Front Pembela Islam Raids

May 23rd, 2006, in News, by

News on a recent mini epidemic of raids by the Islamic Defenders Front, FPI, Front Pembela Islam.

On the 20th of May in the town of Pamekasan, in Madura, East Java, one of the Front’s few strong areas in that province, members conducted raids on a number of night spots and some roadside stalls which were thought to be selling alcohol. One hotel was also targeted and the owner of the establishment was instructed not to allow the sale of liquor and drugs on his premises.

Speeches followed in which an unnamed FPI man implored the residents of Pamekasan to help the Front stamp out sinful activities in the city. The police response to the events is unknown.

Also on the 20th, in Bandung, West Java, dozens of Front loyalists went to the Jalan Cikutra area in three pick-ups and dozens of motorbikes. They attacked one store that sold alcohol and confiscated about 200 bottles. After this success they moved towards downtown Bandung and visited a number of night spots in further search of the demon drink. They were accompanied by public order officials and police but no action was taken as the police were reported to have been overwhelmed by the situation.

However later the police attempted to put a stop to the actions by blocking off roads likely to be used by the convoy of FPI vehicles. Antara reports that police asked owners of targeted night spots to close their doors while the ‘sweeping’ was going on in order to avoid trouble.

While in the Kresek area of Bekasi, West Java, dozens of roadside stalls, or warungs, were damaged during an FPI raid on 21st May. 60 Front men took part in the attack. Afterwards police detained 21 of them.

Their leader is charged with violating law 160 (provoking others to damage property) and 170 (damaging property). His men are charged under law 170.
(Pimpinannya kami jerat pasal 160 KUHP dan 170 KUHP, memprovokator dan melakukan perusakan, sedangkan anak buahnya dijerat pasal 170.)

said Chairul Anwar of the police on the 22nd.

In this action the FPI men were reported to have just returned from an anti-pornography rally and decided to inspect a number of roadside stalls on Jalan Masjid At-Taqwa which were thought to sell music as well as alcohol. Stallholders resisted the “inspections” and some violence broke out. Three policeman who happened to be in the area at the time attempted to prevent the FPI’s attack on the stalls but to no avail and about 11 stalls were damaged. A number of stallholders also suffered injuries.

One unit of the police Mobile Brigade remains stationed in the area and Bekasi police chief Chairul Anwar warned:

If there are anarchic actions the police will not remain silent and will punish those responsible.
(Jika sampai ada yang melakukan tindakan anarkis, maka polisi tidak tinggal diam dan akan memberikan sanksi hukum yang tegas.)

54 Comments on “Front Pembela Islam Raids”

  1. Anonymous_aloy says:

    Susilo Bambang Yudhoyon’s failure to curb thugs like FPI is the best evidence of his indecisiveness, incompetency, and ultimately his betrayal to Indonesia.

  2. Rockstar says:

    I agree. I just don’t get it why there hasn’t any actions been taken by our gov esp SBY.

    I read wallst journal about the grwoth of Indonesian economy under his leadership but this doesn’t justify his slow reaction agaisnt any mob actions in indo.

  3. armani x says:

    like I said early, FPI is a humiliation to this country. oh my God… those uneducated people…

  4. ahmad fauzi says:

    I think FPI doing whats is the best for Islam and also society while others remain silent watching and shouting without doing anything…cheerr…

  5. Andrew says:

    Doing what’s best for Islam? that does NOT give them the right to destroy people’s property, that’s what I call barbaric.

  6. NN says:

    people who tend to hurt other is not considered as human being. What FPI, JI, MMI do is humiliate the country and Islam itself..if we don’t want to be accused as terrorist, so dont think and act as a terrorist..

  7. Karlira Kanakahuko says:

    I disaggree against Ahmad fauzi. You using Islam for evil purposes.

  8. Mujahid says:

    They are thugs, paid by dirty politicians. Nothing about Islam, religion, whatsoever.

    Sadly, they have no option, they need money to live but they are poor and uneducated. Uneducated AND poor people are very easy to be brainwashed.

    The solution?

    EDUCATION. EDUCATION. EDUCATION. The government should put higher budget on education.

