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Expatriate pop singer Anggun visited Jakarta recently and left us with her opinions on the anti-pornography bill.

Anggun Cipta Sasmi, who lives in France now, re-visited Jakarta for a special concert at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) recently and, after belting out a few songs from her albums “Luminescence” and “Snow on the Sahara”, including the hits “Saviour” and “In Your Mind”, she offered her view, in a roundabout way, on the public morality debate over the RUU APP bill.

Anggun C Sasmi
Anggun C Sasmi.

She accomplished this by telling a story about some women who had inspired the lyrics to be found in the “In Your Mind” song. She told of women who had suffered in societies that restricted the freedom of women generally. She then said:

I was born in a Muslim country. I am Muslim. But I’m very concerned that my country is becoming backward in this way. Because Islam is known as a tolerant religion. I don’t support countries that frustrate the young generation.
(Saya lahir di negara Islam. Saya Islam. Tapi saya sangat prihatin kalau negara saya jadi terbelakang seperti itu. Karena Islam itu mengenal yang namanya toleransi. Saya tidak mendukung negara yang bikin generasi mudanya frustrasi.)

And here the lyrics be:

I don’t want to believe
And i don’t want to live
By the excuses
Of your weakness

’cause a woman should do
What she wants to do
There is no reason
For your shallow aggravation

Nothing wrong with this dress I wear
Nothing wrong with this smile I dare
Nothing wrong with my long black hair
I’ts all in your mind, in your mind

Nothing wrong with this legs you see
Nothing wrong with this lean body
And nothing wrong with the woman in me
Its’ all in your mind, in your mind

I just want to be sure
Don’t want anymore
You’re calling out names
Oh what a shame

Just open your mind
Then maybe you’ll find
That there’s no reason
For your shallow aggravation

This is the time
To change your mind
There’s still a chance
To change your mind

It’s plain to see
From anywhere that the only thing wrong
Is your irritating mind

56 Comments on “Anggun C Sasmi”

  1. Anonymous_aloy says:

    Despite being away from Indonesia for so long, Anggun C Sasmi turns out to be more Indonesian than many of her fellow citizens who want to turn Indonesia into Saudi. Anggun C Sasmi is a face of Indonesia I grew up in, a face of plural and tolerant Indonesia. Like the small groups but brave Indonesian citizens who spoke against RUU APP, she’s reminding us of an Indonesia our founding fathers were imagining.

    The core supporters of the RUU APP represent the voice of bigotry, small-mindedness, and inferiority complex of Indonesian new middle class.

    Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is leading the silent majority in giving the bigots a free pass.

  2. atik ashari says:

    you have beautiful voice ,no one can say no.and you are beautiful lady too.But Im really sorry I don’t totally agree about the opinion of Indonesia woman.Well I won’t talking alot here. but you can open my website . I will post the article that I couldn’t write here.
    thank you

  3. Adj says:

    Anggun represent the real Indonesian in modern era, she is amazing and gorgeous woman, she is been thru the hard and good times. Indonesia is completely not an Arab country even the majority of it’s peoples are Moslem. Indonesia has its own identity and culture which completely different to those Arab worlds, I’m not saying that I’m an anti-Arab, but Indonesia has a rich culture and Anggun is again the person who always tried to reveals how beauty the country is regardless what’s religion you have. Bahrain, Uni Emirates Arab and Qatar are examples of the modern Arabs, they are tolerant and open for new ideas and new peoples and even applied much more western aspects in their culture another aspect of life, thats a good example for Indonesia and Indonesian self. At the end I always be for Anggun and her ideas. She trys always to open our and the government eyes wide that we are not Arabs. But always remember in this beautiful country lives bunch non-Moslem too.

  4. jack ass says:

    I only can say “you are the rissing star from Indonesia” i like you.

  5. rahma says:

    Anggun…Im Indonesian girl..young Indonesian…
    and frustration ..
    This country sucks…..
    believe me…….
    I love Indonesia but these people make me bored……..
    Anggun..lucky you there in France…
    freedom in France….

    I just want to be mine… not someone’s else…..
    dont rule the way of my thinking…. Im bored about women n moral of their version….

    freedom is my middle name…
    urrhhhhh……….’re great….
    good luck there……

  6. chacha says:

    anggun I’M so in love with your courage and I’M support you 100% we need someone like you. I think this religion is just went to far. I remember the time that I can’t even wear any kind of pant. I only can wear skirt. I love you anggun and may god on your side.

