Abu Bakar Bashir

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Some of the “sayings” of Abu Bakar Bashir after his release from prison.

Baasyir says that Noordin M. Top has taken the wrong path. Indonesia is not at war therefore bombings are not permitted.

I say to them that they are martyrs who have taken the wrong path. It’s not permitted to use weapons or bombs in a land that is at peace.
(Saya katakan mereka itu mujahid yang salah jalan. Tidak boleh berjuang dengan menggunakan senjata ataupun bom di wilayah damai.)


Using bombs in peaceful areas is not allowed.
(Menggunakan senjata bom di wilayah yang aman tidak dibenarkan.)

Baasyir recommends that Australian PM John Howard convert to Islam.

Howard, enter Islam if you want to be saved and don’t wage war on Islam because you will lose.
(Howard masuklah Islam jika ingin selamat dan jangan coba-coba memerangi Islam karena pasti akan dikalahkan.)

Bashir advocates continued struggle for Islamic law in Indonesia.

Keep on fighting for the application of Islamic law. If this state and nation wants to become great, safe, and at peace then it has to return to Islam one hundred percent without bargaining. If not, then it will be destroyed.
(Perjuangkan terus penegakan hukum Islam. Jika negara dan bangsa ini ingin menjadi besar, aman dan tenteram maka harus kembali kepada Islam seratus persen tanpa tawar-menawar. Jika tidak mau, pasti akan hancur.)

said the old fool.

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  1. Ron Levy and proud of it says:

    Ba’asyir,Threaten our Prime Minister, you threaten ME, bring it on NANCY BOY. A good a cleric is a well trained BLUDGER Any ferry that wears a dress with a tea cosy seeking praise for killing women, children and their fathers , then hides behind his dress is a infidel coward. Terrorism, now this is a word which translated means I AM A PATHETIC INFIDEL COWARD, son of Belial, a child of darkness. And this you call ISLAMIC LAW.

    Ba’asyir, come to my country and see how you fare. I reckon a boot up the arse will be a good start, then dragged behind a tractor over a bindi paddock driven by the families you blessed the death of their loved ones.

    If I had my way you arse wipe, any boat that comes over the horizon will be sunk, no survivors taken, no more illegal fishing, and anyone of the Indonesian population whom do refuse to live with in the Australian law will be deported back to that filthy s..t hole called Indonesia. (castorated-de sexed so they can not breed any more of you bastards).

    Islam , sharia, you can shove that fair up your filthy arse, just try and force it on Aussies, you dumb moron and you will see how swift you will be dealt with as will anyone else from your leppar colony. This country is full so F..K OFF, you dickhead. Stay over the horizon with the rest of the non educated dirty over populated fuglies.

  2. erick says:

    ironic to see an Indonesian get paid and/or voluntarily being the moutpiece of western interest. since long time in history, there’ll always be a dog whose loyalty not to the land of birth but to the land of the feeder. dog and pig are everywhere. including here in this blog.

  3. Anonymous_aloy says:

    Ah, Erick, the misled Erick.

    Do you who’s loyal to our country? Those against Arabization of Indonesia, that’s who. Those against RUU APP and other disguised forms of sharia law, that’s who. Those against FPI, that’s who. Who else is loyal? Anggun C Sasmi and Rieke Diah Pitaloka, that’s who. NU leaders who are trying very hard to fight the radicals, that’s who. Gus Dur and his wife, that’s who. And countless other Indonesians.

    Do you know who’s not loyal? Those who seek to undermine plurality and tolerance, that’s who. Well, people like Bashir is a prime example.

