The Archipelago & Islands for Sale

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IslandsThe number of islands Indonesia has and whether some of them are for sale.

How Many

Maritime and Fisheries minister Freddy Numberi says the current figure of 17,480 islands in Indonesia may not be accurate and will likely be revised down as the government completes another inventory of the nation’s islands. Freddie says the 17480 number is based on satellite imaging and may be wrong, due to satellites wrongly marking mangrove areas as islands for example, and due to changes in the definition of what is an island.

Freddy Numberi, not hawking an island

Out of the 17480 estimate 4981 islands already have names recorded at the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN). The job of naming the rest will be completed and submitted to the UN by 2012, he says, as the UN only accepts changes to its islands’ database once every five years. matanews

For Sale

Meanwhile there is renewed controversy over the issue of whether foreigners should be permitted to purchase islands in Indonesia, due to some media outlets pointing out that the website supposedly offers three islands in Mentawai, West Sumatra for sale, namely Kandui, Macaroni, and Siloinak.

Siloinak Island, 24 acres, offered at $1.6 million.

Freddy Numberi says that in fact these islands are not genuinely for sale but are offered on lease basis from the traditional owners, and that any prospective ‘buyer’ would be required to develop and run existing resorts on the islands as part of the sale agreement. surya

10 Comments on “The Archipelago & Islands for Sale”

  1. sputjam says:

    Looks tempting. Any info on how to get to mentawai, nias by flight?

  2. Pena Budaya says:

    I wish I won lottery to lease these areas. They are beautiful islands to be visited. The issue is, whether these accomodation are accompanying with proper transportation to reach these islands.

  3. parvita says:

    Beautiful places. The problem is infrastructure. If there is an easy way of island hopping in Indonesia, it would be great.

  4. ultratupai says:

    Is Java for sale? I’d buy it. AH, I’m told its been ‘sold out’ already. Too bad.

  5. ET says:

    Hasn’t Richard Branson of Virgin Airways already bought one of these islands and build a Bali style mansion there for the rich and the beautiful to stay? I remember vaguely having seen something on TV about him and the place with Mariah Carey holidaying there.

  6. H. Nizam says:

    Based on our Agrarian Law, a foreigner cannot buy a land in Indonesia, and the website that offer the island mentioned this and that the island can only be leased.

  7. Hary says:

    Lease? for 50 years. That’s as good as buying it in some countries. Might as well do a Hong kong and lease them out for 99 years.
    On a separate note, you can fly to the Mentawais on Susi Air. Small caravan planes that seat 12.
    Superb surfing…Tsunamis included for free.

  8. andrey says:

    so we got papuan in the cabinet. so much for discrimination.
    I’d like to see an aborigine minister in australia other than for things related to their own welfare.

  9. shorty says:


    I’m not quite sure how your post relates to buying a slice of paradise.

    Anyhowever, check out….

    Sir douglas nicholls…governor of south australia from 1976.

    Aiden ridgeway…australian democrat senator representing nsw from 1998 – 2004. he was deputy leader of the party.

    Neville bonner…liberal senator for queensland from 1971 -1984

    Charles perkins….whilst not elected, check out his public service career.

  10. Hanin says:


    my name is Hanin,
    I would like to ask about the process to buy an island on Indonesia and how we could deal with constructor if we want to build palace or house.

    Thank You

    Hanin Aljayoussi

Comment on “The Archipelago & Islands for Sale”.

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