Gang Rape of Maid

Jan 30th, 2009, in News, by

RapeA gang rape of an Indonesian maid in Saudi Arabia has the Indonesian press caught napping.

An 38 year old unnamed Indonesian domestic worker in Makkah/Mecca, Saudi Arabia, said in some reports to be a sufferer from AIDS (although Saudi police sources deny this, ran away from her employer’s home a month ago and was then detained by a policeman who took her to a backstreet guest house and raped her.

Over the next night and day she was raped by a total of 45 other men, and finally dumped on the side of the road, where a police patrol picked her up and she was taken to hospital.

Police (the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice) raided the house later and arrested some of the men, who are now out on bail and are said to be awaiting the results of AIDS tests. The Indonesian woman remains in hospital.

Hat tip to PJBali, who notes that Indonesian media do not seem to be aware of the story (it appears to have broken in the Saudi press on 27th January and international press the following day).

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  1. Goodreading says:

    oh statistic not accurate because in muslim countries to be considered as rape it need 4 witness.

    Thank you for your help. You took the words right out of my keyboard.

    Sounds like BS to me. That’s just an unproven hypothesis based on prejudice. You think it’s a correct notion just because you read it on your western magazine. Have any independent body do any sort of research to prove that notion?

  2. dragonwall says:

    Sounds like BS to me. That’s just an unproven hypothesis based on prejudice.

    This is what the Arabs or their Islamic community inteprets their Sharia Law.

    1. The Sharia Law says an islamic person can marry 4 wives = Rakus dan egois
    2. When they rapes someone, there must prepare 4 witness in order to have the rapist indicted knowing that it is impossible = Islamic religion condones rapist.
    3. The Sharia Law also preach multiple childrens = No F**k**g family dick discipline.

    The Government has officials who are weakling and Indonesia do not have the balls to fight this to the end. How are they able to protect the rights of Indonesians. After observing that much debates on sex and maid abuse the bottomline is that the Indonesian Government were spat in the face and they just walk away without any action taken.

    Under any constitution whether they are in Arab or Indonesia it is the same. No one is above the law.

    No wonder all those rapist could easily got away during the 98 riots. On top of that even the Jaksa Agung were being coerced into making the documents disappear from the Gedung Bunder.

    Might as well stop the discussions on this topic because all talk and no actions makes Indonesia a fool in the International Community. There is no pride, honor and dignity for the country let alone soverign rights.

    If the Indonesian Government were to take the DNA test of the girl being raped when she was infested with AIDS and that she confirm that she was raped by policemen. Then it is easy.

    The Arab country, that this girl was deported, must submit the DNA of all policemen in their country for a DNA test match. This could be exerted with pressures from the UN. When it is positive that there is a match, then this person should be charge under the Islamic Law and be sentence for beheading in public or stone thrown to death in public.

    It is only an excuse of the Arab country for asking the impossible, no wonder cows and camels were also infested with AIDS.

    I am thinking what if the victim is from the royal family, what will they do?

  3. diego says:

    It is only an excuse of the Arab country for asking the impossible, no wonder cows and camels were also infested with AIDS.

    Wow…, this is so shocking (I mean your level of intelligence).

  4. dragonwall says:

    You have a blog about cow sex committed by a Superior Javanese, there were also reports of Arabs screwing with camels! So what so shocking about that.

    My level of intelligence enable me to think more logically and rationally and seldom comes with sarcarcsm unless agitated or provoked to act in reciprocity.

    When you comment things about Arabian countries, then I think you should browse and understand more into their world.

    You might wonder why? Tell you this much. I have an American friend who was with the Secret Service and based in Guam when I was in Indonesia. He was a close confidante with royal family.

    Those people talks so much about the Haj and pilgrimage and about how Holy Mecca was to them.

    To get an insight look of what happened, you should know even in the royal palace, you could find almost anything from booze to drugs and heterosexual activities on the loose.

    The hero that most Indonesians praised so much like Saddam Hussein. They have sports car, booze, drugs in his presidential palace besides cold hard cash American money.

    Iran was given a printing machine to print US dollars and when that Ah Ya Tola How Many acquire it they kept printing them to cause chaos to the USD.

    I wonder how halal or haram are you able to differentiate. Right or Wrong.. Justice or Injustice ( I mean to the Shah Iran Pahlevi).

    Otherwise those that speaks so highly about the Islamic religion should look back and introspect the cause and actions.

  5. ss007 says:

    Hi Guys,

    I agree with Rob, its a horrific happening … it shook me …
    I know that in congo there are many villages where every family has ATLEAST one female member who gets gang-raped on her way to fetch water for the family.

    I know Ryuken that gang rapes are common to this world now and its a crime against humanity that we all are dealing with …

    What shook me more was the fact that among those 46 rapists, there was no one who thought the act to be unethical / evil / bad …. they all saw a naked women and just raped her …. count 46 Ryuken …. read Quran 46 times … Drink 46 glasses of water … I think u will understand what was religion to do with this …. and what 46 men in the holliest city of Islam doing such an act meant …

    “Looking beyond stereotypes and prejudices, ahh now that’s the hard part.. There’s no challenge in doing easy choices anyway. ”

    This is no Stereotypes buddy ….. a group of 46 men represent the attitude of a common man in the HOLLIEST city of ISLAM where they beat you and drag you to pray 5 times a day … where the shops and businesses close for 30 mins during the prayer time … where the great Prophet was born …. where the muslims from all the world wish to go atleast once in their life ….

    Try and accept that these are not stereotypes … these were the common men….

