Israel Gaza Strip Conflict

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Protests against the Israel attacks in the Gaza Strip mirror those over the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

A video of a recent Justice Party/Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) march through Jakarta over the Israeli attacks on the Gaza strip:

Some stories from this site about Indonesian reactions to the 2006 Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon:

By changing the dates, and some of the names – “Lebanon” to “Palestine” or “Gaza”, “Hezbollah” to “Hamas” or the “Palestinians” – , the stories then are essentially the same as those now, – stories of mass demonstrations, calls to send troops, (basically fake) efforts to recruit volunteers, official calls for calm and the sending of humanitarian aid only, fund-raising, condemnations, etc.

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  1. schmerly says:

    @ AB.. and why are you commenting on a subject you know so little about?
    In speeches Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser had been threatening war with Israel, terrorists supported by Syria and Egypt dramatically increased their attacks, from 41 raids in 1966 to 37 in the first four months of 1967. Syria used the Golan Heights as a platform to continue the shelling Israeli villages near the Jordan River and Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). On April 7, 1967 Israeli retaliated, shooting down six Russian-built Syrian MiG fighters. Early in May, Moscow falsely told Syria that Israel was mobilizing forces for a massive attack. Syria then invoked its joint defence treaty with Egypt.
    On May 15, Israeli Independence Day, Egypt began moving troops into the Sinai Peninsula toward Israel’s borders. The following day, it requested that the United Nations Emergency Force installed to help keep peace after the 1956 Sinai Campaign evacuate, which UNEF did. By May 18, Syrian troops were ready for battle along Israel’s northern frontier. The same day the Voice of the Arabs radio declared that “we shall not complain any more to the U.N. about Israel. The sole method we shall apply against Israel is total war, which will result in the extermination of Zionist existence.”
    On May 22, Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping and all foreign ships bound for Israel’s Red Sea port of Eilat, an act of war that cut the route from Israel’s main oil supplier, Iran. Nasser continued to threaten Israel, asserting on May 27 that coexistence was out of the question and that “the war with Israel is in existence since 1948.” Jordan signed a defence pact with Egypt on May 30. Other Arab countries sent forces to Egypt and Jordan to assist, and by June 4, approximately 250,000 enemy troops with more than 2,000 tanks and 700 aircraft surrounded Israel. By then on a socially and economically unsustainable alert for three weeks, Israel’s best option was to pre-empt Arab attack, which it did on June 5, first knocking out the Egyptian air force. Years later, Salah al-Hadidi, the Egyptian judge presiding over trials of army officers held accountable for his country’s defeat, admitted Egypt’s responsibility for causing the war: “I can state that Egypt’s political leadership called Israel to war. It clearly provoked Israel and forced it into a confrontation”

    And like you say a few Bedouin rag heads living in villages, not a lot of progress there then, like I said built a country out of nothing.
    “Many of these Arab villages were razed to the ground after the war of 1948/49. Even their names have disappeared from the map” yes to make way for progress, it happens all over the world, or perhaps the Israelis didn’t want to live in squalor like the Bedouin’s, and the names would disappear from the map because there not there any more, so what do you do tear down a village and build on the land but keep the old name, what for? after all by this time the land belonged to Israel so they probably wanted Israeli names, where’s the problem?
    “According to the demographer Professor Justin McCarthy this small region had around 1890 already a population of at least half a million Arabs whereas the Jewish population was then insignificant” in that size of land your talking about a few tribes and villages scattered about, it was hardly densely populated was it?
    Do try and get your facts right before posting.

  2. Arie Brand says:

    I said I was waiting for the following bit of disinformation and you came up with it in full measure. You got this stuff straight from CAMERA (the socalled Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting), a pro-Israel advocacy group that has become a joke for the inaccuracy and bias in its reporting. At one time it tried to infiltrate Wikipedia and to edit articles so that they would get a pro-Israel slant. The Wikipedia administrators had to take action against five of those CAMERA jokers who were guilty of this.

