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Wailing and gnashing of teeth in Aceh over the shameless Putri Indonesia 2009.

The winner of Miss Indonesia 2009 (Putri Indonesia), representing Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, 18 year old Qory Sandioriva has caused a storm in the province of Aceh for her lack of head covering.

Qory Sandioriva
Qory Sandioriva

In reaction to her victory on October 10th the leader of the Himpunan Ulama Dayah Aceh (HUDA), Tgk. Faisal Aly, said:

She is not representative of Acehnese women. She has no right to act in the name of the people of Aceh, this is really bad.


She can take part in Putri Indonesia, that’s her right, but not as a representative of Aceh, because she doesn’t embody the Islamic ideals and values of Aceh.

And likely as a sign of things to come, in Banda Aceh on October 11th dozens of students belonging to the Kesatuan Aksi Mahasiswa Muslim Indonesia (KAMMI) staged a demonstration against Qory and demanded that Governor Irwandi Yusuf disown her and revoke her permission to represent the province.

Qory, who will represent Indonesia at Miss Universe 2010, narrowly bested the ‘sentimental favourite’ Zukhriatul Hafizah from West Sumatra (2nd) and Isti Ayu Pratiwi from North Maluku (3rd), and was crowned by reigning Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela. She takes over from Zivanna Letisha Siregar.

Lookalike competition, the top 3 finalists.

She was born in Jakarta, and grew up there, with her only real connection to Aceh being her Acehnese mother. She currently studies French Literature at University of Indonesia, Depok.

Since 2003 Acehnese contestants in Putri Indonesia have worn the Islamic headscarf, in line with sharia law in the province, and as part of the competition Qory Sandrioriva was asked by presenters Charles Bonar Sirait and Dian Khrisna:

Contestants from Aceh usually wear jilbab, but not now?

Qory replied that head hair was a part of a woman’s beauty and there was no problem in showing it off. Later, after the contest, she explained that she did not normally wear jilbab, and that she had received special permission from the government of Aceh to represent the province, without wearing the scarf.

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  1. Deta says:

    Ross & Diego,

    Every tribe has its own culture, it can’t be learn instantly, and it’s not for others to judge, otherwise you can jump to wrong, silly conclusions as you two mentioned above. Let Aceh be Aceh as it is now, which stands strong against the western cultures (negative ones, of course). Indonesia needs this as a filter for not letting our nation carried away by other countries’ culture.

    For Qory: I don’t care what you do if you think that’s good for you… I do care though about the effect that it brought to our country and our next generation.

  2. ahay says:

    Ross Says:
    October 14th, 2009 at 12:21 am

    Just got home after a pleasant (and quite sober!) night out to see the midnight news, which made me want to go out and get drunk!

    drunker,, after that? (pity you), I hope you were not drank when wrote the comments.


  3. Oigal says:

    Let Aceh be Aceh as it is now, which stands strong against the western cultures (negative ones, of course). Indonesia needs this as a filter for not letting our nation carried away by other countries’ culture.

    Delta, It would seem rather silly for you to be advising people about “judging” considering the topic. As for Indonesia and culture, it would pay to remember that Indonesia is made up of a number of cultures most with very little in common with the psuedo import that is currently being projected by a vocal minority.

    Of course, should the people of Aceh and Java for instance wish to redefine what is Indonesian Culture, I would guess that is their right but don’t be surprised if other regions decide not to be part of that journey (Oh and it might be smart to consider before pushing too hard how much Java and Aceh depend on rest of Indonesia to simply exist as they do now).

  4. funny says:

    ngurah, jadi kalo misalnya ada wanita di aceh yang ga pake jilbab karena keputusannya sendiri lo bakal dukung?

    you know the whole thing about democracy and all those garbage you spout but don’t really understand

    yes you have the right to do whatever you want. but you =/= everyone in aceh.

    or are you saying that if someone from aceh decided not to follow your culture than he/she is an infidel? you know, judging them?

    Islamofascists = it’s democracy as long as everyone is one of us, think like us, have values like us.

    the word peace should never came out of your mouth

    deta, please explain to me what “effect that it brought to our country and our next generation.”

