…

  7. Peter says:

    First of all let me say that this problem of extremists is largely a symptom of a weak government and economy that are not fully developed yet.

    I am an American, and we have Playboy and alot of other pornography here. While I personally dislike Playboy and anything it stands for, I understand that other people have their own opinions and can make their own decisions.

    How conceited I would be to presume moral authority over anybody else.. While Allah has certainly blessed us all in different ways, none of us can claim to be perfect in character.

    Now certainly we can make a strong argument that Playboy encourages a culture that objectifies women and makes sex into a selfish, vulgar activity – when sex between a man and a woman in love and committed to each other is supposed to be a beautiful, sacred thing.


    When we begin to set laws according to our personal values – which other people may or may not agree with – we will inevitably make a large part of the population repressed and miserable. (for example, a Marxist would argue that all religion is false and damaging, and ban all religion. That would suck, wouldn’t it? ) Once we start legislating like this, where does it stop? Do Indonesians really want their country to become like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan?

    But this the nature of broad moral legislation – someone somewhere will feel oppressed.

    Perhaps one way around this dillemma would be to simply hold regional votes to determine the will of the people regarding this matter. Maybe then Playboy will be banned in Aceh but legal in Bali. I think people would be happier with that than with a nationwide ban or legalization.

    When two neighbors are in disagreement over something, they must each make small compromises or else their life will become a living hell.

    Islam is supposed to be the “middle path”. The Qur’an speaks far more of patience than it does of aggression. “There is no compulsion in religion”. Right? Sometimes I worry about the direction today’s ummah is headed in. We are not living in the 7th century anymore, when disputes were solved simply by brute force! Our world is truly interconnected now and we rely on each other more and more. This is an era of diplomacy, dialogue, compromise, and understanding.

    This Earth of mankind will shed tears the day that Indonesia trades in her batik for a burqah.

  8. BFR33 says:

    FPI??? Screw them!!! What they after basically is CASH by smashing doors and windows at people’s bar/cafes. Is that what they’ve been taught in their religion? Trespassing people’s property, smashing windows, doors, ruining people’s life??? It’s unbelievable how religious people can behave like bunch of greedies!!!

  9. Ihaknt says:

    People, all Hassan wants is for this girls to wear a burqa on playboy…Hassan, you should move to Afghan. you will fit in very well.

  10. Dimp says:

    Hey Hassan,

    It’s simple if you don’t like it then don’t buy it, or don’t read it.

    BTW, wonder why FPI is only attacking Playboy and not the other magazines that show more skin than Playboy?

  11. Sunshine says:

    How Interesting. Reading about the Muslim mayhem makes me so very happy to a Christian. Playboy in Indonesia, who cares, if you want it then buy it, if you don’t then ignore it. It takes a feeble mind and person to do huge damage, keep it legal!

  12. muhdin says:

    I’ve never been much of a fan of these magazines, but banning them in Indonesia is completely absurd, and incomprehensible. I don’t know what the f**k’s gotten into the heads of these FPI members. No offence to Islam; I think it’s a great religion and I have some good friends who are Muslims, but banning pornography is not really something that’s reasonable, unless you want to go hard-core for religion, which is what they’ve done in Saudi Arabia (The mutawaeen prohibits items of other faiths to be brought in to the country, and other religions may face severe prosecution if found practicing their faith). Playboy isn’t really what you would call pornography anyway; it doesn’t have anything naked in it or anything.

    Don’t I just hate it when reason and logic are thrown out of window by faith. There is no reason to ban Playboy in Indo really, it’s pretty simple as made clear by the people before me: if you’re for it then you buy it, if you oppose it then you don’t. Banning Playboy is just as absurd as banning Chinese food in Indonesia. As we all know, Chinese cuisine uses a lot of pork (pork fat, pork oil, pork meat) etc, which is prohibited by Muslim law. Yet, Chinese restaurants are ubiquitous in Jakarta (which is where I hail from) and it’s pretty hard to find a place/shopping mall without one. If you can’t eat pork then it’s simple: you don’t buy it. The same goes for Playboy. If you’re against it then don’t buy it. Don’t shove your opinions down people’s throats because everybody is different, and everyone follows a different path.

    To Hassan: Please stop forcing your ideas down people’s throats. And NO if you think Playboy is going to banned in Indonesia anytime soon you’re probably still in a la-la-land of some sort.

  13. Hassan says:

    To Muhdin:

    What I wrote (about a year ago) was a representation of the values that I hold on this matter, and what you have just wrote is yours. My religion tells me pornographic material should never be spread publicly because it’s haram and will lower society’s general morality on the long run, while your conscience tells you about freedom of choice and moral permissiveness for the sake of democracy (which are western-based values).

    Basically it’s my values against yours, in my book that’s not shoving anything against anyone’s throat. That means we have different values. Ah yes, you must have thought that western values are the best and people worldwide must happily embrace them, and whoever stood against them should be called as people who “shoved their values on other people’s throat”. Cute.

