Israel Gaza Strip Conflict

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Protests against the Israel attacks in the Gaza Strip mirror those over the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

A video of a recent Justice Party/Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) march through Jakarta over the Israeli attacks on the Gaza strip:

Some stories from this site about Indonesian reactions to the 2006 Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon:

By changing the dates, and some of the names – “Lebanon” to “Palestine” or “Gaza”, “Hezbollah” to “Hamas” or the “Palestinians” – , the stories then are essentially the same as those now, – stories of mass demonstrations, calls to send troops, (basically fake) efforts to recruit volunteers, official calls for calm and the sending of humanitarian aid only, fund-raising, condemnations, etc.

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  1. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    It looks more like a celebratory march than a protest one. I may be wrong.

  2. diego says:

    Exactly. They celeberated the death of 400+ palestinians. It’s a good ammo for their political campaign (moslem brotherhood worldwide). Victimology at its best.

    Oh ya, I’m not on the israel side. They’re basically the same s***, different whore (sara, instead of hagar).

    Those broken-nosed semites. Why can’t they stop making this planet such a messy place? This cancer of the planet, middle east, has to be removed. It’s long overdue.

  3. Lairedion says:

    Let them go to Gaza and fight there. The Palestinians can need some extra manpower against the overwhelming Israeli military power. But then revoke their Indonesian citizenship and never let them return again, ever.

  4. dumadisatrio says:

    The story of the middle east….The Arabs shoot themselves in the foot, then Israel shoots them in the other foot, because they fired first.

    I hope one day they all grow up.

  5. dragonwall says:

    Good point so that when they return they will not bring along terrorism knowledge with them into Indonesia.

    The Palestinians Hamas and Al Fatah will never learn because war brings them food, aid, money and sympathy.

    Pity those ignorant childrens on both sides with lost limbs or guess not with the Palestinians when they were always busy teaching their children on the bad of others and the knowledge indoctrinated in them to terrorize others.

    So shooting the right and left foot is what they can expect but anyway it’s a good shot, don’t you think so!

  6. diego says:

    Why are semites keep tearing each other apart? For centuries! By semites I mean both arabs and jews. I mean, we, the citizen of the planet, are sick of the atrocities the both have been continuously doing. What’s wrong with their teachings? I mean, both (judaism and islam) seem racists to me. Judaism teaches jews supremacy, and islam teaches arab supremacy. Both have a (despective) word to refer to people outside of their group (goyim and kafir). Judaism teaches it’s OK to kill / steal from gentile, and islam teaches the blood of non-believers is halal. I’ve also seen how both of them (arabs and jews) pray. Strikingly similar, making this back-and-forth movement, just like a person with autism. Freaky. How can they believe such lies, inhumane and racist teaching? I know they both are fighting over the right to occupy the so-called holy land, for whatever resource it is contained within (water, oil, sandworms, whatever). But deep inside, there’s also a freaky motive, based on stories in their semitic fairy tales, talmud and quran. Holy land my a**, it looks more like wasteland to me (middle east). The arabs have al-qaeda / hamas / the like, and the jews have irgun, chabad lubavich, etc. Same shit, different whores (Hagar vs. Sarah). Happy nuking. When will they launch nuclear missiles at each other? I’m looking forward to that, I’ll be sure to watch it on TV, and feel relieved that at last their kind — the reason why there’s a war — are wiped off the map. The world will have much less hateful persons by then. Wo bu xihuan semites! Zàijiàn.

  7. janma says:

    I find it strange that the PKS and FPI and other muslims in Indonesia can get so upset about the palestinians, and amazingly send 10 billion rupiah to them, meanwhile their fellow muslims at lapindo don’t exite any response in them, or any donations. what’s up with that?

  8. sputjam says:

    There will never be peace in Israel palestine. Arafat, hamas and hizbollah collects sympathy donations only during times of conflict. The bigger the conflict, the better the returns. That is why they will always reject peace overtures.

    At the same time, Palestinians, mostly in refugee camps will also insist on their right to return to their property which now lies in Israel, and which Israel has confiscated.

    Best solution is for Palestine and israel to merge. Jews get more land and palestinians get the right to return, and they both can share the capital \”jerusalem\”.

  9. sputjam says:

    janma said –

    meanwhile their fellow muslims at lapindo don’t exite any response in them, or any donations. what’s up with that?