    Here is some criticism of this group you can find in Wikipedia:

    “In a 2003 profile of the organization in the Boston Globe, Mark Jurkowitz observed: “To its supporters, CAMERA is figuratively – and perhaps literally – doing God’s work, battling insidious anti-Israeli bias in the media. But its detractors see CAMERA as a myopic and vindictive special interest group trying to muscle its views into media coverage.”[61]

    The group has been criticized as not seeking accuracy in reporting but rather engaging in censorship and fighting for a pro-Israeli bias:

    Mitchell Kaidy, writing in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, criticized CAMERA’s efforts to pressure university libraries to remove books that the organization finds offensive.[62]
    Journalist and author Robert I. Friedman wrote in 1987 that “CAMERA, the A.D.L., AIPAC and the rest of the lobby don’t want fairness, but bias in their favor. And they are prepared to use McCarthyite tactics, as well as the power and money of pro-Israel PACs, to get whatever Israel wants.”[63]
    Writing about criticisms from CAMERA he and his colleagues have received, Jerusalem-based journalist Gershom Gorenberg wrote ” It is not the press’s job to provide PR for any government. Until CAMERA gets this straight, self-respecting journalists will regard an occasional snarl from the watchdog as proof that they’re doing their job.”[64]
    Writing about attempts by CAMERA to get a local Pasadena, California church to cancel an appearance by Palestinian activist Reverend Naim Ateek, Rob Eshman, Editor-in-Chief of The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, wrote “I’m always leery when Jewish groups ride in from out of town to try to save us from the bad guys. We have plenty of sharp-eyed Jewish defense groups locally who can tussle on our behalf. It’s just a bit condescending to think we rubes, out in America’s second-largest Jewish city, don’t know how and when to fight. Or whom.”[65] Eshman later clarified that his criticism was directed specifically at CAMERA’s handling of the Ateek visit, and not toward the organization in general. “I think CAMERA, which in so many cases I find useful and correct, is in this case making things worse,” he wrote.[66]
    In 2005, Donald Wagner, Executive Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and Associate Professor of Religion and Middle Eastern Studies at Northpark University,[67] argued that “for propaganda purposes Israel and its friends at CAMERA claimed “there were no new settlements” while “not only did the settler population double, so too did new settlement construction in the 108 new ‘settlement outposts’ established between the end of 1992 and 2000”.[68]

    So much for the reliability of your source. DISINFORMATION writ large. I note however that even the CAMERA account cannot hide the fact that it was Israel that struck the first blow and thus started the war. It says:

    “By then on a socially and economically unsustainable alert for three weeks, Israel’s best option was to pre-empt Arab attack, which it did on June 5, first knocking out the Egyptian air force”

    Ah those poor Israelis, they couldn’t bear the tension any more – they just had to attack. Tell me an otheree, Australians say.

    So even your own completely biased source had to admit that Israel started the war. You claimed the opposite and when you were proven wrong you took your recourse to the most polluted source you could find and even that one couldn’t help you out.

    You have no idea of the size of the territories involved and relative population numbers in 1890. I never said the place was ‘densely populated’ then. I said that the Zionist slogan “A land without people for a people without land” was based on wishful thinking – a lie in fact. Even now the island of Tasmania with about the size of Palestine then has a population of half a million. Nobody would call it uninhabited. In 1890 half a million people was quite a sizable population for a territory of that size. The whole state of West Australia, about fifty times the size of Palestine, had less people then.

    In addition to being a cheeky ignoramus with an obvious animus against Moslems you are also a racist, with your talk about “Bedouin ragheads’ when referring to Palestinians.

    I cannot believe you are an Indonesian. Most likely a Zionist troll.

  3. schmerly says:

    @ AB…I think that stands for absolute bollocks as that is all you ever seem to write.
    You say I’m a racist, and your not I suppose? Zionist troll what’s that if it’s not racist? So don’t give me that racist crap, FYI I’m not Jewish/Zionist or anything else and where did I say I was an Indonesian? More disinformation from you, now run along and check your facts before you cut and paste again.
    And stop being so being so envious of the Israelis successes, if you want to be like them just convert.

  4. dragonwall says:

    I can only give you the advice: when you are in a hole stop digging.

    It is also my advice to you.

    Your ignorance and lack of arguments become more apparent with every post you produce

    It is your right to or not to. You are all about arguments and not base on facts. The fact you present were only one sided and that are the ones that you wish to know and not what actually happened. By looking into the comment of 1948/49 clearly shows the sheer ignorance in you as well as that you wish to preach to others of what you know and not what that is suppose to be a fact.

    Israel didn’t start the six day war, so they have every right to defend themselves, ”

    Would you start a war if no one offends you or try to overrun your soverignty? Yeah right. You were born in Holland so WTF fo you know. Or perhaps you intentionally missed out what happened to Indonesian Chinese in 1998 whch will render your arguments baseless.

