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Hasyim Muzadi of the Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) says his organisation should act as a bridge linking Islam to the West, but only the European part of the West.

In preparing for the coming International Conference of Islamic Scholar (ICIS) on 20-22 June Muzadi said:

As an umbrella organisation for clerics the NU wants to be a bridge for Islam to the West by holding the ICIS.
(Sebagai wadah para ulama, NU ingin menjembatani Islam dengan Barat dengan mengadakan ICIS.)

Fifty seven countries will send delegates to the conference and Hasyim hopes a connection will be made among the attendees. Those who will attend include Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan representing King Abdullah, Secretary General of the EU Javier Solana, Pope Benedictus XVI, represented by Monsignor Khalid Abaseh, and Malaysian leader Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the current chairman of the Islamic Conference.

But, oddly enough, Hasyim said he deliberately did not invite any representatives from the United States, preferring instead to invite European delegates as the representatives of the West.

…because America is at the moment still at odds with Islamic countries.
(…karena saat ini Amerika Serikat masih berpolemik dengan negara Islam.)

The dhimmi Europeans make a better audience, evidently.

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