  7. ipan says:

    i dont totally agreed of what anggun said that this country is going backward and make the young generation frustrate true it is too far for peoples who try to make this country become purely Muslim like Arab but remember onething we don’t make the young gneration frustate we try of giving them a knowledge so that they dont gone too far if you know what i mean and please consider a better youg generation for those who said this country is sux.

  8. sineater says:

    so true so true, wat anggun says .

  9. Ryan says:

    Anggun is the talented Indonesian singer, Go anggun !
    we love U !

  10. Mike Aldo says:

    Nothing wrong with this legs you see
    Nothing wrong with this lean body
    And nothing wrong with the woman in me
    Its’ all in your mind, in your mind

    This is a part of u r lyrics that To describs u,so thats u r
    I think u r have beautiful voice ,no one can say no.and you are beautiful lady tooticle that I couldn’t write here.thank you
    I just to surely my opinion that u combination between great voice,Indonesian Face, and Smart Girl I wannna tell u that “you are the rissing star from Indonesia” I am really like youand appoud 2 u.

  11. gino says:

    u r Indonesian tru inspirator..thanks for everything u done to bring Indonesia to other side of this world

  12. samhk3388 says:

    anggun I love this singer,she w’ll be more great in future

  13. Nita says:

    Anggun, you are the rising star from Indonesia. You make me proud because you always tell people that Indonesia is a good country.
    I will always support you

  14. Keke says:

    dear Anggun.. I always heard your songs everyday and I search your song’s lyrics. I wish you come to Indonesia and sing again in here.
    You’re the best Singer from Indonesia. I hope you will success forever……

  15. Mank De says:

    Anggun…… are my Favorite singer since the first time I’ve heard your voice.
    We…….need you, to wake them up that the world has changed so much, they were sleeping all the time.
    I have lost your first Indonesian Album and I could not find it anymore. Please help if you have a copy of it. I am willing to pay.

    Viva Anggun, you are so beautiful

  16. ranto_bsi says:

    i admire this kind women, woman full of talented, pretty n smart

    i love ur songs, you are the best woman singer..

    keep fighting girl

    we are love you
    we can’t live without ur songs

  17. Flora Mitton says:

    Anggun, For Westeners yeah she’s beautiful, georgous whatever, but in Indonesia..lot lot lot more beautiful than her. Anyway, I admire your courages to achieve your success. You got an incredible talent in singing. I dont really know what happened after you left for France. I know you are famous now , you live in different society , different culture but …remember, you are wrong saying about this country is going backward..i dont know where did you get this idea. I am currently living in Thailand, I just realised that our country is better on some cases. When I was in Indonesia I was upset for many things …but when I am in another country I just realised how much i love INDONESIA. You know guys, it’s just the government were and are not good, but the people. Indonesian…they are struggling for live. Just think about …in UK if you are a girl got a baby no job no husband…the country will help you. But in Indonesia….the girl has to struggle to raise the child. She will be very lucky if the parents ,families helped her. Just think ……
    Anyway, I believe..if the people support our current president now, we can make a change. Our country will be better.
    To Anggun…..It’s great that you are one of the world singer. But…..just always be Indonesian, be a god Muslim if you are still Muslim. I saw your topless photograph, i dont think it’s right. It doesnt represent Indonesian culture…..Indonesian women.

    one more thing”¦.i like her song..rose in the wind”¦you are just modest in your life I guess”¦

  18. eca says:

    That’s Indonesian woman

  19. Bradlymail says:

    you still groove…..since last time we met in Singapore, very appreciate what you said “I was born in a Muslim country. I am Muslim. But I’m very concerned that my country is becoming backward in this way. Because Islam is known as a tolerant religion. I don’t support countries that frustrate the young generation.”

  20. Anggun.. many of my friends tell me that I look like you (I’m so proud about this) because I adore you since you come up on the stage at the very beginning, I have the same age with you. I like the way you bring yourself, your life, the way you thinking, your beauty, everything, it’s inspire me a lot..One time I was in Paris, wishing that I will meet you there, but I was not lucky I guess. Anggun…all the best for you!

  21. inge says:

    I agreed in what she said about that stupid law.. What the???. Being a good person doesnt mean you have to cover your whole body to show that you are good. Not every woman who wears veil are good anyway. At least i met a few who arent! No offence, but this is the fact of life. You have the choice to be good or bad and It has got nothing to do with what you wear…! “Everthing comes down from your “mind”. So what if Anggun wears bikini or whatever,… She is an entertainer for God’s sake.. and that doesnt mean that she is a bad Moslems! Good or bad,…only God knows.. Judging someone by what they are wearing is a waste of time! If you are a true believer in God, you should not bear false witness againts others! A true Moslem are not different from Christians or others… We all believe in the same God and only seeing Him in different ways!! Dont make our life more difficult than what already are! Bravo Anggun!

