Playboy, 2nd Edition

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Playboy second edition out, from the safe haven of Bali.

A second, still tame and lingerie laden, edition of Playboy came out yesterday after the publisher had moved its offices to the island of Bali, two months after Islamic hardliners attempted to trash its Jakarta offices following the magazine’s first edition.

On the relocation to Bali publisher, Erwin Arnada, who seems almost unique among Indonesians in not caving into loudmouth pressure, said

The safety and convenience of our employees comes first. People in Bali are more open to ideas, they are more adaptable.

Erwin, who is also the magazine’s editor-in-chief, said 100,000 copies of the 160-page 2nd edition were in production. The magazine, which is already being hawked car to car on crowded intersections in Jakarta, features an interview with Fabianus Tibo – a Christian former militia leader in central Sulawesi who is currently awaiting execution for his part in an attack on a Muslim boarding school. Lifestyle issues are also a main part of Playboy 2nd edition’s focus with a feature on local wine drinking culture.

The centrefolds are, as in the first edition, of a very conservative nature as the publishers continue their efforts to convince people that Indonesian Playboy will be different. The Playmate of the month is one Doriane, who it appears is French, and is (over) dressed in a lacy black lingerie ensemble, for those who are interested. Pictures shall be forthcoming shortly. Antara quotes the lovely Doriane as saying:

Playboy Indonesia is perfect for me. It is Playboy, but I don’t have to be naked. Just perfect.

Yes, perfect.

Playboy, 2nd Edition
Playboy, 2nd Edition

A number of pages in the magazine were left almost entirely blank except for the Playboy bunny logo and this message:

This blank page is dedicated to our loyal clients who have been threatened for having put an advertisement in this magazine.

13 Comments on “Playboy, 2nd Edition”

  1. Indcoup says:

    The workers at Playboy are lucky:

    I wish my office would relocated to Bali!!!!

  2. an indo girl in USA says:

    Don’t kill the creativity of young proffessionals in making such beautiful pictures of human body. As long as its not vulgar and show the models’ private areas. Take care of other things Indonesia!! Poverty, corruption, big gap between the rich and the poor, security, education, health system, etc. So go Playboy Indonesia!! Keep up the good working dudes!!

  3. Juliet says:

    Don’t talk too much! Take a mirror, look at your face! Take care ur own business, don’t be a hypocrite! That’s God’s areas! F..k hypocrite bureaucrat, all off you hide from your demons!

  4. dewi says:

    I’m sick of this country. If I’m not sick, I’m tired.

  5. oaklandgirl says:

    TO: Islamic Defenders Front, FPI

    Whats wrong guys? The girls getting a little to much freedom in your area. Making sure you subjugate them. I think the women there will not fall for that. Dont you understand Allah put both sexs on this world to be heard, honored and respected. Your group is so extremist that if it where up to you the women in your sociaty would be no better then a dog. We are not dogs. You may say that it is the temptation you fight when you “protest” (I call it terrorism) and damage property that is not yours. If only you had the will to resist temption for the betterment of your people. But I am sure you are all well educated (lol) people that can make moral judgements for others. Will not Allah be the judge, jury and executioner if need be. Your job should be to help your people and not to hurt people because you are afraid that if you look at something you will get turned on. I say you are no better than the DOG that can not control himself when a bitch is around. And men with the lack of self control that you have are supossed to lead. HAHA. Ladies stand up a fight this group. What they are afraid of is losing control of you thus loosing control of thier power. Do you want to turn your lives over to men that would remove your freedom of speech, religion, the right to vote and choose and be heard. Don’t let men like this rob Isllam of a beautiful peaceful religion and make it something ugly that will cause you and your daughters daughters to fear.

  6. Ulf says:

    Oaklandgirl: I want to marry you.

  7. Rumi says:

    Stop calling for bureaucrats and government do this or that. Why don’t you start thinking how to support and take actions to develop this country and supporting playboy won’t do that.

  8. James says:

    I think that Indonesia needs to look deep within itself. There are so many suffering there, parents that can’t have their children because of the poverty that ingulfs most of this beautiful country. They can’t afford to get their child out of the hospital. I would pay his debt for him if the information was to be sent to me. I would send him the money to have his child given back to him. Peace and unity is whats going to develop your country.

    Indonesia needs to be on board with the United States and other countries to help them develop. Killing one another is not the answer and fighting over religion is not the way Allah had intended things to be for the Muslim world. He is of peace and unity, the right to worship is vital to your countries success in developing.

    I want to thank the Indonesian government and police in their efforts to protect their country from terroist attacks, this is one of the largest reasons your country will not succed. I am sorry for the lose of innocent lives there, citizens, police men, women, children. It is necessary that the government there stays strong on the fight against terrorists. Again, I thank the the police and government for their dedication in this matter.

    People are afraid to visit your beautiful country, and tourists are a huge investment, they can bring in billions into your country and help develop it into one of the greatest countries in Asia. Playboy can help bring jobs into your country, help stop some of the homeless and poor. As long as its not degrading women I dont see the problem with it. I believe it will change the face of Indonesia and start a trend of change that will carry them into a much more developing country.

  9. Nye says:

    My opinion about you joanna, I like you and you’re sweet for me. I am so impressed with you and so are men. I prefer seeing when your dream can be realised. I like your pose but I rather you to be a honest and kind girl, because right now it’s so difficult to look and find a girl like that.

  10. Bin Camel says:

    All about sex can’t be stopped or banned, it exists to bless reproduction and recreation activities to all human being, most important thing in our life.
    But who abuse sex must be punished severely.
    It must be controlled rather than exposed, impose high tax to porn magazine, relocate prostitute to an island, punish adulterers, rapers and send them as slaves to papua to build the area, and do it with iron fist to sex abuser.
    What a wonderful peaceful world I just dream, enjoy safe sex.

  11. John says:

    Does Any one have the address to where I can order Indoesia PlayBoy. Playboy International offers no info if any one knows it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  12. Pola says:

    To many hypocrite indonesian especialy those with white dress and hat but deep in their haeart is more black than the black sh*t, they act behind their religion so torch on somebody else even to kill them. What kind of religion is that ? Does the GOD create the humans to kill each other above the religion ? Please wake up indonesian….look at your self before you did it, it’s disquisting and beast as an animal.

  13. Indonesia has a heritage of Islamic religious ideals in society. Their opinions and actions are part of the social economy. I think this is even more serious of an action when tourism is accounted for with the gross domestic product (GDP) and how Indonesia has developed as a society within South East Asia. The publized material of nude images being a strong part of Islamic morals in public media. With the major political voices of international Islamic groups I think Indonesia is trying to maintain respect amoung Islamics when they have a strong political stance within the country.

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