Poll: Ayu Azhari vs Desy Ratnasari

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Actresses Ayu Azhari and Desy Ratnasari have their sights on political power in Sukabumi, who will win?

Ayu Azhari, real name Siti Khadijah Azhari, sultry soft porn actress and sister to the similarly talented, Sarah Azhari, hopes to run for deputy regent of the West Java regency of Sukabumi, representing the slightly secular-nationalist Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP) at elections of May 2010.

Ayu AzhariA few days ago Ayu’s name was formally registered at the local PDIP office, as the running mate of one Dr. Heriyanto. Ayu’s lawyer, who submitted the nomination, said his sexy client had long dreamed of serving the people:

Since a long time ago she has wanted to be a servant of society, she doesn’t just want to sit in office for five years, she wants to get things done.

Meanwhile a party official said that four other pairs of candidates had applied, but he was pretty sure that the Heriyanto-Azhari combination would get the nod from PDI-P bigwigs in Jakarta. antara

Desy RatnasariHowever in a late breaking development Ayu, who is married to Danish rocker from ‘White Lion’, Mike Tramp, may have some celebrity competition in her bid for power, in the form of lovely actress-singer Desi Ratnasari. l6

Desy, who was born in Sukabumi in 1973, intends to run for president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s Partai Demokrat, as the running mate of one H. Ucok Haris Maulana Yusuf. The singer of “Tenda Biru” faces eight other potential nominees for the position, but is favoured to get the nod. pikiran-rakyat

Who would you vote for, lovely Desy or sexy Ayu?

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21 Comments on “Poll: Ayu Azhari vs Desy Ratnasari”

  1. riniss says:

    No one.oh,please!

  2. diego says:

    Why “no one please”?. I mean, will there any difference if any of them becomes “wabup” or not? I mean, I just don’t care.

  3. David says:

    Alright, I added in ‘none’. And Donald Duck. For you kill-joys and naysayers out there. Not happy about it though.

  4. deta says:

    Wow, I hate to let Patung down so bad that he put donald duck as an option ;-). So even though I don’t like both, Dessy Ratnasari will be my preference over Ayu Azhari. The fact that she is originated from Sukabumi and seems to have a higher intellectuality than Ayu Azhari are some of the reasons (well, have to check their IQ first because Ayu is a descendent of Arab, so they come from different races, according to Anthony from the other thread :D).

    Anyway, I was assigned in Sukabumi by my company for one year back in 2005. Sukabumi is continuing to develop its potentiality in trading, tourism, and plantation/agriculture, ergo requires a good leadership. But if these artists can prove their capability beyond their popularity – or the other way around, their popularity can support their capability – shouldn’t be a problem.

  5. riniss says:

    Hahahaha.mr patung u really added donald duck.lol.i mean i do mind if ayu or desi will become wagub…

  6. Ross says:

    Aaah! Fun! I was worried by the long lazy silence from IM over the hols.
    Well, given West Java’s record as a breeding ground for goat-beards, I reckon Ms Azhari might wake ’em up!
    She gets my vote!

  7. deta says:

    She might. As long as she puts the banana leaves to cover her up. You know how goats love to eat ’em.

  8. diego says:

    I was told by people — when I was in Bali — that goats love to eat paper. I kind of believe that.

  9. deta says:

    That must be in Bungin Island, Sumbawa. People can learn how to ‘digest a book’ literally there…The goats must be very clever.

  10. bs says:

    Why aren’t Gandalf and superman in the list? There were “hanging around” at the previous elections.

    On the bright side, at least the people have some choice nowadays. There’s no old fart with too much money shoved down their throats, but they have to choose between some young girls. Anyone who knows their educational background?

  11. diego says:

    Desi studied in the same senior high school as Dede Yusuf. That’s all I know.

  12. Ross says:

    BTW, Patung, your voting mechanism seems to be faulty. I have tried to cast my festive ballot for my choice, but to no avail.

  13. David says:

    I think you’re using Internet Explorer. That’s a problem. If you log out, then try to vote, that will work I think though.

  14. Sweely says:

    I agree with Patung. You need to switch to firefox or opera in order for it to work. IE is bad.

  15. Ross says:

    Did as Patung said and voted for the cutie. Tho I prefer her ‘big’ sister!

  16. madrotter says:

    voted for ayu too, they can do with a bit of soft porn up in sukabumi me thinks, with mak erot passed away, i agree with ross, her sister (although less pretty in my eyes) is a lot more sexy in a slutty padded room kinda way, not in the least because of her enormous assets….

  17. Astrajingga says:

    Come on, the choice is too easy.

    Of course Ayu (especially without banana leaf).
    I mean, we should use banana leaf for it’s real purpose, like making lontongs.

    Vote Ayu!

    Make more lontongs and pepes ikan mas!

    Take the banana leaf away from her!

  18. Rob Baiton says:

    Are there significant policy and vision differences between the candidates that require a thoughtful decision to be made?

    Or is this simply a popularity contest on who is the better actress?

  19. Ross says:

    From the posts above, Rob, I don’t think too many ‘voters’ are taking this IM contest very seriously.
    Also, what the various parties say and do rarely is a sound guide to what happens post-election, a phenomenon not unique to Indonesia.
    Thhough my choice’s career to date tends to indicate she may upset the goaties, another good reason to cast a ballot her way.

  20. Ross says:

    Further to the above, I note there is now a Facebook group dedicated to opposing my fave’s campaign!

  21. deta says:

    Spent the brand new days of 2010 at Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi. This is the beach view from the cottage where I stayed.

    Whoever rules Sukabumi, I hope they can make this place more beautiful.
    Happy new year, everybody!

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