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RotaryDealing with the Zionist movement and Freemasonry in Bandung, calls for banning of the Rotary & Lions Clubs.

Athian Ali Muhammad Da’i of the Forum Ulama Ummat Indonesia (FUUI) said recently that there are two Freemason-Zionist clubs in Bandung, West Java, they being the Rotary Club and the Lions Club.

Call to action

Ali said as far back as 2001 the Attorney General’s office had informed him about the Zionist clubs operating in the city.

It turns out that the money they raise is sent to America, and thereafter to Israel.

He asked that president SBY re-instate presidential edict No. 264 of 1962, which outlawed the Rotary Club in Indonesia.

Athian Ali Muhammad Da’i
Athian Ali Muhammad Da’i

Ali said that fatwas had been issued by both Meccan, Saudi Arabian clerics and the Egyptian Al-Azhar Fatwa Commission, which stated that any Muslim who joined either the Rotary Club or Lions Club thereby became a kafir, or infidel.

If there were any Indonesian Muslim members of the two organisations in Bandung, Ali hoped that they would quit. okezone

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  1. Burung Koel says:

    I see the advertisement asks “What is their objective and what must we do to stop them?”

    From my experience, the answer to the first part is “to get away from the wife one night a week and then mow old people’s lawns on the weekend”.

    For the second part on how to stop them, that’s probably up to a combination of the wives and the old people.

  2. funny says:

    “what’s their goal and what will we do to stop them?”

    Why, everyone knows what’s the answers for the second question. Just do what u always do. You will probably made up an answer for the first question anyway.

    Why bother with these formalities? Need a place and time to have your mob ready?

    In the end police will arrest the intimidated anyway, not you guys..
    It’s not like they can fight back. As usual.

  3. HeavenlySword says:

    Hehehe Lions club a Zionist? wow 🙂 I welcome these people to act dumb but please not this dumb. This humiliate Indonesia down to its core.

    I’m amazed how evilicious a person can be if they are blinded by hatred toward a religion/race. They are pretty much capable of doing anything as long as their ego are satisfied. It is a very sad day for all of us when we find out this person does exist and lives among us. It is a very sad day indeed.

  4. boy says:

    Mudah2an FPI segera bertindak..udah lama gak liat aksi gila-gilaan FPI di TV…

  5. Hary says:

    Lion’s Clubs pay a nominal fee each year to the parent organisation in Chicago.This is to maintan their registration with the international body. There are international programs that local clubs can participate in. This is far from compulsory and usually clubs jealously guard their donated money. As far as I know, moneys raised in Indonesia are usually distributed to charities in Indonesia. To suggest that this is part of a Zionist fundraising campaign is ludicrous. You do not need to be Jewish to join any of these organisations.
    As for the Lions/ Rotarians being Masonic, they have little in common save that their avowed aims are charitable. The same charitable aims as Dompet Duapa.
    FUUI will also be surprised to learn how much of Islam has actually crept into Masonic belief and ritual in the past 100 years. In any case, there are Muslim Lions, Masons and Rotarians everywhere that I have lived in the World.
    I urge every Lion/ Rotarian/ Mason to keep doing the good work they do.

  6. schmerly says:

    Crack pots like these are always trying to find ways to justify their existence, same as the MUI.

  7. Pakmantri says:

    It is simple actually,

    The main problem is every time the FUUI people come over to either one of these clubs for donation they got rejected because their causes and what the money are for are not too clear. Or I bet those two clubs do not support the “Caleg” or the “Capres” that the FUUI has.
    Therefore, they try to retaliate by making stupid/moronic accusations.

    It’s all about contribution/money. 😀


  8. Andrew says:

    Ali said that fatwas had been issued by both Meccan, Saudi Arabian clerics and the Egyptian Al-Azhar Fatwa Commission, which stated that any Muslim who joined either the Rotary Club or Lions Club thereby became a kafir, or infidel.

    I still don’t get it: why do mortals govern others over how they should believe in God?

    Why is Israel’s occupation of Palestine (if you want to phrase it that way…) worse than Indonesia’s occupation of West Papua and East Timor? why is joining these clubs considered haram while supporting Indonesia’s integrity (to keep W. Papua and E. Timor intact) considered patriotic?

    Complicated, and inconsistent – that happens every time people mix politics and religion.
    For God’s sake, quit doing it.

  9. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    What has Freemasonry got to do with the Zionist movement?

  10. Burung Koel says:

    What has Freemasonry got to do with the Zionist movement?

    If you knew the secret handshake, you wouldn’t be asking that question.

  11. shorty says:

    The blind leading the infirm leading the ignorant……………

    grow up!!

    A further indication that religion fcks up human endeavour. When fuuui, or any other religious organization can match the track record of apex, lions, rotary or the lodges in alleviating suffering we might take notice of them.

    Get it thru your thick heads, these people voluntarily get together to help other people. Help has no preconditions. It doesn’t matter if you’re jewish, islam, christian or calathumpian.

    You sit there telling us what we can and can’t do. you pass judgement on other peoples actions. You use conspiracy theory to denigrate their actions.

    At least they are helping.

    Meanwhile you sit on your arse and do nothing.


    When did banning/proscribing ever work?

    Christians, jews, falung gung, tibetan buddhists..+, +, + owe existance to blind clerics trying to eliminate them.

    Banning/fatwa raises the immediate questions….what are they afraid of?

    More importantly it strips from the individual the right to make informed decisions for themselves.

  12. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    If you knew the secret handshake, you wouldn’t be asking that question.

    Where did those profane outsiders get all these funny ideas…

  13. hary says:

    The only link between Freemasonry and Jewry is masonry’s use of the rebuilding of King Solomon’s temple as an allegory for building a person’s character.
    In some of their higher rituals they greet each other with a heavy Assalam mualikum!!!

  14. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    hary – indeed.


  15. hary says:

    Steinbeck-the sun has finally risen in the East.

  16. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Hary – I greet thee well…

  17. Mark Zober says:

    It is very interested to read that many in the Islamic world consider Rotary to be some kind of conspiratorial organization that aligns itself with Zionism and Freemasonary. Sadly, this is so ignorant and unfounded to be unworthy of comment.

    I want to respect Islam as one of the many religions guiding its following values, behavior and belief to lead worthwhile lives. However, if it is based on this kind of pure ignorance I wonder how it can serve its followers in a dignified manner.

    I would suggest that any Muslim who truly is courageous and intelligent first do some research and discovery. Learn how Rotary was founded, its founding principles and it current activities. There are many outstanding Muslim members of Rotary throughout the world. Contact them and learn directly.

    We are so proud that the Ramallah Rotary Club was recently chartered in the West Bank Palestinian Territory. Contact them and learn more.

    Let us celebrate our differences and not act out of ignorance but with full understanding of what we are talking about and doing.

    Mark Zober
    Past President
    Jerusalem Rotary Club

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