    That’s because the malay types are suckers to those from Inda and middle east. Maybe the Lapindo guys should learn from hamas and hizbollah on how to squeeze the balls of the controling entity.

  10. dumadisatrio says:


    In all honesty janma, it is because islam is an arab centric religion. Arabs and Jews fighting, now thats what it is all about, goes back to the early days of medina and what not.
    Look at Sudan, did you see anyone lift a finger to help the black muslims in Darfur? nope…any protest in the “arab street”? What about in Jakarta?

  11. Pagan neutral says:

    I am totally bemused and puzzled by the conflict. Christians declared that jerusalem was the site of thier so called ‘christ’ so why is their ‘god’ allowing the conflict that is taking place there, isn’t he all powerful? In any case it would seem more than ridiculous to argue over a very modest strip of land. As a Pagan I couldn’t care less, I am happy for them to knock several shades of ‘s—t out of other but what does concern me is that they expect the rest of the world to join in!! I am not in the least interested but sadly we are unable to ignore.

  12. Lairedion says:

    As long as the majority of the world’s population adheres to one of the three desert cults we can forget about world peace anytime soon.

  13. Joe He says:

    This is a terrible war. Don’t know when human can stop killing each other. War cannot never make common people happy.

  14. dragonwall says:

    For the next 20 years the war will continue unless the Palestinians, Hamas, Al Fatah is prepared to understand what is the primary problem that they had created throughout the last century.

    There has been many a truce that was agreed but later broken by the Hamas who in fact is actually disagreeing with the Al Fatah in fighting for their rights of territory.

    Many a factor arises from these whereby terrorism starts and the bottom line is someone make the blame for the other to take the blame then comes the bickering on early settlements issues by ignoring what was written in history.

    They might as well forget the religious factor.

    Are they prepared to accept the fact that the co-existence must consist certain rights not to violate several factors agreed with a consequence.

    The Israelis had in fact allowed many Palestinians to enter Israel to work and that gave rise to many suicide bombers bombing on the Israelis.

    Has there been any of Israeli suicide bombers entering Palestinian territories recorded? I guess not except retaliatory action.

    When the Israelis retaliate everyone starts making the blame.

    The US does not disapprove the retaliation. There were many protestors? But what are they protesting? Humanitarians? No but taking the innocent victims as a basis for their cause thus putting the Israelis in the position as aggressors.

    People are not prepared to accept the fact how it started. They only wants to know what they will get.

    Though it is agreeable that under such retaliatory action there is bound to have collateral losses. Understanding the core to the problems should be considered more appropriate.

    Even the Israelis are willing to come to the table, it is much doubted that the Palestinians is able to accept the term and conditions.

    There were earlier agreements, at camp David, UN when Arafat came up with the Israelis but still these things happened.

    So what next.

  15. Daniel says:

    I happened to be in Indonesia when the conflict was just starting and I had several `enlightening’ conversations with the locals. I wonder if Indonesians have a clear view of Arab-Israeli conflict.

    In my western-influenced mind the conflict came out because of hatred between Jews and Arabs (be it because of race, power struggle, or whatever), exacerbated by the division of Palestine by the British after World War II.

    Not too many people know about the history of the conflict, but 100% of those who does
    said that Israel was the colonizer (penjajah, which has a very bad connotation in Indonesian), and Palestinians are simply fighting for their freedom just like the Indonesians did vs the Dutch. I fail to understand how they can identify with Palestinians on PRINCIPLE while suppressing Timor, Aceh, Papua, Sulawesi, etc. I had various responses to this, but most are just silly.

    The best argument: if Jews were tolerated for centuries under Arab rule, then why do they have to bother making their own country? If they are truly peaceful then surely there is no need to usurp the status quo (this is not my opinion, just the best out of the lot imho).

    I tried to explain to some that the situation is analogous to the Dutch splitting Indonesia into two before giving independence to both (in hindsight, maybe a better analogy is giving the Chinese ethnics their own country in the middle of Indonesia somewhere).

    In all honesty though, out of the tens of people I talked to, not a single person actually cared about the conflict … even that one knowledgeable guy. It was actually hard to have a conversation about this. This is a good thing, there’s a lot of things that need to be fixed in that country, like Lapindo as someone above has pointed out.

  16. Ross says:

    Yes, Daniel, it’s the selective indignation that irritates.

