The Palestinian Cause

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The issue of the “Palestinians” keeps occupying the minds of Islamic oriented political forces in the country.

On May 26th 2006 it is reported that House of Representatives (DPR) Chairman Agung Laksono says that the House will soon form a parliamentary caucus specifically to discuss the issue of “Palestine”.

The caucus would be a manifestation of the Indonesian people’s sympathy towards Palestine and its people, meaning the Arabs presumably, Agung Laksono said after a meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar. Agung said the DPR had urged the government to provide financial aid to the Palestinian government and to lobby western countries to prevent them from imposing economic sanctions on Palestine.

On the same day Foreign Minister Wirajuda confirmed the intention of Indonesia to assign a special envoy to Palestine, first mooted by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on his his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates. The plan to assign the special envoy showed that Indonesia not only supported the Palestinians morally but also was ready to take concrete steps, Wirajuda said.

Metrotv reported that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also reaffirmed his support for one of the sides in a far-away conflict. In meeting Mahmud Al Zahar at the presidential palace SBY promised to give all aid possible to the Palestinians.

Enthusiastic crowd lines the road as Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar visits the Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta, 26th May.

Also on May 26th reports came up of “Islamic masses” in Depok, West Java, rallying to the cause of Arab terrorism against Israel. An event, organized by the Uswatul Ummah Foundation and attended by Secretary General of the Indonesian Committee for Palestine Solidarity, clerics Ferry Nur and Ihsan Tanjung, Dr. Idris Abdushomad of the Indonesian Association of Muslim Preachers, and Tazmaluddin Eldad of Muhammadyah, was held as an “action of solidarity and support to the people of Palestine who are now suffering from aid boycott imposed by the United States, Israel, Australia, and almost all European countries.”

Attendees did not appear to question why so many countries, including many who are normally very sympathetic to the “Palestinians”, had suddenly decided to withdraw their support for the nascent state. Instead they yelled “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) repeatedly and denounced Israel and all its calumnies. Supporters of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) made up the bulk of the attendance with many party flags seen to be waved about.

A similar, much larger, rally was held yesterday in Jakarta in support of Arabs in conflict with Israel, specifically to protest the recent Israeli incursions into the Palestinian territories over the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier. Over 100,000 activists and supporters of the Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) marched to the US embassy in Jakarta.

Around 500 policemen with water cannons were seen to be protecting the American embassy.

PKS Rally
Anti-Israel rally.

Protesters set up, and then “stoned”, a series of wooden pillars, representing the United States and Israel, with wads of tissue paper, an action meant to symbolize a rock-throwing ritual carried out each year by Muslim pilgrims in Mecca, known as the stoning of the devil.

Demonstrators, mostly clad in flowing white gowns, chanted the customary slogans “God is Great” and held banners that said “Save Palestine” and “America is Terrorist.”

4 Comments on “The Palestinian Cause”

  1. R. Patterson says:

    Palestinians can do nothing at all except kill and destroy. The glass houses left by the Israelis have been destroyed. The airport cannot be used because there ‘s no trained Palestinians.
    All these people are parasites unfortunately. The world community are funnelling funds into Gaza and the government are spending this money on arms, NOT on the people. They should be ashamed but, of course, the are not at all ashamed at all. As I said they are parasites and all their faults and shortcomings are the fault of Israel or the America – not themselves. Disgusted, R. Patterson

  2. Hassan says:

    R. Patterson, or R. Bernstein? you sounded like a hard liner Jew to me. the airport cannot be used because there’s no trained palestininan? oh yeah, all of them are as dumb as camels, and white people are the only intelligent ones in this world right? all of these people are parasites? wow, you sounded like a hard core racist now. like what Adolf felt towards Jews back then. Desponded, Todd.

  3. salam says:

    R. Patterson comment is not worthy of discussion. This is an individual who is simply sick of hate, fortunately there are only few of his kind on this planet.

  4. R. Patterson says:

    Hassan & Salam: Please what Moslem nation is a free nation? What Moslem nation is a go-ahead nation? What has any Moslem nation given to this sad world in the last 1000 years except terrorism, lies, hatred and bloody suicide bombers? In what Moslem nation are women seen as equal to males? When a Moslem woman is raped she is usually tossed in jail as an adulteress the only way she can successfully press her case is if three pious men witnessed the said rape- ah yes?. In what nations is a woman raped before she is hanged this done so she will not go to paradise? In what countries does a woman have to wear burka? In what Moslem nation can a female have the same education as a male? In what Moslem nation is there a top quality teaching hospital, university etc.? How many humanitarian organisations are there in Islam? Who, that’s what religion and what nations contributed to the tsunami relief etc?
    Moslems idiots NO! just held back by a stupid cultish religion. If a subject is not mentioned in the koran then in the eyes of Moslems it’s not important enough to research or study. If it is mentioned in the koran then it is blasphemy to research or study it. By the way have you read about medical matters in the koran – what utter tripe and total garbage. Christianity has its problems and yes held us back for a time but Islam has been doing the same for at least the last thousand years. No wonder the vast majority of Moslems live in squalor. No wonder they are not able to get a decent education. It’s all the fault of the religion of peace – yes death loving Islam. I’ll finish with – not all Moslems are terrorists but 99.9% of terrorists are Moslem. YES! salam I know it’s not their fault it is the fault of infidels, the pigs and monkeys or Jews and Christians. Regards, R. Patterson

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