    Commenting with people like you really makes me puke.

    It seems that you have a problem with moslems

    This is not a problem of Moslems or Jews, it should be all as fact. But I guess you were unable to stand the treatment your brotherhood being razed like what you said by the Israelis.

    As a matter of fact it was Israel that struck the first blow in that war

    You damn right you were wrong.

    So to me, that much have been said by you, you don’t deserve any answer from others because what you said by quoting from a certain source and missing other more reliable source to make comparison.

    Not bnecause the US is backing the Israelis. The principles doe not apply anywhere and no international community will back that up it there wasn’t a fact especially by the US.

    You touched up on 1947 from the UN, You touched up on 1948 and 1949 by ignoring what happened previously.

    So why not you just return to school, learn more then come back instead of talking nonsense because you failed to understand

    politics and religion are the main cause of troubles in world.

    try swallowing this

    One problem is that Arab culture(!) is drunk on words. Most of them have only ever read one book (if that) assuming they can read at all…. and not the sort to inspire critical thinking either.

    In the Arab fantasy world of the mind, victory is theirs because they say it is.

    And about Unilever. Dummy.

  5. arie brand says:

    “Zionist troll” does not refer to any particular race or nationality. These types of unpleasant activists, trying to defend the indefensible, can come from anywhere. They can be American christian fundamentalists from the Deep South or orthodox Jews from Britain. Right now they are all over the net responding to a summons by the Israeli Ministry of Migrant Absorption. Here is a relevant recent article from the Israeli paper Haaretz:

    “Israel recruits ‘army of bloggers’ to combat anti-Zionist Web sites

    By Cnaan Liphshiz

    The Immigrant Absorption Ministry announced on Sunday it was setting up an “army of bloggers,” to be made up of Israelis who speak a second language, to represent Israel in “anti-Zionist blogs” in English, French, Spanish and German.

    The program’s first volunteer was Sandrine Pitousi, 31, from Kfar Maimon, situated five kilometers from Gaza. “I heard about the project over the radio and decided to join because I’m living in the middle of the conflict,” she said.

    Before hanging up the phone prematurely following a Color Red rocket alert, Pitousi, who immigrated to Israel from France in 1993, said she had some experience with public relations from managing a production company.

    “During the war, we looked for a way to contribute to the effort,” the ministry’s director general, Erez Halfon, told Haaretz. “We turned to this enormous reservoir of more than a million people with a second mother tongue.” Other languages in which bloggers are sought include Russian and Portuguese.

    Halfon said volunteers who send the Absorption Ministry their contact details by e-mail, at, will be registered according to language, and then passed on to the Foreign Ministry’s media department, whose personnel will direct the volunteers to Web sites deemed “problematic.”

    Within 30 minutes of announcing the program, which was approved by the Foreign Ministry on Sunday, five volunteers were already in touch, Halfon said. ”

    I would have expected that Indonesia would be relatively immune for this type of infestation but you have to give it to the Zionist trolls, their activity far outstrips their knowledge and regard for truth.

    Though not belonging to any particular religious community myself I find the present demonisation of Moslems that is indulged in by types like you most distasteful.

    And as for me being envious of the Israelis that is a laugh. I am Dutch by birth and now Australian by nationality. I wouldn’t for any money in the world want to live in what that French ambassador called “that shitty little country” you seem to be so fond of.

    As for you, Dragonwall, learn to write and get some straight facts under your belt. I cannot keep wasting time on your inchoate protestations.

  6. dragonwall says:

    Would that be your chaotic protestations. My belly is well tightened. Unless you are prepared to go back into history and retrace time, it seems your choose to ignore the facts by bringing up what you want others to know only what you knew.

    How envious can you be when you show prominence of being a staunch Islamic Jihad supporter.

    You mean Israel? the Shitty little Country the French Ambassador called? though I am an Israeli trained soldier I am not pro Israelis. Not for what they are doing or anything the Palestinians did.

    But first things first.

    Retrace history to find the problem. Who is at fault? Who is willing to admit the fault then come the resolution. Why I mentioned the Mexican Wall. They should have build a great Wall in the UN resolution 47 then these problems would not have persisted.

    Still the presence on mind was set by the Palestinians in their attempt to get back on Jerusalem and that was one of the main cause for retaliation.