  4. Fairguy says:

    Frankly speaking to you guys, I hate with prejudice. Let’s clean each of our heart. Ask your self, ask your heart. Talk with your holy mind, don’t be prejudice to anybody. No guarantee that our own self is the best, you all got it ?? Do NOT BLAME ON ANYBODY without any evidences. Let’s grow up guys. Peace and respect each of our rights and respect our own way of life as long as do not disturb others. Nobody’s perfect…Do you agree?:) GOOD:)

  5. R. Patterson says:

    This pond of putrid poisonous pollution, bashir is a greater threat to a fair minded, modern, civilized Indonesia than he is to any other country. It is in Indonesia’s interest to muzzle him, freeze his bank account, stop him preaching his virulent toxic bile at his terrorist college. It’s not only Australia which is highly offended by this cretinous creep but all other civilized countries worldwide especially in the Asian area. R. Patterson

  6. Rockstar says:

    you know what trully ironic is? that you actually had a time to read and post in this blog.. but wait.. you could be right erick.. maybe there are so many dogs and pigs that read and post in this blog..
    so tell us what your doggie/piggie’s name is? 🙂

    what you don’t have a name for yourself?
    hmm how about.. erick the dog poop.. hey that sounds catchy 😀

    Ive never met such a humble person as you are erick 🙂 dare to level yourslef with a dog/pig 🙂 I trully admire your humbleness. Thumbs up!

  7. geekgirl says:

    well, I guess bashir is dangerous to some little extent. indeed he cannot accept pluralism and wants everyone to convert to Islam and wants Islamic law to be implemented in the country where he lives.

    however, he’s honest enough. he’s said that bomb is not supposed to be used on a place where there is no war (yes, Indonesia is not under attack like Iraq or afghanistan’s case). I guess this speech is not apology. i can be quite sure that he’s not the type of osama bin laden. he’s just the same as those racist people in Australia who cannot accept plurality.

    so I guess we should also see baashir fairly.

    and you Australians, please stop saying something like:
    “Stay over the horizon with the rest of the non educated dirty over populated fuglies. ”
    I’m Indonesian and was among the top students in Australia. but i left. i experienced racist treatment due to my asian look. I preferred to go to a country where people are more open minded.

  8. fred nerk says:

    That so called priest is a cowardly dog…
    stupid at best and stupid looking definately
    His followers are uneducated fools who don’t know any better because they are all farmers that can’t read or write. Tey only follow him due to their interlectual foolishness. I am glad they can’t read this…
    regards Fred

  9. Hassan says:

    wow, I didn’t realize that bigotry is on the rise again. check out ron levy’s comment. he’s a bigot, racist, suffering from ethnophobia, and stereo type mania all in one. are by any chance a white supremacist ron? as for baashir, it’s hard to accept his statements with all the prejudice around us lately, but his words are mild and unprovocative, that’s a good start.

  10. Ron Levy leave that frog alone. says:

    STFU you smelly degenerate inbred. All that frog licking and roo humping seriously screwed up ur mind.Go back to ur inbred town and start popping ur sisters boils or get your drunk cancer rotting dad in ur wheelbarrow back home u lazy buckteeth twat. You know whats worse than a idiot trying to sound smart. An outbacker pretending to be capable of rational thought.

  11. Hassan says:

    well, my asumption that you’re a white supremacist must be mistaken after all, ronnie boy. now I’m sure you’re one of those leech blood sucking hebrew thrash a.k.a Jew. not to mention you must have an IQ of a 10 year old, or maybe you are, a 10 year old trying to sound tough on the internet. now, Jewie boy, this world doesn’t need any more racists and bigots, so shut yer hole. if you can’t put up with that then you’re welcome to go back to tel aviv.

  12. R. Patterson says:

    Tod & Ron: What a couple of foul mouthed idiots you are, where there’s no education there’s a foul mouth and mind. Both of you need to wake up to yourselves and join the human race.

  13. Hassan says:

    i remembered that you made a comment on this website once saying the “Palestinians are parasites” and some other insults towards fellow human beings. so what human race are you talking about Mr. Patterstein? join a bunch of racists and fascists? no thanks. someone who talks like adolf hitler have no credibilty for me.

  14. R. Patterson says:

    Hassan: Please tell me just what the Palestinians have given to the world/mankind except cowardly suicide bombers and other acts of barbarism? Even in the time of the queer arafat western nations were bankrolling this parasitical state.