  5. suherman says:

    maukah kamu jadi pacar aku

    aku cinta kamu qory, jawab ya

    aku dokter

    kamu pakai jilbablah biar cantik lagi sayang

  6. ngurah koriawan says:

    I support tolerance and human right.
    What I am saying is people in Aceh also have their right. If Aceh people choose to use Syariah Law, That is their right.

    you said:

    are you saying that if someone from aceh decided not to follow your culture than he/she is an infidel? you know, judging them?
    Islamofascists = it’s democracy as long as everyone is one of us, think like us, have values like us.

    do you mean like what Ross said:

    ”Why should she have to be afraid to behave like a normal one just because most of the women up there are forced to behave abnormally.
    God gave girls nicer hair than He gave guys. They should be proud of that.”

    Ross might think that all women in Aceh were forced to wear head scarves. When in fact many muslim women in Aceh wear jilbab without any force,In Aceh their culture is different. And for being different, they’re often accused of being oppressive.

    I support tolerance and human right.

  7. Putri Bungsu says:

    So much love for this world makes people ignore the eternal life. So what’s so good about this temporary fame? It has caused so much fitnah already.

    Putri Bungsu from West Sumatra

  8. phanie says:

    Memangnya kenapa sih klo dia gak pake jilbab?? toh itu kan bukan suatu keharusan, justru saya rasa dia Bold dan Brave banget lowh,, yah kita liat aja ntar, amin2 dia masuk top 5 miss universe.. kita liat aja ntar si Himpunan Ulama Dayah Aceh (HUDA), Tgk. Faisal Aly, itu ngomong apa klo uda kayak gitu,,

    Ini bukannya main rasis ya,, tapi ayo donk jangan punya pikiran sempit ah.. gimana Indonesia mau maju kalo pikirannya pada sempit coba,,

  9. Ross says:

    Det, at least as far as comment is concerned. That’s free speech, and if you don’t want that, up to you.

    Ahay, no, I was not at all drunk when I posted my views, simply outraged by what I’d newly heard about. Puji is a dirty brute. Who disagrees? If the Achenese wanted to try out their ‘stoning to death’ ideas on him, I’d find it hard to protest!

    ngurah, if some owmen in Aceh want to drape their glossy black locks in jilbabs, again, up to them, but having a bunch of dorks called sharia police harrassing those who don’t is grossly offensive.

    And Deta! Far from it being a bad thing to be judgemental, I reckon it’s a fine thing…not enough people get called out for bad behaviour – too much of this ‘he’s doing his own thing’ nonsense. That’s why manners have deteriorated.

  10. fanglong says:

    I like she’s studying French literature.
    I like she’s put her hair over their jilbab.
    Now she’s called Putri Indonesia, and not Putri Aceh.
    I like Aceh’s non-Indonesian eccentricity.
    I dislike some Acehneses’ idea of stoning adulterers to death.
    I like this girl’s sonorous name.
    I think this pageant thing is stupid in itself but can help some (individuals, families).

    Who’ll imagine a “Menculik Qory” pancosmic sinetron ?

  11. morishige says:

    Why people always take such problem seriously. The plan of miyabi go to Indonesia, facebook, and this aceh’s miss Indonesia controvercy.. you name it.

    I mean. Why don’t they consider another problem instead of those unimportant issue??

  12. Deta says:

    Oigal, Funny, Ross

    Just imagine if someone, who never get acquainted with you, who never live at your house, perform such an act which is totally different from your habit or custom at home that you have built painstakingly all your life, and that act is exposed to the world, and she states that she acts on behalf of your family. I think that’s what Aceh people feel right now.