    So just judge your own “arguments” instead of trying to tell others to write and get some facts straights.

    As long as no party is willing to admit whatever they are doing then I have told you for the next twenty years these war will continue and you can put your eyes to the test.

    And for you, it is about envy, because you cannot deny that the Israelis are some of the richer and smarter people in the world in case you only remember Dutch and Ostrayan.

  7. schmerly says:

    @absolute bollocks….You must spend all day cutting and pasting, when are you going to come up with your own ideas instead of being a plagiariser?

  8. dragonwall says:

    So referring to a question and reply it becomes a past and copy job, so the schivering buttocks “it” can do better with your hand jobs don’t you?

    Must be great by considering others to be plagiarising and propagating.

    The 18 years spent with a Javanese woman must have got it all over your head, didn’t you, or much being indoctrinated.

    Where will you go next.

    Everyone here is always pro Islam, pro Palestinian pro semitic, anti, Chinese, anti Israelis.

    The whole issue is who is right and who is wrong but it seemed to have gone overboard by ignoring the core to the problem.

    So what are your great ideas? Ranting overdebated news? Or come straight to the fact.

    How did Philistine and Canaan was transformed into todays Palestine and Israelis then perhaps you will be able to find out more about the rights and wrongs.

    And then you might not become a schivering buttocks.

    You didn’t seemed to understand your 18 years experience is 1 year over didn’t you?

  9. Arie Brand says:

    Unlike you Schmerly I clearly indicate my sources. You tried to get away witn a cut and paste job from Camera, more or less suggesting that it was all your own handiwork ( oK, there was that half quotation mark which left a backdoor open for you if you were found out).

    My own ideas? You don’t seem to be able to distinguish between comment and news. The bit about that Israeli Ministry of Truth trying to recruit cyber warriors to patriottically lie for Israel was news Schmerly (have you already enrolled?). So that should be properly sourced.

    Wait, there is another cut and paste job coming for you that might highlight the roots of your trauma.

  10. Arie Brand says:

    Dragonwall, thus far I thought that you were a rather pathetic scribe whose desire to come up with his confused ideas was not matched by his ability to express them. Now, with your latest phantasies on paper, I am inclined to think that you should seek professional help.

  11. schmerly says:

    @AB.. my obvious copy and paste job was to show you we can all play your childish games, you seem to forget there are two sides to every argument, but of course you think your always right you self opinionated little prick.

    @dragonwall.. I’ve been searching through my posts to find the part where I said I’ve spent 18 years with a Javanese woman, perhaps you could point me in the right direction, or is this another of your many assumptions?

  12. Arie Brand says:

    Well Schmearly, if the general overview I gave of the Six Day War was a cut and paste job it should be easy for you to find out what exactly I had cut and pasted. Tell me about it.

    I note with satisfaction that you are getting quite rude. Those who are running out of arguments (even those they have stolen from others) ultimately always do.

  13. Arie Brand says:


  14. Arie Brand says:

    I promised Smearly another “cut and paste job” which might highlight the roots of his trauma.

    Checkpoint Syndrome.

    I Punched an Arab in the Face, Gideon Levy

    Haaretz Weekend Magazine – 21/11/2003

    “Staff Sergeant (res.) Liran Ron Furer cannot just routinely get on with his life anymore. He is haunted by images from his three years of military service in Gaza and the thought that this could be a syndrome afflicting everyone who serves at checkpoints gives him no respite. On the verge of completing his studies in the design program at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, he decided to drop everything and devote all his time to the book he wanted to write.


  15. schmerly says:

    @AB.. Oh dear been at the scissors and paste again, I’m sorry but my attention span is very short when I read your reams of drivel, so I’ll have a read when I’m feeling bored and have nothing else to do, as at the moment I just cant be bothered, and your getting very boring with the same old tripe, IM is a forum for people to have discussions not flood the board with reams of other peoples writings.

  16. Arie Brand says:

    Discussions are between INFORMED people, Smearly. You haven’t reached that stage yet. So I thought I would help you a bit.

  17. schmerly says:

    @AB.. as you say “Discussions are between INFORMED people” so I don’t see why an uninformed person like yourself is here? so why don’t you just run along and annoy someone else, as I don’t find you entertaining any more, in fact your a positive bore, so I’m leaving this dull discussion, and that’s not a get out it’s just out of sheer boredom.

  18. dragonwall says:

    Before I leave I hope to give this to the two of you.

