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The Forbes list of the top 40 richest businessmen sees a downturn in fortunes for Indonesia’s wealthiest.

Sukanto Tanoto heads the 2008 Forbes’ list of Indonesia’s richest men, up from 2nd last year, while Aburizal Bakrie drops from 1st to 9th:

  1. Sukanto Tanoto ($2 billion net worth)
  2. R. Budi Hartono ($1.7 billion)
  3. Michael Hartono ($1.6 billion)
  4. Putera Sampoerna ($1.5 billion)
  5. Martua Sitorus ($1.3 billion)
  6. Peter Sondakh ($1 billion)
  7. Eddy William Katuari ($1 billion)
  8. Eka Tjipta Widjaja ($950 million)
  9. Aburizal Bakrie ($850 million)
  10. Murdaya Poo ($825 million)
  11. Anthoni Salim ($690 million)
  12. Wonowidjojo family (Rachman Halim) ($640 million)
  13. Chairul Tanjung ($625 million)
  14. Trihatma Haliman ($470 million)
  15. Arifin Panigoro ($430 million)
  16. Sjamsul Nursalim ($425 million)
  17. Mochtar Riady ($420 million)
  18. Harjo Sutanto ($340 million)
  19. Husein Djojonegoro ($300 million)
  20. Soegiharto Sosrodjojo ($275 million)
  21. Aksa Mahmud ($260 million)
  22. Hary Tanoesoedibjo ($240 million)
  23. Garibaldi Thohir ($216 million)
  24. Theodore Rachmat ($215 million)
  25. Low Tuck Kwong ($214 million)
  26. Edwin Soeryadjaya ($210 million)
  27. Prajogo Pangestu ($200 million)
  28. Paulus Tumewu ($190 million)
  29. Jusuf Kalla ($185 million)
  30. Tan Kian ($175 million)
  31. Sutanto Djuhar ($165 million)
  32. Kartini Muljadi ($130 million)
  33. Soegiarto Adikoesoemo ($120 million)
  34. Alim Markus ($115 million)
  35. George & Sjakon Tahija ($110 million)
  36. Kris Wiluan ($105 million)
  37. Jakob Oetama ($80 million)
  38. Hadi Surya ($70 million)
  39. Eka Tjandranegara ($60 million)
  40. Ciputra ($55 million)

Year on year Indonesia’s wealthiest men saw a sharp downturn in their on-paper fortunes, with their combined wealth falling from $40 billion to $21 billion. Fourteen men or families lost at least half of their fortunes, including ex-billionaires Aburizal Bakrie and Eka Tjipta Widjaja, while only two of the 40 added to their fortunes, but Forbes suggests this was due to improved detective work on their part rather than any appreciation of assets or business success.

The three new-comers to the list, Low Tuck Kwong (Bayan Resources), and Garibaldi Thohir and Theodore Rachmat (Adaro Energy) are all involved in the coal industry. forbes

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  1. dragonwall says:

    First let me tell you that I am a Chinese and whoever you are I really can’t be bothered.
    But before you continue I did say be specific didn’t I? And so what are you ranting about?

    yes I have their all over the world, and I’ve lived all over the world, and the bulk of them are not professionals their genuinely poor people,

    And I also did say that was much said at the blog on War on Poverty.

    So what is there for you to elaborate? All but second hand news.

    I don’t mind people being rich but you have to put back and not just keep taking.

    So you think that the Chinese did not put back into society? You are unfit to comment on this subject. Whether you have lived and worked in Indonesia for , what for the last 18 years, is like 20 years 1 time over.

    Don’t think I’m knocking the rich, I’m all for people who make money by their own efforts,

    You just said “being rich but you have to put back and not just keep taking” so it that not knocking at the rich arsehole.

    And your right government programs need to be addressed to alleviate poverty and as usual the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    Whose government is that, Indonesia? That ain’t mine. Of course the rich will get richer and poor gets poorer. With corrupt officials around these things will still remain unchange.

    I suppose you are angry at them too right”

    Only sumbags like you will say others are angry with the rich especially you with those words you said.

    Wrong! I think what these people are doing is fantastic.

    Bill Gates was reported to have stole progams from others to enrich himself? The why is he being sued with court suit as high as manhattan building!

    *rolling eyes*

    You didn’t seemed to be a well traveled person.

  2. diego says:

    Wait a second…, this dragie is the only representative of (indo)chinese here in Oh, gee, no wonder there’s a bad perception about indo(chinese) lingering. He’s like a racist lunatic. No one knows what his problem really is. He sounds very angry, in a very un-cool way. *Puke*. Somebody (indo-chinese) please step up and wipe the smear out this dragie has brushed over your community.

  3. schmerly says:

    @dragonwall…. you’ve got a real Chinese chip on your shoulder, I didn’t even mention the Chinese as I don’t have a problem with Chinese people, so if your a rich Chinese good on you, and if your not happy with that the second word is spelt with two FF’s.
    Gong Xi Fa Cai.

  4. schmerly says:

    @diego. I think dragonwall has got a real raving inferiority complex, even if you agree with him/her or it! your post will be turned around and become a rant, I’m not going to bother answering this lunatic I’ll just treat him/her or it! with the contempt him/her or it! deservers.

  5. dragonwall says:

    It is your perogative to understand and not to understand.

    You see onyl lunatics who’s an it will try calling others lunatic because the two of you can’t answer straight forward.

    What have I got to be angry about. I do not represent any Indonesian Chinese but I would tick those MF bigotry lunatics off anytime.

    Did I said be specific? Anyway talking to an “it” is just time wasting like what you claim to have been in Indonesia for the past 18 years and that make it one year over.

    So do I have to be possessed with inferior complex, if so I won’t be ticking MF like you off.

    So this is one new word I learn and that is by rebutting is in contempt when unable to reply straight.

    No wonder they used to say “dogs like you born in a barn will not make it a horse” and it is the “it” you want me to refer you as, right.?

    Good for me. So shall I call you ASU?

  6. diego says:

    Somebody care to build a list of “asumen of im”? Allright, let me start:

    (1) Diego
    (2) Schmerly
    (3) AAB (I suspect)
    (4) … Please add your name if you remember being called asu by dragie.

    I fear this gonna be a loooong list.

  7. dragonwall says:

    Go oooooooooon.

    It is about what you are“asumen of im

  8. mae tj says:

    i know this topic was in 2009, but i just couldnt resist. I am an outsider, just stumbled upon this website. And been reading the comments started from the beginning.
    To Dragonwall: No matter what you say in your defense, no matter the reason, even i can tell your anger from your comments. You do have some issues regarding the topic. So i am guessing you must be one of the rich indo chinese, or close to one or sympatethic to them, i dont know. But what i do know is you CERTAINLY sounded angry, even when you put on your denial mode. It is OBVIOUS.
    Here is a good advice:
    When more than two people tell you the same thing, stop and think. It must be you, not the world.

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