Gus Dur, Blasphemer

Jun 13th, 2006, in News, by

Ex-president Abdurrahman “Gus Dur” Wahid has been reported to the police for insulting Islam.

Gus Dur had previously stated that the Muslim holy book, the Quran, contained “pornographic” content, in that it dealt frankly with some sexual issues. Now, yesterday, as part of an ongoing feud (see Inter Religious Harmony and FPI, Garda Bangsa, & Gus Dur), conservative and hardline Muslim clerics reported the matter to the police, as they are entitled to under Indonesian blasphemy laws.

In Jakarta dozens of clerics from across Java came to the central Jakarta police station (Mabes Polri) to seek justice against Wahid. The Muslim holy men who made the complaint were grouped under the umbrella organisation “Forum Umat Islam”, the Islamic Community Forum, which consists largely of members of well-known radical associations such as the Mujahidin Council (MMI), Betawi Brotherhood Forum (FBR), Hizbut Tahrir (HTI), and Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

Gus Dur’s statements regarding the raunchy nature of parts of the Quran were made in an article published on the Jaringan Islam Liberal, Liberal Islam Network website which discussed the debate concerning the RUU Anti Pornografi dan Pornoaksi, the anti-pornography and indecency bill. Two other men from the JIL, Guntur Romli and Arief Nurlambang, were also reported.

One of the men who made the complaint, one Ahmad Chamid Baidlowi, the head of the Al Wadah Islamic boarding school in, Rembang, Central Java, said:

What Gus Dur said that time is wrong and it has disturbed Muslims.
(Pernyataan Gus Dur itu salah dan meresahkan umat.)

We hope that this case will be processed according to the law. Whether it’s right or wrong is up to the police and the courts.
(Kami mengharapkan agar kasus ini diproses secara hukum. Masalah benar atau tidak itu urusan polisi dan pengadilan nanti.)

Baidlowi went on to say that Gus Dur had hurt the feelings of good Muslims many times previously, and cited his membership of the Shimon Perez foundation as proof of this, considering that Perez was a Jew.

The maximum penalty for blasphemy in Indonesia is five years imprisonment.

9 Comments on “Gus Dur, Blasphemer”

  1. Anonymous_aloy says:

    I don’t know about blasphemy, but no one in Indonesia have insulted Islam, the Quran, and the Prophet, as much as the FPI, FBR, and their fellow Islamist-thugs.

  2. Gravelrash says:

    Indonesia is on a collision course with modernity and a superior culture. Fist-pumping rhetoric is not called for. A mature consideration of fundamentals is.
    Winston Churchill’s pithy summation of Islamic influence on cultures and peoples is being proven in contemporary Indonesian political life. What a blight.

  3. Fairguy says:

    Better keep silence than talk useless, silence is a GOLD. Do you agree:))

  4. Ismail says:

    Islam is, what it does!!

  5. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    Gus Dur is right because those people blaspheme him are devils by using Islam for violence and using the name of Islam for evil work!

  6. Bingo says:

    Long life, Gus Dur, Long life Democracy of Indonesia ! He is an angel of Indonesia’s Democracy.

  7. janma says:

    Gus Dur had hurt the feelings of good Muslims many times previously, and cited his membership of the Shimon Perez foundation as proof of this, considering that Perez was a Jew.

    yeah, but no problem when the FPI proudly pronounce that Yapto is their champion, and he’s a jew…..

  8. Shloka says:

    Sure, the Koran contains sexual issues, most holy books-the Torah,Bible, and Hindu religious books do too. If the world started jailing for “blasphemy” bestselling Western authors like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens et al would find themselves in jai. “Monty Python Holy Grail” and ” Monty Python the Life of Brian” would be banned. Thank God for the West and Long Live the West!!!

  9. Anatoilet says:

    I just recently read the news today that gus dur wanted to nominated himself in the 2009 presidential election and I’ve been looking for a forum that talked about it and apparently I came to this forum. I don’t know whether I should be surprised or acted as it his natural behavior to say such a blunt statement about koran, he should know in the first place that indonesian gets really sensitive when anybody tries to talk sh*t about islam.
    He should have known better not to talk some insensitive matters, and now that I read the article about him being disappointed that he got rejected for the nomination proposal by KPU, it just getting worse. wth? He ordered his supporters to do some anarchy acts by attacking KPU meeting whatsoever??!!! I don’t think he is eligible to be nominated in 2009 election, are you sure you wanted this kind of man to be your president for the SECOND TIME??

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