  6. LenZz says:

    Arrogant, very business mind, nothing is for free. And i don’t know why, chinese made distance with locals. In school thats what happened, chinese only hang out with chinese. No time for ex-school activity. No time to get to know this darker skin friends.

    @ Farah : Hold on… You’re still to blind to know OUR personalities…
    Look, I know many of Chinese in Indonesian are stingy, but not ALL of them.

    About distance, it’s because many of their parents still have some traumas…
    About 98 or 99, I forget…

    About hang out?
    I hanging out with all of my friends!!! ALL OF THEM…
    I don’t care they’re black or what, as long they’re my friends, I’ll hang out with them…

    And because you think like ‘THAT’, doesn’t mean everyone think like that…
    Open your mind, be friendly, just a little, it’s enough…
    They’ll be good to you…

    Peace… Don’t mad at me…

  7. nur says:

    I believe all good things come from God, and all bad things is our mistakes.

  8. Burung Koel says:

    @ nur

    Well that solves that, then.

  9. Burung Koel says:

    I believe all good things come from God, and all bad things is our mistakes.

    Then God sounds like my ex-wife.

  10. Saudi says:

    I’m very sorry for that maid. However, I hope that when speaking of my country “Saudi Arabia” you need to realize that it’s not that holy to begin with.

    Raping little children (like what happened to me when I was 9) or poor maids from any country can be a way for the weak.

    I just wish she gets her revenge someday, may Allah soothe her soul and punish those savages..

    It’s just that ignorance is taking control over the world, or no educated respectable man would do such a thing to any human being.

  11. inah says:

    Someone said, that “being rape” did not get attention in Indonesia. That really true, because they were so many maids being raped in Saudi, so they are tired to mention them. The second reason is most Indonesia think that Saudi is the place of “sholeh peoples” or religious peoples so they tried to hide it from the exposed of the public. Also there are many Saudi man who go to Puncak, java just for married for about 1 month then go back again to Saudi. There were no jurnalist who dare to exposed this, because they are afraid of Team pembela Islam or moslim guard team.

  12. diego says:

    Eh, don’t forget this statistic. Century gate, complices:

    An saudi arabian (on th run, look for him inside kabah maybe, kissing vagina stone), a pakistani (maybe hiding in some curry shop), and an indonesian-chinese (already in the joint).

    Strange bed fellows, eh?

  13. Caesar IV says:

    45 mens?

    So where did they flock from? the mosque? I find it quite astonishing that they did it for a day and people nearby still didn’t take notice. Did she got tied up in a warehouse or something?

    Also it shows that no country is impervious to rape. Those trying to act “Holier than thou” are no better than animals.

  14. Andy says:

    Well if Indonesians keep putting their faith into these raghead nations this will be the consequences.

  15. quixilva says:


  16. Whu Jan Wang says:

    ” because in muslim countries to be considered as rape it need 4 witness” and Vice Versa

    Read this – Aisha was traveling with her husband Muhammad and some of his followers. Aisha claimed that she had left camp in the morning to search for her lost necklace, but when she returned, she found that the company had broken camp and left without her. She waited for half a day, until she was rescued by a man named Safwan ibn Al-Muattal and taken to rejoin the caravan. This led to speculation that she had committed adultery with Safwan. Muhammad’s adopted son Zayd ibn Harithah defended Aisha’s reputation. Shortly after this, Muhammad announced that he had received a revelation confirming Aisha’s innocence and directing that charges of adultery be supported by four eyewitnesses.[8] These verses also rebuked Aisha’s accusers,[9] whom Muhammad ordered to receive forty lashes, among them his poet Hassan ibn.

    Surah 24:4 ; Surah 24:11.

    Taken off “Believe” a religious information source.

    Dispute this if you have information contradicting this.

    All this in Hadith. Every time something happens to u kknow who he gets a revelation. It becomes a law after 249 years later. Hadith is a collection of naration that was formalised 249 years later.

  17. Realist says:

    No use in being allied with a racist, hypocritical country that won’t even let foreign menfolk from places like Indonesia sleep with/marry their women! From that alone its obvious they hold you in contempt and never will see you as an equal (or are they afraid that if they do they wouldn’t have any women for them due to their s***** way of treating women, which is another story)! For me I’d rather ally with Israel any day over those damn Saudis! At least they let their womenfolk date whoever they want as far as I know. I know an Indonesian who has a male cousin married to an Israeli lady and they live in East Java! C’mon think about it, the attitude difference between those countries is worlds apart and I think any rational being would rather band together with someone who respects them more, right!? 🙂

    PS: However I did hear that many foreign drivers of Saudi families are sleeping with the wives/daughters of the Saudi households – drivers from places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines. I would expect some Indonesians would also… 🙂

  18. Realist says:

    2nd PS: If not yet, go try seducing them! There’s nothing sacred about Saudi ladies to the point that Indonesian males should regard them as untouchable – a point not lost on the drivers from the other nations I mentioned above! In fact they are like any other women and need some good loving their lousy Saudi husbands can’t or won’t provide and may be very wild considering how repressed they are! 😉

  19. Endo Hanafi says:

    An Indonesian man, who worked as a driver for a Saudi family, once told me that he slept with the daughter and mother of the house. He explained that it was the women’s initiative and he was “used” regularly by both females whenever they liked and when the husband was not around.

    He felt he was exploited, worked long hours and in addition had to serve mother and daughter. “In the beginning, it was fun, but after a while, I was ‘capek” and had no energy to do it anymore”. He then decided to return to Indonesia and worked as taxi drive when I met him.

    So, the Saudis womens are as wild as their men in exploiting (or making a good use of) the male worker around them.

  20. Lairedion says:


    Di Arab Saudi nggak ada pasak bumi….

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