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Prambanan temple, or candi, will need to be dismantled and rebuilt due to damage in the recent Yogyakarta earthquake.

Located mid-way between the city of Yogyakarta and town of Klaten Prambanan, constructed in about 850 AD, is said to be in need of complete dismantling and rebuilding by the Ancient Heritage Preservation Agency, Radio Netherlands says ranesi. Timbul Haryono, a professor of archeology at Gajah Mada University explained that the historic Hindu era temple had sunk 10 cm’s due to the quake on May 27th.

For Prambanan temple to remain beautiful for a long time, all the reliefs must be taken down and the foundation must be made more solid before the reliefs can be arranged as before.

Agus Waluyo, head of the Yogyakarta Ancient Heritage Preservation Agency, said that an in-depth study into Prambanan’s condition would be carried out. However, the decision to dismantle all parts of the temple or only some parts of it still awaits the study. Agus said his agency had been busy identifying all ancient heritage sites in the Jogjakarta area which were severely damaged due to the earthquake.

Candi Prambanan
Candi Prambanan.

Additionally, he said, the agency had to quickly recover ancient reliefs and stone carvings which broken off and fell to the ground, in order to forestall thieving.

This rescue is important because of the risk of ancient reliefs being stolen

Not only Prambanan but other Hindu temples in the region, relics and reminders of a glorious culture, such as Plaosan, Sojiwan, and Sewu, also will have to undergo radical repairs and renovation.

No restoration work has begun on Candi Prambanan as of April 2007. A team from Unesco are currently still surveying the site attempting to work out the best way to restore it. It is not clear when restoration work will begin, nor where funding for it will come from. suaramerdeka

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  1. Taariq Hassan says:

    These temples must be repaired carefully and properly ASAP. The world wants to see Borobudur AND Prambanan. It is a world treasure. One of the reasons I wish to visit Java is to see these temples. It is part of Java’s link with ancient Southern India.

  2. jayaletchumy says:

    I visited this temple on the 17th of may 2008. some works are still going on and the whole main temples were cordoned off as it was considered to be unsafe.
    I planned this trip to so that i could admire and appreciate the craftsmanship of the ancient hindus which is blended wwith the local culture.
    Also to see the abode of the trimurthis and their “vaganam” (vechicle). which I have not seen else where.

    It was a disappointment not only to me but also to the other touirsts who were there.. Hopefully restoration works can be done at the earliest.

  3. Purba Negoro says:

    Prambanan is majority unrepaired as it stands prior to the quake.
    Literally hundreds of small temples lay about in ruins.
    But now the main shrines have very serious structural problems.

    The solution should be like what we had done to Brodobudur and UNESCO- full excavation and deconstruction with replacement of the earth with very thick earthquake proof floating slab.

    Then Borobudur built piece by piece on top of the floating slab.

    Borobudur and Prambanan are also excellent example of Javanese engineering and traditional architecture- despite the superficial resemblance to Indian- there are aslo many factors which make them uniquely Javanese.

    One important element- not known to Western- is specific use of Javanese measurement and scale.
    Every single measurement in these building is based on the body of the original architect.
    We still see this often today with our very traditional carpenter and stone mason.

    Some measurements include:
    thumb length
    thumb width
    palm width
    fingers (as widths)-
    thumbs up sign (distance between base of fist to top of thumb)
    thumbs up with extended pinky (tip of thumb to tip of pinky)
    tip of finger to elbow crease
    tip of finger to wrist crease

    Prambanan like temples of Giza, were all built using canal of bamboo tube filled with water, string and body parts as measurement.

    Also- the temples are specifically made to appear more grandiose than they are- the human concept of focal point is frequently tricked as the towers are made to taper as if they are much higher than they truly are- logarithmically- exactly like the Greek Parthenon.
    Also- most straight lines are actually very subtle curves.

    This is why Prambaban especially has a very natural and human scale- and particularly appealing to our eyes- and probably why it is not so earthquake proof.
    So- Western archeologists and advisor more than welcome to help assist investigation of such magnificent example of Indonesian ingenuity.

  4. konda ravinder says:

    It is pleasure to see the Prambanan Temples,which was recently covered by our India Media
    Id like see the same ,I wish to write a letter to Hon’ble Primie Minister of Indonesia to perform
    poojas and archanas in the Prambanan temples,by emienet preists as per the the
    agamana shastras

    Thanking you

    ‘D NO 3-9-78
    CELL :9985356307

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