  9. Ridwan says:

    What a shame for the Indonesian government to coward before the FPI. If they are allowed to be thugs today, who knows what they could try to do tomorrow. They have no respect for the law, property, freedom and, what’s worse, for the message and spirit of Islam (would the Prophet, PBUH, have advocated such actions? I think not). I hope someone in Indonesia starts to stand up against these despicable barbarians. It’s about time.

  10. Janma says:

    bubarkan aja… udah… gitu aja kok repot.

  11. Gazza Deans says:

    Front Pembantu Indonesia??? What they do? Busrt in an sweep up! That’s what they paid to do!!!!!

    You guys need to lighten up and let the little ladies get on with the chores. No more tapping ass in the hope of getting lucky!!!

    You are lucky its not the BBB – Boring Bullsheet Bules. Wait till Freddie Foghorn catches up with you in a bar. “When I was a sheet Hot programmer in Uzbekistan”.

    Or ChubbyUK: “I’ve been here a week and already I have impregnated a local”.

  12. Chaostiq says:

    FPI. More and more, gave worst descriptions to Islam. Sometimes I think, FPI is being used by some people who had trapped with some mistake perceptive about paradigma Islam itself. It mean FPI people have less acknowledge about the beauty of the Islam. Indeed, that’s caused by how poor their EDUCATION. Beside the difference between DI/TII, FPI and PKI, they have similarity–That is brutality terrorist. Please, my ISLAM don’t be used to humiliating another people and please use your cognitive mainly do not be a barbarian.

  13. Rob says:


    Maybe Indonesia needs more people who feel that FPI distorts the true meaning of Islam to speak out against it! To rally the masses against the forces that manipulate FPI and see that it is disbanded or forced to change its beliefs and the manifestation of these beliefs in violence…

    Maybe IM is a place where this might start as dialogue and debate, but ultimately this debate requires brave men and women to take it to the field of play and advocate for change!

  14. Raden says:

    Maybe IM is a place where this might start as dialogue and debate, but ultimately this debate requires brave men and women to take it to the field of play and advocate for change!

    It is clear that you are not Indonesian & do not really hv a real clue on how does it works in Indonesia.
    In my opinion, they do not think but they act on amok, the sermon of those FPI kyai who brainwashed the younger FPI members have blind folded them. If you want to start dialog, it should hv been done 20 years ago when those who did AMOK yesterday still in primary school. We were late, and we hv to face the higher price to pay today, it could be another civil war until the other side are defeated

  15. Rob says:


    Nope, I am not an Indonesian. I have lived here for 15 years and perhaps I have more of a clue than you think, particularly about how it works in Indonesia. However, you are entitled to your opinion no matter how misguided it might be. But it is what I would have expected; only Indonesians can have opinions on Indonesian affairs!

    Wait a second, maybe only members of FPI can have opinions on the FPI or only Muslims can hold views on Islam or perhaps only those who have run amok can have an opinion on what the motivations are for running amok!

    Unfortunately, we cannot wind the clock back 20 years and start dialogue. Your view presupposes that it is too late for dialogue and that we must enter into war until one side is left standing. I disagree! I think dialogue is possible! With the FPI, probably not, but I was advocating dialogue on a much broader level with the majority, who after all claim to be moderate.

    But then what would I know I am just a stupid white bloke without a clue! But dude go fight your war with the FPI and good luck with that.

  16. Rob says:


    Feel free to enlighten me with how it is in Indonesia! One thing I am good at is learning new things. I am a committed life long learner! So, any new things I can learn from you would be appreciated!


  17. Janma says:

    I’ll tell you how it is in Indonesia!….. it’s bloody circling the plug hole if you ask me!

    Electricity off half the week and costing more than most developed countries in a country where about 60% of the people spend 90% of their income on food!
    The radicals are rampaging free all over the country and are still seen as ‘islam taat’ by the majority, including the police force.
    The richest men are eating the all rice from the bowl (see Indonesia as the bowl) as fast as they can before they let it drop and smash on the ground.
    ‘Free’ 4 kg gas bottles given to poor people to help with the fuel crisis are exploding at the rate of about 40 a week in Bali alone!
    There is religious discrimination rampant at all levels of the government and law enforcement agencies.
    Schools, roads and other public infrastructure are falling apart at a rate of knots and rarely repaired.
    Mosques are being built by the dozens and churches are being burnt and nothing is being done.
    Plus nobody in this country knows the rules of the road and they can’t bloody drive!