  13. funny says:

    i apologize. but i do found some of your statements interesting. if aceh people decided to implement syariah law, then it is indeed their right. but are you telling me that you know, for a fact, that 100% of people that live there actually want it? or are you assuming that?

    you claim that “In Aceh their culture is different. And for being different, they’re often accused of being oppressive.” But if someone lives in Aceh have a different culture than the mainstream, will that person get oppressed? as you said ” many muslim women in Aceh wear jilbab without any force”. how about the rest? or the non-muslim?

    i do have some friends in aceh…….. i know whats going on there. as you do.

    come now. that analogy only works if you know EVERYONE in Aceh. besides, i’m pretty sure EVERYONE in Aceh is different. how do you know if she actually does represent someone somewhere in Aceh and that’s their family culture? however, if u know everyone in Aceh and they all have values like u do, think like u do, or one of your family, then i totally get your point.

    on culture itself; yes, every region has its own culture. but within that, there will always be people who refused or decide that the culture doesn’t really work for them. the interesting question is that, assuming that person didn’t do anything to hurt or otherwise causing loss to anyone, how would u respond to this person? judge? hate? exile? tolerance? ignore?

    how about if he/she lives right next to you?

  14. Deta says:


    Ok, you made a point there. Everybody is different, and everybody has a right to do different things. But why don’t you speak for yourself instead of representing something whose tradition and culture are different from your point of view? If this is because she loves aceh so much (not because of the high competitiveness in Jakarta) why doesn’t she show some respect to Aceh tradition.

    I do agree that not every people in Aceh hold the same value and belief, though.

  15. ahay says:


    menculik qori atau menculik M*****

    intinya semua itu pilihan individu masing-masing, kalau sikori (“sikori” kayak bahasa jepang yaa mirip m***** yang tulisan jepang juga) tetep eksis di dunia entertainment dan ikut mis-word (eh salah “world”) itu pilihan dia juga sih,,

    takdir orang ga ada yang tahu khaan,, sapa tahu dia nanti bisa jadi ulama-wati di aceh karena tobat seperti artis yg lain. cuman sekarang mungkin saja jalan yang dipilihnya itu “ya begitu”.

    tapi ingat : setiap pilihan ada konsekwensinya.

  16. ngurah koriawan says:


    but are you telling me that you know, for a fact, that 100% of people that live there actually want it? or are you assuming that?

    Let me ask you
    Is it really need 100% of Indonesian people vote for SBY then only he become president of Indonesia ?
    I did not vote for him, but he still becomes president of Indonesia.

    Partai Aceh won the election in Aceh by more than 50% votes, second place Partai Demokrat 10%, third place Golkar 5% and others all below 4%.
    Partai Aceh founded by former GAM members.GAM fought against Indonesia for many years in seeking of independence for the Aceh region. One of the main reasons is because they want Syariah Law in Aceh.

    you can see from the result of the election in Aceh that peoples in Aceh want Syariah Law.
    so am I assuming?

    ” many muslim women in Aceh wear jilbab without any force”. how about the rest? Or the non-Muslim?

    Syariah Law only applies to Muslim and for non-Muslim they will use national law. That is what I understand.

    Although I acknowledge the right of Acehnese to implement syariah law, the Acehnese also must protect the right of kalangan minoritas.

    I just try to understand peoples who have different culture than me

  17. PPT says:


    The ulamaks just don’t realise they are fighting a losing battle. maybe ten years from now, islam may suffer the same fate as the church of England, largely ignored by the masses.

    Just because u r loosing ur religion,doesn’t mean everybody is too. In fact Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe & worldwide. The ulamas won’t get lost, the people who ignore them are the lost ones.

    I agree that She shldn’t be representative of Aceh, if She has Aceh KTP(ID) she might,but if she doesn’t she mustn’t be allowed to represent that province. I am sure sooo many angry Acehnese for her,especially if he stand on the stage with bikini only.

    She dropped her Jilbab for fame and fortune, a great disaster!

  18. diego says:

    Sorry everyone,

    I don’t know where to put it. But this sounds like a really bad joke. Gotta read it. Unbelievable. What a load of shits, those saudis. Please read this: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gyy9tlD4hRjJD2wQ__gxvo_IzYEgD9B6QSRG0

    “Saudis ask for aid if world cuts dependence on oil”

  19. diego says:

    I’d say let them rot and die. Their own fault if the world turn their back on them. If only they were nicer. Oh yeah, I can sympathize a bit: their philippine maids will go home, and who’s going to wipe their ass for them then? Ha ha. I always see those saudis as big (spoiled) kids…, and as spoiled kids do, they throw tantrum. Jesus flaming christ.

