Playboy the Third & FPI Case

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As the third edition of Indonesian Playboy comes out two men from the Islamic Defenders Front, FPI, go on trial for an instance of their earlier battle with the magazine.

Two of the men from the Front Pembela Islam (FPI), Zainal alias Ali Zaenal, and Agus Irawan alias Ustaz Agus (picture), arrested for taking part in a violent attack on the offices of Playboy on 12th April, while it was located in Jakarta, went on trial last week. Faced with five years imprisonment the men were part of a 500 strong group of Islamic radicals that were violently protesting the publication of the first edition of Indonesian Playboy.

Third Edition

Despite the ongoing prosecutions of its editor and a number of models, such as Andara Early, who had appeared in the first edition, and the reporting to police of models who graced the pages of the second edition, Playboy Indonesia has apparently published a third edition. Detik says the new edition is hard to come by. Magazine sellers are reported to be afraid to carry Playboy, at least openly, for fear of sweeping operations by Islamic radicals.

Playboy Third Edition
Playboy third edition picture.

The third edition, with one Visensa Nyssa Yuliani on its cover, is said to be of a more racy nature than the first two.

49 Comments on “Playboy the Third & FPI Case”

  1. Rockstar says:

    I think they will somehow be freed from any charges. You know how these fools will react knowing they fellow bandits were in jail.

  2. Rockstar says:

    one more thing. I believe FPI is trying to intimidate women who want to pose for playboy so they can replace them with guys.

  3. Jim says:

    Guys that oppose free sex are uncompetitive.

    Freedom means competition. Those who are uncompetitive tend to oppose freedom.

    Think it this way:

    Those whose products the market ignores free trades.

    Those who don’t get enough sex oppose free sex.

  4. Hassan says:

    animals have free sex too jim, does that means they support free trades?
    there’s an obvious flaw in your logic.

    people who oppose free sex tends to favor decency, and also loyalty towards their spouses. freedom without responsibilty are for kids, and indeed animals.
    we oppose free sex because we don’t want to degrade ourselves to the level of animals. almost all major religion oppose free sex.

  5. Ryan Crontshaw says:

    “one more thing. I believe FPI is trying to intimidate women who want to pose for playboy so they can replace them with guys.”

    hahaha.. this is so funny.. I wonder what’s gonna happen if Indonesia has a GAY or LESBIAN magazine.. hahahaha

    and the same-sex marriage gets approval from the government.. hahaha

  6. Spank monkey says:

    Hassan, you should just go to hell with your narrow mindedness. Go to hell you Muslim fanatic.

  7. Hassan says:

    and you can go to hell with your bigotry and racism Spanky boy. kick bigotry and racism out now!

    read the comments monkey boy, I said almost all major religion opposes free sex. that’s a fact. don’t your religion opposes free sex?

  8. Allah says:

    dude, religion is a guide man, it is not supposed to be the one deciding people’s fate nor does it gives anyone the power to condemn or decide who gets away with what. if you feel like it is not for you, fine, don;t do it, but don’t put down people who chooses to do it. god created us special is because he gave us the abiity to make a choice. if not, then how are we different from animals.

  9. oaklandgirl says:

    No true intelligence in this room.

  10. oaklandgirl says:

    Come on people. This is about an issue that if not confronted in Indo and beat then you may find it on your doorstep! Radical extremes have for the most part taken over a peaceful religion and want to pervert it. If they get thier way and spread it like what has been happening throught out the world (Africa, asia, indo) those of you in France, Italy, Spain could be having your women subjugated, raped, killed and worse for speaking to a boy. Wake the @#*! up.

  11. Hassan says:

    yes, God created us special and gave us the abilty to make a choice in life. and then He will judge us by our actions. if we use that choice to do good things then we are truly a good human being. but if we do worse than animal, than should that person still be said “better than animal”? religion is indeed a guide, but as fellow human beings we have the responsibility to remind our fellow human beings that had gone astray. that kind of behaviour is what had been missing in the West for so long.

  12. Spikeplot says:

    Hassan is what you say is so right, then how come they are so much more advanced than you guys. That proves that there is a serious flaw in your theory. As a human being, you have to respect other people’s choices, and mind your own business. if you dun like what you see, then shut off the TV, dun read the article or see the pictures about her. you said that god will judge us, then let him do his work, you are in no position to judge what people want to do with their life.

  13. Hassan says:

    well, probably the fact that those people had kept my countrymen (and the rest of the world maybe) under imperialism for 3.5 centuries got somethin to do with that? besides advancement in humanity comes in turns, in the last millenia Muslims were the advanced people and europeans were on the dark ages. and nope, I wasn’t judging, I was simply reminding.

