Coming out Swinging

Feb 21st, 2009, in Asides, by

The week of IM in review, love and romance, aliens, shady business dealings, and coming out swinging slugfests.


An American Muslim businessman visits Jakarta and has an affair with a woman, and wonders whether she is a prostitute. He goes into a little gynaecological detail in Help A Clueless Bule.

Farah and somebody else check out the eligible bachelors on dating sites aimed at Indonesian/Asian women, in Online Date.

The pages of are no longer slower than a wet week to load, relief and joy is felt across the nation. However Patung vows to start shaking his money maker, if he can pull his finger out of it. (and in that spirit, improve your English, meet Indonesian girls, book a hotel in Jakarta.)

The debate over whether alien technology has helped Java in centuries past roars back to life, as all good discussions do.

Who or what is Satrio Piningit and is he too much competition for Republican royal Sultan Hamengkubuwono’s naked ambition?

Is Jusuf Kalla’s opposition to nuclear power plants in Indonesia a result of his business interests? Achmad has his say, while Cukurungan is tight lipped but makes some sense for a change.

Expat men and Indonesian men at oil and gas firms, what’s it like for young Indonesian women working with them? Farah spills the beans.

A discussion on Papua inexplicably turns into an anti-Chinese/pro-Chinese slugfest, to the shock and bewilderment of many. Diego goes into the pre-moderation sin bin.


Hillary Clinton visits Jakarta and Indonesia loses its status as World’s Most Populous Irrelevant Country, briefly. (NY Times)

American people on the internet make their judgments about some Daily Life Photos from Indonesia (

Life is boring in Adelaide and Bule Australia there blog their love of Indonesia, in the lingo, for want of anything else to do. (Blogspot)

Indonesian democracy boils down to lots of posters and billboards, and some of them are lucu. (Some site)


An IM Travel Editor/Writer is sought, apply within.

Lairedion is the night moderator and has full powers to send anything to the trash bin, willy nilly.

Farah (3rd plug) remains unmarried as far as we know.

Purba Negoro remains banned.

This post will mysteriously vanish by Monday.

Sorry if I missed anything, and….enjoy your weekend…..

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