    I do recall some Indonesian protest when Islamist swine blew up the WTC on 9/11 but also recall that a Muslim student hoodlum attacked the protestors – he said his ‘heart was broken’ by their depiction of Bin Laden as a bad guy.
    His university did not discipline, much less expel him, for bringing his alma mater into disrepute, as ought to have happened, thus implicitly endorsing undergrad sectarian thuggery.
    Islamists quickly condemn ‘atrocities’ unless of their own kind’s making -it’s this disgusting ‘ummat’ nonsense again, solidarity with any Muslims against anybody else, even if the Muslims in question are scumbags. Here in Indonesia, fanatics like PKS never protest or demand action when Islamic terrorists commit outrages………

    Having said that, Dragonwall is surely wrong to suggest the Palestinians made the Mid-East problem.
    We sons and daughters of the British Empire have to recognise that it was the folly of the Balfour Declaration and the skilfully manufactured guilt complex over the ‘holocaust’ ( I don’t use a capital H since many other holocausts happened, notably in the Ukraine) that resulted in us allowing the East European settlers to steal Arab land.
    And a fat lot of thanks we got, our soldiers murdered by Irgun Zwei Leumi / Stern Gang terrs.
    I hate Islamist terrorism, but the Jewish sort is no better.

  17. jsbst18 says:

    Some of the most intelligent words about the Gaza situation that I have found online.

    It just seems that the FPI wants to send billions of rupiah to a foreign country when the money is desperately needed in Indonesia.

    If the FPI wants to send 10’s of thousands of people to fight on the side of the Palestinians, they better find out if the Palestinians even want them there. I would bet not. Especially if they are only giving them a 1 way ticket. I saw the call for volunteers with ‘passports’ … very amusing.

    I say, first of all the FPI is crazy, but even if they are dont they want to help their country first? I think this just shows them as doubly crazy.

  18. pjbali says:

    I’m just wondering how the FPI plans to send all these fighter to palestine? Airdrop them from a garuda flight to cairo? Submarine them over and have them swim the last 12 miles or so. Borrow the transporter room from captain picard? Really the only reason these guys are begging to go to palestine is that they know there is not a chance in hell they will ever get there. The FPI is really just trying to shore up their public image in indo as the protectors of islam. Their true colors as thugs and bullies were shown last september – they would have a collective shit if they ever met opponents who could fight back.

  19. dragonwall says:

    Having said that, Dragonwall is surely wrong to suggest the Palestinians made the Mid-East problem.

    Did I say Mid Eastern or did you made that up yourself Ross?

    If I wanted to say middle east I would have mentioned that then the story will differ from one point to another.
    But in specific I am referring to Israel and Palestina.

    So when I guess you yourself is a Christian and that you do understand starting 1 AD and what was in the genesis? Or did you not know the creation at all!

    You should back track and if necessary use the wikipedia like a lot of them is doing then we would end up on the same level of communications.

    Let me asked you a question, a simple one. If someone throws a stone at you what will you do? And if the glass house that you are staying was thrown and smash with a rock then what kind of reaction will you have and the kind of action you will take.

    And you can use the word with a capital H because this word had killed a lot of people but breaks no bones.

  20. diego says:

    Anyone who takes side with either israel / arab in this conflict is: crazy.

    Let ’em go on with their conflicts and exterminate each other, as long as they’re not trying to drag the whole world into the mess they created themselves.

  21. Ross says:

    Sorry, Dragonwall, but I am not sure I know what you’re on about.

    The ‘Middle East Problem’ would hardly exist were it not for the Arab-Israel quarrel. I assumed that’s what you were discussing.

    Genesis, 1AD etc…yes, I have read the Book, and know the date…so what? If you are referring to Biblical justification for the colonisation of Palestine, read Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe and think about it. Who actually has a claim on the land, except by force of arms?

    The point that matters is exactly the one you end up on. “If someone throws a stone at you, what will you do?”.
    Retaliate! Thus……..if people come from far away and take your farms and homes and rename your country, perhaps you would retaliate too, like the Palestinians.

    H-word? Holocausts occurred of much greater magnitude than the one supervised by Hitler. Stalin murdered millions of Ukrainians, Mao many millions more of his own countrymen. Rwanda qualifies too, more recently, as does Cambodia.
    Those monstrous phenomena are not dredged up as excuses for aggressive imperialism. And they can be debated, too, unlike the Hitlerian one, which is protected by law in Germany and Canada and elsewhere from objective analysis.

