Front Penyelamat Tangerang

May 27th, 2006, in News, by

The Front Penyelamat Tangerang, or Tangerang Saviors Front (FPT), attacked a complex of shops thought to be dens of sin.

Tempo reports that the Front, numbering about 150 men, converged on the Lipo Karawaci commercial area and attempted to close a number of clubs there believed to be places of alcohol drinking and prostitution.

Led by one Tubagus Mahdi the FPT demanded that the clubs be closed, in accordance with a Tangerang city by-law (Peraturan Daerah Nomor 7 tahun 2005 tentang Anti Minuman Miras dan Perda No. 8 tahun 2005 tentang larangan Pelacuran) against prostitution and the sale of alcoholic drinks. Alcohol may only be sold in certain restaurants and three star and up hotels. Upon arriving in the area the Front men were said to have hurled insults at staff of the clubs and Mahdi was heard to say:

I, Haji Mahdi, am not afraid of anyone. Anyone who is brave enough to oppose me please step forward.
(Saya Haji Mahdi tidak takut dengan siapapun. Siapa yang berani menantang saya disilakan maju.)

Many people stepped forward. Hundreds of nearby motorcycle taxi drivers, security guards, club employees and local toughs retailated and a brawl ensued. Fists, planks of wood, and stones were all made use of. As the brawl went on the numbers started stacking up against the Front men and they beat a retreat. However two of their number could not get away and were beaten senseless.

Tangerang Police detained five members of the FPT, including group leader Mahdi. They were questioned for five hours before being released.

The police’s intelligence unit head, Commander Elisius, said the protest by the FPT was illegal:

They didn’t have a permit to demonstrate.
(Aksi unjuk rasa itu tak ada izinnya.)

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  1. Ahmad says:

    hahahahahaha. served the bastards right!!!

  2. Rezza A says:

    I know this guy (the leader) pretty well, he’s a hypocrite and who is he to judge one’s actions.. People like him.. tubagus mahdi adhiansyah, deserves nothing but a beating

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