  14. Spikeplot says:

    that is exactly the problem with Muslims nowadays, you guys are always so proud about the past glory of the Muslims. My god, wake up man, it is in the past, you need to prove that you are worthy now. your religion is in sh*ts, your country is in sh*ts, wake the hell up. stop thinking you are above everyone else just because god know when, Muslims once was great.

  15. Hassan says:

    “we” didn’t think “we’re” much better than anyone else, and so do i. I was just making a point that advancement in humanity comes in turns. it was in response to your argument when you said “how come they are so much more advanced than you guys”.

    Muslims will try to prove that we are worthy in our God’s view. the west can help us proove that we are worthy in the eyes of the world by stop invading our territories and spreading hate towards us. in other words, don’t attack us and stop messing or interfering with our affairs. don’t try to stop us when we want to apply the sharia, don’t invade any of our countries through lies like what bush did, give the Palestinians their country back, and all that. easy enough?

    give us that, and we’ll “clean up” our house. the message: don’t disturb us when we’re trying to clean up our home.

    the funny thing is, all this discussion started when i oppose jim’s irrational theory regarding free sex:
    “Those whose products the market ignores free trades.
    Those who don’t get enough sex oppose free sex.”

    I didn’t see any relevance in both cases.

  16. sineater says:

    well. looking at the junk you guys have to clean up, it maybe a loooooong time by the time you guys are done. with all you talk only and no action attitude. and i dun think i ever saw an improvement yet, it seems to be only getting worse.

  17. psykz says:

    wow. I live in Indonesia and i hate what these guys are doing. yesterday FPI so radically bring out *toy guns* and pointed at people as they demonstrate on Lebanon things. I believe this is what the cause of too much of something, without even knowing what the real problem is.

    internet is wide open, its has information, so if u close playboy, u can still be demoralized with little effort, so its up to the people itself.
    even in this playboy thing, if you dont want to see that then dont!

    you spoke of imperialism, thus in that way you always blame other people, dont dude! build your country instead, channel your passion to positive things.

    why don’t u got mad at people who cannot go to high school due to facts of improper enrollment, or other facts that can build your country instead.

    freedom means freedom of choice and by that don’t push choice to others.
    if u believe what u do then go ahead, but dont threat and terrorize people with it. your house is your house, and my house is not yours.

    I still cant believe the fact the first demonstration of FPI where they throw other people’s places with rocks and ruin it. just hate the fact they are not respecting other people’s rights.

    sorry no offense to the passion of these people though, but its just wrong channeling, even my Muslim friends (old and youngsters) are against it, but the vocal they bring out representing other people’s so wrong.

    dont bring religion if you are demonstrating, bring yourself!

  18. Molisan Tono says:

    wow, Hassan is the moderator here? what a commentator.

    I’m not so into this sh*t. but yes i saw the news about FPI demo. carrying a toy gun? bad idea. those crazy nut-job could get them self shot right in their asses. what a brillian stupid “soldier” isn’t it?

  19. just me says:

    I agree with you, “religion is indeed a guide” doubt about it..
    BUT “that kind of behaviour is what had been missing in the West for so long”…????????????????????????????????????

    think about it..what’s one of the biggest and most powerful countries in the world? the United States, of course (read: a Western country)..another one? Europe, to say the least…

    and what’s so good about these countries, and what makes them ones of the leading countries? they are allowed freedom of choices, and they are allowed to speak their minds and express themselves…
    why can’t Indonesia improve? because sometimes most of them are too conservative..
    and clearly, most of them are hypocrytes..

    obvious examples?
    1. popular magazine (which has been circulating ever since I was small)
    2. FHM ( one argued over this magazine..why?)
    3. those small theatre which only plays “x-rated” movies..or at least “semi-x-rated” movies…how come those theatres still exist?
    4. the almighty INTERNET ( can read/watch wayyy more extreme stuff than Playboy Indonesia…and Hassan, you know all about come you never argued about it? or about the stuff it contains? it’s the same with playboy…it’s there, it’s available for you..but it’s your choice whether to see it or not)..
    5. oh, and what about drug use? a lot of artists and public figures have been caught carrying/using drugs…how come nobody protests over it? drugs are surely dangerous, and it could lead to more damage in literally makes you stupid over time..and drugs are more expensive than playboy, if you didn’t know…

    so please, everyone, playboy is not important..what’s more important? installing one of those “tsunamis radar”..and maybe, improving Indonesia so that everyone (and I said EVERYONE) have the opportunity to go to school, at least until you graduate from senior highschool..

    oh, and psykz, I agree with each and everyone of your points there!