  14. Janma says:

    Hassan, I think it’s because you said on more than one occasion that it is your moral responsibility to tell people when they are wrong according to your beliefs.

    as fellow human beings we have the responsibility to remind our fellow human beings that had gone astray. that kind of behaviour is what had been missing in the West for so long.

    and you also said:

    Islam is not the ONLY religion, but the ONE TRUE religion. there can’t be multiple true religion, because if all religions are true, then there would be multiple true gods.

    I mean… that is just a statement that will enrage people… Islam is the ONE TRUE religion? all middle eastern religions are obssessed with being the ONE TRUE religion, not just Islam… saying it doesn’t make it true…. besides it is a little simplistic to say that in order for that to be true there would have to be multiple true gods…. indeed impossible, but have you ever considered the possiblity that the ONE TRUE God gave people multiple TRUE paths to approach Him?

  15. Hassan says:


    Hassan, I think it’s because you said on more than one occasion that it is your moral responsibility to tell people when they are wrong according to your beliefs.

    When the people with moral in a country stop being vocal about immorality, immorality will gradually rule the country. We shouldn’t let that happen in our respective country, should we? And voicing our concern about immoral things is no more an act of “shoving our opinion to other people’s throat” than voicing our concern about corruption by government officials.

    If corruption can ruin the physical aspects of our country (albeit it ruins the mental aspects of the people too), then pornography can ruin the morality of the country sooner or later. Speaking out against these things does not equal to forcing anything on to other people.

    The bottom line is:
    If the people with western values are allowed to speak out their support of things like alcoholism, abortion, free sex, same sex orientation etc. then the people with Islamic (or contrasting) values should be allowed to speak out their rejection of those things, without being called as people who forced their values on to others.

    I mean”¦ that is just a statement that will enrage people”¦

    Why should they be enraged? People embrace certain faith systems because they think it’s the truth, so did I. That’s logical, and everyone have the rights to proclaim such things. I watched religious shows on TV and listen the pastor, father, priest, or monk proclaim that their respective religion is the one true path to salvation but I just laughed (in my heart) upon hearing their statement. Being enraged shows a lack of tolerance, and perhaps arrogance.

    have you ever considered the possiblity that the ONE TRUE God gave people multiple TRUE paths to approach Him?

    No. But I believe followers from other religions might enter paradise at Allah’s SWT discretion, because such things is His prerogative. If God wanted to give people multiple true paths, then those paths must have the same consistent message, for example: the believe in Him and Him only, they must have religious concepts that are consistent with one another, and they must have the same concept of live after death. Tell me, did the religions on earth have such things in common within them?

  16. Janma says:

    and westerners do not support alcohlism!!!!! don’t portray things in such absolute language! where do any people support alcoholism…. ????? that’s like me saying all muslims support suicide bombings….

  17. Hassan says:

    OK, apologies for the wrong example about alcoholism. The point is that if people with western values are allowed to voice the support on certain issues that represents their values and norms, then people who held the opposite values (i.e. Muslims, etc.) should be allowed to voice their rejection too.

    And the rejection must not be called as an act of ‘shoving our values on other people’s throat’. If you want to call it as such, then the people who wanted to promote the western values on the first place should be called as ‘shoving their values on our throats’ too. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair. 🙂

  18. Janma says:

    There is a difference in saying “My way is the One True Way”, and saying, “well my way is different to that way, I don’t believe in One True Way, I believe everyone is entitled to decide for themselves.”
    That’s what western values are all about, it’s not perfect, that’s why I love it because neither am I. It gives me room to move.

  19. agnostic says:

    Hey here’s a heads up – religion was invented by a small group of people to control the masses. Its purely superstition and mind games.
    I have no problem with people who choose to follow their beliefs so long as it doesn’t impinge on me. If it does then I will choose to retaliate in any way my freedom allows. Seems to me that most religions give one the freedom of choice but Islam does not, if we are to believe what is reported to us through various means and by both sides of the debate (Muslim / The rest).
    There is a very famous lady who has renounced her Muslim religion and gone to “THE DARK SIDE” because she saw the stupidity of the extremists and how they were defiling the Muslim faith. Therein lies the problem – a small group trying to control the masses by playing mind games, or, to put it more bluntly, to scare the hell out of them so the mullahs et al can preserve, retain and wield their power over the masses. Same thing has occurred throughout history – Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, and other dictatorships, even to the present day.
    I repeat – religion was invented by a small group of people to control the masses. Its purely superstition and mind games.
    Believe in yourself and your abilities, not some diatribe that is constantly regurgitated and served up to the gullible. Each of us has the ability to control our destiny and the pathways we choose to get to another point in time and place.
    A smile and a handshake will do more for the people of the world than ANY religion can ever hope to aspire to.

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