Makassar Seethes Against Chinese

May 9th, 2006, in News, by

Anti-Chinese feelings in the rough and tumble city of Makassar in south Sulawesi have been aroused over the death of a house-maid in the employ of a Chinese family.

Hasniati, otherwise called Sariani, 20 years old, was found dead yesterday in the home of one Wandi, a Chinese Indonesian. She is believed to have been murdered by her employer, or someone in his family, and at least one report has it that she was also raped.

Thousands of people have today poured onto the streets in Makassar to vent their anger over the case and the mob actions have the definite smell of racial hatred. The situation is reported to have been very serious during some parts of the day and large numbers of security personnel have been put on the streets.

The centre of attention for the angry mob, it appears, is in and around Jalan Gunung Lati Mojong where is located a shopping and housing complex, the residential part of which is occupied mainly by ethnic Chinese. This afternoon the mayor of Makassar, Ilham Arief Sirajuddin, visited the scene of the crime and then, loudspeaker in hand, appealed to the crowd to disperse.

The vice-president Jusuf Kalla, himself a native of the province, also called on the people of Makassar to let justice take its course, but in a more long-distance fashion.

The combined appeals seem to have met with some success as the latest reports suggest the numbers of demonstrators has declined to only a few dozen people.

Separately, students at the Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) in Makassar also staged a protest over the matter and went so far as to stop cars passing by the university, in search of Chinese citizens. One driver who was stopped, one Frans, was forced to accompany the students into the university and therein stand upon a chair and make some sort of speech condemning the murder of the housekeeper. After this he was let go.

September 15th, 2006

Wandi Tandiawan was sentenced to 14 years prison for the murder of his housekeeper, one year less than the sentence asked for by the prosecution.

7 Comments on “Makassar Seethes Against Chinese”

  1. Rockstar says:

    Whoever did that, Chinese or not, should be taken into the court and let the law do the job.
    Be civilized people, otherwise why not live with your ancestors in the deep forest of kalimantan along with the monkeys.

    When it comes to Chinese, the issue will always be 100 times different and worst.

    oh yea and one more thing, let the one who did that (the son) be punished severely and be put into jail for the rest of his life.. now hows that? stupid spoiled kid

  2. Hairays says:

    Indonesians like the mob mentality…uncivilised, ready to attack minoroties at the slightest excuse.

  3. Dragonwall says:

    Sorry to say when Basyir initiated the bombing which killed many many people he was sentenced to only two years of confinement. I suppose there is a difference between confinement and imprisonment.
    So does different judge pass down different sentence not weighing the seriousness of the crime.
    Some countries carries sentence like murder = death, culpable homicide = incarcerated for life. and so on.
    How special is terrorism being treated. Usually the law works two way so I suppose it is because it is more kampung therefore a more difficult road to travel so the sentence is heavier. Whereas the roads in Jakarta is smoother so its easy to travel thus the light sentence. How pathetic.

  4. Aluang Anak Bayang says:

    He is a loud mouth but there is no evidence linking him to the bombings.

  5. raden says:

    There are many evidence linking Basyir with his terrorist students, there are no evidence that Indonesian prosecutors studied & published how radical are the Basyir’s Islamic teaching contents & why Basyir was banned from entering the Malaysia territory? .
    One preacher coincidently have more than 3 dangerous terrorist students who commited atrocities, bombing & killing, etc … is that okay by Indonesia’ standard ?

    >> Killing 1 house-maid, penalty is 14 years in prison (negotiable though, if Tommy Suharto killed a judge then only received 1 year in prison after discounts)
    >> Bombing 200 death of foreigners & locals plus hundred injuries, penalty < 2 years in prison plus presidential’ amnesty to the chief of terrorist ? and special comforting visit by the Indon Vice President to the chief of Terrorist ?

    Are we Palestine ? or transforming ourself like Palestine ?

    This self explained why Indonesia is a moron country with the lowest GDP ranking in the world !

  6. Janma says:

    Has their ever been a fatwa against terroisim?

  7. Sputjam says:

    Fartwah against terrorism yes. But fatwa, mabe no.
    If this girl hasniati was raped, but not murdered in saudi, she would be sentenced to 200 lashes, if raped by a sunni muslim, sentence to death if raped by a heathen chinaman.

    basyir and hambali were PR’s in Malaysia before 9/11. Hambali married a sabah born Malaysian of chinese descent. They were chased out only after the war against terrorism started.

    Abu sayaf(Phillipines) was another terrorist that took shelter in Malaysia. I was informed that mahathir used him to register hundreds of thousand of illegal phillipnos in sabah as oter to topple the then christian sabah Chief Minister – Pairin kitingan – for a fee, estimated RM22 million. When that fee was not honoured, Abu sayaf went on rampge and kidnapped tourist on the sipadan resort (which indonesia lost to malaysia at the international court).

    There must be a reason why savvy charatecters such as these were given malaysian PR. Maybe Malaysian intelligence was on to some no good mischief. Or maybe Mahathir has some things going up his sleeve.

    Only God knows how many terrorist from southern Thailand that is staying in Malaysian border.

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