Dating Indonesian Girls

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Dating Indonesian women may not be for everyone.

Indonesian women, particularly on the island of Java, are exceptionally beautiful. They tend towards the very feminine side, with lovely skin, are not too tall, and have knock-out smiles. There’s plenty of plus on that side of things.

If wer’e to be honest we have to recognise that many men are interested in a woman who will take care of him, do the housework without complaint, and take care of other matters similarly without much bother. Your average Indonesian girl often fits the bill in this respect, certainly more than your average western woman, the less said about them the better.

On the other hand going out with Indonesian women in a romantic way can have many mysterious pitfalls.

Some women here are clearly only interested in money. Some men are unbothered by this. Others of the female variety, can, once we get to know them very well, come across as practically insane, hysterically emotional, scheming, over-possessive, inclined to, usually fake, attempts at self-harm in order to get their way. As I said, not for the faint-hearted.

There are a few Indonesia dating websites although the area is not nearly as developed as that in nearby Phillipines or Thailand. To begin your online journey on the Indonesian dating scene our very own “Meet” section has many a lady eager for company.

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  1. Harry says:

    sorry i mean 45 years old 🙁 (if only i still was 35)

  2. John Pinto says:

    I don’t think all the foreigners who come here are losers. But I agree a lot of them are arrogant and could be classified as weak. For example I came here because the life is less stressful and people are generally nicer. I never act arrogant with Indonesians even though they do treat foreigners better. I appreciate their kind and friendly attitude.

    However, I have also seen some foreigners that are very arrogant and act like they are kings and those that do are generally losers back in their countries. As for the girls, a lot of women here throw themselves at foreigners so this makes them feel like they can have as many as they can handle. So this is a two-way street.

    Overall I will say this. If the Foreigner acts arrogant, calls Indonesian people ignorant and stupid, that most likely that foreigner is nobody in their country and trying to act like a king here. When they go back home they will be treated like flies on the wall. If the foreigner is easy going, and accepts the culture than that person is not a loser. Just like any country in the world there are good people and bad people and the same applies to the foreigners. We all don’t come from the same country.

    Finally the ratio of woman to men is high here, meaning that there are more women than men. That is the same issue in South America and they suffer from similar issues there also, as women tend to be more willing to throw themselves at men. In many cities in the US there are more men than women so that means there is more competition. It all comes down to supply and demand in the end.

  3. Windy says:

    It’s my stories, I’m 21 year old and , I was been with Australia men (50 year old), I don’t looked any financial of him… Because love is love, but people who has look at me and him, they often talking my back of my relationship, sharp enough to made me down… They said I’m a “gold digger”, bitch, a sugar baby.., but I AM NOT !!! I don’t ever ask everyone money,
    Sometimes, I want to shut down their mouths with flying shoes,and I realized that who person with the big heart and good behav doesn’t used too, so just I keep quiet..,
    There’s the way they looked me down, and treated me a different in any public means, I’m feel totally weird even I hold onto my boyfriend hand, or just sit and talking with him, my bf always asking me “are you happy?”, “Are you okay?”, I’m feel so awesome and a live when you was around me, I just want to speak out about, it’s not your business !!!
    let me ask something, do you think any Asian girls who has dated with white men’s as looking for money ? Maybe some of them, or maybe for the first time they saw white guy interest to they are and they think white guy has a big pocket for them but if they way the knew each other it’s more wonderful than just talking a money… Stop being tacky and wacky please !!!

  4. GoingHome says:

    WOW, Tini, what a beautiful answers.

    I have Indonesian Girl, who we just meet for a short time and now I am waiting to go back and your answers really give me Insight on how beautiful and different you think. This is amazing. So positive oriented thinking. I love this girl I meet into the soul, like I never loved before, and when I met her again very soon, the light between us will explode and all the light on earth will come <3

  5. Nugraha Fauzi says:

    Dating indonesian girl? Mostly, the java island men are wondering to date “bule” girls, hahahaha

    But I’m so happy with mine, she is just an ordinary girl with extraordinary attitude *kiss*

  6. Benson says:

    Jakarta is a filthy shithole, and one if the dirtiest places I ever saw I’d advise no westerners to go there it’s also boring and at risk of terror attacks because if Muslim fanatics i was married to an Indonesian girl and she was a lying little tramp Filipino girls are better and it’s a catholic country better going there

  7. crysmarye says:

    Dating indonesian girl? Mostly, the java island men are wondering to date “bule” girls, hahahaha

    But I’m so happy with mine, she is just an ordinary girl with extraordinary attitude *kiss*

  8. Rickard says:

    Ok, let’s talk facts… I have read all your comments and some of you seems to be afraid to share the actual lights in these topic.

    Indonesian girl show much respect and willing to accept you in the early times where she thinks she is getting what she wants from a man (local or foreign), as soon as she is settled, her true self kicks in. The ones interested in Bule are actually aspiring for richness and to be famous in the site of their friends and families. Knowing fully well that the relationship won’t last that long. Mind you, these same Bule hunters have either being rejected from local men and are not regarded as any wife material locally.
    NOTE: Please don’t get me wrong, but the facts should be shared hence it’s mentioned here.
    Indonesian girls aren’t good enough in lies (they get cut easily). Speaking of which, how many of you here can explain why most marriages doesn’t last that much. The rate of single mothers/parents are far much expected. When you think of Indonesia, you talk of culture and religion, but all these can’t be actualize in the characters shown.
    No matter who you turn to be, Bule, Local or anywhere in the world. When an Indonesian girl is not getting all she wants from you, she isn’t staying. They are willing to cheat in any kind of relationship just to satisfy their curiosity. And you will always find out at the end.
    If you doubt me, watch the local television channels, you will notice that only the women come to share their individual family breaks in the name of “MEN CHEAT OR HURT THEM” whereas the men are guilty as charged.
    This findings are based on most capital cities… Am sure there Indonesia girls who might stand for what they are been known for. At the same time, avoiding rule of copyright (every countryman has their culture, live on yours and stop immolating on other’s way of life. Will kill your image).

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