  20. oaklandgirl says:

    Mainly to Hassan,
    Look I know you have a good head on your shoulders. You don’t curse or belittle your detractors. So, I can say you are a man of some intellegence. But lets set the record straight. The USA was attacted on Sept 11 let us not forget. Now who attacked us? Muslim extremist. Where are these extremists? Well for the answer to that you want to go to the head and tail end. The head being Syria and the tail is Iran. These two countries have supported extremist for decades. You are right that we had little or no good reason to go into Iraq. But at the same time the leaders of Iraq treatend the USA and it neiboring countries. Afganastan was a correct choice to try and get OBL. But the US and Afgan have failed in that because of Pakistans willingness to turn a blind eye to the problem they have in thier country, and harbor the extremist element. I believe even if these where both a mistake; If we setup a true democracy in those areas then that Idealogy will spread. Also we now have a beautiful staging area to kick the real culprates ass, Iran and Syria.

  21. Hassan says:

    oaklandgirl, let me gues, you got your sources from foxnews/cnn/cnbc right? no wonder you talked like bush. the whole world knew all of those things were just hogwash. wait, you missed something, you forget to say: freedom, terrorists, Israel had the right to defend itself, etc. that’s ALL bush said on his speeches. bring some intelligence on the table, don’t just repeat after bush or plainly quote your media.

    and, get over 9/11 already, yeah some guys who happens tobe Muslims bombed some building, but some guys who happened tobe Christians started world war i and ii , droped the atom bomb on Japan on the way. give it a rest.

  22. oaklandfungirl says:

    Hey, I’m no parrot. I have a FREE mind. I have not been brain washed to believe that the Muslim religion is the ONLY religion and that all other should die if they are not Muslim. Why dont you stand up for your religion and tell your Ayatollahs that they should quit spouting hate for other religions.

    This Jihad is going to cause a world war. Its not Americas fault that mislism are fighting in Indonsia, Africa, Sudan, India, Lebanon and if you include all that infighting amongst yourselves (Muslims) the whole of the mideast. You people don’t know the meaning of peace. The problem with your religion is that you dont have a single head figure to lead it out of the stone age. With all the Fatwas that are decreed by your regilious leaders the Sunnis dont like that Shites, Shites dont like that Kurds.

    Hell I believe that the extremist Muslim would kill his own mother for not agreeing with him on religion. Why in the name of God would your religiuos leaders tell thier people that it is ok to blow themselves up? We are waking up to the fact that your religious leaders are not taking a stand against violence. That it is infact they who are putting this hardline view out there. This will turn into a religious war. I and others are not willing to wait till the extremist version of this hateful religion comes to our doorstep. Don’t blame me for not wanting to have a rapist move into my neiborhood. I would much rather take the fight to the desert where IF needed we can nuke and let the desert swallow the filth and hatred that is be issued forth from it.

  23. Just One says:

    Yes.. off course….

    Everybody is free to choose become whatever.

    Choose… Become Warrior of Alloh like FPI & MUI


    Choose… Become Warrior of evil because evil naked, nude & undress.. ?

  24. Molisan Tono says:

    way too far from topic isn’t it?
    all Moslems who believe in mohammed should try to read about apocalypse. it is not Mohammed who decide u go to hell or heaven… it’s Jesus (Isa). anyone know where Mohammed end up on that day?

  25. Hassan says:

    Molisan Tono: I’m starting to believe you are a die hard wiseguy. yes, according to our Islamic believe Jesus (Isa as.) will return to the world before the apocalypse. but get this tono, not to decise who goes to hell or heaven (that’s Allah’s, or God for you, right to do so). instead, he return to smash the cross to pieces, to straightened the fact that Allah is the one true God, and He is NOT the ‘one of the three’ (trinity).

    Prophet Muhammad will be the one and only person in judgement day who can plea for other’s people case (to help them), in front of Allah’s court. Jesus (Isa as.) will be asked by people too to help them, but he refused. He will say : I cannot help you. I still feel bad to Allah because some people had decided to worship me.

    now, I hope you learn your lesson tono, never say something you don’t understand.

  26. Hassan says:

    oaklandgirl : yes, you’re right, we don’t have a single head figure to lead us. that’s why now we strive to create a new caliphate to unite and lead us against our enemies.

    Islam is not the ONLY religion, but the ONE TRUE religion. there can’t be multiple true religion, because if all religions are true, then there would be multiple true gods. and Islam never said that every one not Muslims should die. you know what? you seemed awfully Islamophobic, exactly like what bush wanted you to be.