  20. parvita says:

    Has there been any winner of Putri Indonesia that wore jilbab?

    If one joins the pageant with the attitude it doesn’t matter not to win, then why join the beauty contest? Plus, it’s a beauty contest. While jilbab is meant to cover beauty. I think beauty contestants should not cover themselves so that people can see their beauty, right?

    Maybe those who wear jilbab should join an Inner Beauty Contest. All the contestants could cover themselves. Aa Gym and Ustad Jeffry will be the jury.

  21. David says:

    I don’t know where to put it.

    In the forum.

  22. Deta says:

    It is clear then that the pageant has nothing to do with attitude (as they frequently, liefully, said) moreover brain, but it is merely about physical things, for the sake of lust. Hua hua hua..

  23. donny says:

    just opened up newspaper and read about this whole controversy …

    I find this one funny …

    Acehnese for her,especially if he stand on the stage with bikini only

    HE ??? … did PPT meant the judge will pose on the stage with bikini ?? or perhaps the ulamas ??

    anyhow … this mess is even worse than Miyabi … we have much much much more to do rather than discussing this topic …

    every winner got two prizes … main prize (including new fans) and new enemies … that’s normal, folks …

    and since now she’s Putri Indonesia (no longer Putri Aceh) … and will represent Indonesia, promote his country in much much better way than Miyabi promotes Japan – and you cannot deny that if she got nominated in miss universe and so on … Aceh Province name will shine, also …

    did it ever occurred to many of you (who opposes her), that her winning may improve tourism, better understanding of Aceh (there you go, promote aceh to the world) and benefit ACEHNESE people ?? hey … more tourism means more income for Acehnese … increased prosperity for many ??

    think about manfaat dan mudharat (sorry if I mistype this one)

    mudharat – not appropriate since sharia law stated that all woman should be shrouded, thus should not represent aceh (agreeable and make sense) … but it already happened, what can you do ?

    manfaat – increased prosperity (if they can manage it well, of course) for many of acehnese from increased tourism … brings Aceh name to the world (so they will be renowned for beauty of its land, of its culture, of its people, plus the chance to introduce sharia law to the world, to change the stigma of the world that Islam is bad to Islam is beautiful )

    if most of you agree with mudharat, please declare money from tourism haram now …

    PS : I think Aceh had some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

  24. sputjam says:

    This Miss aceh lady has a funny name. has she got european father or something?

    There is no democracy in a syariah system. Many muslims who denounce islam the religion cannot do so on their own accord. They will be dragged into syariah court where they will be asked to renounce, or suffer punishment, in this case, maybe a death sentance.

    Those areas where syariah is applied by consent of the majority suppresses those that disagree.

    I would have thought that tourism would be a great money earner for the region of aceh. It has beautiful beaches and a national Park. Plus it is situated next to tourism hub of Phuket, Penang and Langkawi. Many european like to skip from one torusit spot to another. Unfortunately, not much has been done to encourage airlines to land there. there should by now have a dirct flights from Phuket and Penang.

    Instead, the administrators of the state concern themselves with syariah law. Even arabs will not visit such a place. And arabs are big spenders and long stayers during their summer months.

    Who cares if islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Muslims serve their relgion, but seldom do they serve God by serving humanity. many blow themselves up for their religion ignoring what was stated in the koran :-

    “…O people of the Book, let us come to a common understanding between us and between you; that 1) we serve none except God, and 2) that we do not set up anything with Him, and 3) that none of us takes each other as patrons besides God….” (The Message 3:64)

    So no religion and no imams is the message.

  25. PPT says:

    @ Donny:

    Seems like you always oppose whoever bring religion, especially Islam on every topics.

    ‘HE’? I meant SHE of course, its just a mis writing and u blow it up?

