Irianto MS Syafiuddin, Indramayu

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Voters in Indramayu are threatened with hellfire unless the Golkar Party is supported in 2009.

The Regent of Indramayu in West Java, Irianto MS Syafiuddin (Yance) recently appeared photographed in an election advertisement in several local newspapers, alongside vice-president Jusuf Kalla, that contained a threat:

The people of Indramayu are asked to keep supporting the leaders of Indramayu and the Golkar Party. If not then we [Indramayu people] can be considered as insulting God, his prophet, and Muslims.

The signature of Jusuf Kalla was printed at the bottom of the ad, although it is not clear if it was genuine. tempo

The ad.

The ad was quickly condemned by, among others, hardline and conservative Muslim groups such as Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) and Front Pembela Islam (FPI), with some calling for him to be prosecuted. FPI leader Ahmad Sobri Lubi (of hate speech fame) thundered:

This is blasphemy against God, the prophet, and the Islamic religion.

Irianto issued an apology several days after the controversy erupted, and said the advertisement was none of his doing and that he had no knowledge of its contents previously.

Irianto MS Syafiuddin was elected Regent in 2005, carrying 67% of the vote for Golkar, and at the time chairman of the national parliament, Agung Laksono, lauded him as one of Golkar’s finest men.

He has a history of annoying Islamic pressure groups and putting his religious foot in it. In May of 2005, after his election victory, about 4000 copies of the Quran were distributed free to schools, which contained a photo of the Regent inside the cover. kapanlagi

Irianto is also well known for having come up with the idea of virginity testing for schoolgirls, in 2007.

10 Comments on “Irianto MS Syafiuddin, Indramayu”

  1. Lairedion says:

    I’m disappointed with the FPI, Yance must be prosecuted? True Muslims would have protected Islam from this blasphemer bastard and demanded to put him to death…

  2. diego says:


    To answer your question: dubai crashed. Did you know that?

  3. Lairedion says:


    Care to elaborate?

  4. jaka says:

    This is not news. Everywhere in Indonesia people can find such “stensilan” like that, even not during the election time. Add sentence like, “news from mecca”, and people believe it. Horay!

  5. diego says:


    Well, I just thought that maybe those islamist thugs are currently short on money because their sugar daddies in those oily countries are cash strapped. Ha ha ha.

  6. Lairedion says:


    Quite possible however I believe the Saudis are the main sponsors of spreading the Wahhabi cancer.

  7. ET says:

    The people of Indramayu are asked to keep supporting the leaders of Indramayu and the Golkar Party. If not then we [Indramayu people] can be considered as insulting God, his prophet, and Muslims.

    I wonder how the MUI an FPI would react if some PKS caleg came up with a statement like this.

  8. Hairays says:

    @ diego…..actually not Dubai, but the money comes from Qatar and Abu Dhabi. You will not find any terrorist attack on foreigners in Abu Dhabi and Qatar, the rulers there are paying the jihadis to create trouble , spread their poison elsewhere eg, South Thailand, South Phillipines and Indonesia…as long as they don’t make trouble at home. This is rumoured, i don’t have hard evidence but i have witnessed a goatbeard transferring money to Phillipines and Indonesia,,,i don’t think it was for his wives.

  9. Mike Oxblack says:

    I wish some of these Ulema would issue edicts on displays of public bigotry and ignorance. They could then declare fatwas on themselves and give us a all a break.

  10. schmerly says:

    Nicely put Mike, thanks.

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