    “Don’t blame me for not wanting to have a rapist move into my neiborhood” well, the Americans seem able to manage to be the country with one of the highest rape cases in the world without the help of Muslims, I think. that’s a well known fact.

    “I would much rather take the fight to the desert where IF needed we can nuke and let the desert swallow the filth and hatred that is be issued forth from it.” wow, nice idea adolf. even saddam hussein only used chemical weapons on a village, and you want to wipe out an entire sub continent? you want to play God? and those people don’t have the right to live like you do? you are one sick paranoid psycho. are you sure you’re not bush’s daughter?

    you may claim to be free thinking, but in fact you’re one of the worst brainwashed egomaniac I have ever encountered on the web.

  27. oaklandfungirl says:

    What does the ONE TRUE religions, Koran say about those religions that do not see eye to eye with the Muslim faith? Muslims please answer this. Tell me that the koran and the religious leaders preach tolerance of other religions. That the Koran does not incite its fallowers to do everything possible to convert others to its religion, including use of violence.

    Has not the religion evolved enough to accept human rights and the freedom to choose? The freedom to choose is the biggest fear of the religious leaders of the Muslim community has. Take the Cathlic faith. At one point in time the Romans drove the Jews, Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians out of the mideast do to religious persecution. The decisive event in the creation of the Middle East as a distinct cultural region was the rise of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula. In 634 the followers of Muhammad set out from Medina. They occupied Palestine in 636, Mesopotamia in 637, Syria and Egypt in 640 and Persia in 642. From this time on the religion has not progress in human right issues, women right issues, tolerance of other religions, or anything resembling a higher state of learnedness than then stone age they dominated back then.

    On a more direct note to Hassan: “that’s why now we strive to create a new caliphate to unite and lead us against our enemies.” WOW, even one that claims peacefull parts about thier religion is using terms such as enemies. The enemies are in your head.

    The Muslim community has always been persecuted. Stand up and take resposiblity for what your religious leaders have lead you into. A life of fighting that yes has to be held in check or war will rage this this intire world because you guys can’t even get along with eachother……LOL.

    About the rape thing, we may have the highest rate because our people are not afraid to speak. Our women have the right in this culture to say when they have been done wrong. I think that I truth that there are much more grievous things going on in the middle east than what is being told because of the oppression of its women and speech.

    How convenient that you speak of Adolf. He was an extremist that wanted to make the world his own, opposing views where to be converted or eliminated. Much the same way your caliphates, amirs and sultans feel about the Muslim religion. Those not sharing thier views are no better that a dog.

    Lastly, I would pray for all the innocent lives that would be lost by the use of one N-bomb, but in the end it may just save more innocent lives than going to a world war 3. So I would have to chose the lesser of two evils. I would perfer no vilonce. If I felt that the Muslim community could turn thier idealogy around ten there would not be any need for such an extreme answer as mine to 90% of the wars going on in the world today. 90% of them are being faught by Muslims. I believe that peaceful men and women of the Muslim faith there are. Hassan I believe you to be obne of them. Am I wrong? May Allah be with you. Peace.

  28. Molisan Tono says:

    OMG Hassan…. “Prophet Muhammad will be the one and only person in judgement day who can plea for other’s people case (to help them), in front of Allah’s court. Jesus (Isa as.) will be asked by people too to help them, but he refused. He will say : I cannot help you. I still feel bad to Allah because some people had decided to worship me.”

    is that what it says about Jesus in your Quran? that’s blasphemy…

    before Jesus ascend to heaven, days before that, He warned His earlier deciples about false prophet after His time. ur Quran has deceive many lives by saying Jesus is not the one. sounds funny, Jesus says someone is coming after Him as the last “false prophet” and it’s became reality isn’t it?

  29. Andrew says:

    You can say what you want to say – what you believe isn’t what we believe, and we don’t need each other’s approval.

    “Prophet Muhammad will be the one and only person in judgement day who can plea for other’s people case (to help them), in front of Allah’s court. Jesus (Isa as.) will be asked by people too to help them, but he refused. ”

    If the same was said about your prophet, it would be considered blasphemy, and you would say the person who said it deserved to die.

    How we Christians react to this may be different, but can’t you see the analogy?

  30. Molisan Tono says:

    who are you reply to andrew? to me?

    if it was to me, andrew I assume you are Moslem then.
    if you’re Christian, you should know better that Jesus is the righteous Judge on the judgement day. how could He be possible deny His divine position as Judge for us in the judgement day.

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