No Respite in War on Immorality

Jun 16th, 2006, in News, by

The city of Depok in West Java is keeping up the pressure on sinners.

Ahmad Dahlan, a local MP, admits that many people are disturbed by the war on sin in Depok but says that new regulations are in the works, currently they are being debated in Commission A of the regional legislature. He said businessmen in particular had voiced their complaints about any new laws but:

I haven’t set aside any time to meet with them yet.
(Saya tidak pernah memberi waktu bertemu dengan mereka untuk saat ini.)

But he said those who opposed morality laws were welcome to make their contributions to the Commission.

Meanwhile it appears the laws have had one unfortunate consequence for the city administration – loss of taxation revenue from bars and clubs because taxation officers are said to be afraid of taking money from such dens of sin.

We don’t dare take tax from entertainment places because wer’e afraid of the [reaction of the] people of Depok.
(Kami tidak berani memungut pajak tempat hiburan karena takut kepada masyarakat Kota Depok.)

said Depok tax boss Muhammad Thamrin, 11th June. There are about fifty businesses in Depok which can be said to fall into a dubious area of operation. It’s said they take in between 6 and 15 billion rupiah per month ($600,000 to $1.5 million), free of tax. The places include discos and karaoke bars.

There is of course the possibility, a strong one, that the places are in fact being taxed, but the payments are not making their way into city coffers, rather instead into the pockets of tax officials and police.

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