Evangelical Christianity in Surabaya

May 17th, 2006, in News, by

A Christian foundation in Surabaya, East Java, reaches out to the masses.

Necessarily on this site the focus is often on ‘bad news’, stories of persecution and intolerance, however this is one story that doesn’t fit that bill. Duncan Graham, an expat journalist in Indonesia, writes about the efforts of the Pondok Kasih (House of Love) foundation, a Protestant evangelical mission in Surabaya.

It begins..

Every Wednesday afternoon around 4,000 poor people are bussed free from their kampung around the city to a suburban stadium in the East Java capital. Here they listen to thumping evangelical rock music, hear passionate Christian sermons and collect a bag of rice and other food on the way out. Sometimes they’re given powdered milk or a box of goodies from Australia.

Outside the kids sing and exercise in age groups led by young teachers. Mums get their babies’ health checked and the sick can seek a cure though healers laying on their hands. Some pray with vigor. Others seem indifferent.

From dress and behavior it’s clear not all participants are Christian. In fact they’re probably a minority.

The weekly event described has been going on since 1999. In many other parts of Indonesia this sort of thing would not be possible, radical Muslim groups would have put a stop to it long ago, however in East Java, the home of the moderate Nahdlatul Ulama, led by Hasyim Muzadi, matters of religion are often on a more relaxed footing.

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4 Comments on “Evangelical Christianity in Surabaya”

  1. Michael says:

    “If we as Christians don’t go to Muslims with love they will come to us with bombs and terror.”

    doesn’t it sum up the whole religious behavior ?

  2. Ktut Asmara says:

    Is is a holy duty for Chrtistians to spread the teaching of Christ to unbelievers. Only Jesus the only way to God ( John 14 :6). Shalom !

  3. junita says:

    Whatever, all be done with love of Christ and I’m sure God will protect His servants. Peace on earth and heart. Christ bless you all..

  4. Dark brown says:

    You are right Junita, I know that Only Christians go to heaven !

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