Accidents Waiting to Happen

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Whether nuclear power is suitable for Indonesia, or are Indonesians too absent minded to manage it.

In a meeting with businessmen in Jakarta recently at the Four Seasons Hotel vice president Jusuf Kalla said his Golkar Party was opposed to the building of nuclear power plants because it was unrealistic in Indonesia. vivanews

Jusuf Kalla, possibly smiling

Firstly Kalla said people had the “not in my back yard” attitude, whenever a potential site was discussed local people rose up in protest, like at the proposed PLTN Muria site on the north coast of Central Java.

As soon as there is a plan to build people start demonstrating.

Another reason Kalla said was that Indonesians tended to be absent minded:

Our people really are known to be a bit careless.

Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson, not Indonesian

For these reasons, and for the time being at least, Golkar was in the Nuclear Free camp, he said.

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  1. Mr Tic Tac Toe says:

    I think in the near future we do not want to give our Rakyat Indonesia another ailing and aging Nuclear Power Plant Industry.

    who sez anything about industry?
    Baby steps, pak.

    First we buy the simplest solution available(im inclined toward SSTAR or IRIS or Toshiba 4S). We outsource the maintenance while training local capabilities. We slowly introduce the western-style industrial safety culture. We carefully planned slow growth on adopting the technology, so we dont have to recruit too many. That way we dont have to fire much when the whole thing collapsed. Finally we should design exit strategy, even before everything started.

    The point is not about profit, or national pride. It is about extending people’s capabilities including capabilities of those you called technocrats, and extending choices of energy. Both are strategic advantages for the nation’s future.

    We should indeed learn from IPTN’s failures. We dont need a great leap forward a la iptn. Throwing lots of engineer to instantly innovate something is like asking 9 men to make a baby in a month.

    Just baby steps.

  2. DXP says:

    If the majority of average Indonesian have the discipline, hard-working, persistance, open minded & global perspectives then your country will not fall into perpetual economy crisis trap like what is continuously happening since 1997. Isn’t it amazing, one of a kind situation that a big nation like Indonesia can not take-off after 12 years of Asian Financial crises and now fall into a deeper world financial crisis ? 2 financial crises and yet Indonesia have never restore like in 1992 – 1996.

    Your VP statement is an honest statement that is a truly reflection of the majority’s mentality, a second grade mentality

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