MUI Claims Discrimination

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The Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) says the government’s plans to disband radical groups such as the Front Pembela Islam (FPI) and Forum Betawi Rempug (FBR) may be evidence the state seeks to protect the sinful.

The government’s plans to dissolve some Islamic organisations which often carry out operations against places of sin must not give the impression that the government wishes to protect sin.
(Rencana pemerintah membubarkan sejumlah organisasi Islam tertentu karena sering, misalnya, melakukan razia tempat maksiat, jangan sampai justru mengesankan pemerintah ingin melindungi maksiat.)

said chairman of the Fatwa Commission of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), Ma’ruf Amin.

He added that if the government is going to ban some radical groups it had better at the same time make its intention known that various forms of immorality, such as drinking, prostitution, gambling, and pornography, were not acceptable. He complained of discrimination against Islamic groups:

The violence in Tuban, East Java caused much more damage. Have organisation like the FPI ever burned down regent’s offices? Burned down petrol stations? Ban all groups which carry out violence, including the PKB, PDI-P, etc, don’t just pick on the Muslim community.
(Kekerasan ormas di Tuban itu menyebabkan kerusakan lebih besar lagi. Memang organisasi seperti FPI itu pernah membakar kantor Bupati? Membakar pom bensin? Bubarkan semua ormas yang melakukan kekerasan, termasuk PKB, PDIP dan lain-lain. Jangan pilih-pilih dan terkesan mengincar umat Islam.)

Islam was a peaceful faith, he said, and the MUI itself was engaged in efforts to coordinate and control Islamic groups.

Like the case in Purwakarta, it was put about that Gus Dur was chased out [of the meeting by Islamic radicals] but Gus Dur himself said he wasn’t chased out. That means that are elements which deliberately tried to muddy the facts of the case and were happy that other elements were put in a bad light.
(Seperti kasus di Purwakarta, dibesar-besarkan bahwa Gus Dur diusir, padahal Gus Dur sendiri menegaskan dirinya tak diusir. Itu berarti memang ada pihak yang sengaja memperkeruh situasi dan senang jika ada pihak yang disudutkan.)

Meanwhile, on the question of the banning of the FPI and FBR, the Internal Affairs minister said that government could not immediately take any action. M. Ma’aruf said that first the relevant law, (Nomor 8 Tahun 1985 tentang Organisasi Kemasyarakatan (ormas)) would have to be revised.

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  1. Anonymous_aloy says:

    Yes, why discriminate? FPI and FBR are the worst offenders, they are embarassment to Indonesian-Muslims everywhere. So why don’t the government also disband the other organization that is also try dupe Indonesian-Muslims with their fatwas: the MUI?

  2. Cool Guy says:

    Do you all guys know why all these happened here in Indonesia?Because You are all have committed to a “Democracy” which is adopted from Western part of this world. It means that it’s all your risks of accepting that Ideology. Who care? It’s all the consequences to choose democracy as the way of life. So do Not Blame on any organizations then, Understand???!!!

  3. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    Disband FPI and MUI please because they are pure devils, so that we should kill all of those devils! They are created by Allah. FPI and MUI are vreated only by devils! so kill them! if FPI wants a comment against me. I hope i should pray to Allah to to punsih them by severe spreading and increading deaths by bird flu and more calamities to come like earthquake. By calamity, why Muslim-dominated region like Aceh is punished by Allah by Great tsunami and why sexually immoral Indonesians are safe? Why all Indonesians kill by bird flu are all Muslims?

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