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The Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia (MMI), the Mujahidin Council, says it has caught an agent in the pay of foreigners attempting to subvert political Islam in Indonesia.

Chairman of the MMI, Irfan S. Awas, said to reporters that the man pretended to be a recent convert to Islam and that the purpose of his mission was to examine any links between the MMI and Al Qaeda and also to damage the image of Indonesia in the world.

The man’s name is Andronikus Kaparang, with the Muslim name of Lalu Muhammad Hasan alias Ihsan, and the MMI claimed that he had already admitted to his misdeeds. From Kupang, in West Timor, or Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Andronikus is supposed to have admitted that he was working for foreign intelligence agencies as well as a group called “Laskar Kristus”, Christ’s Force, which is said to be located in eastern Indonesia, where Christianity is a major religion.

Andronikus Kaparang is said to have joined the MMI in 2001 and succeeded in carrying out a number of dastardly acts of provocation and spying since then. He is believed to have stolen computer files dealing with the goings-on at the 2002 national conference of the Mujahidin Council. Even more interestingly he is accused of having seduced a number of women connected with the MMI in order to sow hatred and distrust in the MMI ranks.

He was handed over to the Yogyakarta police, on 9th July, who questioned him over a 24 hour period but later released him on the guarantee that he would keep himself available for further questioning.

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  1. Andrew says:

    It’s very easy to find a scapegoat. Grab a guy from the street, and blame him for everything you do. A very brave, manly act.

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