Majelis Mujahidin Unhappy

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The Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia, MMI, have issued a “summons” to the police, claiming there is a witch-hunt against the Muslim community.

The Mujahidin Council, long fond of the summons tactic, (see their summons of the leaders of Bali), filed their complaint to the police special anti-terrorist unit, Detachment 88 (Densus 88) specifically over the raid on a terrorist hideout in central Java late last month. Two men, Abdul Hadi and Jabir, were killed in the raid and two others, Shalahudin and Mustaghfirin, were arrested.

The chairman of the MMI, Irfan S Awwas, delivered the summons today at police headquarters in Jakarta and explained.

The screening of the operation on television was vulgar and hurt the feelings of the Muslim community in light of the fact that the suspects have not yet been proven guilty of the wrongdoing they are accused of and especially since the raid was outside of permitted procedures.
(Penayangan operasi di layar televisi itu yang vulgar telah melukai perasaan umat Islam mengingat tersangka belum terbukti bersalah seperti yang dituduhkan apalagi penyerangan itu diluar prosedur yang diperkenankan.)

He added that the actions of Detachment 88 were highly discriminative towards Muslims considering that the police did not chase the leaders of separatist or militia-like Christian movements with the same ferocity. He mentioned the names of pastor Damanik and Fabianus Tibo (who is on death row) in Poso, and Alex Manuputty of the Republic of South Moluccas (Republik Maluku Selatan) group.

This all, he said, was giving rise to antipathy on the part of Muslims towards the security forces.

The anti-terror law of 2003 has been used to discredit the Muslim community. The definition of terrorism has been monopolised by Detachment 88 in order to belittle the Muslim community.
(UU N0 15 tahun 2003 tentang Pemberantasan Terorisme telah dimanfaatkan untuk mendiskreditkan umat Islam. Definisi terorisme telah dimonopoli Densus 88 dengan mengabaikan dialog dengan umat Islam.)

MMI spokesman Fauzan Al Anshori was in typically fiery mood. He demanded that Detachment 88 be disbanded and:

We ask that the policemen who shot the suspected terrorists at the Wonosobo raid have steps taken against them and that they immediately explain to society about what happened.
(Kami minta agar oknum polisi yang menembak mati tersangka teroris di Wonosobo ditindak dan segera menjelaskan kepada masyarakat soal kejadian ini.)

Should the police fail to respond to these demands the MMI would be forced to take the view that the police had committed murder at Wonosobo in order to discredit Muslims.

Because of that the Muslim community has the right to file legal suit [against the police].
(Karena itu, umat Islam berhak mengajukan gugatan sesuai hukum yang berlaku.)

What is clear is that the MMI are unwilling to see that the problem starts with the Muslim community itself. If some Muslims did not take up arms and make bombs and blow things up there would be no cause for suspicions of police harassment to arise. Where there’s smoke….

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