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The Governor of Jakarta, Sutiyoso, says that radical groups in the city need to be reined in.

The police in Jakarta, says Media Indonesia, plan to hold a meeting with the leaders of some controversial groups such as the Islamic Defenders Front and the various Betawi “forum” associations, on July 1st.

Governor Sutiyoso says he is more than willing to attend the meeting and, according to the Jakarta Post,

This problem has clearly been tormenting the public, but there will always be differences between people. What is to become of this nation if violence results from differences of opinion?

However, Sutiyoso said any disciplinary action needed to be strictly in proportion to the threat posed by the groups.

The eradication of these organizations requires legal measures. If we observe that their actions are against the law, then they must be dealt with according to the law. They cannot just be given free rein, as is presently the case.

Human rights activist and lawyer Todung Mulya Lubis said that no one but the police had the authority to act and that a sufficient legal basis for police action could be found in the Criminal Code:

Nobody has the right to take the law into their own hands. Anyone who does that must be dealt with. No organization, be it the Islam Defenders Front, the Betawi Brotherhood Forum or the Indonesian Mujahidin Council, has the legal legitimacy to commit acts of violence or anarchy or single out individuals.

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  1. Masindi says:

    This is what happens when a nation does not have a fully functional law enforcement system in place. Regardless of what the law says, if it is not enforced the it is just like a coo book sitting on a coffee table left untouched for a long time.

  2. Paul Dale says:

    The problem must be truly serious if it has distracted Sutiyoso from his money-making activities & corrupt scheming.

  3. Rockstar says:

    Paul that was hillarious lol 😀

  4. Dragonwall says:

    Though Mr Sutiyoso is no longer the Governor of Jakarta he still could do plenty for his people.

    Understanding that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. The authority, what do we mean by authority, must not compromise with any radical groups.

    Jakarta should set up a special force. CPIB, CCB answerable to the President like in Singapore.

    Any officials conducting bribe, accepting bribe must be meted out by the law to the fullest and be given deterent sentence with no possibility of an early parole.

    A religion cannot be compare as the same level of authority as the Law set out by the Constitution.

    When Amien Rais threatened to led a million people march to the Istana on 19th May 1998 when he backed out after being warned that they will be shot.
    This should be the kind of determination the government must adopt their stance.

    Embracing the same religion doesn’t mean that they have to agree with those radical. If they do, then they are no different than those radicals themselves.

    The armed force and police must be educated in such a manner. Those commanders who swayed in favor of radicals should not be left unscathed. These are the root to a coup d’etat.

    If a President cannot be left alone to do his job and every two to five years a change of President. Can things be implemented properly.

    During Soeharto’s era. He had 30 good years, though many considered him a dictator, but do you agree during his time there were peace and prosperity throughout Indonesia with some restrictions though not that democratic.

    During the LKY era. The same thing hapenned. Every Singaporean, except syonan, is contended with life. He is fortunate that most singaporean were educated enough to understand the misery thus escaping the possibilities of a hostile takeover. Until so far Singapore has been in good hands and is doing even better. Slow but steady.

    Because being a massive land mass Indonesia has, makes it difficult and most of the governors appointed we tied to religious groups making them susceptible to influence and coercion by radical groups making them easy target of collaboration. This eventually leads to the inability of the President in excercising his authority over those radical zombies.

    Each time someone threatens to do something, the government or authority tend to soften down their stance unable to execute what was being planned.

    If Indonesia does not have that much gfn pretending to be too smart religious clerics and those in comand, then the job of the President will be much easier.

    I hoped to see Indonesia transformed into a country free of radicals and terrorists. Is the government capable of clamping and weeding out those zombies?
    If Soeharto could I don’t see why he couldn’t. I also understand that there are separatist among the military splitting power giving SBY little chance of control over them. that was why the DPR MPR was so eager cut the dwifungsi of the ABRI.

    Being the President who is the supreme commander has the authority to order them to carry out what is necessary to keep peace and order and not having to be afraid of the religious groups.

Comment on “Governor Sutiyoso Speaketh”.

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