    Ok….feel better now… back to work.

  18. Rob says:


    Thanks…I feel enlightened 😀

  19. JD says:

    FPI is backed up by the ‘ABRI ijo’ (muslim element of the army) that has been completely marginalized like Wiranto (who doesnt even dare to leave Indonesia as an international fugitive over his alleged crime in East Timor), Hartono, etc. Those defunct generals were not necessarily pious muslim or arabized; but they simply had tried to flirt with the marginalized muslims as a way to establish their own political foothold. Nobody in Indonesia ever trust the politics of Islam ‘cause it’s been known to be like the Arab, very untrustworthy and very criminal minded. Just like the Arab race. So, in short, the nemesis of those generals is the nationalist ones, including SBY who had successfully marginalized the ‘ABRI ijo’ inside the army. They are now together with the nationalist muslim like Gus Dur trying to marginalize the strength of this Arab-virus socially. And the strategy has been working really well actually. You need to see their escalation of violence as their failure, as a proof that they are resisting marginalization, rather than a proof that they get stronger!
    And no, the government cannot really just sweep them out like in Tanjung Priok ‘cause that would be “a state crime against the people”. We all want that pragmatic approach for all Arab-virus of course, but the repercussion would be really bad. Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time until the people run amok and behead those agents of Arab-virus. Everybody, rich poor stupid smart peaceful angry … all are already very angry to this Arab-virus incubating in Indonesia.

  20. Rambutan says:

    Ah, the good old times of Petrus. Time to revive this highly pragmatic approach.

  21. Raden says:

    Hallo Rob,

    Ah, the good old times of Petrus. Time to revive this highly pragmatic approach.

    I am affraid, the above statement is true & the solution to fix the anarchy in this country. It will be a big setback for democracy but the enemy is an Arab terrorist ideology which unfortunately have been breeding wildly here without gov’t intervention / regulation since the past 10 years because of reformasi euphoria.

    In essence, we hv no time to react because FPI have launched direct threat to President of Indonesia to issue presidential decree to banned Ahmadiya, it is a real test to our president and a show case how uncompromise is them.

    Rob, do u still believe on dialog with them ? your life is worthless infront of them

  22. Mulyana Ilham says:

    Front Pembela Islam have the right to be BANNED from indonesia because, as we know:
    The Pancasila (Foundation of Indonesian Constitution) said:

    1. Belief in the one and only God,
    2. Just and civilised humanity,
    3. the unity of Indonesia ([1]),
    4. Democracy led by wise guidance through consultation/representation (representative democracy), and
    5. social justice for the whole Indonesian people.

    It against the second point of Pancasila by using terror and anarchism to express their opinions and to justified their action.. Very uncivilized in nature.

    it against the third point of Pancasila because they does not respect the other religion and other business operating in Indonesia, which is clearly threatens the unity of Indonesia.

    Therefore, if they do not change the attitude, again, they have the right to be BANNED from Indonesia.

  23. Andy says:

    Here here Mulyana….Excellent post.
    I will go one better though. Invite them into Jaksa or Blok M and ambush them. Close off the streets and isolate them in an area populated by bules then punish them severely in one on one armed warfare. When the numbers are even I guarantee the bule would win. I remember a good friend of mine in Jaksa about 6 months ago doing pretty well fighting 8 guys (after one king hit him from behind). He ended up in hospital though because the locals didn’t like the odds so another 10 or so decided to join in.
    The only way the likes of FPI will understand we mean business is when they have to taste real pain.
    Failing that we could put them on a plane to Australia and force them to spend a month of hard binge drinking in a country pub.

  24. Mulyana Ilham says:

    Mr. Andy, with all due respect,

    I appreciate your comment, however, as we learn dealing with extremist before, it will cost more trouble to deal “fire” with “fire” as you suggest.

    We have to deal with FPI carefully, because:

    1. They are also fellow Indonesian citizen, which is.. frankly, our brothers. Your suggestion is actually not aligned with Pancasila, the second point “Just and civilised humanity”. your suggestion is rather BARBARIC in nature.

