Playboy Prosecutions

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Three of the people associated with the first edition of Indonesian Playboy magazine will be prosecuted.

Jakarta police are reported (June 30th) to soon be going to submit the Playboy Indonesia case file to prosecutors with the status of the magazine’s chief editor and two models being changed from witness to suspect.

We have named three suspects. We have completed our investigation and will submit the case file to the prosecutor’s office on Monday.

said city police chief Inspector General Adang Firman.

The magazine’s chief editor, Erwin Arnada, who had moved the magazine’s office to the island of Bali following violent protests by Muslim hardliners outside his Jakarta office, and two models who posed in its first edition in April, Kartika Oktavini Gunawan and Andhara Early, were charged with violating the Criminal Code on indecency.

Police launched an investigation into the magazine in response to a lawsuit filed by a group called the Indonesian Anti-Piracy and Pornography Society (MAPPI) on April 7th. The group reported Erwin, Kartika, Andara, photographer Oke Gani and director Ponti Carolus for indecency. The last two names, however, do not seem to considered as suspects.

The police said they had consulted experts on language, religion, culture and journalism before deciding on the proposed prosecutions.

2 Comments on “Playboy Prosecutions”

  1. angga says:

    I agree the police about broken playboy magazint because he have broken young generation.

  2. Bob says:

    I believe Playboy itself is a form of magazine art. It shouldn’t be such a big dispute among society. As long as the pictures inside are not visibly nude, it’s really okay. I dont understand why certain religious sects go against it. This is the kind of question that we men should ask ourself honestly, do we truly like viewing girl’s body or not?

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