  22. Lairedion says:

    Well, apparently Hamas TV still has time for other business than “Jihad”.

    Hamas TV Blooper Airs Footage Of Erotic Nude Dance


  23. dragonwall says:

    Israel was known as CANAAN wasn’t that right?

    Since you read about

    Biblical justification for the colonisation of Palestine,

    So how do you justify when Palestine does not even exist at that time see by searching google at origination of Jews or the link below

    and see what you have come up with in comparison.

    So when a latter day emigrant comes into your front lawn and build a hut so he can claim that is his right? And when you retaliate I can bomb you right?

    How smart. Yeah I forgot you are a journalist right?

    Craps like you refer to things like Koestler’s Thirteenth Tribe that happened on 780 AD?

    You are not speaking on the same frequency when history goes back to 1350 BCE.

    They are not only ages apart but heaven and earth.

  24. dragonwall says:

    Forgot to add something. Why don’t you also follow in the Jihad, wear a white turban and behave like those warrior in the movie MUMMY.

    Who knows that might make you a star.

  25. Ross says:

    Wow, Dragonwall, I think the FPI will be very angry with you for proposing me as a recruit!
    Unfortunately I’m not a journalist, so can’t claim -as so many of them do -to be a repository of all wisdom on whatever field of knowledge, but I am still baffled by your observations.

    As far as I recall from the Book, the Jews stole the land from the Canaanites, then imposed something of a Final Solution on those Canaaanites who hung around.

    If Koestler is right, and that is of course debatable, then Ashkenazic Jews, as opposed to Sephardic Jews, have no claim on Palestinian land.

    Equally, It may well be that the Palestinians drove out the Byzantine inhabitants back fifteen hundred years ago.

    The Crusaders took over for a while a thousand years back, but didn’t last as long as the much more ruthless Zionists, whose record is pretty foul, viz. the Deir el Yassin massacre.. ..and so we could go on.

    Dragonwall, there is no easy answer on this matter, nor any clear-cut right or wrong. It’s a mess.

  26. DumadiSatrio says:

    diego is most wise here.

    When two rabid dogs quarrel, you dont jump in. They only thing you will accomplish is getting rabies yourself.

  27. dragonwall says:

    Wow, Dragonwall, I think the FPI will be very angry with you for proposing me as a recruit!

    Didn’t you sound that you condone the actions of Palestinians?

    As far as I recall from the Book, the Jews stole the land from the Canaanites, then imposed something of a Final Solution on those Canaaanites who hung around.

    Assuming you are right that there were the canaanites before the Israelis, zionist or jews, but when they had settled there by mean of assimilation or whatever then they must have reached a certain agreement, right?
    The question is this, was the Palestinians present then? The answer is no?

    I failed to see the way you explore the situation in addresing the core problem.

    If Koestler is right, and that is of course debatable, then Ashkenazic Jews, as opposed to Sephardic Jews, have no claim on Palestinian land.

    When there are many instance like Christians, Catholics, Islamics splinting out into groups they are all human who wish to rewrite whatever they like. Similar to Koestler who wrote something based on conjecture then he is in no way right.

    Equally, It may well be that the Palestinians drove out the Byzantine inhabitants back fifteen hundred years ago.

    My, you kept grabbing the legs of something that hapenned 1500 years back when we are referring to matters that hapenned 1350 BCE.
    Did you remember when I say it is a difference between heaven and earth!

    The Crusaders took over for a while a thousand years back, but didn’t last as long as the much more ruthless Zionists, whose record is pretty foul, viz. the Deir el Yassin massacre.. ..and so we could go on.

    So does it makes your statement obsolete?

    Well everyone knows It’s a mess. but yet people prefer to ignore the truth and kept continuing the arguments and that was what I say for the next 20 years this war will continue.

  28. Goddess_in_paradise says:

    It is unfortunate that the Indonesians you happened to talk to did not know, or shall I say care much about the Israeli Gaza Strip conflict. And if they do care, I believe I might spare myself into giving the effort of trying to see which party they are in favor of. That is how ignorant some Indonesians can be, and this is coming from an Indonesian 🙂

    P.S. Too bad it was not me that you came across and talked to the other day, else we might have had some intriguing conversation 🙂

  29. dragonwall says:


    We need more people like you to provide views and comments pro and contras and see if we learn something intriguing.