  15. Fairguy says:

    According to me….Palestinian is right, please take a look back again & again on our history. The land belong to Palestinian absolutely. Read the books and ask for explanations to the professor of ancient history/expert concerning the ancient history of Palestinians. They do suicide bombs just because someones colonized their own land and this is the last way of struggling against colonialism.

  16. Hassan says:

    Patterstein: Please tell me in which line that your words doesn’t resemble that of adolf hitler himself? adolf said the Jews were parasites too. set aside your bias and stereotypical thinking, you don’t actually believe that God created a race of mankind just to be parasites, do you? say no to racism, kick racism out, now!

  17. Molisan Tono says:

    I think if abu bakar bashir moved to US, he should change his name to burned ashes bashir…

    cute though…

    adolf hitler is parasite… Palestine is parasite… Jews parasite… you and me parasite too… who else wanna be parasite? free registration.

  18. Dragonwall says:

    as will anyone else from your leppar colony. This country is full so F..K OFF, you dickhead. Stay over the horizon with the rest of the non educated dirty over populated fuglies.

    I think by saying this you are over the line. Not all Indonesians, there are Chinese, Hindus, Christians, and many others who are Indonesians including my children and they were not part of that horrible holocaust. Blame this on the Muslim Militants. Although majority are muslims, I am sure not all condone such a miserable action that had caused much misery to many dependant of those demise.

    The government were also to be blame for not taking stern action and pass deterrent sentence on those accused. Though regretful you have to give and take and learn to be more forgiving.

    It’s not only Australia which is highly offended by this cretinous creep but all other civilized countries worldwide especially in the Asian area. R. Patterson

    Yes this s**t MF is a threat to every one in Indonesia. They are ever smiling in the front with a knife in his back. Only when you become unattentive they strike.

    I didn’t realize that bigotry is on the rise again. check out ron levy’s comment. he’s a bigot, racist, suffering from ethnophobia, and stereo type mania all in one. are by any chance a white supremacist ron.

    What was said perhaps was the other way round and that he is right in condemning Indonesia and he has the right. His comment did not spelt anything of white supremacist. Looking more in depth into it perhaps there were his kinfolk that became victim of such religious vendetta. I wonder have you ever tried standing on his side and feel what kind of misery he is suffering in order to understand a person’s comment.

    Being a muslim, a person will obviously stand from that viewpoint to make comments to favor themselves. But be more liberal and understand other’s. It is not that a person who are able to type a few words will make a person feel big. This world is not make up of these. Sense.

  19. Jorgen says:

    Abu Bakar Bashir is human excrement. He is a misguided nasty person whom is seriously rupturing the enlightenment of people on OUR planet.

  20. Sean says:

    What boggles the mind is why must it always end in violence. In the west, we learn to tolerate and live with people from all races, colors and religions and from what I can tell, it’s working. On the other hand,, some of these clerics say things without really thinking. What Mr. Bashir has to realize is that to every comment, there are two sides to the coin. If it<s OK for Muslims to beat up foreigners in Muslim areas, is it ok for non-Muslims to beat up Muslims in non-Muslim areas. I’ve always said”What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”. And oh yeah, I think there are a lot more non-Muslim areas around the world. Why can’t we just concentrate on living our own lives and making ourselves better and stop dictating what other people should do.

  21. loinof says:

    What a coward Bakar Bashir, if he wants to threaten people, then he should come and do it to their faces, instead he skulks in distant villages stirring the populace, he is the lowest form of life on the planet, he would use young people to do his dirty work, how come Bashir has lived to such a ripe old age? Why has he not put himself forward as a suicide bomber or come out on the streets to attack western tourists, simply because like all those who preach violence of this type you are all cowards in hiding and hiding behind the word “Cleric”

  22. Steve says:

    My reading of the reports is that Bakar Bashir was referring to the gathering at which he was speaking and to foreigners who may be hiding there when he said “God willing, there are none here. If there were infidels here, just beat them up. Do not tolerate them.” One wonders how this could come to be reported as Bakar Bashir urging attacks on ‘infidel’ Australian tourists.

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