    The whole thing about Qory’s supporter her based on this following verse:

    QS 2:120
    The Jews and the Christians would not like to you so that you follow their religion. Say: ‘The guidance of ALLAH is (the actual ) guidance”. And if thou follow their desires after this knowledge come to you, then ALLAH is no longer the protector and helper for you”.

    “follow their religion” doesn’t mean that one must become a Christian or Jew. Just by having the same principals as them is enough, follow their way of thinking and life. Misdirect and misguide from Islam basic principals and call it old fashion and out of date and they will always do this:

    -Use their double standards for everything that got to do with Muslims and Islam.
    -They will always against the Shariah Law and bring up the Human Rights issues, but they never cared about The Muslims’ rights
    -Blow out Muslims mistakes in huge proportion and hide down they’re own mistakes.

    Don’t lose your ground and faith by reading the comments from these people, keep on the right path. COZ’ THEY WON’T STOP UNTIL YOU BECOME ONE OF THEM.

  26. donny says:

    Seems like you always oppose whoever bring religion, especially Islam on every topics.

    ‘HE’? I meant SHE of course, its just a mis writing and u blow it up?

    just one sentence and it means I blow it up ?? hahahahaaaa … =D

    I am not opposing any religion, including islam … I am opposing hatred toward fellow human being, opposing belief that by following some religion you are better than anybody else, opposing the way some of us desecrating other religion, other fellow human being …

    It’s OK to think your religion (whatever it is) to be better than other religion
    but don’t act like that … it may hurt somebody’s feeling, and when they strike back … you’ll feel the pain and … strike back … and so on and so on and so on

    this is WHY there’s war between religions … or even sects within same religion

    I have no hatred towards every or any religion …
    I just want to make some of us realize … that we are brothers, we are equals, we should help each other instead of condemning, judging fellow human being =D

    answer my simple question :

    If Allah / God / whatever is ALLMIGHTY … does He really need you to defend HIM ?? He’s Almighty already … and by stating that you’re defending Him … does it means you’re lowering Almighty’s status ?? =D

    live well, respect fellow human being, help without thinking about races, religion, or reward in Paradise or punishment in hell … do it because you care … =D

    cheers =D

  27. donny says:

    forgot to add …

    I even said that “Islam is beautiful”

    read my comment with cool head, PPT … =D

    wish you well =D

  28. Deta says:

    There is no grey area in Islam, either you take it completely (with a fully understanding of it) or leave it. Taking only parts of Islam will make you end up being a hypocrite. Blindly following a fake ‘ulama (someone who puts on islamic clothes but God knows who) without using your brain and heart will make you end up being a terrorist.

    However, there’s no force in choosing Islam. As stated in the Holy Quran: (1) Say : O ye that reject Faith! (2) I worship not that which ye worship, (3) Nor will ye worship that which I worship. (4) And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship (5) Nor will ye worship that which I worship. (6) To you be your Way, and to me mine. (Surah 109: Al Kafirun).

    Saudi has nothing to do with Islam. Islam was begun in Saudi since that country had a degraded morality value and needed to be healed the most in the first place.

    As for the tourism, there are a lot of ways to promote tourism other than by sacrificing your value and belief. Only fool will blame on the religion if the tourism in one area is not managed professionally.

  29. PPT says:

    Oh I’m sorry donny..

    I just read your last post on Atheist Threat, sorry i didn’t know that you are MUTRAD.

    That’s why U always stand on the front line when someone brings religion especially Islam on the topics.

    I never do this to defend ALLAH, HE is indeed Almighty, i am standing for HIS religion and believers that being molested, misdirected and humiliated by some people.

    Will you let someone you love i.e.g your parent/family or wife or girlfriend being humiliated in front of you? You just stood there and say they can take care of them selves? Defending HIS religion and fellow Muslims is part of IMAN and by telling other Muslims to stay away from sins is also part of IMAN(in this case Qory’s act to open her Jilbab). If I don’t have IMAN i wouldn’t say anything, just let it be…

    ALLAH only sees ur IMAN, doing good deeds without IMAN u will get people’s respect only but not from HIM.


  30. PPT says:

    Correction: MURTAD

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