  30. Chris Komari says:

    As far as the Israeli and Palestinian conflict are concerned, there will be no lasting peace agreement as long as the following conditions still exist:

    1). USA and Israel are one united countries. This makes US Government always bias and can never be an honest broker on Israel and Palestinian conflict.

    2). US President can never stay away from Israeli interest, as long as members of US Congress are filled by Israelis descent.

    3). The landscape of US Congress will not change anytime soon as long as AIPAC is still there dominating influence on Senator election, Congress election and Presidential election in the US, the world media, the world Banks and top 500 Corporations.

    4). As long as the United States of America (USA) is the only superpower in the world, the Israel and US Government will ignore the International laws. This condition is very detrimental to the world peace and security including those Israel and Palestinian conflict.

    5). Every time there is a proposed peace deal or agreement between Israel and Palestinian brokered by the US, the concessions are always from the Palestinian side to give up this and that.

    6). As long as United Nation continues to be Unfair, Unjust, Un-unified and Unfit Nations that can’t stand up and punish US and Israel’s violations of International Laws, there will no lasting PEACE in the world. UN is unfair world body, especially, for those small countries and those non-nuclear power countries. The UN needs to be dismantled and form another world body that are just and fair to all countries.

    7). The settlements in the West Bank are there. The settlements were designed by the Israeli Government to expand territory and dismantling settlements in the West Bank is just political suicidal for any Israeli’s politicians. One of the top Israelis politicians said that the right of return and dismantling the settlement in the West Bank has passed the time from being a talking point. There is no way to undo those settlements. The settlements are too big and the sentiments are too widely rooted by those Jewish orthodox there that they have the right to occupy the land based on historical claim.

    8). To protect their people, the Israelis government restricts and strangled movement of the millions Palestinians by putting many check-points and many roadblocks from North to South and from West to East making Gaza Strip the biggest prison in the world, making the West Bank a prisoner for Palestinians. This makes life in Gaza Strip and the West Bank is unbearable. The argument that Hamas initiated or broke the 6 peace deal is just unjustified. This dire condition forces those Palestinian to fire rockets and send suicide bombers trying to break and change the condition on the ground. Anyone or a nation who lives under such a dire condition will do anything to break that condition. It is just a human nature. This cycle will continue as long as those conditions continue to exist. That’s why we can never hear those peace agreement last too long. This is only about condition on the ground. How about the conditions inside the Palestinian’s people heart and mind? It doubled if not tripled the hatred to continue fighting.

    9) All Muslims believe in this very well-known Prophecy. …”time will pass when a Jew is hiding behind a mountain, the mountain will speak up, hey…there is a Jew behind me, go get him! When a Jew is hiding behind a tree, the tree will speak up, hey…there is a Jew behind me, go get him!” This prophecy is well understood and embraced by majority Muslims worldwide that someday the Jewish people faith will turn from being the hunters to the be hunted ones.

    10). Greed, power grab and land grab have been historical nature of the Jewish people. They had been punished by God because of it, and it seems they continue taking the same path and destruction for their very own misconducts. Look at what the world have viewed the State of Israel. There are more people and more countries around the world who dislike (or hate) the state of Israel’s International conducts and behaviors than those who love or support it. If their misconduct continues just like what we have seen in the current war and the hatred continues, the repeated destruction State of Israel is just a matter of time. Those Prophecies may come to fulfill sooner than later.

    This does not suggest that I am anti Israel or anti Semitic in anyway. I am presenting historical facts. Will it become true or not? Only time will tell.

    This condition can change dramatically once a US President dares to stand up against US Congress influence, AIPAC and order Israelis Government to make all the needed concessions to the Palestinian to establish long lasting peace with a guarantee that the US and the rest of the world will guarantee the State of Israel security. Otherwise, the US will stop monetary and weapons support for Israelis. I am not sure if there will be ever any President of the US who dares stand up against US Congress, AIPAC and Israel. This will force Israelis Government to make concession unless they are willing to lose billions of dollar aids.

    There is no any other way for the Israelis to make long lasting peace agreement with the Palestinian. The hatred is too deep and the sentiment is too widely spread across the Arab nations. All what the Government of Israeli does is managing violence and resistance from the Palestians to the point that is acceptable. That’s what they do with their super military force all of these years.

    How long such a condition will last? Time will tell. But one thing for sure, the fight is yet to continue unless those conditions are eliminated.

    Sent by:

    Chris Komari
    Future Indonesia Independent Party

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