    1. You said you live and work in Indonesia for the past 18 years.
    2. You said you are married to a Javanese woman.

    Tell me which part is wrong. Or has that been my assumptions. What you wrote implies that the past 18 years you spent in Indonesia is as though you have been there for only one year.

    I am inclined to think that you should seek professional help

    I am lawyer by profession, so are you implying that I should seek psychiatric help?

    Or is that with your latest phantasies on paper? And by saying

    thus far I thought that you were a rather pathetic scribe whose desire to come up with his confused ideas was not matched by his ability to express them.

    You mean matching me with him or you.

    First I am not of the opinion of cut and paste. When it comes to history it should in the head and when you write it should make sense. You keep biting on the 1947 UN nation resultion that the Israelis don’t really want to buy due to certain infringement cause by the Palestinians. Like I said if I go into your house and rob you and I retaliate then come the truce. But deep inside you still possess the hatred that despite the resolution you still want certain kind of personal vendetta to venge your anger. Does this make simple explanation to the comments and that what you were posting as something more like useless rants? Why?

    Because you simply choose to ignore the who started and what started these. It is perhaps that people like you need to really understand the real problem and not just try to play ignorance which in Indonesian language call “cara bangsat”. Main serobot, main gebuk aja.

    No one will give in to the Palestine. Do you dare lay a bet with me to put your eyes to the test. You don’t seem to read politic, I mean real politic well enough, except reading from some news and comments and say. Oh in the UN 1947 resolution they have divided the land and now the Israelis are robbing the Palestinians of their land.

    You still don’t get the problem solve and that is why there are the Conflict in the Gaza Strips. You might as well forget what President Nasser did. You can even group up the whole Arab community and see what will happen. No bragging. Put your damn eyes to the test and see the outcome.

    End comment because when people like you and the schivering buttocks the “it” needs others to back up with proof, I did just to be as convincing but otherwise wasting time. So don’t just say that I am cutting and paste to make and easy job. If so then the presence of mind in such political engagement becomes obsolete. So in case it might occur to you, I also think that people being bias in comments on whether they should be seeing a shrink!.

  19. schmerly says:

    @ dragy… Lesson 1. I first arrived in Indonesia in 1991, it’s now 2009 so 2009 minus 1991 equals 18, or am I going to fast for you? if you can’t work it out ask a friend, if you have any.

    Lesson 2. I married a Javanese woman 5 years ago, so that means that I’ve been married for FIVE years, I know all this seems very complicated and difficult for you but please do try and work it out, and then people won’t think your simple simon.

  20. Arie Brand says:

    Sheer boredom, huh Smearly? Until you find the next guy you can bamboozle with your disinformation and pseudo-arguments. I bet you suddenly won’t feel bored anymore.

    Dragonwall, my bit about ‘professional help’ was inspired by your remarks on that 18-year marriage with a Javanese lady. I thought that referred to me and frankly thought that you had lost the plot. It turns out that you were referring to our friend Smearly. Sorry about that

  21. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    @ dragonball

    Another Javanese lesson for you.

    “If you claim to be a lawyer, act like one, think like one, reason like one and most importantly, write like one.”

    ps. your poor grasp of English gave you away.

  22. schmerly says:

    @ Arse Bandit…I see you still don’t comprehend what other people write, you really are a Simple Simon aren’t you, and yes you bore me stiff with your ramblings, now do you understand that?

  23. dragonwall says:

    Lesson 1. I first arrived in Indonesia in 1991, it’s now 2009 so 2009 minus 1991 equals 18,

    Did I say 19 or 17? I said 18 and so you are obviously too slow in you thinking.

    I married a Javanese woman 5 years ago, so that means that I’ve been married for FIVE years,

    You only said it now and for a while I thought you were so fidel married 18 years.

    I know all this seems very complicated and difficult for you

    No wonder you complication seems to have gone worse..need a doctor..

    See how you got all screwing you up.?

  24. dragonwall says:

    Oh one more thing.

    I think like a lawyer that is why I am rebutting those shit that you wrote.

    I behave like a lawyer being eliptical. Word for word.

    I write like a lawyer with no big words, simple language except some technical terminology required in court and not otherwise.

    So does that proves that you are a no better person? Ignoring your roots, your ancestors and that you are either a Mongol or Chinese but anyway both are also Chinese.

    How nice to see you knowing the truth. Yeah the truth is always painful.

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