    2. FPI has thousands of follower. your suggestion will only causing a chain reaction that may turn into a bloody battle between the FPI and military power, which we all know that civilian may become a victim as well.. (maybe your daughter on that time near the ambush location and turn out become one of the innocent victim. )

    Again, it is best to invite the leaders of FPI and discuss the terms and condition about the alternative way and more civilized manner to inquire their aspiration. at the end they must bow to Indonesian Constitution and Judicial Law..

    It is not hard, as long as we treat them with respect, they will sure cooperate.

    Ok, any other suggestions?

  25. Andy says:

    It is not hard, as long as we treat them with respect, they will sure cooperate.

    Are you sure? Past experience tells me otherwise. As for the brotherhood thing can’t all wrongdoers get equal justice in Indonesia regardless of where they are born? It is the rampant nationalism which has damaged their country in the past and will continue to do so until they embrace the world in full.

  26. Purba negoro says:

    Do not worry- FPI will be crushed the moment they place one foot wrong.

    They are enemy of the State.
    They wish to impose sharia as they hate the State and Constitution as it is placed above the Quran- so they despise the nationalist secular state of Indonesia and Pancasila foundation.
    They are unquestionably traitor and seditionist who will be ruthlessly eliminated from grass-root up.

    We simply wait for their stupidity to be their own undoing- then we shall unleash our dogs of war.

  27. janma says:

    Do not worry- FPI will be crushed the moment they place one foot wrong.

    are you joking Purba? They put their feet in all sorts of wrong all the time and nothing ever happens to them….. which particular wrong footed moment are the government waiting for? The ‘oops it’s too late’ moment maybe?

  28. Mulyana Ilham says:

    Interesting point Mr. Purba,

    We simply wait for their stupidity to be their own undoing- then we shall unleash our dogs of war.

    From my point of view, it is true and necessary to use force and to oppress FPI, however, dont we have another bloodless force called Judicial Law? If we can pursue the president to make a decree (keputusan president/kepres) banning the existance of FPI and another unofficial armed force like pemuda pancasila, including freezing their monetary account, also perhaps detaining their leaders.. I think this might be work.

    Regarding to Ms. janma’s comment:

    are you joking Purba?

    I think it is a good thing to wait, (not just waiting, but developing the best strategy, social and financially efficient, and also humanity-oriented decision) before the army make such action.

    The thing is, at the end, anything that not suites our national ideology must be destroyed, or.. perhaps we need an education reformation so that the young generation have a firm idea how the state is founded and run in order to prevent the future incident.

    Nice thinking all of you 🙂 interesting thought.

  29. Purba Negoro says:

    Education and dialogue only works on those civlised enough to be swayed by it and participate mtaurely in it.

    FPI fails on both counts.
    Janama- as soon as the Mother Goose West stops attempting to mollycoddle us, preaching “rights for rioters”, “touch a terrorist” and “hug a hoodlum” – we shall the communicate what the wong dhangling of FPI what they best understand- aksi kasaran.

    It is the dying “fraksi ijo” of the Army that is toying with FPI- Wiranto hopes he may have a chance at power again without his patron Habibie- both are entirely to blame- NOT the scapegoated Prabowo, Sutrisno or Siregar.

  30. Andy says:

    Terrorists have been mollycoddled in the last 10 years. We in Australia have been waiting for this scum to be put down in the jungle for 5 years now. Those who fund terrorism are equally as guilty as the bunnies who pull the switch and execute the plot. Without the foot soldiers there is no bombings. But these guys get jail sentences of what mmmm 5 years or so. Even the bombers on death row seem to be getting closer to having their sentences commuted to life followed by Ramadan remissions etc. Let’s make no bones about it. Terrorism is the worst of all crimes in the world and the one that threatens our freedom and way of life the most. And our lives in general.

    So no I cannot be confident that FPI will be crushed .The country is 87 % muslim and very supportive of their own even if they don’t actively support causes like this. Time to wake up Indonesia. Thailand under Thaksin Shinawatra in 2004 – 2006 got it right. The Philippines has fought the good fight too. Time for Indonesia to put religion aside and do the same.

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