  22. Ronal says:

    As a music, especially rock, lover, I want to say that you are such a real entertainer. You are tallented, you are THE GREAT to me. Hey… are on the right side, keep on going. Thank you for being a singer, so I can hear your incredible music and your powerfull lyrics. Your voice is a miracle. I’ll pray for you, hoping you’ll succes forever

  23. Lily says:

    I’m one of your fans. I really like you so much. I’m also “Muslim” (because my parents are Muslim, ok). But I support what you do. We need woman like you. Do what you want to do, be your self.
    Go for it, go on Anggun!
    I always love you.

  24. Hassan says:

    Hey, didn’t Anggun converted to Christianity some time ago? 😀

  25. inge says:

    Hassan, I think Anggun’s religion has got nothing to do with the way she dressed! Why don’t you bring your family to live in Arabs if you are so desperate to be an Arab. Then you won’t see anyone like Anggun anymore there, right? hahaha!! What a retard! You obviously don’t understand much about human rights and have no respects for people who are different from you. You are pathetic! You think that everythings that are non-moslems are definetely Christians or others. Have you had a chance to travel overseas and see the beautiful cultures of others, really, you need to open up your mind a bit unless you really just live in Arab countries, hahaha. Good for you! We don’t need people like you in Indonesia who confuse themselves between Arab and Indonesian.
    Such a hypocrite!

    And no, she is not Christian I think! Read the other threads for God’s sake, if you don’t know anything don’t just come here and write a rubbish comment!

  26. Mohammed Khafi says:


    Just read her quotes on the top of this thread:

    I was born in a Muslim country. I am Muslim. But I’m very concerned that my country is becoming backward in this way. Because Islam is known as a tolerant religion. I don’t support countries that frustrate the young generation.

    She was educated in a Catholic school, and she has also studied Buddhism.

    Alhamdulillah, another open minded, modern Muslimah! I still have the strongest faith that Islam can be dragged screaming and kicking into the same century as the rest of the world. With women like Anggun setting an example for all modern Muslimah, there is hope that the Arab cultural shackles which have held us back can be broken.

    Anggun is not only attractive and talented, she is intelligent, modest, and caring, how many people know for instance that she is a spokesperson for the United Nations Microcredit Programme, a poverty eradication programme for empowering women in the Third World?

    Go Girl!


  27. Potterfield says:

    Hello everybody!
    I’m French and I ‘m a big fan of Anggun (I have all her albums since she lives in France and some Indonesians cd) I meet her 2 times and I can tell you she’s a very nice and good person!

    Everytime, when she speaks on TV, she says that Indonesia is the most beautiful country of the world, and it’s necessary to visit your country! She says that it’s a very Muslim country, but it’s very tolerant! In france we’ve never had a woman as a president yet! (perhaps in 3 months).

    Yes, she’s Muslim but she says the faith doesn’t pass through other men: priest/rabbi/imam or other men.
    It doesn’t matter if you pray 5 times per day, or once by week, if you have a veil, a kippa or nothing on your head. “The faith is only between you and God”.

    But personnaly, I think it’s like in others countries, you have tolerant and intolerant person, especially about religion. I think that we shouldn’t mix political and religion, in France for example, the religion is separated from the State since 1905, and the laws of the State prevail on the laws of the religions, I think it’s the same thing in Indonesia isn’t it? But I also know that it’s not always respected, especially inside the the families, it’s hard for girls to live among severe men.

    Fortunately, there are artists like Anggun to change the world with their manner.

  28. Rene says:

    Am proud to have such talent come out of Indonesia.
    Please continue to do what you do best.
    You Go Girl!!!

  29. Desbassarie says:

    Anggun, I think you’re GREAT. And I think you made a right decisions about staying in france. I think, if you didn’t do that in the first place, then you wouldn’t be like you are right now. That’s awesome. I admire you because of that.

    You have an extraordinary voice and you probably are the one and only musician from Indonesia that really is considered by international. BRAVO. That proves that you don’t have to stay in where you are, just stuck in there in what so reason to prove yourself. You still can prove your self everywhere.

    And because I’m an Indonesian I’d like to ask you 3 questions, some of it in Indonesian.
    1. My parents said that ‘desbassarie’ which is my name is based on a street name or something in France. Is it?
    2. Anggun dulu sma di sma 68 salemba bukan? Kapan visit 68? That’s my school now.
    3. Would you send me a reply?


  30. Viggen says:

    I’m happy to hear that Anggun is a Muslim and she’ll always be one. Anggun, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you know what I mean.

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